November 19, 1978
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

In the Western way of life you write horizontally from left to right, but in the Orient we write vertically, as though from heaven to earth. The two different directions must meet. Have you ever thought about why you write from left to right instead of right to left? Since the left represents darkness, it is as though you are going from the darkness on the left to the light on the right. God is the origin of light and He represents the upper portion, so the Oriental way of writing from top to bottom represents light coming down to the darkness.

Left represents the West and right represents East, where the sun rises. In every way these two different ways of writing symbolize the meeting of light and darkness. Once you reach the East you return to the West, completing a circle. Also, light comes down from God to mankind, and then mankind returns the glory to God. This give and take makes a big circle.

Do you know why Westerners have big eyes? Your eyes are big because you don't want to miss anything. Your attention is always on what is closest at hand, which is the world of most immediate reality. The civilization which was created by big-eyed people is a pragmatic civilization, or a secular, materialistic civilization. Right? Usually small-eyed people look into the future. I see the farthest of all, so my eyes are almost closed all the time. We enjoy this jokingly, but when you think deeply, there is a great deal of truth in it. Big-eyed people are always pragmatic, dwelling on reality which is close at hand. Also, big-eyed people are more easily frightened by circumstances. On the other hand, small-eyed people see far into the distance and have no fear. That is not today's topic, however.

Who is the master, or who has total control of the dispensation? Yes, God. Who actually makes up the stream of the dispensation? Man. However, man could not form the entire stream by himself; there must be external forces which can form or shape it. Water exists and people exist, but they could not automatically make up the stream running down the valley.

Let us analyze how water is formed. First of all, water comes from two directions: falling down from heaven and also springing up from inside the earth. Waters coming from above and below together create a body of water which forms the stream. God's dispensation is no exception. God alone cannot make the dispensation whole. There will be an element coming down like rain, but also corresponding elements which emerge from the earth like a spring. As you know, rain doesn't fall 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Does spring water flow out at any particular time? If you dig a well does the spring which supplies it flow at some times and not at others? Spring water flows constantly.

The mainstream of history is formed by
water from above as well as within the earth

A small spring could not create a stream like the Hudson River. The Hudson is formed by two kinds of water, that is, rain and spring water. Can you tell me which it contains more of? Probably rain makes up 90%. Is a big river like the Hudson likely to be short or long? When a stream begins many hundreds of miles away in the mountains, then it joins together other streams and bodies of water and forms a bigger river.

What is the significant difference between a small stream and a big river like the Hudson? Do they start out differently? Their origins are similar, but a small river always reaches its destination quickly. If a river flows only a short distance, it has no time to gather strength, but a bigger river which covers a longer distance has time to gather strength and become great. The environment or circumstances are very important factors. Both rivers start out the same way, but each river develops according to its circumstances.

Imagine a little drop of water on the leaf of the tree. It can say that, even though it is very trivial, the day will come when it will join with many of its friends and become the central figure in a great river which flows to the ocean. If that drop of water is lucky enough to be in the upper portion of the Hudson valley then it can jump off the leaf and join the big body of water and then start to travel. That drop of water can end up anywhere, and even go all over the world. True?

What happens if that drop of water boasts in a very big way, but when he jumps he lands on the soil or on a rock? Then his proclamation to become a great river and go all over the world is a lie. There is no way for his boast to materialize because he will only evaporate. Two drops of water can both start out from the same place, but one can go a long way while the other may not fulfill anything.

This same analogy applies to the fulfillment of the dispensation. We have a tremendous idea and a dream but we must jump and land in a big body of water, the bigger the better in this case.

The ideological stream of mankind is the same. Religions of the world are like streams which originate in many different places. We must find the stream which reaches back farthest of all. Christianity is a very important religion in that respect because the Bible dates back all the way to the creation of heaven and earth and the beginning of history with the creation of man. Adam and Eve were in the forefront of the creation, but when the moment came they jumped to the wrong place. They did not land in a stream but on poor soil.

What does this stream we are talking about represent? God intended the stream to be the stream of love. Is the quality or composition of love different with history? Are ancient love and modern love two different things? Americans seem to be changing their standard of love. Instead of love between men and women, they increasingly prefer love between men and men and between women and women. The quality of true love never changes, however.

Like a drop of water, Adam and Eve were supposed to have jumped down into a stream of love and flowed with the stream of the dispensation of God. Where did they actually land? They landed in a desert and that drop of water just vanished. Ever since, this world and the history of men have been like a barren desert. In a spiritual desert it is impossible to have a feeling of love, and as a result mankind has always been wandering. The fallen generation is like a drop of water which has no secure place to go. The original water evaporated and floated around in the air. Normally evaporated water doesn't easily join together, but when the droplets collide with a tall mountain they have a common ground and they join together. In the same way wandering people have formed cliques or societies. That has been the picture of history.

Religious movements have usually begun in mountainous areas. Wandering peoples are stopped when they reach the mountains and so they settle there. All the founders of the great religions have gone to the mountains in order to find renewed faith. Buddha, for example, gave up everything and went to the mountains. Moses went to the mountain to receive the Ten Commandments.

The Oriental language has a term for "living water." Even the Bible speaks about living water. Normally water from a field or a great lake or river is not called living water. That term is only applied to the sparkling springs found in the mountains, where the cleanest of all water can meet. The evaporated water from the air and also living water from the ground meet in the mountains, creating the purest form of water. It's very logical that the purest form of a spiritual, religious movement would emerge from the mountains.

When we look at the world as a whole, what is the highest point on earth? When you climb to the top of the highest mountain then you can really feel the genuine quality of air and of water. The tall mountains are always covered by snow, which is frozen water. That water represents purity; its whiteness symbolizes victory and also authority, or rightness and power. When you look at the tall mountain, you are first impressed by its august dignity. You are deeply impressed by the size of the mountain, but at the same time it also projects a power and purity.

Water is the source of life. All living bodies are three-fourths water, and without water no life can be sustained. Life exists where the harmony of water is created. Too much water is not necessarily good, but a lack of water also causes trouble. What maintains a healthy body temperature? Water is the body's cooling and heating system. Water is absolutely essential for life to be sustained.

God is seeking those people
who can be living water

Religion is really a spiritual mountain in the history of mankind. If you are up in the air floating around then you are like water vapor and will probably hit a mountain. The work of religion is to create a mountain which people will gather around. Would you prefer flat ground or mountainous ground? I think you white people normally like flat ground. America is probably 80% flat, like Texas and Arizona. Asian geography is primarily mountainous, like the Himalayas. A variety of features in the land makes a better combination of harmony and generates a very special kind of feeling. From that standpoint, Korea is a very special country because it is a very mountainous peninsula. 1 am not saying this because I am Korean, though.

When I travel in America, the landscape is rather monotonous and after five minutes there is not much variety to appreciate. But when I went to Korea and drove from the north to the south for hours I was so excited that there was no way I could close my eyes. That does not mean that you must all come to Korea! Korea is just a small land and there is not enough room for everyone.

Harmony creates a spiritual taste. We are creating a Unification mountain. Is it big or small? Is the Unification mountain like Mt. Fuji, which has only a smooth, simple form, or is there more variety? How much variety do we have? There is such ecstatic variety in the Unification mountain that your mind cannot be empty. Even if you go to the bathroom you still think about the mountain, don't you?

The religious world is really a complicated world, with many ups and downs, many little valleys and big mountains which can catch all the floating vapor. We can collect every drop, every young person. We have many different ways to catch all the vapor. In that case, do we have much rain?

Is this a sand mountain or rock mountain? A sand mountain absorbs the water and makes it disappear, but when water hits a hard surface like rock it starts to collect in various places. Which would you like, a sand or rock mountain? You may like the rock mountain, but it contains an inherent danger. Its surface is so hard that if you make a mistake and fall you will get hurt. When you land on a sand mountain, however, you don't have to worry because it will always yield. Does the rock mountain yield to your wishes? On a rock mountain you have to fasten your seat belt tightly so that no accident can happen.

Mt. Fuji has spring water at its peak, but would you say that the water is pure or polluted? Mt. Fuji is not formed of rock but of volcanic ash. Do rock mountains frequently have more springs, or is it very rare to find water on a rock mountain? lf we find spring water on a rock mountain we know it is the real living water.

If you are looking for the living water would you like to scoop the water out of a mountain made of old ashes or from the top of the rock mountain? When good water enters your body, it will serve its purpose 100%. When you drink good spring water and it leaves your body through your skin even the sweat will be pure. With pure water your body functions better and you feel great. Whatever you do, your body is full of vitality and you want to reach out to God and sing out to the world like no one has ever done in history.

Is the Unification Church a small mountain, or a tall mountain? What kind of vapor are you? Now that you've hit the Unification Church mountain will you evaporate again? Will you gather together, or will you keep the vapor from the West apart from vapor from the East? Everyone should cling together, with the vapor forming drops of water and the drops of water becoming streams. When there is cool air floating around a mountain, it quickly condenses and the rain starts.

