February 17, 1957 (Sunday)
Chung Pa Dong Church
Seoul, Korea

John 11:1-20

Father who lost the garden of love and the garden of goodness! Please allow the sons and daughters gathered here today to feel and understand the Father's situation, that You could not fulfill the one "will" You had established during the long interval of history. You could not find the true human beings of the original nature for which You hoped. Please manifest Your powers in this hour so that we can stand as beings who have nothing amiss on our parts, to be embraced in the bosom of the Father who loves.

Since we are placed in such a position of need that we have to ask the Father for everything from beginning to end, please lead us with Your hands of compassion. Since the sinful power and the nature we inherited from our ancestors have closed the doors of our minds, please manifest the grace of power to open the doors of our minds, which are in the darkness. Guide us to be able to run for goodness. This I pray from the bottom of my heart.

Since so many troubles and difficulties are placed before Your sons and daughters who want to move forward toward the will of Heaven, Father, please grant us strength and grab hold of us with Your hands of power. Please assign to them the task of fighting the whole battle that You have fought, and guide them to be victorious. Accordingly, Father, I sincerely desire that You will allow us to be the sons and daughters who can accord high praise for the will of God before thousands upon thousands of satans.

In this hour, since we came forth before Your knees, please allow us to examine and find out by ourselves what we have to offer before the Father. I ardently desire that if there is no gift we can offer which the Father can receive with joy, then please let us be contrite about it. Allow this hour to be the hour in which we can receive the grace of the Father's compassion.

We came to realize that the mission Heaven has entrusted in us is not for the sake of our individual selves only, but for the benefit of the people and humankind and for the elimination of the bitterness and resentment of the thousands upon thousands of faithful believers. Since we who are unworthy have the mission to fulfill the will of such a heavenly way, please make the minds and bodies of Your sons and daughters, who lie prostrate here as the sacrifice, fulfill the one cosmic will for which You wish. Beloved Father, I sincerely desire that You will raise us to be absolutely good enough to fulfill the will.

Since there are children who still have elements that cannot be tolerated before the will of the Father, before the grace of the Father, and before the bosom of the loving Father, please address us with the power of authority and the words of recreation. Beloved Father, I ardently desire You to guide this hour to be one in which we can shed tears of repentance for the fact that we were not able to understand the Father's mind.

We thank You for entrusting us, the unworthy, with the mission of Heaven to represent the thirty million people and carry on the fight. Father, since Your sons and daughters, who have gathered thinking about the will, have the cosmic-level responsibility to lift the banner of battle and move forward toward Heaven, Father, please grant this people Your power.

Please unfold the work of inspiration and the actual work of miracles during the lives of these people so they have no choice but to march forward toward the will of the Father. Father, please guide them to run for the course of eternal immutability. Beloved Father, I then sincerely desire You to guide them to win in the fight against the billions of satans and to be able to more than prove, before all the crowds of people, that they are the sons and daughters with whom the Father is. Since I know that this day is a holy day, the day You set up for granting Your blessing as You have promised, I offer this wish from the depth of my heart: that You will grant Your sons and daughters, gathered here today, the grace to be embraced in the bosom of God with deep and lofty love and to be able to lead a life of original nature.

Father, please unfold the will of the dispensation that You promised wherever the lonely family members, being scattered in all directions, are making efforts to propagate the words of truth You granted. Beloved Father, I pray that You will allow the actual work of miracles to attest that they are the living Father's sons and daughters. I pray that they may wake up every man and woman in the realm of darkness.

Now we lie prostrate before the Father. If there were any inappropriate and insufficient concepts, subjective opinions and movements before the Father, please allow us to own the heart that can bow humbly and meekly in order to divulge all of our own accord and be cleansed with the kindness of the dignified Father. Father, please govern this hour in order for Satan not to seize a moment. I pray that You will guide us to bow with gratitude before the grace of the Father, who guided us to conquer all trials and become triumphant. Entreating that only the will and the love be with us in this one hour, I prayed all these words in the name of the Lord. Amen.

The topic of today's sermon is "Let Us Be the Ones Jesus Wants." I would like to share such thoughts with you briefly.


