February 24, 1957 (Sunday)
Chung Pa Dong Church
Seoul, Korea

Luke 10:21-37

Since we are prostrated before the Father's knees with wounded minds and bodies -- injuries sustained while we were sweeping aside all obstacles that other people put up to block the way -- You have no choice but to grant us much grace in this hour. Father, as we look back to see how appropriately we have lived for the past week for the sake of the will, the hope and the ideal, all of which the Father cherishes, we wonder: what is there in our minds that we can offer to the Father? What is there in our bodies that we can boast of to the Father? With what part of our lives did we please the Father? Father, please forgive us. Since we lay prostrate before the Father's knees without anything, please give orders to our minds. Please embrace our minds and bodies.

Please allow us not to become traitors who infringe upon the will of heavenly principle before the mission with which You entrusted us in the last days. Although we always think about fulfilling our responsibility, we did not succeed in fulfilling it in our daily lives. Please forgive us.

Although our thoughts and actions cannot but be secular, if the Father takes pity on us and accepts us, then we know we can cross the top of Golgotha and go into the garden of victory. Father, please soothe our minds which are in darkness.

Are there people who have something that weighs on their minds? Father, I pray that You console these people. Are there children who are entangled in a situation where they cannot reveal their own minds and bodies and their own lives? Please allow them to reveal everything to the Father in this hour. Even if there may be some victorious moments in our lives, please let this hour be one where we scold ourselves, revealing them secretly to the Father. Please allow our bodies to become capable of obeying the directives of our minds of their own accord.

Please allow all these people gathered here to resemble one mind and to model themselves after one hyung sang. I pray from the bottom of my heart that You will allow us to become sons and daughters with ardent shimjung, who can prostrate themselves before You and pray, "Since we offer these minds and bodies to You as the living sacrificial beings, please take us," after having You with us for even one hour. Let us steep our minds and bodies in heavenly love and glory.

Father, this day is a holy day, the day when all humankind on this earth sings the praises of Your name. This is also the day on which You promised You would grant us blessing. Father, please bestow blessing upon all humankind and allow great blessing to all of the churches that represent the thirty million people.

Since the final conclusive battle that will distinguish between light and darkness is within sight, please extend Your hands of compassion over the myriads of people who wander about looking for the light. Please guide them in person by reaching out the hands of Your authority to all of their footsteps and in front of their gaze. Father, please, You must personally guide them.

Please let the glorious day come quickly when people of all sorts and conditions who are wandering about in the darkness, their hearts pierced by lamentation and resentment, can prostrate themselves before the Father. Please allow us to see the glory of the providence of the will established by Your command accomplished as soon as possible through the gathering children. Father, I pray this from the bottom of my heart.

Since we prostrated ourselves in this hour before the dignified Father's knees, before the hands of power and before the words of creation, please allow all of our fallen nature to be reformed into good nature that can respond to the elements of heavenly life. I sincerely desire that You allow this hour to be one where we can extirpate our various wrong thoughts, subjective opinions and all concepts, and reveal ourselves without pretense and truthfully inform the Father.

I am aware that there are lonely sons and daughters scattered all over who are engaging in a fight holding onto the will. Father! Please be with them there. Please prove to them that You are truly with them. Please manifest the wonderful truth of Heaven everywhere You stay. Please manifest as the spring water of truth everywhere You stay.

I sincerely wish that in this hour You will grant the grace that the lives trapped in the shadow of the death of darkness may receive jubilant liberation and can receive true life before the Father. Since we entrust this hour to the Father, please take charge of it according to Your will. Please unfold the providence, and reap the victory as You wish. Wishing that You not allow a single life from among Your children to be handed over to the bosom of Satan, we entrust everything to You. Please govern all. I prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen.

The topic of the speech on which I would like to share my thoughts is "Jesus Who Is to Establish Heaven's Love." I will briefly speak on this topic.