Is the rain on the top of the mountain polluted or pure? If a stream starts to gather and cascade down the mountain will it stop abruptly and vanish away, or get bigger and heavier? In order to make it bigger and heavier a spring is needed at the top of that rock mountain. If spring water is gushing out of the top of the mountain, where would it go? Would it dry up and vanish?

What is the highest point here in this country? Your answer is correct. The tallest point here in America, and really the most dangerous point because it is the pinnacle of the mountain, is Belvedere, Barry town and so on. Barry town begins with a "b", but in our case we could call it "Verytown" because it is a very tough place. Everyone else says that it's too tall and high and the danger of falling off is too great. Are you on the top of the mountain? You are climbing, but have not yet reached the top of Belvedere, even though you think you have.

A rock mountain moves in rainy weather. If you are climbing on that mountain and it starts shaking and trembling, what will happen? Probably you will be shaken off, right? Even though that mountain may encounter an earthquake, you will not be shaken off. In order not to fall off you must have some safety belt. This is the right way of thinking.

We are in an actual race, and God is challenging everyone in order to choose one champion for all history. The race is like an obstacle course, and since God wants to pick the greatest of all champions, He has to set up the greatest of all obstacles. He may even send an earthquake to shake the mountain in order to see who shall be a remnant. All kinds of people are participating in this race, with black, white and yellow people all starting out at the starting line. Everyone is eager and confident to reach the pinnacle of the mountain.

Who is going to be a remnant? Those who have an easy and opulent life, or those who really suffer and are disciplined by hardship? The man and woman of patience, who are really tough, are the kind of people who shall remain.

Imagine that on this pinnacle there is one beautiful evergreen tree. If God is walking on the mountain, as soon as He sees the tree on the pinnacle He will stop and exclaim, "What beauty!" He will stop and appreciate it. That particular mountain might have been beaten by the weather through the years and because of the hard storms and the rain 90% of the branches may be gone, but one big branch remains, hanging down over the cliff. Would it look artistic or not? God will bring a camera and want to keep the image of that tree forever. You would react just the same if you were walking on top of this mountain.

God and I are just the same way, looking for Unification Church members who are beaten and weathered by the years but who remain like that evergreen branch, good-looking and dignified. Walk like God's son and daughter and God will want to take a picture of you. Perhaps there would be a stream of living water flowing from beneath the rocks under that tree. Wouldn't that be ideal ? This kind of person is truly a historic man because he is not only evergreen, standing tall like a tower, but at the same time he is a life-giving person who provides water for the world. Suppose that tree had no limitations and could grow to cover the mountain, sending its roots through the rock. Do you want to become that kind of man

and woman? How romantic and dramatic it is for the spring water to pour forth, tumbling down from the top of the mountain, looking down on the world. In the history of water, I think a drop from this spring could write the most dramatic chapter of the book. No drop of water can compare the drama of its life with that of this particular water.

The Unification Church is just the same. God is looking for the kind of dramatic man and woman and that kind of dramatic history. I come from Korea and I climbed up through the mountain. People never even realized that I existed. I started out in the darkness way down in the bottom and started coming up, reaching the pinnacle at the top of the mountain. If there is a God, I'm sure that's the route that He would want to take. Digging out even one inch in this rock mountain is extremely difficult, but I was digging-through the entire mountain, from bottom to top.

When you are digging in darkness to reach the top you sometimes find a crack. Water loves the cracks because it can easily travel through them. Of course, the crack may lead to a dead end and then you have to return and start up again. Wouldn't it be ideal for water to find one crack that travels all the way down from the surface? Then the stream of spring water could easily cascade down from that place. That is not ideal. No, a person has to face disappointment after disappointment until he comes to the authentic mainstream at the top. This is when God will be satisfied.

I never wanted to waste time trying to take advantage of the crack; I wanted to bore my own hole. God was always following right behind me, encouraging me to go ahead. Inch after inch and yard after yard I went, until the day came when I reached the top of the mountain and the spring water burst forth and cascaded down the side. So much water poured out that a rainbow shone in the mist on top of the mountain. This gush of water is the first sign anyone had that any digging was going on. No one ever knew until after everything was done. American people are very ingenious in business and commercial ventures, and undoubtedly they would make it a famous tourist attraction and claim it as the discovery of some corporation.

After the arduous task is finished and this hole is dug, the spring at the top of the rock mountain is sure to be the world's most famous attraction. People will want to go there not only to see that fountain but to drink the water. Once they climb up, will they want to go down the mountain or stay there?

lf God exists, He must be thinking of developing this kind of dispensation. That spring will be alpha, the beginning of the dispensation, and after the water flows down and goes out to the world, it comes back to omega, but still unstained and pure. It originated in God and comes back to God. Even fallen men are smart enough to think that this is logical. How much more is God, who is omnipotent and omnipresent, able to arrive at this kind of conclusion? Every person is eager to go to the top of the mountain and drink that water.

In true love men and women
invite resonance with God

What is then most important to God? God does not need money, power or knowledge. Why does He need love? What would He do with it? Love makes joy and happiness complete because in love there is no reservation. Love creates supreme beauty. Love has eyes to enjoy supreme beauty and a nose to enjoy supreme smell. It has ears to hear the supreme sound and bring 100% fulfillment of joy, not just 99%. When women arrive in their teens, perhaps fourteen years of age, their bodies change. Their bosom and hips develop and they notice how they are changing. Then their eyes and ears and nose and mouth start trying to function vertically. You are looking for something fantastic at that age and you are walking on something other than solid ground. You laugh and smile and talk to the trees and clouds and then cry out for no apparent reason. Even little things like one simple leaf falling to the ground spark your laughter.

What are these changes? You cannot stay in one place but become a wanderer who goes everywhere and looks around. You have experienced this, haven't you? You feel that you could write great poetry and great literature. Your poetic mind and romantic heart are growing and you express your feelings in poetry and literature. You try to catch the meaning of every phenomenon that occurs around you, feeling it trying to tell you something. That is the indication of the green leaves of first love trying to burst. Unfortunately, fallen man's first love is always rooted in fallen love. This has been the destiny of fallen man. Since this root of love is stained, first love is not genuine and pure and you have to go beyond the level of that first love to make a new creation of love. You overcome that satanic first love and create heavenly first love instead.

In the Unification Church young people want to give their first love vertically to God. In the secular world, the first love occurs at the time of physical blossoming and first love is given horizontally, but here in the Unification Church you want to make that first love pure. You want to sanctify it and become a new man and woman.

Love is stronger than material wealth, stronger than knowledge, stronger than power. You are trying to go beyond all of these things and harvest love. In order to make first love pure for God, we have to deny all these things and reach out for something else. Suppose there is a man and woman who love completely and feel that only death can part them. Even with such a love, once these two people realize that some greater love exists and they taste that vertical love, then within a week they can agree with each other that for the consummation of that love they can sacrifice what they have and go on.

Horizontal love alone is dismal, but once it is sparked with vertical love it has the impact of a lightning bolt. Then two people automatically melt into one. Once the two are welded into one with the greater love from heaven then nothing can separate them. Even if you kick them or throw them, nothing can separate the two. When you are totally intoxicated with love your five senses are functioning to the fullest degree, at 100% capacity.

Grab your nose like this and also close your mouth. You can't breathe. Hold your breath as long as you can, and if you can't hold it any longer, then breathe. Then you will really experience resurrection When you are liberated from death at that moment, you can feel the revival of life. The impact of love should be greater and higher than the experience I just described. Once you are intoxicated in this heavenly love, it completes this horizontal welding, and even though you may suffer until the very point of death, you will feel nothing else except your loving partner.

Are you ready to be welded like that? When you have that kind of loving heart would you see your fiancé's skin color? You might see that your husband's color is black, but you won't have any sense of color and you will be totally welded into one. The power of love will go beyond color.

God breathes love; love is air to God. We breathe air, but God breathes love. When your sense of love is fully developed, God can breathe with you and you can breathe together with God. You have to continue breathing, exhaling and inhaling at the same distance all the time. If your breathing becomes weaker, what will happen to you? You would vanish away and be reduced to nothing. That love will dry up.

Loving is like a game of ping-pony. God hits with love and you send it back to God with the same strength and ecstatic joy, back and forth, and the love gets stronger. It is not God's way to let love get weaker and weaker and finally dry up. Once you reach a certain level, love always stimulates you to a higher level. It just throws you up into a higher explosion of joy. That again is the characteristic of love; it will never weaken.

When a loving husband and wife are first embracing each other they feel that two people are embracing, but in the end they feel as one person. They don't feel a boundary between the two of them. When you reach this point true existence for both of you starts right there.

Why does God like love? Why does He need love? It is because only the power of love can stimulate God's five senses to their fullest extent. There is no other way you can stimulate God and bring Him fullest joy. I have drawn here a man with two layers which work like two tuning forks. When you hit a tuning fork it vibrates with a certain frequency and its vibration will automatically cause the second tuning fork to vibrate in the same way. The sound waves travel and create the same reaction on the second tuning fork.

