January 1, 1984, Midnight
World Mission Center
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

Happy New Year. The slogan for 1984 is The Creation of the Fatherland. Mother and I extend our congratulations and wishes for God's abundant blessings upon you during the coming year.

This year will bring many new dimensions to our work as well as great progress and prosperity to our movement. I want you to understand that we have reached the time of a turning point. First of all, the democratic world centered upon the United States of America is facing a turning point. This nation will not make progress unless it undergoes a great deal of change. Religion, the foundation of this nation, has also come to a turning point and must undergo a great deal of change.

Where are religion and the free world, namely the U.S., heading? Democracy has made progress up to this point but it has now hit a kind of dead end. Religion has come to that point as well. Therefore, in order to make further progress, we must initiate some drastic change. Which should play the subjective role, religion or democracy? The world of democracy should follow the direction of religion. But religion has hit a dead end, so we must initiate that new way for religion.

America is a predominantly Christian nation yet most people in this nation don't know where they are. They are not sure about democracy or about their religion, and they are not sure about the future. Usually, when the young people within a society are in a state of confusion the older people can guide them from the standpoint of tradition. But this is no longer the case. Older people are equally as confused as the young people.

The thinking people of America, those who are really concerned about the future of this nation, must find a way to link God and mankind together. They must know that God and mankind cannot go in separate directions. If such a solution becomes available, there is no question that the religious world will welcome it. Likewise, the American democratic system will welcome it.

The communist world has a very powerful goal or dream. Although their belief is based on falsehood, still they are trying to take mankind toward that dream. They are taking the initiative in the world and the rest of the world is reacting to them. The communists proclaim that they will exterminate capitalism, particularly the USA, and bring about a Utopian world. Meanwhile the democratic world has nothing to offer in the way of a dream or a vision. Therefore, they are facing a tremendous historical crisis.

The communists have been promoting a Utopia without God, claiming that man created the concept of God. They also say that a Utopia can be created from the material things of the world and that material is the essence of the universe. The free world is gradually losing its

ability to contain communist expansion and the communists are taking more and more territory. God must be doing something to rebuild strength within the free world to counter this.

If God truly exists, then His foremost interest must be to find a way to contain the communist expansion and ultimately to liberate the communist world itself. What preparation is God making? Will God rely on wealth to liberate the communist world? It was greed for money that caused this nation to lose its righteousness; people have chased after wealth at the expense of their own souls and the soul of this nation. We can see that it won't be the richest people in the free world who will be God's champions in this critical time.

Are the people who have position and power the ones who are the hope of God? What about the academic community and scholars? Most people with money, position and learning have abandoned God in their pursuits. In the process, they have led the United States to the condition of almost total individualism. Knowing this, God must not be looking toward such people to help Him. He is looking toward others in His effort to mobilize true, dependable forces against communism.

The kind of people God needs must not be filled with individualism. They must be the men and women who yearn for the benefit of the whole-the world and the nation-and who are ready to give themselves for that purpose. God is looking toward young, idealistic people, those who reject money, power and the establishment. Within American society, the hippie movement contained those kinds of people but they didn't include God in their idealism, for the most part.

Therefore, God must be looking for young people like the hippies, but who have put God into their lives and who have the vision and dedication to say, "I want to rebuild our society, nation and world under God." The only place where God can find such people is within that group called the Moonies.

The Moonies are not just talking about good things; they are doing good things all over the country. They are trying to evangelize and bring a new spirit everywhere, from coast to coast. They are truly people of action. When God looks down, seeing young people crazy about Him and their missions, going from east to west, north to south, what does He feel? He feels very good, particularly when He sees that the Moonies are composed of young people from nations that have historically been enemies.

Put yourself in God's position and imagine how you would feel to see young people from adversary nations working together harmoniously for the sake of the salvation of the world. How do you suppose God feels to see other young people following the path of drug abuse and free sex? Contrary to them, God sees the Moonies and feels so good.

An average person, when faced with a false accusation or attack, will vociferously try to defend himself. But the Moonies are not perturbed when people attack them because they are concerned with larger things than themselves. The Moonies' philosophy is, "Go ahead and throw all your curses at me. You are wasting your energy while I am continuing my work to re-build the world."