You know very well that Jesus, who appeared on this earth embracing the will of Heaven which had been concealed within the bosom of God, was the figure who came to look for the true sons and daughters who could stand on the top of the mountain of triumph, stepping over the sinful history created by our ancestors. What kind of mind then did Jesus have when he appeared before humanity on this earth? He appeared with the same mind with which humankind respectfully behaved toward God. You must know that all the things that Jesus saw, listened, felt and thought were not functions of the senses that Satan could take pleasure in, in the realm of the fall, but were functions of the original nature. Jesus came to propagate the words of the new gospel by setting up the standard of life with the will of the whole that God demanded of all humankind.

The eyes that saw, the ears that listened, the mouth that spoke, the nose that smelled, and the body and limbs that felt everything were different in Jesus from those of humankind on the earth, whose purpose was to accomplish their own desire. By rising above the sinful world and by practicing, of his own accord, the words that are issuing forth from God's heart (words that are proper before the will of God and that God can take pleasure in), Jesus established a condition of triumph and an example that all humankind can follow.

What kind of person did Jesus, who embraced such a mind, want to find? In other words, what kind of person did he look for? Unless there is a person who understands what standard of man Jesus wants and restores that standard, the will that Jesus and God wish for will not be fulfilled on this earth. You must surely understand this.

The will that God demands to be fulfilled through Jesus, as the condition of worldwide victory, was that all humankind become united into one with Jesus, following the example of Jesus himself. in other words, God and Jesus wanted all humankind to follow the example of Jesus and to become those who could share joy with Jesus. Similarly, since Jesus appeared on this earth with the mission to restore all humankind, the feelings and senses that Jesus expressed in words and felt with his body were fundamentally different from those that we speak and feel with our bodies these days.

Today, when we worship Jesus as the Lord, what do we have to do? First, we must be able to fathom the heart of Jesus, who bore the responsibility to fulfill the will of Heaven and the collective responsibility to complete the history of salvation for the universe. We must then proceed to the level of the standard on which Jesus felt, experienced and thought, and stand in the position of a companion who can reciprocate with Jesus directly. Unless you reach that level, Jesus will end up being miserable.

Although God exerted Himself to the utmost to create Adam and Eve and tried to experience happiness through them, because of their fall, bitterness pierced the very heart of God instead. It was Jesus who came to mitigate this bitterness. What then was Jesus trying to do in such a position when he came on this earth? He tried to find and establish one true person who could shake himself free from the depraved condition, just as a man of original nature who is not fallen can appear before God as a worthy person unaccused by the enemy, Satan,


Although Judaism was supposed to provide one true person in whom Jesus could take delight, it did not. Jesus stood in a situation just as when God became sorrowful because of Adam and Eve's unexpected fall, in spite of God's wish to rejoice through them after their creation. Jesus felt indescribably sad when he came to be crucified owing to the distrust of the Jewish people who had been prepared for the sake of God's will.

Jesus' coming was to alleviate God's sorrow caused by the first human ancestors. Therefore, you must become the faithful believers who will mitigate the resentment of Jesus, who was put into such a sorrowful position due to the distrustfulness of the Jews of his day. Unless you can become such persons, you will not be able to become the ones that Jesus requires and for whom God looks. You must heed this.

Today, although we gathered ourselves to be the ones whom Jesus and God require, there are so many conditions scattered around in our surroundings that stand in our way to becoming such persons. That is because Satan always obstructs our passage. Similarly, Satan always tries to find something to accuse us about in our lives.

Adam and Eve fell a long time ago because they could not distinguish whether what they heard was good or bad. When Eve heard what the archangel was saying, she could not distinguish if what he said was true or false, yet she acted. That was the beginning of the fall.

Today then, what do we who must restore this have to do? We must become capable of discerning right from wrong for ourselves when we hear what is said, with righteous and truthful ears. Unless you become capable of discerning what you hear, you must know that you, too, may yield to Satan's temptation while you are not aware of it and end up violating heavenly principle. Today on this earth, you may hear many things. Among them, there may be words said about Heaven speaking for God, words said centered upon human pleasure, and words said centering on Satan. However, unless you can discern the realm from which these words that buzz in your ears come, sometime, somewhere, you may listen to the words of Satan and may, because of it, lose your life to him. Therefore, you must always be awake and able to distinguish good from bad.