The two layers of man are his mind and his body; they should work like two tuning forks, vibrating on the same wavelength and creating a vertical wave. Then together the mind and body will make up one tuning fork and God will be another tuning fork. As you become a vertical pair, the same wavelength will travel to God and He will respond to your vibration.

God will vibrate on the same wavelength you do

Why are men and women a necessary unit? Because men and women vibrating on the same wavelength create one tuning fork that responds to God's tuning fork. Then the vibration between God and man and woman will produce ecstatic joy. Do you men need women and do you women need men? Why? Because true love between men and women will invite resonance with God. Men and women need each other in order to feel the joy and the love of God. True religion is trying to teach men and women that a greater vibration of love between God and man exists. Unless we reach out to that goal man's life is only temporal and finite and it is lifeless. True life will only begin when there is a vibration between God and man together. The purpose of religion is to reveal that to man.

Here in the Unification Church you put your absolute trust in me, whether you are a man or a woman. You love me because you are confident that I will connect you to that same vibration with God. The amazing thing about the Unification Church is that even though you used to date, once you come into the Church all that becomes very cheap and you feel instead like giving your total devotion to God. It is so exhilarating and you feel tremendous joy in doing it even though your body is totally busy suffering in day-to-day activities. The amazing thing about life in this Church is that if you decide not to cooperate with me your body may be relaxed from not working so hard, but your mind will ache. You feel uncomfortable and you suffer mentally. But when you go out and do just what I said was best to do, then you start to feel exalted and your spirit is happy even though your body gets tired.

I have brought the vibration
of God's love to the world

What is this power that's working in the Unification Church? Particularly if I am directly teaching you and guiding you, the volcanic power of the spiritual word comes out on many different levels. But now I am leading you indirectly through the leadership in our Church all over this country and the world. Even though you see the intermediate leaders on MFT and in New York Church, your mind is not dwelling on them but on me. Why is that? In the world of life all living things want to follow the sun, the source of life. In your innermost heart you know the source of life and you want to follow that sun. In the world of life the love of God is that sun and eternal light, so you want to turn wherever the love of God is shining in order to be closer to that sun.

In a way our life is like a workshop and you are in training to turn with the sun, the source of life. Then when you go to the spirit world you are already an expert and you are automatically with God. You are like a drop of water, but I want you to be pure so that not only people here on earth can drink and live, but even God can drink and feel joy. Your mind may be pure, but what about your body? Is it dirty? In many cases your mind is also dirty. When you think about the love of God, your mind should be reactivated and feel the vibration of certain uplifting experiences. Otherwise, your mind is frozen and dead. Why do we need the love of God? Because that love will make the absolute God completely joyful.

Even if I kicked you and gave you a hard time, should you be a drop of water that changes and becomes contaminated by complaint? No matter how much heat is applied to genuine gold, it never changes its content but will keep its purity. What about you? If I put you in a hot oven, do you have a great many things to be burned out ? You should be genuine so that your true qualities shall remain forever. lf I put you into the fire, what kind of smoke would you create, white smoke or black smoke? Perhaps you wouldn't give off smoke, but would vaporize and become steam, meaning that your quality would not change, just that you would be up in the air.

I was born on an insignificant mountainside in Korea, and without being noticed by the world I have traveled a long, long distance, coming through valleys and across mountains and rugged terrain to come this far. In the meantime I brought the vibration of the love of God to the world, and now the world is beginning to vibrate and tremble. I am like the stream which started out as a drop of water, then became a stream and finally a great river like the Hudson.

People around the Hudson River not only enjoy its beauty, they will drink the water and conduct commerce on the river. In the same way the Unification Church river is going to supply water for people around the world and everyone will send boats up and down its waterways. Are you tasty water? How pure are you? When this water comes into peoples' bodies they will feel exhilarated. Once you taste Unification Church water and then go out, you may become tired and your body may not want you to do any more, but you will never lack happiness again. Nothing can excite people to the degree that the pure water in the Unification Church can. They cannot be truly happy otherwise.

When I went to Korea this time, I heard of several former members who were at one time very devoted. Their minds were saying, "1 want to go back and repent to Father. I want to tell him that my heart remains the same." But those people had no courage to come to me. They cried out, knowing that I was back in Korea but they stayed in their homes grieving instead of coming to me. There are many stories like that.

Are you drinking and growing up in that pure water? Here in America Moonies are infiltrating every facet of American life and now people cannot overlook us any more. Even cartoonists cannot ignore us; whenever they include Moonies, they make the most tasty cartoons. Initially people thought that Moonies were very bitter or that they had no taste, but once they tasted us a little bit they found that we have an intoxicating quality. That's their dilemma! Americans thought they could ship the Moonies out and dismiss the Unification Church, but now they find they can't do that because they know how tasty we are. No military or political power can kick the Moonies out of America because we are already so deeply involved in the way of life of the American people.

We are probably the most hard-working people under the sun but we look prosperous. When I went back to Korea and Japan people asked, "What is the secret tonic that you drink? You Moonies never get old." Even the people who worked hard through three seven-year courses still look young and prosperous. In secular life people might have a job or a little business for themselves but all kinds of problems beset them. They have one worry after another and there is no happy day. Corporation chiefs and political people are tense and worried in day-to-day life. The Unification Church has one solid foundation upon which we stand that gives us solid peace.

Pure water is blue. In the summer time all the land is covered by plants and trees and their leaves are green because they take pure water from the rivers and rain. Blue water makes the countryside green. Are you blue and young all the time? Blue eyes are very charming and I am always attracted by the blue eyes of Westerners.

We have thoroughly implanted ourselves in American society and everywhere we go we become the talk of the town. People in all facets of society are awakened and stimulated by Moonies, in all kinds of ways. You are the princes and princesses of the Kingdom of God, so when you show up they have to pay attention. media have created a bad image of Moonies because their initial impression of Moonies was not good. Nevertheless, there is interest and controversy there, so they have to come and try to find out one way or another. Subconsciously they react and want to find out what Moonies are, and once they have sampled us a little bit they start to change their opinions. We are different, not because we have horns, but because we impart a different taste.

Like liquid we can flow anywhere in any direction. There is no obstacle we can't go around. People set a certain direction in their lives and only move to the east, for example. That's the only way of life they know. But we have no set form of life, no set direction. Therefore, the more someone studies Moonies the more amazed he becomes because he can't measure their depth.

For example, you work on the MFT from 5 a.m. to midnight. You come back hungry and tired, your face tanned from the sun during the day and your voice hoarse. When your parents see this they say, "This is the time to take him from the Moonies. 'My son, you don't have to work this hard. I'll give you good meals and a comfortable bedroom. You don't have to do MFT work. Come with me.' " Then that tired Moonie replies, "No, Dad, no Mom, go your way. I'll go my way.

Naturally many American parents are puzzled and they can't figure you out. They only see that you are a normal son with two eyes, but actually when you become a Moonie you have a dozen sets of eyes that see in all directions. You are not in darkness and you know what you're doing. No one can reject pure water. You are pure water and pure water is needed everywhere. Wherever you go you are going to be part of that organization and system.

You can tell people, "If you want to know about the Moonies, come with me and live with us for three days. You will learn a lot." Let them taste the water and taste the Divine Principle. What is the power that makes you so strong and what makes you so sure that God's kingdom on earth can be a reality? Let them learn about this. Divine Principle enters your body and cleanses it of all kinds of ingredients that clog you up. We call it Moonwash.

God is working hardest of all in the Unification Church because He is pumping the water, and the more people who come the more God must pump all the necessary water for them to drink. God has been working very hard and there are so many Moonies now that the supply is not nearly enough, so God is thinking about automation now. That era of automatic pumping where all God has to do is push a button will come. When God's automatic system is complete then the entire earth will be filled with pure water. The spiritual pollution of the earth will be wiped out and the world will be fragrant and pure and fresh. Wherever you will go you will breathe that air and drink that water and then the world will be elevated into the better way of life.

So far American reaction to Moonies has been very negative, but soon they will say, "We need them. They are good." What is the most popular thing Americans like to eat and drink? This generation has grown up on McDonald's hamburgers, but soon we'll offer them a Moonburger. The time will come when the Moonburger will give competition to McDonald's and it will be so popular that people will have a Moon breakfast, then a Moonburger in one pocket for lunch and a Moonburger in the other pocket for dinner.

Where else can American young people go? They have no incentive in life because they have everything they need and they are tired of it all. Where will they go? They want to be more intoxicated by life so they are searching for something.

They don't see any reason to study hard in school, so they try to intoxicate themselves with carnal experiences. They do all sorts of strange things like streaking, but it gets tiresome and doesn't give them too much fun after all.

This American generation is looking for intoxication in drugs and sex, but you know these things are temporal. These could never give anyone lasting joy. The only item that gives you permanent intoxication is the quality of love that intoxicates God and then together you can be intoxicated with God. We have something to offer. We are a new type of hippie and yippie movement on an entirely different level. You are the happiest ones. The problem with the hippies and yippies was that they couldn't find anything permanent; therefore, all American young people have got to end up knocking on Unification Church doors because we can offer the permanent intoxication of the love of God. Even if some government power confines the Moonies to the Nevada desert so that we cannot witness to anyone, eventually the young people of the world would swarm into Nevada to find you right there in the desert.