Are there different brands of Moonies, such as U.S.-brand, or Japanese-brand? No, there is one, unified brand of Moonies. Whether they are black, yellow or white, they are all the same. If the different races of Moonies were represented by ropes of different colors, they would be all tied together and connected for the same purpose. Would the different colored ropes resist being tied together with each other and ask for only the same color next to them?

When God looks down and sees all the multicolored ropes intermingled with each other-black to white, yellow to black, white to yellow-does it make Him feel good or bad?

Suppose there were ropes representing money, status, power, knowledge, and love. Which would God prefer? He would prefer the love rope, for sure. The love rope is the best of all. The love rope is the one which is multicolored and intermingled. That means, ideally, no one would marry a person of the same race. Would you vote for that? In order to create the unified race of mankind, a black child should be born from a white mother. From the yellow, a white child; from the black, a white child. That would be incredibly beautiful to see.

Do the white people of the United States, the most advanced nation in the world, accept God's goal of one unified race of His children? The majority of the people do not welcome that. But when they reject that goal, they are going against God's will. Ultimately they will be demolished if they oppose God. The white population of this country is already declining because it has become fashionable for young white couples to have very few or even no children.

But what about the Moonie couples? They are trying to have as many children as they can. Imagine a white mother holding her twin babies, one of which is black and the other is yellow. How dramatic that would be to God. He would say, "Beautiful!" Within the most beautiful garden, we see the yellow flowers being visited by the white and blue and other butterflies. That is more beautiful than a yellow butterfly alighting only on yellow flowers. God likes that kind of natural beauty. I do too! How about you?

The communists have a righteous claim, at least; whether they are practicing it or not is another issue. They say, "Let the suffering, working people throw off their chains and bring about an ideal world." In that way, the communists have more than the democratic world, which has no dreams to offer. Thus, if the communists accepted the existence of God, God Himself would be moved to support their work over that of the democratic world. The most fundamental mistake of communism is the denial of God; therefore, since they give no room for God to dwell, He had to pull out of communism their best qualities and import them into the free world.

God has seen that the young people within the communist world have become His allies. They have watched their fathers and grandfathers doing unjust things and failing to practice what they preach, so they are trying to move out of the communist world. Within the free world, when the young people leave their homes and families behind, they have the possibility of finding God. But within the communist world, when the young people rebel against the establishment, they have no other way to follow. They have no access to God's activities.

There is a worldwide movement of young people which is even more idealistic than communist youth, centered upon God. It will ignite the imaginations of young people everywhere, like gasoline. Within the free world, the establishment is opposed to this movement while the young people are embracing it as their ideal. At the same time, the establishment of the communist world is rejecting this movement completely and the young people are turning toward it for that reason. They feel that if their fathers are rejecting something, it must have value for them. So young people from both worlds are being drawn to this movement.

That is the Unification Church movement. It is hitting communism hardest so the young people in the communist world are inspired. They have no way of attacking communism, so the Unification movement is doing it for them. They will be drawn to examine the Unification movement and they will find a far greater and more profound vision than the communist vision. Thus it will catch their imaginations.

Inside the Soviet Union, incredible turmoil is occurring. In the democratic world the problem is one of moral degradation but the communist world has the primary problem of political corruption and degradation. When the Unification movement achieves a certain level, it will satisfy the imaginations of the young people of the free world and the communist world as well. It has the power to unite all the idealistic young people of East and West.

What are you trying to do as Moonies? Is your purpose to fulfill Reverend Moon's will or God's will? Certainly, God's will. What is Reverend Moon doing, then? Reverend Moon also wants to fulfill God's will, just as you do. You and I are striving for the same thing. Therefore, the only difference between Reverend Moon and you is that Reverend Moon is like the locomotive and you are like the railroad cars following behind. Thus we have the same, single destiny.

Imagine if the locomotive tried to pull the cars through a long, dark tunnel and the cars resisted, saying, "We don't want to go in there and endure all the darkness and smoke." Or what if the engine tried to pull the cars over a high bridge but the cars were afraid of heights? Would you be that kind of a railroad car?