You know very well that, because one eternal center could not be established on this fallen earth, the love that God wishes to find has not been established. God's purpose of creation was to accomplish the world of love where God could give and receive the sublime culmination of love in reciprocity with His creation. However, because humankind fell by not comprehending this will of God, such a world could not be accomplished. Therefore, you must understand that the love of God has remained as the standard of hope before all things in the universe and humankind.

Accordingly, the providential responsibility to find and establish God's love as a condition of the eternal ideal lies upon us, humankind today. Although many human beings have lived on this earth until now, the standard that can satisfy God's internal love and that can materialize the collective ideal of human beings is yet to be completely established. This love includes all created things.

Therefore, you must know that God has labored until now to establish that standard. From now on, until the day when the heavenly love connection left as a hope for humankind gets formed and all things created sing in praise of that love as the eternal ideal, God must make effort.

Today, after 6,000 years of such a toilsome history for God, if someone received the grace to be able to feel God's love, that grace is not only meant for that individual being. That is the grace that is to be built by love. All humankind as well as the billions of faithful believers in heaven, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit can rejoice in it. Only then will all humankind rejoice together in unison, and the billion faithful believers in the heavenly world can be in harmony. Similarly, when God's grace manifests itself as the love in which heaven and earth rejoice -- in other words, after the love that is to be established is found -- God will, for the first time, forget all His bitterness and sorrow and rejoice. You must feel this keenly.

Therefore, as long as their lives are sustained, living or dying, fallen human beings must usher in one central figure who is the condition of victorious destiny and the embodiment of immutable love. Only when such a central figure is received will the day arrive when God can rejoice. Unless human beings realize this, the sorrow of human beings will last. As long as the sorrowfulness of human beings lasts, the grief in Heaven will continue. As long as lamentation remains in Heaven, God's sorrow will be prolonged.

The one center that is set up as the embodiment of love, eternally immutable in heaven and earth, is the root of hope that we human beings and all things are to meet together. The figure, the root of that hope, who was sent as the central being to establish the standard of eternally immutable love, was Jesus Christ.

By the way, there were many prophets who struggled to introduce Heaven's love during the 4,000-year history until Jesus appeared on this earth. There also were many sages who toiled to make a connection to the standard of love that God tried to find, passing through a course of faith filled with indescribable exertion, tribulation and suffering. All of their efforts were made hoping for the one figure to come who is the center of all created beings who cherish God's love and desire to live within God's will. Therefore, God chose to establish a tribe, a people and a nation centered on such people. With these people, He made preparations to receive Jesus.

With the coming of Jesus, who represents the Israelite nation, the happiness in Heaven was extended to the surface of the earth. The hope of the land pervaded Heaven, so that heaven and earth became able to undo the bitterness and resentment of 4,000 years and to rejoice in happiness for the first time.


Jesus first had to experience God's love in his life. He then had to appear before all humankind as the embodiment of God's love. Jesus displayed for the first time, after 4,000 years, God's eternal love before all of humanity. He was sent as love incarnate to undo the bitterness of 4,000 years. He constantly wished to meet one man who could link God's love to human beings. Jesus tried to find a gathering and a nation of such people.

However, because of the Jewish people's distrust of Jesus, you must understand that the will of God, which He labored for 4,000 years to fulfill, and the love of God, which He tried to manifest through Jesus' life, did not emerge. Jesus came to walk the hateful path of crucifixion.

If the Israelite people had accepted Jesus as the Messiah representing God, as God's love incarnate, the substantial being of hope for which their ancestors had fought bleeding for 4,000 years, they would have held onto Jesus and said, "You are our hope, love incarnate of the eternal God, the figure who will undo the bitter resentment of heaven and connect that pleasure to us. You are the ancestor who will bond God's love to us." But there was no such response then.

All that Jesus saw, heard and thought was to establish the victorious standard of love that could break down the walls between human beings and God, but there was no subjective being before him with such a mission. That is why Jesus said, "No one knows me except the Father who sent me." These words are fraught with Jesus' anguish and bitter lamentation.

Human beings then were not aware that Jesus came to undo Heaven's bitter lamentation that Jesus came to attest to God's love, and that Jesus was a man of love who came to make love flow from the world of all things to Heaven. They did not understand the will of Jesus.