No matter what the American government may do to me or to our Church, I want you to know very clearly that the showdown has occurred and it was a victorious one. We have won the game already. Each of you must feel this. Think about your life in the days before you knew about the Unification Church and then think about yourselves today. You find a marked difference in your own heart. Before you were in darkness but now you have a vision and goal and clear-cut direction. Do you think someone can bring you back down to the dark days of your life before the Unification Church? The showdown is finished; the victory has been won and declared. We have won the war, no matter what the nation may say, or what the people and the world will say.

We are no longer a drop of water or a stream. We have become a river. What kind of river are we comparable to? The Hudson, Mississippi or the Amazon? What other big river can you think of? Yes, you're right, Moon River. It flows from one continent to another, and the amazing thing is that the Moon River even travels through the ocean and still remains a river. It can encircle the entire earth because it is based on the greatest and most permanent of all power: the love of God. It is a river of God's love.

No man can revolutionize love. From the beginning of human history up to now no one could change love. No one will do that in the future. We are based on the permanency of the love of God and that power becomes our power. All kinds of strange cultures are springing up in America now like the gay rights movement. They are trying to enact a law so that a man can marry a man and a woman can marry a woman. They are trying to destroy the cornerstone of God's kingdom and the Principle of Creation. However, they can never succeed. We have laid God's foundation, the base upon which none of these abnormal cultures can survive.

In the Unification Church we have the most healthy family life; we live the healthiest of all moral lives, and we have the best of all ideologies. We do have the superior system to any conventional way of life and naturally it will survive and prosper and will eventually influence the entire world. That is the destiny of history.

Nine stages of restoration

Our ideology is clear and obvious. Will today's world become a united world centered upon selfishness? That's the ideology you once had, isn't it? If God is united completely with you then will the world be united centered upon you? God didn't want to have the world cling to Him and to His ideal; God wanted to have men cling to each other and then God would come and dwell in that unity. What I am actually doing is teaching you this very principle, so that you can become God's men, God's representatives. In other words, God wants you to be a walking God.

You need God so that you can become a central person of the universe. Don't you want to be number one in any field? Who gave you that kind of ambition? God gave that ambition to man from the very beginning. In order for an individual to be installed as the central person, two ingredients are needed-God and the True Parents. God's power and True Parents' power will enliven you and start you turning and then the three components can become one. Then you will become sons and daughters of God and sons and daughters of the True Parents. Then you will have become the total, perfected object of the love of God.

Once you become that perfected, central individual, God will plant you in this world. That one center has two components, man and woman, who together become one solid center of plus and minus, resounding together on the same wavelength with God and the universe. As an individual you are not good enough; being alone cannot fulfill the ultimate purpose of God. Everyone needs a family surrounding him with whom he can unite and join as one, turning and turning in give and take. When that heavenly family is manufactured then God gives that family to the world and the world can be restored to that level. On the next level, the tribe will have give and take with God and True Parents and become the living tribe of God. Then God will plant that tribe into the world. After the nation is restored the entire world can be restored and then we will no longer need a restoration factory.

Everyone in the world will follow that pattern, starting out from the individual, family, tribe, nation and world. 1 have laid the foundation and it shall become your foundation. God and True Parents created the base, which is like a superhighway to heaven which is to be enjoyed by each one of you and everyone in the world. They can follow that pattern and travel easily toward the ultimate goal.

The give and take action between subject and object in a reciprocal relationship forms one individual. The beginning point is unity of the mind and body together as a plus. Then man and woman united together become one set and form a family. Families united together in that same process become a tribe, then a nation, then the world.

The unity of mind and body is on the formation level, whereas the family is on the growth level, and families together form a tribe. or the perfection level for the individual. Each individual is responsible for perfection up to the tribal level; each one of you is responsible to create at least your own tribe. To enjoy life here on earth you need to establish at least the tribal level.

There are three levels vertically and also three levels horizontally. Vertically speaking you have yourself, your father, grandfather and great grandfather, or at least four generations. Horizontally, there are brothers, cousins, second cousins and distant cousins. That's the makeup of the tribe. You must try to restore this system symbolically; that is the ideal home church. involving your own great, great grandfather is not essential, but you can find people in that symbolic position.

Once you have restored this tribe, all human beings can be related, no matter how far back your ancestral tree goes, even up to the hundredth great grandfather. All of us are virtually distant cousins. As long as you have this base in your tribe, that represents all mankind. From the dispensation point of view there is Adam's age, Jesus' age, and True Parents' age. Home church stems from this concept. When this principle is welcomed by the world then the world and society will start to turn.

The central religions fulfill the vertical things, or the Old Testament era, New Testament era and Completed Testament era, while horizontally speaking relatives are the central tribe. Therefore, the central religion and the central tribe together are a microcosm of human history. The spirit world also contains a continuation of the central history, in which one small center becomes wider and wider.

Let's compare the reality on earth and in spirit world. In order for spirits to descend to work with men on earth, certain conditions must be ready. Only specific spirits can come down and make a connection with the physical world. Also, the spirit world has many, many compartments and denominations, for example, the Jewish faith, which in turn are divided into many different compartments. The central line along which spirits may descend does not always travel in a straight line; sometimes it travels sideways, coming down one way, backing up another way, going out yet another way.

This makes the descension of the spirit men to this earth more complicated and difficult. They cannot just come down automatically. When this generation eventually goes to the spirit world, they too will want to come down to the next level of reality and again they will have to go through the same complications. Of course, while the reality on earth gets bigger, the population of spirit world gets larger. As spirit world gets more crowded it becomes more complicated, just as an expanding society here on earth involves more people, more complications and more administration.

Now the dispensation has expanded to the world level and spirit world is that much larger. The entire spirit world corresponds to the reality of the world here on earth. When it is this wide you can imagine one person has a great deal of searching to do to find the central line. When that time in the dispensation comes, the important thing in the spirit world is that they break down all the old barriers. When the time comes it is most important that the central religion be made obvious to everyone and that in the meantime, no matter how wide the world may be, that man can travel without any obstacles to immediately find the central line. That's the kind of dispensation that is needed in the spirit wood.

Who is going to break down the barriers in the spirit world? They won't be broken down up there, but only when we do certain things here on earth. The key is on earth, not in the spirit world. The Unification Church is doing this job here on earth, breaking down the barriers between the different compartments of denominations, tribe and race. We do certain things in the dispensation to make this schedule work, and to explain the meaning of home church. When we unite the central religion vertically and unite the tribe horizontally, this unit together will cover the entire earth. Certain indemnity is paid for the sake of the world, in the world microcosm which is home church. God will recognize what you do in your home church system and give it value for the sake of the entire world. Therefore, what you do in the small home church system will have universal value.

There are three phases: mind and body form the first stage; men and women are the second stage as they form the home, and then families become a tribe and expand into a nation; then thirdly the nation expands into the world. You don't have a precise term in English for this, but I am including one more level between that of tribe and nation.

Always you go through three stages to reach perfection, and this whole concept is implanted in the home church system. When you consider your family as a foundation, then home church will make a clan, then a tribe will be formed on the foundation of the clan, and then a nation. The clan is formation, the tribe is growth, and the nation is perfection stage.

Home church members have to restore all nations; home church is the device for doing that. In the next phase the nation is on the formation level, next the world on the growth [ever, and the universe or cosmos, including the spirit world, is on the perfection level. There are always three stages.

The Divine Principle always includes three stages of three stages, which make nine stages, plus one, which is God, and this makes ten, a complete union. Union with God is number ten. The True Parents, installed in the center, pioneered each stage of the family, clan, tribe, nation and world. They pioneered all the way to the world level and then returned back to the center to be truly installed. This is why Mother and I traveled out from Korea, going out to the world and coming back to Korea and going out again, and coming back to Korea again.

On November 2, 1978 in Korea I held a special ceremony for the events to take place in spirit world and here on earth which completely break down the barriers between religions and between clans and tribes. Since this ceremony, spirit world no longer recognizes the barriers and boundaries between religions and between different surnames like Jones or Smith. Now there is no longer a distinction; it is all one family. These barriers are broken down so that each individual can go freely throughout the entire world without any restrictions. Now it's up to you. You are going to be the one who mobilizes spirit world. You can now command the spirit world to come down here and help the earthly dispensation.

Let your inner man guide you

Here on earth we are in Adam's world while spirit world is like the archangel world. The angels are to be servants and they must obey Adam and listen to what Adam says. I want you to know that your thousands of ancestors in spirit world are in the angelic position and you are in Adam's position, so they are supposed to listen to you. It's amazing, but they regard you as the ancestor their family, not themselves. You are the forefather of your clan. Because you are restoring your ancestors, you are going to be the founding father of the ancestral tree. Now all the former ancestral trees will be reorganized because in spirit world there is no age; whether someone passed away thousands of years ago doesn't mean he is older than you are.