Jesus, who propagated words of truth to save all of humankind, cried out to the Jewish people at that time, "Those who have ears, listen!" Jesus said these words because he was certain that those who had righteous ears would listen to him and consider the words they heard as words of life. However, there was not even one person who believed the cries of Jesus to be the words of Heaven. Therefore, the grief and resentment that Jesus' heart felt were beyond description.

We who have gathered today to mitigate Jesus' sorrow must, therefore, be able to listen to and understand the words Jesus spoke as the words that substitute for the life of Jesus and Heaven. What is more, we must reflect on ourselves to see if we are such beings. Only when you become those who lend your ears to listen to the words of Heaven can you stand with dignity before the will of Jesus.

Jesus spoke the words as a substitute for the heart of God, who labored for 4,000 years. The words substituted for the position of God, who has to restore the whole circumstances in which Adam and Eve fell in the Garden of Eden. They were the words of inspiration and restoration to recover the fallen world. Jesus spoke such words before the people, but there was no one who listened.

We must understand that because we have ancestors who did not believe in Jesus and who inherited the blood lineage of fallen Adam and Eve, who could not discern God's word from Satans word, there are many satans blocking our way in the course of restoration. Therefore, we must be able to discern true from false when we hear even one word. Unless you can distinguish what is right and what is wrong, you can become neither God's sons and daughters nor Jesus' bride.


Facing the final days today then, to become the bride who cannot be separated from Jesus for eternity, what must you do? First, you must become those who can listen to the voice of Jesus, who poured out his longing and grieving heart upon seeing the people who would not hear reason in spite of having ears and who could not comfort him. When you become such persons, you can fulfill the will for which God wishes, that Jesus desires, and that thousand upon thousands of faithful believers want, relying on your own efforts. You must know clearly that the words you hear as individuals are accompanied by historical and cosmic-level responsibility, which you must bear.

Next, you must become those who can see things correctly. People at that time, even in their dreams, did not expect the Messiah from Heaven, who was sent representing a 4,000-year history, to appear as such a haggard figure. Thus, they could not recognize him as the Messiah. Who could have known that Jesus-who was born the son of Joseph and who had worked for thirty years or so as an unkempt, unmarried carpenter-was the one hero God wanted to show to all humankind for the first time? Nobody knew that. No one at all.

However, today you must be able to see correctly that Jesus bears the cross of historic toil. In other words, you must be able to see correctly that his individual body itself appeared as the sacrifice of laborious effort that could indemnify the collective course on which God had labored for 4,000 years.

If the people then had understood the fact that God sent many prophets and built up the chosen Israelite people during a 4,000- year history to find and raise one person, Jesus, and had they been able to recognize Jesus, why would he have had to bear the cross? Because the eyes of the Jewish people who should have been able to recognize Jesus were bleary, he ended up being deserted at Golgotha.

At any rate, Jesus tried to find the person who could understand his situation: namely, that he who understood the will of God and was called upon to show himself before all humankind to manifest the internal sung sang of God could not place himself in a seat of happiness. Jesus was not able to find and raise such a person and eventually had to die on the cross. Therefore, you of today, who are walking the course the will demands to complete the history of 6,000 years, must find and raise a person who can walk along the course that the will demands with you. If you cannot find and set up such a person, you cannot indemnify the mistakes of our ancestors, who did not recognize Jesus when he appeared. You must heed this.

Therefore, today you must fortify your minds before the Father and understand in what manner the late Jesus is dealing with us and calling us. In other words, we must understand the fact that Jesus, having cried out in solitude, is impatiently and longingly waving us on by sending the Holy Spirit. Jesus is demonstrating, by his actions, his sorrowful heart for our sake. Therefore, you yourselves must indemnify the situation of the Jewish people who could not recognize Jesus 2,000 years ago. You must become the persons who can bow to him, saying, "You are truly the man who appeared as a triumphant being for God's will after 4,000 years."

Not only that, you must become the persons who can understand that Jesus and the Holy Spirit have labored in the spiritual world to find you and set you up throughout the long 2,000-year history since Jesus' departure from this world. Unless you become such a person, you cannot extinguish the 4,000-year resentment that festered at the time of Jesus, nor can you mitigate the bitterness of God that has rankled for the 2,000-year history since. Therefore, you who have a historical debt like this should not heedlessly criticize the words that the prophets of the past spoke and the way they behaved.