A railroad train makes a loud noise as it moves along the tracks. Some people might complain, saying, "That train must be in trouble since it's making so much noise." That is the way the Unification movement appears to others. When the locomotive says, "This is the route we are going. Do you have any objection?" you cannot ask for another route. Even if the engine leads you to the North Pole, you can't say that it's too cold for you. As a car behind the locomotive, do you want to be pulling against the locomotive, always resisting it and giving it a hard time? Or wouldn't you like to help the locomotive and give it an easier time?

Imagine that we are starting from Washington on our journey. Where are we ultimately headed? To Moscow- Must Go. When we go to Moscow and bring liberation to the people there, it will be such an extraordinary and dramatic experience. Is it a good or a bad idea to bring such liberation to Moscow?

Is our goal only the liberation of the white people of the US? Or of black people only? Or only yellow people? No, we are striving for the true liberation of all people throughout the world. What are we going to accomplish with all these people? Our goal and God's dream is to bring democratic people and communist people together and make them into the sons and daughters of God, citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Our journey has a final destination and that is not Washington, DC, or New York City, or even Moscow. It is nothing less than the land of God, the Kingdom of God on earth. Would you like that? What kind of place would be God's land? It would be a nice place, that's for sure. What kind of nice? An ideal, nice place? A nice, nice, mighty nice place? The answer is very simple. The land of God is the place in which the intense love of God dominates.

In order to enter that land, you have to transform everything about yourself into love-your shoes must be shoes of true love, you must have clothes of true love, your very body must be one of true love. When God looks at you, He will see your eyes, ears, nose, even any white hairs on your head as perfect, if you are a person of true love.

Now we know that our final destination is the land of God, where the love of God prevails and dominates all life. Will U.S. citizens complain against that destination and say, "No, I only want to end up here, in this first-class country."? Has this ultimate destination of mankind, the land of God, ever been established before in human history? Therefore, that land is still ahead of us and we must pass through the current stages of society, namely the democratic and communist stages. We must go beyond them to get to the land of God.

Is there any other group in the world which has as its goal this Canaan, the land of God? There is none other than the Moonies. Do you appreciate being a Moonie? You are in the very best place, so why do you have so many problems, so many complaints?

There is only one instrument that can accurately measure the status of Moonies and how close you are to perfection-the eyes of God. When those two eyes of God look down upon the earth, He doesn't want to look at anything besides the Moonies. He does not even look at the false Moonies; He is only interested in the true Moonies. What about you? Are you a true or a fake Moonie? What about the number one Moonie, Reverend Moon-is he true or a fake? True Moonies are those with powerful magnetism. They have a tremendous pulling power. When another person comes into contact with a true Moonie, that power automatically gets transferred to him.

A magnet has two poles-when one is weak, the other makes it strong. In our Moonie society, in order to become a true Moonie you have to come into contact with the truly powerful pole, which is Reverend Moon. Therefore, you love and respect him and want to be close to him. Moonies want to just connect and hang on to any part of Reverend Moon that they can.

Would you prefer to hang onto his finger, or his back, or his shoulder or would you like to be directly in front of him, face to face? I have seen many different kinds of connections among the Moonies. Although they are grafted into True Parents, one person might be just barely connected to the small finger and looking in another direction. Another might be touching on the back, always ready to run away. I have seen very few Moonies who are trying to get right up to my face, squarely in front, even though that is the best way. Although you know that is the best connection, doing it is something else.

Also in many cases, you don't even know whether you are connected to the left side or the right side of me. Perhaps someone is connected just slightly in the back and then tries to do everything he feels like doing, rather than trying to do what I am asking. If you want to become a part of a tree, you have to be one with the root, trunk, branches and leaves. You can't reject the roots, the trunk, the branches, and then try to become part of the leaves. If you really want to follow like a true Moonie, you must follow close behind me. Even if you are clinging to me, face to face, I will have to push you and you will always be moving backwards. That is not easy for you, but you will definitely be moving in the right direction.

Your Moonie task is to gain the passport while you are living here on earth that will allow you to enter the land of God. Many people may be saying, "I don't need that passport. I'll just go!" But you will get stopped by the immigration department there! You cannot pass that boundary without your Heavenly passport; there are no exceptions to this rule. Your ultimate goal is to become the truly loving sons and daughters of God who are receiving His abundant love.