Therefore, you must now become the faithful believers who understand the situation where not only Jesus, but also God, felt sad because the Jewish people did not recognize Jesus and distrusted him. You must understand and believe it. Otherwise, you will have nothing to do with God's heavenly love.

Now when Jesus comes again in the last days, you must know what he will require. The Lord who comes again will be looking for a true man who can comprehend him, bearing the responsibility for the Jewish people's distrust of Jesus when he came 2,000 years ago as the center of God's love and the unified substantial being of the love that was to manifest itself. He will be looking for those who understand what Jesus wished for and who will fulfill his will together.

Due to the Jewish people's distrust, Jesus, who came with God's love, was put in a lamentable situation where he could not fulfill his responsibility. Such lamentable sorrow is not confined to Jesus only. It was the sorrow of many prophets in history who upheld the decision to have faith in God. At the same time, it was the lamentation of God the Father, who is unfolding the providence to realize the will of the creation ideal.

Jesus, who came to realize the happiness of spiritual beings in spirit world and the ancestors and the happiness of God, came to die on the cross because of distrust. This caused more sorrow for God. You must understand that this is the mistake that the Jewish people committed. The bitterness resulting from it still lingers upon this earth.

What is more, we must be aware of the lonely situation in which Jesus prayed alone at Gethsemane, "My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as You will" (Matt. 26:39). This situation is not confined to Jesus. Furthermore, the situation in which Jesus was crucified, embracing sorrowful shimjung, also is not restricted to Jesus alone. His situation is our situation and one in which humankind has to participate today.

The reason Jesus prayed and felt sorrowful was not because he was to fail and die; nor was it because of his fate of having to cross the hill of lamentation. He worried about his responsibility to successfully reach the destiny of history, embracing the heartbreaking shimjung of heavenly love. Looking at the human beings who were to usher in God's love upon the earth, he considered about how he himself, who was sent representing God's love, could have them become the substantiated bodies of God's love. He was also concerned about the fact that humankind has the fate to cross the hill of grief. You must understand that Jesus was not a man who felt sorrowful only for his own sake and experienced heartbreak only on his own behalf.


What kind of men then must we become? Just as Jesus successfully fulfilled his mission to realize Heaven's love alone before Judaism, which had assumed responsibility for the 4,000-year providential history, you of today must give witness to God's love, stepping out in front of Christianity, which is taking responsibility for the 6,000-year providential history. You must also become the true fellow worker of Jesus who comes to build a world in which you will be happy and in harmony. If you do not carry out such a mission, the Lord will never be able to come. What is more, you must be aware that God will never be able to send the Messiah, centered on God's love, on this earth.

We inherited the blood of our ancestors, who betrayed the will of heavenly principle while walking down the 6,000-year course. If we again repeat our ancestors' guilt-besmudged course, how do you think the Lord will come again to such a place?

Although Jesus of the First Advent, too, came as the center of cosmic love and as the central being who could make us inhale the love of Heaven, humankind at that time did not become his fellow workers. You must know that is why he came to be crucified.

Even if all hopes and faith vanish from the path which humankind walks looking for the ideal of life, the path it has to take for the love that will last forever is the path of historical fate. Therefore, although Jesus, who had come to guide humanity onto this path, died on the cross, the Holy Spirit took over that mission and has carried on the work of the mission on earth.

How far have we come with guidance from the Holy Spirit? We have come to the same situation where Mary could see Jesus, who rose from the dead. To then seek God's love, which can embrace the cosmos, what do we have to do now? Each of us has to become the bride of substantiated love whom Jesus tried to find in his time, who will fulfill the will of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. That is why we wander around to restore the bride's name today.

In any case, each of you -- who must walk as the bride of the Lord, perform the duty of the bride of the Lord, and establish the standard as the bride of the Lord -- must not content yourself with merely believing in Jesus. You cannot establish the bride's standard with faith in name only.