Therefore, today an existential being has to emerge who can bow humbly and meekly before the sung sang of Jesus, who is waving to us and speaking to us like this, and in the presence of the hyung sang of Jesus. This being must be ardently devoted to carrying out the historical mission and, further, must become a friend of Jesus. Only when such an existential being emerges on this earth can you model yourself after him and be able to move forward to the position of the bride who can comfort the shimjung of Jesus, who labored for 2,000 years after passing through his life course of thirty or so years.


Do you know how many times Jesus came looking for you when you were possessed by sinfulness and pining in midst of the darkness of death? You may not know. Because the fate to restore through indemnity on the earth remains, Jesus comes looking for you to have you go through the course in its original condition in which he was crucified. In other words, since there was the history of toil in which God unfolded the dispensation by sending prophets and sages for 4,000 years until Jesus could establish the will of salvation through the cross, God is trying to restore this again through you, through indemnity.

Although each of you may be a mere individual, Jesus comes looking for you to help you equip yourselves with historical value and to let you possess the mind that can be united with him in perfect harmony. Because you have to extricate yourselves from the sinful blood lineage of 6,000 years, Jesus has been looking to mitigate the bitterness through you, which festered because many prophets and sages came to this earth and were not able to accomplish the will. In other words, no matter when or where you may be, Jesus treats you with a similar shimjung as that with which God dealt with the unfallen Adam. God tried to fulfill the will through many prophets such as Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, the Four Great Prophets, et cetera. However, they did not succeed in accomplishing God's will. Although Jesus came to accomplish the collective dispensational will of such historic significance, because of the Jewish people's distrust, he could not fulfill the will either, and he died on the cross.

Now you must inherit and fulfill the responsibility to accomplish the will. To do that, you must resemble Jesus, the central figure of the universe. In other words, you must indemnify all of this as the central figure of the universe -- like Jesus. You must emulate his demonstrated life manners and put them into practice as seen. Until now, Christians have led their life of faith only looking up to Jesus, who died on the cross, but they should not. You must know that Jesus indemnified the course of the 4,000-year history in his lifetime. You must live your life of faith looking at the whole life of Jesus.

Even today, there are people who have taken the missions of Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist, or those in the past who came and left in their charge. They are carrying out not only their individual mission but also the missions of many people who appeared in the course of history. When you truly become such people, you can become a new person.

How many Christians today are truly listening to the words of Jesus? Jesus came looking for humanity with the sorrowful shimjung of God, who has walked the path of laborious effort without a single day of comfort for the past 6,000 years. However, there were very few faithful followers who received Jesus to comfort him with such a shimjung and who stood with this dignified sung sang before Jesus. If you who have stepped out onto the path of becoming true faithful believers today have not reached that standard yet, you, too, must reflect upon yourselves. What is more, you must take one step further and offer yourselves as the living sacrifices before Heaven.

Today humankind has become too blind to see that Jesus is waving at them with a longing and sorrowful mind. Therefore, now you must possess the ears that can hear and the eyes that can see. You must be able to listen to and, simultaneously, see the words of truth.

Next, you must possess the mouth that can speak the truth for Jesus. In other words, representing the internal shimjung of Jesus, who wished to propagate the words of truth, you must become the ones who can correctly introduce the 6,000-year history about which you have seen and heard to pitiful earthly humanity and teach the life and situation of Jesus. Jesus and God are looking for such people.

Today, when you speak, you must utter words that are moving to Jesus' mind. Although we have inherited the blood lineage of snakes that have two tongues, we should not keep two tongues in one mouth. You must become the people who, upon listening to the words of God's side and seeing the sung sang of God, can display the facts to all humankind truthfully, not as a man of two tongues but as a man of one tongue. Likewise, God is looking for a righteous person who can take the place of His tongue, the one person who can be substituted for the tongue of Jesus.


We of humankind have the original nature that has God at its center. The human mind, which has the original quality created by God, always resembled the mind of Heaven's nature, so that humanity wishes to have it as their standard of truth. Humankind always wishes to possess the truthful character.

By restoring such an original mind, we must look at the mind and the body of Jesus, listen to his words and then uphold these as the center of our minds and bodies. Further, through this, by becoming an existence who represents Jesus, we must become the people who propagate the words Jesus was spreading throughout the world of death. You must know that Heaven has come looking for those people who have the mouth and tongue to propagate the words of Jesus like this.