Eternity doesn't recognize time.

You are responsible to pay the indemnity and restore history, and when you reach the pinnacle you will be responsible for the future because you are the ancestor. You are leaving the tradition behind. The messianic mission started out from the clan level. Then expand yourself to become a tribal messiah, national and world-level messiah, all the way up to the cosmos. That is the mainstream or waterstream of the dispensation. That is the way you are going to travel and fulfill.

First of all, you will make your mind and body become one. Then when you are given the blessing you become husband and wife and create one family, then the clan, tribe, nation and world. Then you continue all the way to the universe, the spirit world and physical world together as one creation. You are the central figure or messianic figure to travel that route and the central theme is the love of God. This is the main point I am making this morning.

Once a greater sphere is accomplished, perhaps the national level of accomplishment, then we don't have to worry about the tribe and clan and family because they are already included. One love of God is totally governing everything so when you are already in the nation then your clan is there, and your tribe and family as well, summoned by the same love. Also, if the world became one then all the nations would be united. Therefore, don't worry about the boundary of my tribe and your tribe and so forth. Ultimately under one love of God, God intends to create one world of love, one unified world. Each one of you helps create it. Therefore, that world can ultimately have many layers in which all kinds together create one unified fluid world because you are consummating all these dispensations for the same principle and purpose: the love of God.

The Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven is that accomplished world. From your trivial level on earth you can climb up all the way to the pinnacle of the mountain, which is God's position, and from that position you can travel down all the way to the grass roots of the world. These positions are interchangeable and turning, so that there is no top and bottom, no high class, no low class. In this way the universe will ultimately become like one person.

The body is the most vivid example of a microcosm of that future world. Ultimately our universe will be like one God-centered man. In that one body you will perform some role somewhere, like a cell. You will have your own universe, your own world, own tribe, nation and clan, but all within this one harmonized body. If this one man with the heart of God is rejoicing and ecstatic in this world, what about you? You cannot be separate from that joy. When the whole is happy, each individual has to enjoy and share in that same happiness. Each cell is connected to that big man, breathing on the same wavelength. The entire universe is ultimately like one man, and each of us individually will act as one cell. Then when the big man is accomplished in the love and the heart of God and rejoicing in God's love, each cell has got to be breathing on the same wavelength.

That's why, even though you may be a small part of that body, you are the central figure of that universe. God will not deny it; as a matter of fact, He would like you to be a center. This can be made possible in the love of God. In love everything will be perfected to the fullest extent. Under the touch of the love of God, all human cells instantly come alive and breathe with joy and excitement. In love everything wants to harmonize and join in unity.

Today's topic concerns the waterstream of the dispensation. You are the drops of water already making up the stream and you must follow the major stream of the dispensation to the ultimate finishing point, that is, the sea of the love of God. That travel will be permanent and eternal. No one can revolutionize the principle of love. No power under the sun can alter or change the format of love. Over all these thousands of years, God existed solely to achieve this goal. Since no perfection has been attained and you are still struggling to reach that level, much suffering, confusion and doubt has remained in your heart. But we are still in the pioneering stages, digging the foundation and making the highway, and that's why we are still suffering. Once we reach the plateau of perfection, however, suffering will be no more and everything else will be harmonized.

How can we live in the fallen world? What should be our pattern? You must listen to your mind. Actually, I am not your leader. Your leader is you, the inner you. Your mind and conscience whispers and you must listen. The mind listens to the external man also. The two tuning forks are your mind and body and the two must vibrate together, and in that you will find your true self. Discover yourself, but remember that yourself is not for you. It's for the sake of the universe, for the sake of the love of God. Those who think of themselves first become the prey of Satan and he always exploits them. You discover yourself when you always center upon the love of God and always take the minus position. There is always a subject ahead of you and you must resound together with the subject.

When you are drifting in or out of sleep, you are in both the world of reality and the world of sleep. When you go to bed you know that when night is over the dawn of a bright morning is coming. Beyond the distances of the night there will be God, dawning on the other side.

If you are solely serving with a loving heart, if you practice selflessness as your way of life, then your vibration is resounding with the vibration of God. Behind your mind there is always a tuning fork ready to pick up the vibration. When you are meditating you always speak to your inner man, deep within you. If you really have give and take closely with this inner man then you will know more about the universe than in any other way. Your conscience does not need to be taught the law because it always knew the law. Your conscience is always teaching you to sacrifice and give love and service. No matter how much you do for the sake of the world, your conscience always commands you, saying, "You did well; now do more." God whispers through your inner man because God is very anxious to get you to the pinnacle. God always pushes you further and further through your conscience so that you can leap to new heights of success.

Because the mind is very anxious to cover the many thousands of years of distance instantly, the mind will push you harder and further. When you realize this you have to adapt yourself to that and cooperate. There is a tuning fork in your mind and in order for it to vibrate your body has to do loving deeds. Even though in the evening after a day's work your body has no strength to even lift up your leg, your soul and heart are exalted and feel a sense of accomplishment. When you fall asleep in that kind of exhilaration, you reach out to spirit world very quickly and will see many kinds of revelations and visions. I will appear many times in those kinds of dreams to teach and guide you and you will have more stimulation for love. Then the next morning you will wake up full of vitality and stimulation.

Your conscience is pushing you out and again you go out all day long. Then again in the evening you return home full of exhilaration and that evening I will come in a dream and walk together with you through the garden of Eden. All of a sudden you won't want to come back because you will see incredible beauty and truth and the warmth of love. The person who is disciplined in this way of life won't even have to go to bed to have a dream. If he is walking, longing to see me and then he just stops a moment and says, "Father, I really miss you and I really love you," talking to his inner man, suddenly a vision will appear.

You can freely travel in and out of your body because there are no more boundaries or barriers. You can truly become the tuning fork of your mind and then really come to know the greatness of the love of God. We talk about the love of God, but you don't truly know about it. I always train myself in this way so that an incredible reaction always comes from the external world.

I have had the experience of saying without thinking, "I just cannot forgive this person for that action." Then something awful happens to that person after a short time. Then again someone might move my heart and I say, "God, bless him. He is a wonderful, wonderful son." Then good things happen to him. You don't have to hear it with your own ears for the result to come.

The person who is intoxicated in the love of God automatically feels great joy and vitality. The experiences of MFT and witnessing are tough ones, but through each you can experience that realm of closeness to God and His love. That's why I push you out. I have never asked you to live an easy life.

Everyone is in the habit of thinking about "my things," but on the MFT there is no concept of "mine." Everything is God's. All day long the fund raisers earn money, but they have no concept of this being theirs anymore. When you empty yourself every day then that much love of God can fill your heart.

The greater the tribulation,
the greater the blessing that follows,
but many times you don't remember this
and then complaint comes.

My most vivid and longed-for memory is one from a time of suffering. In prison I was tortured by the communist police and beaten so much that I threw up much, much blood. Then the police threw me outside in the snow and left me for dead. During the time I was unconscious I felt vividly that God was absolutely with me, embracing me in His love. My soul was exhilarated. l never felt so close to God as in that moment.

Each of you is going to be God's tuning fork, but the unfortunate thing is that this is a numbed world and each person is like a hard rock which has no sensitivity to vibration, no way to react. The Unification Church needs a shock treatment so that you can be shaken loose from that rock and be free to vibrate to God's soundwaves. In order to build something new you must first tear the old apart.

This is why religion teaches the importance of sacrifice. Why do you need to suffer and have God give you tribulation? To separate you from the satanic attachment and enable you to become the vibrating partner of God's tuning fork.

If you become one in mind and body so that you are whole men and women and then are blessed to a husband or wife, you need have no shame. Otherwise, even though you have been given the blessing, you will have shame inside. You know where your mind and body are and how good you are. Look at how American women act in the world. Look at the world of American men and see whether they are being truthful.

Each of you has your own stream

Again, the same thing can be said in the Unification Church. You are not all that perfect. Each one of you here has had varying degrees of success in uniting mind and body and no one can lie about it. You know the truth best of all. The love of God can come to you according to your own way of life and that will determine the value of your eternal life. In other words, no one but you can give you that qualification; you yourself determine your level of accomplishment in the spirit world.

You know how the mainstream of unification is flowing. You also know that each individual is like a drop of water in that stream and how your drop is flowing. Shall we face the tribulation and go through difficulties for the public purpose?

I could do much better evangelism and more work personally in Korea, where I speak the same language. If I had stayed home I would be respected. All the Korean people now regard me as a real hero and a true patriot who really loves the country. I would be well treated in Korea, so what reason do 1 have to leave that country? Here there is still a barrier between you and me because our cultural backgrounds are different; also because of language it is difficult for you to understand me and for me to understand you.

Here there are not only white people, but also all five different colors of skin assembled together. Dealing with the complexities of their ways of life is not easy. Nevertheless, I came to America because this work is much more valuable than just dealing with the Korean people. Neither am I doing it in a mediocre or in a random way. I am doing it with a full heart, even risking my life in my seriousness.