Jesus is a historical figure. He is also the master of our life now and in the future. Therefore, unless you come to possess love with which you can make a connection with Jesus in such a position, even if you may proceed to the bride's seat where you can attend Jesus in a certain moment, you cannot stand as the eternal substantiated bodies who can make life ties with Jesus and inherit the pulsation of God's love in unison.

For the faithful members, to seek Jesus' love is not to conduct the pursuit of love in the actual world that is under the control of time and space. It is to sing the value of God's eternal love in the world of heavenly love, which transcends history and time, and to establish the value of the eternal God's love to take delight in it. This is life-restoring.

When that happens, Jesus' sorrowful steps on the path of the cross on Golgotha and his cry, "My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?" will stop for the first time. If there had been such true, faithful believers 2,000 years ago, Jesus could have stood up as the being of hope on this earth.

There was none among our ancestors who realized Jesus' hope, throughout history until today. The whole purpose of God's having carried on the dispensation for 2,000 years since Jesus until now, is to find and elevate a true human being, who can console the Father in His sorrowful shimjung, who can comfort Jesus' grief on Calvary, who can provide the Holy Spirit with comfort and console heaven and earth. The person who comprehends the will of God in such a situation should step forward before God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and can press them to fulfill the task by asking, "Isn't this what You are looking for?" Until such true, faithful believers emerge, the bitterness that has pierced the very marrow of God and the bitterness of Jesus and the Holy Spirit will not be dissolved.


As we recognize today that we live without establishing love relations with God, what do we have to do? What effort do we have to make? We have to follow the path that Jesus walked. We also have to put into practice the words Jesus said, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. The second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments" (Matt. 22:37-40).

You must understand that these words contain the ideal of love that is the vital logic of the universe, the ideal ideology of the universe, and the center of life of the universe. Therefore, you must be able to make a love connection with God, loving God by offering all things as said in these words.

Jesus said, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all mind." The cosmic representative who loved God with all of his disposition and with all of his heart and with all of his mind was none other than Jesus. To receive recognition as the man who came forth with the will like this, Jesus frankly revealed the situation he was in to his beloved disciples. Jesus was the man who employed his utmost for the benefit of Heaven. He was the man who exerted all of his heart, his power and his mind. The Jewish people then were ignorant of God. You must emulate Jesus' virtues, such as the loyalty with which he, holding onto the great mission of the heavenly way, standing all alone in a swirl of things, showed great sincerity in his service toward Heaven. He demonstrated the heart that exerted all, the mind that represented the will, and the nature that made effort to make the ideal of love material.

In what line does such a nature act? It acts in line with heavenly principle. In what line does the heart act? The heart acts in line with human relations that carry historical significance, and the mind expresses itself in living.

Jesus led his life appropriately, according to the rules of heavenly principle and human relations. By having gone through such a life course, he could make ties for the first time as the first human being with the love that is in accord with heavenly principle. He completed the historical course of humanity. What is more, Jesus labored to bring God's love down to the realm of human life. In other words, he exerted all his disposition, all of his mind, and all of his power to bring the love that concurs with heavenly principle to the level of human relations.

Who did Jesus represent symbolically? He represented the character of humanity. In other words, he was the man in the same position as God, who is the center of heavenly character. Accordingly, human conscience must move centering on the original base of Jesus' character. What is expressed centering on that conscience is human action. This is the whole heavenly providence shown collectively to us.

The character is expressed through the conscience. Because the original base of the character is the root of conscience, if the original base of the character is revealed on the surface of the conscience, then it is not too good. In any case, the character operates without interruption. For example, although it may at first sight seem that the Earth stays still, in reality, it revolves around the Sun. The Moon revolves around the Earth. Similarly, the original base of the heavenly character and the conscience has the same relationship.

You must understand that all the words Jesus spoke are words that represent the invisible God. They were words that represented the comprehensive providence of heavenly principle that displays character according to the rules of heavenly principle and the rules of human relations, or heavenly character and the life- living character. Although many prophets have walked the course of laborious effort to establish the heavenly way throughout 4,000 years of history, Jesus was the man who displayed God's nature, more than anyone.