Today humankind says first one thing and then the opposite. Since humankind utters contradicting words with one mind, dispensational history is trying to eliminate this and to restore them into people who speak with one tongue. If you lead your day- to-day life throughout your lifetime without change and with self-confidence that you represent God in speaking His words and you represent Jesus, speaking with his shimjung and his life, then there will not be any accusations from Satan. What is more, you will also competently overcome the temptations of Satan.

Today, therefore, we who are facing the final days must become the truthful members of faith who can attest to the words of truth. In other words, you must be substantially able to attest to the words through which you can be in union with God for the 6,000-year history, which God has taught us through many prophets and sages. Furthermore, this is not individualistic but comprehensive; Jesus and the Holy Spirit have propagated this by laboring for the past 2,000 years. You must spread the words of God, which can start the history of recreation.

If there is such a true person, God and Jesus will be with him or her. Billions of faithful believers will welcome the words, and the people who adore Heaven will also automatically follow the words with the help of the spiritual world. What is more, if there is someone who upholds the words as eternal and as the greatest words in life and propagates them at the risk of his or her life with an immutable shimjung, then as long as God does not disappear and as long as Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the billions of faithful believers do not disappear, that person will definitely achieve the history of recreation on this earth under their divine protection. Therefore, we must now realize that the words Jesus spoke are not only applicable to 2,000 years ago.

Why then does Jesus feel bitter? The nearer the final days get, and the sooner the judgment day comes, the more Jesus wishes humanity to duplicate his attitude. He came to restore the humanity of the world and to go through the course of sacrifice to move to God's side. However, humanity does not understand Jesus' mind and by living as it pleases, it is taken to the place of darkness and is being led off to the judgment seat. Upon seeing this, Jesus feels indescribably sad.

Therefore, by experiencing the internal shimjung of Jesus, who is watching over you with a more sorrowful viewpoint than when he came to finalize the providential salvation 2,000 years ago, you must become the true person who propagates his words about the historical collective dispensation to all humankind in his place. He did not have a chance to explain about all this. You must understand that Jesus ardently wishes for the emergence of a true person who will propagate the words of truth in his place.

Feeling really sad about not having had a chance to speak about being the embodiment of the words of heavenly principle, Jesus is coming to look for true Christians who will propagate the words of truth to humanity for God and the Holy Spirit. Humankind does not know about the frightening outcome of judgment. Because God, too, wishes for all humankind to copy Jesus' example and through him to be embraced in the bosom of His love, He has labored throughout the long history.


Although you may think yourselves insignificant, God has labored for 6,000 years to look for you, the ones. What is more, Jesus has labored for the past 2,000 years, and the many prophets and sages have made efforts throughout the long period of history. Therefore, by considering yourselves worthy, you must become the sacrifice to build up a condition of triumph for God in the final decisive battle against Satan. Accordingly, you must become triumphant figures who can say, "I have lived honestly, fulfilling the responsibility, representing the cosmic nature for God," and can receive any word of advice or command without complaint. You have to reflect on yourselves to see if you really have become such people.

Seen from our normal social lives, God's chosen son may look similar to a person in the realm of Satan. However, God is looking for a person of character who represents the will to save humanity by going through misery. He is looking for the true sons and daughters who have the conviction to completely materialize the standard of the internal and external characteristics of Jesus Christ, who came to this earth representing God's nature. If you truly possess such a shimjung within you, you will feel that you cannot enjoy yourselves in any moment of joy and pleasure without reservation.

The sorrowful shimjung of God is connected to the resentment of the whole world, beyond that of the society via the family, and even beyond that to the billion faithful believers in heaven. Therefore, you must not keep the sorrowful shimjung of God for the sake of yourselves. You also must not live only for the benefit of yourselves or your families. You must build up your character, rising above time and space, to the standard in which all beings in heaven can be in unison in shimjung. You must become a worthy person who represents comprehensive perfection. If such a person emerges on this earth, Heaven will not be disappointed. Such a person can never go to hell.

