A Pioneer Must Have Endurance

Sun Myung Moon
August 11, 1971

In these days, we are commanders in Chung Pyung. At Chung Pyung, we are building houses while we are living in tents. Other people who saw our shapes know that we came here to improve our mind or cure our lung troubles. (Laugh)

It has been four years since we came to Chung Pyung, but when those people see us it looks piteous. When it rains our living circumstances in the tents are not good, and people think it is sorrowful. But we have our own purpose for choosing to live like that. They don’t know that you have to obtain the qualification to be a master carpenter. They never think even in a dream that I prepared the man in order to buy the land. They thought we could not do it because we have no money. It was a very small piece of land with mulberry trees where we pitched our tents.

At first though, when we went to spend the night, there was no land to pitch a tent on. So I ordered someone to cut down a mulberry tree on that land. If we cut down even one mulberry tree so that Rev. Moon could rest, the owner of that land would accuse us but the mulberry tree would not accuse us. Therefore, we cut down mulberry trees and pitched tents. In the end, the angry owner came and he rebuked us all day saying, “Where are you from?”, but we did not respond. (Laugh)

We pretended that the man who cut the trees had gone away. I pretended not to know who did it. He rebuked us angrily on the first day but the scolding became soft the next day. From then on, he said, “I’m sorry.” So, “Yes, sorry?” He asked us in return. (Laugh) The owner thought he was so violent over a mere mulberry tree.

And after one year or so, when we asked him to sell the land, he sold the land without a word. Doing so, we prepared 800,000 pyeong (1 Pyeong = 3.3 square meters) on the other side of the Chung Pyung. 800,000 pyeong is as large as Yeoido. I already bought the important places where villas can be built in Chung Pyung.

Recently, other people came to know the value of Chung Pyung, and they said that a person indeed knows the time better than grandfather Gang Tae Gong. (Laugh)

From now on, even though I want to fish, I will never fish. And I will not eat the fish even though I catch fish. I would not eat the fish caught in Chung Pyung. Somebody cooked a carp for me but I didn’t eat it. Though I did not tell any one not to eat the fish, I would not eat the fish caught in Chung Pyung, even a very little fish. Though I can eat a roasted yellow corbina caught in the sea, I would not eat fish caught in Chung Pyung. Maybe not everybody knows that all history goes in that way.

A pioneer must have endurance. This time, we will invite Christian ministers in Seoul and Pusan to open a special workshop, but they will think that Rev. Moon of the Unification Church will surely greet them. Do you know why I do not appear? Teacher doesn’t appear not because I fear or am not fluent or am without ability to make them be moved. Because I consider God’s prestige and all the others. Now, if they are against us it is an end. Isn’t it? If they are invited but they don’t know, then they will be broken. There is no special luck. Right? (Yes!) It’s the end. At that time, God will surely abandon them. It will the last time forever.