You must be aware that Jesus was the first undefiled fruit, the fruit that displayed God's character. No one had ever demonstrated that throughout human history.

Many people before Jesus' coming had led their lives centered on the conscience to establish ethics and morality on this earth. They became able to offer an undefiled sacrifice before God for the first time in 4,000 years by meeting Jesus, who established the standard of supreme conscience for which Heaven wishes. The will revealed in Jesus' gospel was to coincide with and fulfill the will for which God wished.

When you look at his blood lineage, Jesus inherited a blood lineage that could not be seen in any of the people in history. It could not be seen anywhere. Therefore, we Christians who intend to walk the path of righteousness toward Heaven must consider such a fact carefully and bear the collective responsibility.

You must understand that every moment of his life, Jesus showed intrinsic attributes centering on God's love. Even when confronted with a trivial matter, he dealt with it, assuming the form of an immutable crystal that can represent a great matter.

As you reflect upon Jesus' life of thirty or so years, what do you think he did until he died, offering all of his life? You must understand that Jesus was the man who left after having come as an unprecedented, undefiled sacrifice offered to God. He represented history in the aspect of the character that human beings must build and also in the aspects of his heart, mind and activities.

We who believe in Jesus, who move according to the will of Jesus, who have decided to emulate Jesus' heart and seek Jesus' nature -- how many days have we functioned for the sake of the will? How much have we exerted ourselves for the Father with all our heart, our mind and our character? You must reflect upon yourselves over these points.

You will want to live according to the original heart's direction that springs up from the bottom of your hearts and to make the character of Heaven's heart our own character. If so, you must represent the will of the heavenly principle by establishing this will which is revealed through your character and heart. Incidentally, until now, nobody has borne such a mission and that is why God has grieved.

Now if you keep a mind in yourself, that mind has to be for the heart and character. Your heart should move toward the will of the heavenly way. If you have a character, then based on that character, you should be able to represent the whole sung sang of God and can form the character that can carry out cosmic love in practice. You have to follow the example of Jesus, who led a life of sincerity without rest, centered on God for thirty or so years -- the substantiated body of undefiled sacrifice representing history and the cosmos.

What kind of man was Jesus, who lived his life this way? He was the standard of cosmic love.

The reason Jesus tried to move forward toward the way of the heavenly principle by establishing the rules of the original nature in human relations, the reason he exerted all of his heart, his mind, his nature and his power, was to own God's love. The reason Jesus could carry out the fight against Satan, by establishing the wholesome standards of goodness and righteousness, representing all humankind even in heaven, was because his mind and body accomplished perfection as the substantiated body of goodness through his earthly life. He exerted his nature, his mind and his power.

Therefore, you, too, must exert all of your heart, your mind, your nature and your power to unite with Jesus. Only then, for the first time, can we stand in the position of an object to Jesus. Then, through linking Jesus' power to us, we can feel God's love. Therefore, we must become a sacrifice that is to be offered to the Father through the exertion of our nature, our heart, our mind and our power.


As Jesus was offered as an undefiled living sacrifice that God could take with delight, you, too, must offer yourselves as an undefiled sacrifice to Jesus. What is more, you must fulfill the duties of human relations and heavenly ways in your daily lives during your lifetime and feel the pain of Heaven representing Christ, who came to this earth to accomplish the will. You must become the bride who, by experiencing the shimjung of heavenly love that Jesus had, will understand about Jesus' situation where he was rejected by the prepared denominations and had to go see pitiful and poor people. If you become such people, you can undo God's bitter resentment and, simultaneously, dissolve the grievous lamentation of Jesus Christ, who came to save human beings.

Jesus of love came to see the people on this earth, who were immoral and traitorous, and had to discuss his ideal with them. Therefore, we who have ancestors who betrayed Heaven must go back up the course on which they betrayed Heaven and be able to say, "Father's will is this, isn't it? Please take this offering of myself" You must know that God is looking for a man who can be offered as the sacrifice of undefiled matter, who can step forth representing history like this. The like of this no one has ever touched or seen.