When you look at yourselves, you who must bear such responsibility and fight against the evil of the surroundings in your day-to-day lives will see that while your mind accepts God's will, your body rejects it. Similarly, the mind and body of humankind are not united into one. Because of that, humanity cannot become the perfected sons and daughters of God.

What then is the standard of perfection for which God wishes? It is that humankind receive the words of God through their minds, then their bodies accept the words and become united into one with the mind. After that, the words are to be propagated throughout the surroundings.

If God's will is fulfilled like this centered on "I," my mind can move, picturing eternity through the center of the mind that God empowers. Until you accomplish such a standard on this earth, you cannot become the eternal true sons and daughters of God.

What then is the proof of being God's son or daughter? Your actions alone cannot be sufficient proof. Since anyone can take action, you cannot draw a conclusion based on actions alone. The element of internal value has to determine whether he or she is God's son or daughter. It is the internal value in the mind of the person who acts that has to be substantially connected to reality in order for the person to be called God's son or daughter.

Only when you accomplish a free relationship of give and take between your minds and bodies from what your minds infer from the command of God -- the relationship in which the body moves according to the mind's wish, and the mind moves together with the body as the body dictates -- can you call yourselves God's sons and daughters. You can then start the work of providential recreation on this earth.

Today then, what must you think of before you pray, crying out, "Oh, Father!" before God? The answer is to talk to yourselves about whether the core of your minds can represent the hyung sang of Jesus Christ. Because Satan plucked out the life from the fallen human ancestors, there is no such character in you that can represent the hyung sang of Jesus Christ. Therefore, until today, many human beings have struggled to establish the way of heavenly principle, crossing repeatedly the eternally immutable mind and the innermost valley of the human conscience. If you can unify your minds with that of Jesus by having faith in him, you will easily subjugate the body through the commands of that mind.


Today humankind is making frantic efforts. Although the thing that stirs the mind stimulates the body, the body does not go with that stimulation. That is because the power of stimulating the body is weak. Accordingly, today you must cultivate the faculty of mind that can stimulate the body more strongly. To do that, you must become the ones who rightly inherit Jesus' shimjung and will.

That is the reason Christians today pray to Jesus. They do not long for Jesus' tribulations; they yearn for Jesus' glory. That, however, is wrong. You must understand that Jesus had to go through the course of tribulation that none knew of before he welcomed the grace of resurrection and glory. Therefore, only when you, too, become triumphant in the course of suffering of which none knows and step forward to the seat of glory, can you shake off the yoke of historic sinfulness and become the ones who are worthy to reciprocate with the resurrected Jesus. Furthermore, each of you can become the hero who can start the miraculous work of collective resurrection on this earth.

You must not talk nonsense when you pray before the Father. You must become people who can pray from the bottom of your hearts. When your words and the actions, expressed through your bodies, make a connection with the center of your mind, those words and actions will not be shameful but honorable before God or Satan or any person. God is looking for such a being.

Therefore, if eternal, original nature exists in your minds, you must cultivate that truthful character. No matter what you are faced with, wherever you are situated, if you accept the fundamental truth of such eternal immutability and speak centering on that, the words that are spoken will start the miraculous work of re-creation in place of God.

Where then is the enemy against which you must fight? When you accept the words Jesus said to be true and convey those words for Jesus, walking on the course he has shown, what will stand in your way? Satan, who comes in through the world, and the arrow of Satan that infiltrates through the physical body. Just as the archangel, who was in the closest position in the Garden of Eden, caused Eve to fall, today Satan appears as the closest entity and leads you into temptation. He will appear beautiful to look at and with something good to hear. The words he speaks will sound like truth. Therefore, you must possess your own acoustic sense, visual sense and the standard of an immutable mind. If you are not one with such a standard, you will not be able to stop the invasion of Satan, which will come in an unexpected moment.

If you have such an immutable core in your mind and the body moves as the mind dictates so that you lead your life always to please God, you will not need to offer an earnest prayer asking for redemption. Because you are fallen human beings, to free yourselves from the fate of restoration, you need to offer prayers of repentance.

Today, therefore, if you have the core of the mind that is the most important to you, it can be compared to the power of the sun that shines brilliantly. You must get inspiration and feelings through your minds and bodies and equip yourselves with cosmic knowledge, an intellectual yardstick that can discern all things in the universe. You must then become the ones who can inherit the words of Jesus Christ, which expressed the heavenly nature and manifested the collective will, and convey them to all humankind. Unless you become such people, God will not be able to reciprocate with you, trusting you with a sense of relief.