I have told you the responsibility of America. Would you go forward whether or not I was here? We love the world first, then love our own tribe, clan and family. Here there is no such thing as giving only extra or leftover energy to the world. In the Unification Church, even after couples are blessed and have families. if an emergency comes and I call all the wives to go out for a mission, their husbands will not protest. Instead they will tell their wives to hurry and pack and the husbands will take care of the children.

Our discipline of life is different because we love the world and the world comes first. You never know when God will summon you to the greater stage of the world. You always anticipate those challenges coming, so when they come you drop everything and go to a greater mission. Don't you think that the stream is going to join a bigger and bigger river? Each one of you harbors a desire to do bigger things and have bigger responsibilities and to end up at a greater destination.

Each one of you has your own stream. Do you want to stop in the middle? Your water stream starts out with the individual, family, then goes through the clan, tribe, nation and world. Each one of you has an ultimate destination to reach the world and universe and cosmos, ending up in the sea of the love of God. The same is true of me. I also went from the individual to the family, clan, tribe and over all kinds of obstacles and difficulties to come to the world level and still I am going on to the cosmos. Our destinies are the same.

What's the difference between me and you? I had nothing but opposition and torture and jail, every inch of the way. Your course is different because I have already laid the highway for you. All you have to do is run in the right direction and follow the road signs that are everywhere. You have no way to miss. Who will receive more of the love of God then, you or me? I gave more sacrifice and suffered more, but the same criteria will work for you.

Since I know this principle, would it be love to tell you to take it easy, to not go out when it's raining? Or should I throw you out and let you suffer more and more, to the hardest degree? If I don't tell you, would you say, "Since Father didn't say anything I'll stay home today"? Each one of you has a small Reverend Moon in your heart, which is your conscience, but that small Reverend Moon is much harsher than the real one! Your conscience sternly says, "Get out of here! What are you talking about?" How many don't think they have a little conscience inside? Those who know they are under the command of their own Reverend Moon, raise your hands.

That means you are fully committed to receive the love of God. You are to be congratulated. When the love of God is broadcast you will become the receiver station. lf you suffer more, if you really serve more and your heart is pure then you will become a humming, vibrating tuning fork. Your vibration will be a broadcast resounding all over the universe. God will receive it and spirit world will receive your vibration; even the entire world will receive your vibration and they will support you. Then it will come back to you as more power. This is not empty talk. This is real tact. So far, people outside do not know this fact. You must become one in that fact and be united in the love of God.

Whenever a perfect minus is available then a perfect plus will be created automatically. Through suffering and sacrifice a person becomes a perfect minus and then around him a little plus comes into being, growing and becoming a big plus. If you truly make yourself a total and perfect minus, a plus is created. Once you are united with this plus, nothing will take it away.

Arrogance always chases a plus away. It is scientific to think so because plus and plus always repel each other. Religion knows this principle and therefore teaches meekness and humility. If you live this philosophy at home then you will become the plus of your home, the central figure of your family. If you really suffer and give more sacrifice then you are always in the subjective role and you can impart greater influence. Then you are always in the mainstream and no one can overlook you. This is a simple truth, but people have not know this before. It is very simple but difficult to live.

If I totally free myself from all kinds of disturbances and become this kind of tuning fork then I can feel all kinds of vibrations. If I think about the future of America I can feel where this country is going. When I meet someone there is always a certain vibration which I can feel. Because of this I can steer the destiny of the nation. Whenever we are confronted by opposition, like the Fraser committee, I can know precisely what will happen and precisely how strategy must be conducted to overcome it. There was a time when the future didn't look too favorable for our movement, but I could clearly see what must happen and so I had no reason to waver. 1 just stood on the Principle and pushed forward with commitment and conviction. Ultimately, the expected result will come.

Sometimes I am blunt and instruct you to do extraordinary, challenging things. You may react by saying, "How can I do that?" But if you have faith to say yes, then in time you will know why that particular thing was needed. This is why in the Unification Church the best way is always to unite with me. That is the secret of success in the Unification Church. Do you feel bad because of that?

This is the stream of Unification water. When this stream gets bigger and wider, flowing all over the world, will there be any corner where people are not affected by the stream? No. Eventually the entire world will be influenced and benefitted by it.

You decide whether you will become
a magnet who can pull people

You decide one thing: What level you want and what territory you would like to take. Do you have your home church assignments? Did your leader recommend it or did you decide to do it ? Your 360 homes represent the entire world. You have to go by leaps and bounds, really "assaulting" the 360 homes. When you need money, go ahead and make money; when you need people, find people. Don't beg anyone for help or money or support. You should say, "I am the one who will create the money, people and whatever else you need. I will provide them." If you work three times as hard as normal people you will do all these things.

I always feel that though I live to be seventy, my life actually contains 210 years, or three times worth. Instead of trying to prolong your life biologically for 100 years, work three times harder for thirty years. Then if you live to be seventy you will have actually lived 210 years and you will be the oldest person here on earth.

If you work not only three times but ten times harder than average people, you will be 700 years old at the age of seventy. You can think that you are going to work twenty times more than average people, and then you will actually have lived 1,400 years at the age of seventy. How long would you like to live? Working 24 hours every day will really prolong your life. You will become a rich man, perhaps not here on earth, which is not important, but in the spirit world. There you will be the richest man.

A revolution is taking place right here in the Unification Church. Think of it; you are ordinary young people of America who grew up in this cultural background yet now you are asking me to decide who your mate will be. You all become willing to marry anyone. That in itself is proof of what a long distance we have come. That gives you joy in your heart, so how can you deny it? You know someone you can trust in such a deep way, someone who knows precisely what you need.

Ultimately your marriage is not just for your own sake. After all, you are instruments of God, and you want to be utilized as building blocks for the Kingdom of God here on earth. Because I know more about that Kingdom, you accept my instructions as your way of life. This happens because you have felt from me a love far greater than what you have. 1 have fulfilled that love, and that is why you have such faith in me.

I will leave instructions for the matching, not only now, but for future generations. I may say to someone, "In ten generations from now your descendants shall be blessed with someone Oriental or black." You will write it down in your will and it shall be a covenant in your home.

We are in an important place in the universe, and every move we make has great impact. Since you came easily to the Unification Church you don't feel deeply the value of being here. That's a tragedy actually. Because you didn't strive hard enough to get in here you don't appreciate it. Some of you say, "I love the Divine Principle and I like Father and Mother very much, but I surely don't like the work." I can look at you and know how you feel.

If you just like me and you just like the Divine Principle but not the responsibility then you learned the Divine Principle the wrong way. If I am good and the Divine Principle represents the revelation of God, that is why you should fulfill your responsibility. You cannot separate the two. The Divine Principle is like a highway but you must read the road signs: you are the one who actually drives on that highway. You are the one who must sweat to accomplish the goal. Otherwise, no matter how good a highway there may be, it won't do you any good. If the Unification Church only offered an easy and rosy path, you wouldn't be here. Swindlers and wheeler-dealers would all occupy the important roles in the Church instead and you wouldn't have a chance to be here. Don't you feel grateful because this is difficult and sacrificial ? Worldly people think, "Oh, oh, this is not for me." That's why you could come to the front line here.

In Japan a billionaire businessman came to ask if I would sell him the Divine Principle. He offered to pay as much money as I asked. Do you think; I should go ahead with that negotiation? I told him he could buy the Divine Principle, but not with his money. He could get down to the bottom and really taste the worst kind of human life, that's the way he can buy the Divine Principle. I don't have to charge even one penny for it. It's available. You are entitled to it, so go ahead and take it. You make the Divine Principle your own, not with money, but by living it. That's the reason I go this hard way.

This morning Mother gave me very loving, kindly advice. After pledge service she said, "Father, you really overextended yourself in Korea and Japan. You must take care of yourself, so please finish your speech in one hour." But it has already been four hours now. Why am I being so foolish? The amazing thing is that when you stay with me for long hours, even though your hips may be sore and you ache all over, some sort of new life and richness of spirit is coming to you. You don't have to remember every word I say, but you are growing here all the same.

When we have Belvedere service and I am speaking, the entire spirit world is also listening. They not only listen to me but look at you. Your ancestors say, "My grandchild is sitting there in the very front row listening to Reverend Moon." Then it becomes like a competition; after two hours, "Oh dear, my daughter is dozing. Oh no!" On the other hand someone else says, "Look at my grandson. His eyes are shining and he is just bubbling with enthusiasm. I am the winner." Everyone is trying to win up there. I'm sure in the morning when you come to Belvedere at 4 a.m. some people think, "I know Father will speak four hours. Four hours is just too much." But if you come in the morning without that thinking then the hours flow by, right? Four hours have already passed without your even knowing.

Because there is constant give and take between spirit world, all your ancestors are sitting together and experiencing Belvedere over there. They are reproducing that kind of atmosphere over there while I am standing here. Whatever we do has a vertical implication. It is not just for one age, but for eternity. If I am overseas on a trip and other leaders speak here I'm sure they don't speak four hours. They speak one hour, maybe at the most two hours, but even so I'm sure not many people turn out for it. This is wrong, however. When I am here you know I will speak at Belvedere and you want to be there.