Even if you exert your nature, your present nature is one that used to be accepted in Satan's world. Even if you exert your heart, it used to exchange whispers with Satan. The same applies to your mind. Therefore, you who are faced with the last days will surely have to transform your satanic nature and heart. You must change your viewpoint on life and your concept of the cosmos. That is because with the viewpoint of faith you have had so far, you cannot win over Satan. You cannot pass through the stage trapped under Satan's accusations.

First and last, Jesus died on the cross as the sacrifice of undefiled matter. This is how he introduced his nature, heart and mind to human beings on this earth. Jesus was the man whom God could consider worthy, whom God could call righteous, and whom God could be happy with and love as the representative of all people in history and for all things.

You may sometimes feel Jesus' nature, which cannot be subjected under Satan's accusations and cannot be possessed by Satan. If you have experienced the feeling of such a nature, then you can fathom Jesus' heavenly character. If you also fathomed such a heart, you will understand Jesus' internal situation. If there is a man who can see through Jesus' character and his internal situation, then God can grant him the power of authority.

People do not know there is the great historical focal point of the cosmos to be found and a cosmic barrier station to be passed through. Therefore, since there remains the desire of Jesus that he is offered as an undefiled one, the problem now is how we Christians will attain that desire.

In order for you to find this desire today, you must awaken to being deficient in the past and be contrite about it before God. When you repent, you must shed tears again and again, and you have to have the heart that can replace Jesus' tears, which were shed during his lifetime of thirty years or so. You must follow the example of Jesus, who single-mindedly exerted all his power, sleeping or waking, eating or starving, to establish the one will. You must feel the sad shimjung of Jesus, who had to walk the path of death.

You should be aware of the fact that Jesus led a life in which he shed tears of repentance for the sake of the human beings who did not have faith on this earth. Further, he is still shedding tears, even in the spirit world. You will still feel insufficient even when you can feel Jesus' internal shimjung, when you can comprehend the internal ideology of the heavenly nature, and when your tears, shed after learning about the internal background of Jesus' life, saturate heaven and earth. When you have inherited the heartbreaking shimjung for which tears come to gather in your eyes, and your bones and muscles melt into each other, you can manifest all of Jesus' love and character welling up from the bottom of his nature, his heart and his mind. From that point on, you can unite into one centered on heavenly ties with Jesus. If you are people who feel such shimjung you will feel grateful before Jesus, who saved you from the pit of death. You will still feel insufficient, even when you fill your minds and bodies and heaven and earth with that feeling of gratitude.

How sad was Jesus? You may not know this very well. Jesus came to undo the sorrowful feeling that God felt while He was losing Adam and Eve, the feeling of heaven and earth collapsing. He was also to carry out the will, representing God, to restore human beings. When he realized he could not fulfill the will for which he had been sent, Jesus felt the same feeling of sadness that God felt when losing Adam and Eve.

Human beings today, who must liquidate the historical heartbreaking lamentation, have forgotten how to feel sad even after they lost God. They have become people who do not know how to feel sorry even after they lost Jesus, the bridegroom. What is more, they have become ones who do not even know that they have the responsibility to console God in His sorrow. If you, too, stay in such a situation, God will not be manifested, no matter how much you may call out to the Father, standing before God's providence.

You must understand that what Jesus said were not idle words. If there is a man who exerts his heart, his mind and his nature like Jesus did, truthfully saying, "My Father," toward God, then Heaven will be moved.


Therefore, you must become the true sons and daughters who can console God by going beyond history, experiencing the shimjung of Jesus and the Holy Spirit and, at the same time, the sorrowful shimjung of God, who had a deep sense of regret 6,000 years ago. You must understand that only when you become people like this will you be able to materialize the love Jesus cherished on this earth.

Today you face Heaven with too individualistic a value concept and a distorted view of life. If you become beings who truthfully exert all your heart, all your mind, all your nature and all your power, the Father will come to see you, though you do not call out to Him. The Lord will come and hug you without you calling out to the Lord.