Because God deals only with people of good behavior and manifests Himself only through words of truth, He cannot have give and take action with humankind, who has two different minds within. It is thus because God does not manifest Himself in a false form, but instead possesses only one will and one nature. You must know this clearly.


You must know that it is the human being which is more menacing than Satan. While God and Satan each manifest good and evil respectively, human beings carry out two different activities simultaneously. When they have faith in God, they express themselves as good, but when they center on Satan, they express themselves as evil. What position then should you take today? You should not take the position of Satan in real life. You should not lead a life that can be subjected to the false accusations of Satan, neither three-dimensionally nor horizontally. Through continuous prayer and a life of devotion, you must acquire very sharp wisdom that can distinguish between good and bad. However, you must not pursue only wisdom. If you only seek wisdom, you will become cunning people and easily make mistakes.

How then has Christianity, which used to say all would be well as long as you believed, become so divided? How much do you have to believe? How deep are the words of Jesus whom you looked to, harboring a desire, and whose words you have believed? Where is the standard of truth established for God's will? The words spoken until today will not do. You must equip yourselves with God's character, which is the very core of truth, and become figures of immutability who are united with God. Regardless of any age and any changing circumstances, you must become living bodies who are immutable.

If you become united with God, then when God stays as an immutable figure, you, too, will be immutable. When God exists as the one and only being, you, too, will be solitary beings. If God does not leave His ideal garden eternally, then you, too, will not leave that ideal garden. As of now, you are not in that situation.

You may realize that, at present, you are more cunning than Satan, regardless of whether you get up in the morning, whether you sleep in the evening, and whether you carry out action in the daytime. Therefore, you must regard yourselves as more frightful than God or Satan. The main causal influence of the destruction of the Lord of Heaven is not Satan, but human beings. Human beings also have the capacity to make the Lord of Heaven successful.

You must take heed that you will make the Lord of Heaven fail or succeed. Further, you are standing at the crossroad where you can become the mark of Heaven or the mark of Satan. What do you, who are standing at this crossroad, have to do to belong to the side of Heaven? First, you should be able to hear the words of Heaven. Further, you should be able to see the features of Heaven and speak the words of Heaven. You must become such people and play the role of the example that discerns good from evil. To be able to do that, you must first fight to find your own individual selves. At the same time, you must fight to restore the surroundings, the world and the Lord of Heaven. Only after you pass through such a process will Jesus be able to come looking for you.

In what form then will Jesus come? Jesus will come as the ideal standard of resurrection. Once he arrives here on this earth, he will promulgate the supreme words of God. He will manifest all glory.

When such a cosmic Lord of resurrection comes, even if you are put in a situation where you are forsaken or killed, you must become the ones who unchangingly attend and follow the Lord. Otherwise, you remain doing nothing but just looking and listening to Jesus. You cannot become the bride who can establish relations with Jesus as the bridegroom and live eternally, exchanging love in the palace of Heaven.

When Mary Magdalene went to look for Jesus right after his resurrection, Jesus said, "Do not hold on to me, for I have not yet returned to the Father" (John 20:17). Nevertheless, Jesus appeared before Mary Magdalene because she had the heart that could console him. Similarly, only when you comprehend the ideal and will of heavenly principle transcending yourselves will Jesus manifest himself to that comprehending heart. If you listen to the words of God and can convey them on His behalf, the Lord will come toward you even if you do not ask Him. You must understand that the Lord is motioning with His arms spread out for you to come. God also is doing that.


If we cannot carry out such a cosmic responsibility today, we will not be able to wake up the people and the world who are fast asleep. Now is the time when the four-dimensional world that transcends time and space is being established. In such a time, you must think seriously about the internal shimjung of Heaven that wishes for a man of character to emerge who is three- dimensional and cultivated by the heavenly principle -- a man of character who resembles the Lord of Heaven. Heaven is longing to be able to hear, to see and to speak in the span of his life. If you are like that, then even if you say, "Oh God, please do not come. Please, Jesus, do not come," God and Jesus must follow you. What is more, if such a person is sent to hell, he will transform hell into heaven. Only when many such people emerge will peace come on this earth.