Each one of you can be a magnet like me and have the power to pull people. If you are really intoxicated in the love of God, you too shall become a magnet and pull the people of Africa. South America and the Middle East. You must pull the people with slanted eyes and people of all colors of skin.

You have to long for the members and really care for them more than for your own children, your wife or husband. You have to long for one spiritual child. I had the experience of really caring for one member and because of that love that person couldn't go away. He just couldn't get up because his legs didn't listen to him. In the early days of our Church 1 directly taught the Divine Principle and personally nurtured our members in Korea. Housewives came and husbands came and they forgot to go back on time to their work or to go back home to cook the meals for their husbands. In many cases that was the cause of problems.

Everyone wanted to stay with me and go everywhere with me. If I went to the bathroom, they wanted to follow me to the bathroom. If I wanted to go to a dark room, they wanted to follow me into a dark room. If I went to hell, they wanted to follow me there as well. It didn't make any difference; as long as I was going, they wanted to go. Why? Because they felt some special embodiment of the love of God. That is not from me; it comes from God. You can't see it with your eyes, but there are many things happening in this room; there is a different vibration here and you sense it even though your eyes don't see it. You can all become special persons like this.

A mother's love is totally pure and sacrificial toward her children, so when you think of your mother it is always a beautiful, sweet, warm memory. Love has that kind of quality. I don't have too many things to sell, but I do have the love of God. I am a salesman for the love of God.

You know now where we are going and what kind of water stream we are. In New York there are all facets of human society and all different cultures. Even when you go to them and are rejected and cursed you still go; no one can stop you. I'm sure that if you go and sincerely witness you will feel that the good-looking white people are the farthest people from God.

Sometimes the most trivial and poor-looking black people respond more quickly and support me. I am a friend of the underprivileged and rejected people. I am a friend of sinners. The love of God starts blossoming first in that kind of area. Jesus said that for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven was more difficult than for a camel to go through a needle's eye, yet we have to save the rich people. I have devised ways of attracting these people so that we can still give them salvation. In every way -economically, culturally, and intellectually-we should be able to speak to those people and we are doing it. The Science Conference is a good example.

My dream is to have the best and greatest of all universities where the best minds and most brilliant students in the world can come and be trained in God's ideal. If Harvard University is for sale, indeed you know there will be a buyer! Do people say I have money or not? Do people say I am smart or dumb?

Many people ask to have an audience with me but usually I refuse. The world is actually led by just a few people, and when those few people turn around, the whole world will be turned. It's significant that I don't meet these people who want to come see me but I want to see you every day. Don't you feel that you are greater than any scholar or millionaire?

My main concern is how to mobilize you
for the sake of the world

Once you have spiritual power, there's no segment of the world you cannot reach. You can go anywhere, knock on any door and open up any direction or area. Now I am pushing you out for evangelizing, but that is not the only goal for you. I want you to do many things because the time will come when you won't have to witness. So many people will be coming that you will spend all your time taking care of them. The time will soon come when I will speak to millions of people at one time over television, and then America will start to move.

Then too many people will want to come to workshop, and we will have to put up a narrow gate and allow only those who are qualified to come through. If you really know the value of our movement and our teaching, can you think that will not happen? If I didn't have confidence that would eventually be the case, I would never have dared to come to America and even start this movement.

I planned everything in the beginning and
decided how to get involved in many different areas.

Water flows all over the earth, giving life to all living things. You are like that water, giving new life to restore all the world. Sometimes you do manual work in factories and get soiled with oil. How would you women like that? Do you women want husbands who are like one-way streets, or who are four-way streets? Look at Mother. I am a man like a four-way street, and in order to follow that kind of husband you will have to go all kinds of places and do all kinds of things. Mother has to be very tough to follow me.

My children rarely have a chance to see Mother and me because we are away so much. Would you mind if your children had that kind of life? That will happen to them if your husband is a four-way street man. If our children always whined, "Mommy and Daddy, why don't you stay home with us" then they wouldn't be good children. But they say, "We know what the outcome will be. Go and help restore the world and we shall follow you. We will study and not just play all the time."

Imagine being at home with your husband some night when all of a sudden he says, "I must go to this place right away and take care of something." Which would be the best wife, the one who says, "By all means take off," or the one who wants her husband to get a good night's sleep and then go in the morning? You have the first kind of Mother, don't you? If you live like that it will be not just an unusual life but an extraordinary life. All these deeds shall be recorded in history.

Many times my own parents misunderstood me. For example, when I was in North Korean communist prison for three years, my mother came to visit every month. She was a most loving mother who overworked herself making me some new clothes and fixing food. That prison was a death camp and every month at great sacrifice she brought me food and clothes, expecting that I would appreciate her gifts and use them to keep well and happy. When she brought these things to me I gave them away to other prisoners and she was heartbroken. She couldn't understand and she scolded me, "You never appreciate what I have done!" I heard later that when she went back home she told others that I never understood her or appreciated what she did for me

Now you judge. If I have been a good boy and done what she wanted in those days, thinking only of myself, would I be who I am today? My mother didn't appreciate what I did then, but now in spirit world she not only appreciates me and is proud but also feels apologetic for not understanding me. Of course I appreciated her sacrifice, but her thinking then was shallow. I never even bought one handkerchief or pair of shoes for her, even though I have done many things for our members, establishing them in homes and giving them gifts. God does not think that I have been cruel to her. My actions have moved God's heart and as a result He could give more blessing to her Himself. I don't think God will chastise me; He will tell her that what 1 have done is right.

This is why people from all over the world gather in front of me and this is why you trust me in this degree. I have lived an extraordinary life and this influences you. I can't stand injustice. When I was younger and I saw a strong man hitting a weak person I couldn't stand it; even though it had nothing to do with me I would plunge in and fight to defend the person who was wronged. God loves a person of such character.

That is the tradition of the Unification Church. When we are flowing throughout the world like a stream we will create the same reaction. We will give loving service and sacrifice as our way of life. No matter what kind of stone wall we hit we will penetrate it. We don't know the word defeat. Even though an enemy may initially knock you down, from an unexpected quarter a defender will come to help you fight the battle. That is the mainstream of the Unification Church dispensation. That's the way I have walked, and that's how this river is now flowing all over the world. Ultimately it will change the world to the way of life of God.

Wherever we go we meet brothers and sisters. When we meet elderly people they are like our parents or grandparents. We have no enemies. Through you all kinds of people will join and the stream will become a river. No power can turn this stream aside, and soon the whole world will be drinking from this water.

Do you think of yourself more, or others more? I don't think too much about my own livelihood or taking care of things at home. I don't even think of you too much. Instead, I am always thinking of how I can push you more so that in turn you can make the world happier and turn it to God's way. My concern is not primarily to care for you but to mobilize you for the sake of the world. Will you then plan to strike and demonstrate against me? You wouldn't do that because I never demonstrated against God; I know He is pushing me to live His way of life. The harder the task I undertake, the greater the opening of our fortune and blessing. I know our future will be bright, and knowing how hard you work I know we are bound to be successful. Shall we do it?

How many times more would you like to work now than you ever did before the Church? Try yourself out first and do one and a half times more to start with. Then do twice as much and finally three times more than you did before. If each of you do it then I guarantee the Kingdom of Heaven is secured for you. If you used to sleep eight hours, then sleep two and a half hours. Can you do it? You used to eat three meals, so you will eat only one meal in that case. You will walk three times as fast and talk three times as fast.

In witnessing you are selling the love of God and Divine Principle. Now put your heart into witnessing and meticulously prepare whatever you need. You must be different from before and your influence will touch the people. Raise your flag and don't hesitate to say you are a Moonie. You have to be exemplary in your neighborhood. In the winter shovel snow and in the summer tend the gardens and streets in the neighborhood. The first house to have the snow shoveled should be the Moonies' house. Then people will come to solicit your services for themselves, and they will need only one-third as many people to help them as before. This kind of thing has an impact on people.

All you women have greedy-looking eyes. Are you thinking, "Father, I need a tall, handsome, well-educated husband who can earn lots of money"? Your standard should be, 'Father, all I need is a man." Then you will discover that the person you got has some exciting features and you will exclaim, "Father, you gave me a well-educated husband!" "Father, you gave me a tall man!" Then you will feel that you got something extra.

I want you to know that the first-class wife is not the one who will live prosperously only with a good husband. A first-class wife can make the worst man feel like a king. She can make a poorly-qualified husband into the most shining material. This applies not only to the women; a first-class husband can make an insignificant woman feel like a queen.

What happened to Mother then? Was she very poor material or what? Now Mother is a brilliant woman, but at the time of the blessing she was very young and hardly knew what men looked like. She was a shy high school girl who knew nothing about the world of marriage. In a sense it was an incredible thing that 1, who knew the totality of God's dispensation, took a young woman who knew nothing about the world as a wife. It was an incredible task to install True Parenthood.