If you feel the Father's love in such a position, the whole of your mind and body can reach a place where it gets intoxicated with that love and finds delight. Besides, only after you understand such love of the Father and His shimjung will you, too, become the beings who resemble God in the same way a magnet attracts iron. You then can accomplish the ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus, who appeared before all humankind on this earth as the substantiated body of love through the ties centered on love, wished to accomplish.

If there had been a mere three people like that, the history of the complete restoration of humanity could have started at the time of Jesus. If there had been a mere three people holding onto the words of Jesus to love him more than anyone, who could represent the laborious God of 4,000 years who raised Jesus, and could represent Jesus and the Holy Spirit, Satan would have caved in automatically. If three such people had gotten together, believed in Jesus and followed him, ready to risk their lives for the sake of God's will, this would have happened.

That is why Jesus called three disciples to raise and took them about in times of both difficulty and happiness. However, the ignorant disciples did not understand that Jesus had the will to establish in the human world such a heavenly principle representing the history of the triune God.

Therefore, you must have wisdom. You should acquire wisdom and knowledge about God's providence and become clearly aware of the content of the heavenly secrets. You should not stand in a similar situation to the disciples, who did not understand Jesus' deep thought even while following him.

We must become the people who can save Heaven's honor by giving our lives before the church and the will that called upon and chose us. When that happens, the Kingdom of Heaven can appear on the earth for the first time. The enemy, Satan, can automatically be subjugated on the earth. Wishing that the sons and daughters who can share pleasure and pain alike with God and can monopolize God's love would appear and become able to receive bows even from Satan, the triune God has unfolded the dispensation and the many prophets and sages have walked the course of labor.

Therefore, there has to emerge one substantiated body of character who will let the billion faithful believers in heaven and earth and the heavenly soldiers and angels subjugate Satan, having the Heaven-revering nature at the center. Singing in praise of Heaven's glory, he can mobilize all of them on the earth for the work of providential restoration.

You must keep in mind that we must materialize the desire and love of Jesus, who exerted all of his nature, all of his mind, all of his heart and all of his power. Only then can we live in the realm of God's eternal love in which we cannot but be happy


please allow us to realize in this hour that we are the pitiable beings who think otherwise, even while we are living in a detestable situation. Father, has there been any one moment when we offered our heart, mind and power to the Father as an undefiled sacrifice? Since there has not been such a moment, please allow us who represent humanity, the people, the nation, the world and the cosmos to be sons and daughters who repent over this of our own accord and feel strongly about our being insufficient before the Father.

Now, since we are awakened, we must offer all of our existence as the undefiled sacrifice, all of our energy, all of our minds and bodies, and all of our nature. Though we knew the Father could not take anything but undefiled matter, we have offered before Heaven what has remained over from our use; we have lived in a random way. Please forgive us, we who are insufficient.

By following Jesus' example, who labored to accomplish the will of Heaven, we will now offer all things as an undefiled offering in view of shimjung. Beloved Father, we sincerely desire Your blessing.

Father! Please allow us to be the ones who experience the shimjung of Jesus, who longed for Heaven, caring nothing about life and death, by emulating Jesus' mind from this day on. Please allow us, by becoming those who imitate Heaven's nature and mind centered on new love, to become Israel centered on love. Let us be able to worship Heaven by leading a heavenly life centered on love.

Father, I pray from the bottom of my heart that You will awaken us to not become those who do not know that we must become the faithful believers who have to build the ideal world in which Heaven, Jesus and the Holy Spirit can take pleasure. We must become the faithful believers who build the ideal world in which the billion faithful believers and all things created on the earth can take delight, who can proudly stand before the Father by subjugating Satan.

Now we ardently desire You to guide us to shed tears of repentance in the context of the world, to exert our heart in the context of the cosmos, to exert our mind in the context of the cosmos and to exert our character in the context of more than Heaven. Sincerely hoping that You will allow us to attain the glory of being able to attain the perfected individual through leading a life of sacrifice as undefiled offerings for the whole, representing the tribe, the people, the nation and humanity, please guide us to make our minds and bodies presentable and to move on toward the Father. We prayed all these words in the name of the Lord. Amen.