Today, instead of praying for the sake of your ascension, you should know how to pray to be able to have God descend to see you. If a man of character can bring God down to see him, a true Christian who can become Jesus' bride appears on this earth, God will personally act to see him. In other words, you must clearly understand that if the true son and daughter of peace, the true son and daughter of love whom God has expected for 6,000 years, emerge on this earth, not only will God be happy but also all things in the universe will share the joy.

Although it is Christianity today that bears the responsibility of such a cosmic mission on its shoulders, it does not deeply comprehend that responsibility. Instead, it is merely crying out to God. That should not be the case. You are to cry out, "Oh, Father!" after you walk through the path of crucifixion, the course of adversity and become triumphant. Heaven will seek after such people. What is more, if you establish such a standard of shimjung every day and live accordingly, even before you want to see certain things they will be seen, and even before you decide to speak, words will come out on their own. You must step forward to reach such a stage.

Here you will come across enemies who will stop you. Just as the Israelite people blocked Jesus' way with their conventional conditions, and as other historical conditions affected Jesus' life course, such incidents will occur to you of today. Therefore, you must not resemble the Israelite people as they appeared in the unfolding of history. You must break through conventions with daring, descending historically, and proceed.

Members of the congregation who are marching on, seeking the ideal garden toward the fruition of resurrection! You can have the heavenly will strike home by linking the passing phase in the process of history to your minds and bodies. You must be able to attend Christ and represent Christ's character. Only when you become like that will you receive what God wishes to speak, what God wishes to show, what God wishes you to hear, and assimilate all these.

You must follow in the footsteps of Jesus today. As a figure of immutability, even when he reached the actualities that changed into manifold states of things, he broke down the conventional conditions that existed in the course of history and loved God. You must become the ones who, upon faced with difficult circumstances while walking the path of the heavenly will, will not complain. Upon being subjected to the trials of Satan that evoke a sense of fear and terror, you must be able to gain a victory over these and attend the Lord.

What is more, while you attend the Lord, the attendance should be carried out at the seat of maximum freedom, the highest glory and the utmost joy. You must free yourselves from all of the accusational conditions that have cropped up in history and be able to call to the Father. When you become such people, Heaven will call on you even before you ask. Therefore. you must establish such a standard in your life course.

God will come looking for one person above all who possesses the value of character cultivated through experience centering on His cosmic love, and who is in possession of a character that represents Jesus and history. Jesus desires such people to gather and seek the nation, world, and heaven and earth. You must be aware that this is God's will.

Even if you get yourselves trapped beneath Satan's accusations or even when a tide of multitudinous adversities comes to overwhelm you, you must inherit, as an immutable figure, the secrets of the whole immersed within God and Jesus and translate them into practice. You should not only be able to escape from the conditions of Satan's false accusation, but also be able to become triumphant central figures who can fight to subjugate Satan and then offer comfort to God and Jesus.

When the day that he was to die on the cross was near, after having lived thirty years or so, Jesus gathered his beloved disciples and said, "I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear" (John 16:12). This tells you that the disciples did not comprehend what Jesus meant. Therefore, each of you must become the bride, not the disciple who does not understand what Jesus means. You must become the one who comprehends the meaning of Jesus' sayings. Establishing the standard of character with which she can step further to reach the wife's position, she holds herself accountable for the mission Jesus left unfulfilled and becomes the person who can let Jesus take repose. Not only that, you must subjugate Satan and take him in front of God and say, "Please take, all by Yourself, the eternal glory of victory." Only then will the resentment of God, who has carried on the providence of restoration for 6,000 years, be undone. Jesus then will find the true bride he has sought. Further, by finding the true wife for which Jesus Christ has longed, we can build the garden of peace on this earth.

Now you who have stepped onto the path of the will must heed that you yourselves are more fearsome than Satan. In whatever process there is, no matter what kind of difficult course there is, no matter how complex matters are, you must become people who can fight unchangingly until the day when you receive the seal of the heavenly principle. You must hold onto the will that you have resolved in your mind and become victorious, able to humbly lie prostrate before Jesus.

When you become people like that, you will finally satisfy not only Jesus' wish, but also all humankind will raise you to the seat of glory in the presence of the Father as a standard of love. You must heed this.