At that time I was forty and Mother was eighteen, or seventeen by Western counting. There was 23 years difference in our ages. Do you think I couldn't find someone with a college degree who was socially polished? Is that why I chose Mother? No, there were many such candidates, but I ignored them and chose a pure, innocent girl for the sake of God's dispensation.

After the holy wedding was conducted in 1960 do you think Mother was given red carpet treatment? To train Mother into the dispensational way of life meant starting at the very beginning. It took years to be trained into True Parenthood, but Mother has one beautiful quality-absolute obedience. Because of that I could go quickly on the dispensational way and she could learn quickly. For that reason I have the highest admiration and respect for her, besides loving her. I am a very stern man because I am a man of strict adherence to Principle. That is how I trained myself. It was not easy for Mother to mature in that way, but she is truly a brilliant woman and God was satisfied in that respect.

I never bent the Principle for Mother. She had to reach a very high level and there was no deviation. No matter what, once a person violates the Principle there is no forgiveness. On the other hand, Mother also had certain expectations of me, and if I failed her then I would disappoint her. If I preach one thing to the members and then act differently at home, Mother would be the first one to criticize me. It's not easy to be a good husband to Mother.

Our children are also very important critics at home because they can observe Mother and me. They will speak up first if they see me deviating in some way from what I teach. If I had a double standard then it would not be the ideal. My way is this: I will never press or persuade you in my sermons until I have mastered what 1 am talking about. That's why God and spirit world recognize me and support me. A true man of heart and conscience cannot help but support me.

Since the elder Korean members have been with me so many years they know me by heart. They know from experience that what I have done overshadows completely what they have done. You can't slip by or do things halfway in spirit world. There is no way you can do anything undetected. If I have money in my pocket I don't think of how I can spend it for my own children. I want to spend it for whatever will benefit the world the most. I am living that way, so when you earn money fund raising you feel the same way and want to give more so it can be spent for the sake of the world.

Not a single MAT member will feel he has done enough, that no one can beat his record. No matter how hard our members work, at the end of the day they feel, "Father, I am sorry I have not done enough. Tomorrow will be better." They know they cannot beat my record. It may sound like a sad way of life, but really it is a blessed way of living. I have a great responsibility upon my shoulders, not only for this country, Japan and Korea, but for the whole world. I am bearing this heavy burden for the sake of the world. There is still a job to be done for God and mankind and I cannot relax at all until it is done.

Belvedere is a typical Moonie house. Cleanliness is next to godliness, and everywhere a Moonie dwells must be clean. Cleanliness forms the first impression of people who come to visit.

Next year I would like to move dramatically toward our goal. There are 42 more days left until the end of 1978. We have not yet influenced society, but the time will come. Each of you must be selfdisciplined so that your mind and body are really one. If you suffer in your work, the voice of your mind will get clearer every day and you will be vibrating on the same wavelength as God's mind. If your mind really parallels God's then you will shine with light.

When you extend your hand, it will bring forth light.
Incredible mystical experiences will come to you.

There should be no complaining. Jesus bore the cross with no complaint and so should you. That shall become your credo of life. The stronger you become in that respect, with your heart, body and mind responding more fully to the way of life of God, the more closely you shall be vibrating with God. In that life you can experience many amazing things. At night you may sense someone coming to rest next to you and you will discover that it is your own spirit man embracing you. Everyone can have this kind of experience, but in order to do that you have to go through the road of sacrifice. There's no shortcut, no deviation.

When I was in prison in North Korea, going through the hardest physical life, I had vivid communication with God. The spirit world came very close to me so that I could instantly communicate with that world. Even though my body was tortured by the heavy labor, my mind was peaceful because it was enjoying fellowship with God. When your body works the hardest, the spirit world comes closest and you will instantly communicate with that realm. When you contact that world, the fatigue of your body will vanish. Unless you experience it here on earth, you will not have an easy time harmonizing with the vibration of spirit world. You must make an effort to have that kind of experience.

Then you will really meet me in many different places in your dreams and visions. As those kinds of experiences increase, your spiritual eyes will be opened and you will perceive more. One time you will just sit down and open your eyes, and suddenly you will see, not reality, but a vision of another world. You will see me and know what I am doing. Even though you are separated from me, you know the dwelling of God and True Parents is with you and you will always feel their presence in your home. Spirit world automatically opens it up. This does not happen as fantasy. It will happen in reality; that real world will come and open up to you.

Once you experience things like that, your sphere of movement will become wider and your experiences will get richer. Then you can accomplish more here on earth. Concentrate your energies and try to leap into greater achievement in the fastest possible time. You should not just respond passively. You've got to take the initiative and set the schedule and really push yourself forward to that goal. Each day is another stepping stone to a higher goal. Human love would not thrust you to that higher I level, but the love of God will push you instantly. There's no end to how far you can go.

You are in your early twenties. In a few years you can gain more experience than people twice your age. That kind of person shall change the entire nation of America. Think of it, I came here all by myself and had incredible impact on America and nations all over the world. How much this many people here could do! How much impact you could have on America by being just like me and going out in all directions. Go practice this and live it. Undoubtedly great glory and victory will come. I have been victorious and as an individual I have received glory. Young people from around the world clamor around me and follow my direction. No other person has ever experienced such glory.

You can be victorious and you can be glorious as long as you follow the tradition of my way of life. That means that from next year on I don't have to stay here in America. If you have matured to that degree then I can travel around the world and help many other countries. Do you want me to trust you, knowing that you would do more than if I were actually here and commanding you? Whether I am here or not will you promise not to disappoint me?

There is no Asian country whose people would say, "Reverend Moon, please come to our country. We'll welcome you, and whatever you want we will fulfill. In North America there are only two countries, America and Canada, and none of those are ready to do that. How about South America? Since I established our movement here in America, the South American people think that I like only white people. They think that I probably don't care much about South America, and I want to change that image. Then I will go to the African continent. African people might think that I would never come to Africa because this time I really showed my interest in the European countries. We must change that image in Africa.

I want to prepare for those days. I want to be a man for all seasons, a man for all people, a man for all colors. I must practice living it by going around to all these countries. Are you happy to see me back in America though? Would you say, "father, leave America to us. Go ahead and restore other continents." Who has financed the expansion of the American movement? The Asian Church did it. Then who will be responsible for financing and supporting this work when I go to other continents? America is still indebted to others. When I am not in America you have difficulty. You are not totally independent yet. Whenever I come back to America I am always greeted with budget requests from the leaders.

If you continue doing things the same way you have been, can 1 have reason to believe that it will change in the future? Unless you change, nothing will change here in America. Americans must work hard not just for the sake of saving America, but to save the world. I did not come to save the Unification Church; I came to sacrifice the Unification Church to save America. By the same token, American people must feel that they must not work only for America's salvation. They must work for world salvation by giving America as the sacrifice.

From next year on your thinking must be expanded. I may not be staying in America too long next year. You must be responsible for America and be good enough to give the support that I need for the rest of the world. Can you do it?

I installed the home church movement here and last week asked you to go into it full swing. Have you been doing it? While I am here in America I really want to see the home church system get on the right track. Then I might leave for England and South America. I also have a plan for Africa and next for the satellite countries under communist regimes. Those who are excellent workers here in America, seasoned leaders in this country, you never know when I will call you to take up a new challenge. You should ready yourselves for any mission when I call you.

The African religious leaders who are coming here soon to visit have five million native followers in Africa alone. They are well-trained in their faith and they lead a well-organized religious movement, but they do not know God's dispensation so they must come to us to learn. If they totally accept the heavenly dispensation and the way of Divine Principle, perhaps the black people shall be the most blessed people in the days to come. After all, this acceptance has not happened at all in Asia or in the white world. It is possible that soon there shall be a dawning of a new civilization in Africa. On the other hand, if these particular visitors do not realize the true meaning of heavenly dispensation then that will also mark a very dismal day for the African people.

This way of life and this ideology are needed in Africa. That is the only way the African continent can be spurred into the new realm of heavenly civilization. Without it, the future of America also remains dark. If this particular group that is coming really unites with the new revelation of truth then they can influence not only the African continent, but also the European nations as well, perhaps even defending Europe from a communist takeover. The Third World is a very volatile area of world politics today and the African nations are the major bloc of the Third World. lf they come to God's side then that will help advance the entire Third World bloc to that level.

Can Americans teach the African brothers and sisters who are coming to learn? The question is whether you are capable of being ambassadors of God and True Parents to them. As long as True Parents are here your immaturity is not a serious problem, but when Mother and I are away you've got to demonstrate maturity. Otherwise, there is no way our movement can grow. You don't want to hear that because you want me to stay here and lead you.

I expect the American movement to be a selfdisciplined, independent movement. Furthermore, I would really like to expand our economic base here to support the movements in other underprivileged nations. By the end of this year I would like to see each one of you gain three spiritual children. You are assigned 360 homes as your home church area; go and live there, and no matter what, in the next 42 days you must find three spiritual children. Then we will have a strength of 4,000 members in New York area.

Those who pledge to God that they will give their heart and soul to get three spiritual children, raise your hands. Thank you. Let us pray.