The democratic world has come to a dead end; likewise, the communist world has come to a dead end. But the Unification Church is just beginning! At this time, everything we are involved with is moving us forward toward a new era-that includes the court battle and all the difficulties of the Unification Church. They will all come to an end. The court battle is a universal battle; it is not just my battle alone. It involves communists, Jewish people, Protestant people, and all kinds of Americans. Their situations are also entangled within this case.

In the past, people have tried to eradicate the Unification Church from this country. But they found that the more they pounded us, the bigger and stronger our movement became. The turning point has come. The American public has thought that the Moonies were bad and Reverend Moon was undesirable. However, they are starting to see that they were mistaken; they are starting to think that Moonies are good, after all, and that Reverend Moon is valuable to have here. There is a new ground swell of opinion building up.

Very unusual things are happening. Those on the conservative side, such as the editors of National Review, are coming out strongly in favor of Reverend Moon's vindication in this court case. What is more amazing is that those on the far left side of the political spectrum, even the Washington Post, are saying, "Reverend Moon must be treated justly. The Supreme Court should hear his case." That means the extremes on both the left and right are supporting Reverend Moon.

Those between the left and right positions are the so-called silent majority. They look toward someone else to guide them in their opinions. As they see people on the left and right taking a pro-Reverend Moon stand, they will tend to follow. This is the kind of ground swell we are talking about. Average American people are not eager to take the initiative; however, they are good followers. If they see somebody doing something desirable, they don't want to fall behind.

People are beginning to change and the time has come for them to look at the Moonies with open eyes. Do you feel to the bone that this is happening? These changing attitudes toward Moonies are not confined only to America; it is a worldwide phenomenon. The entire universe is shifting, coming to its turning point.

There are four major dispensational nations: Korea, the Adam nation; Japan, the Eve nation; and the United States and Germany, the archangel nations. Those countries are now moving together, following the pace of America. In the past, all four countries have adamantly opposed the Moonies. But now, almost like the breakup of an ice jam, that is changing. Korea is practically erupting with the change in public opinion in favor of Reverend Moon. Japan is changing, too. The same mood is coming to American public opinion and Germany is no exception. Europe will change, too.

As you know, 1984 is the 30th year since the formal founding of the Unification Church in Korea. Jesus began his public ministry at the age of 30, based upon the family foundation. Since the family foundation was already completed, I began my ministry in 1954 on the national foundation, moving toward the worldwide level. In these 30 years, people from every country, language and background have come together to join the one family of man under the one Parenthood, one God. The one Adam race has been established. Therefore, this is a totally new world.

You are no longer even eating the same kinds of food you used to. Instead of only appreciating bread and butter, you are enjoying kimchee and kochee chang, red pepper paste! You won't find the people in any other American churches sitting on the floor; it happens only in the Unification Church! Where are your chairs? This is certainly not the American culture. This is the culture of God's race.

God's race are those people who are born to live in God's country. They are marching towards God's country. Without having God's race, there could never be God's country; without God's country there can be no world of God. Can there be two different countries of God? No, there is absolutely only one country of God, just as there is only one God.

All of you have nationalistic pride. You Germans may feel that Germany is superior while the Japanese may think that their people are the smartest. There are all kinds of nationalistic ways of thinking. But within the Unification Church there is no such thing as first class and second class citizens. No matter what part of the world you come from, you are all part of the same race, the same country- God's race and God's country.

Do you want to go to Heaven on the foundation of the Unification race, the Unification nation or the Unification world? You are thinking big to strive for the Unification world! Before that world can come about, however, you need the nation. We have achieved the Unification race, but we do not yet have the nation. This nation will be one nation under God; therefore there will be no cultural or language barriers within it. That is the nation which I signified through the slogan for this year. Our goal is to create one nation which is truly under God.

After that, we will move on to the ultimate goal of one world under God, as well as one universe under God. But until there is the foundation of one nation, we will have to suffer. After the people of Vietnam lost their nation to the communists, they suffered horribly; they became boat people, with absolutely no pride in their nation.

Last year our slogan dealt with our eternal settlement. Where is that nation of settlement? Ultimately, God's people will settle in Moscow, but to get to that point, we have to solve the situation of the world and its problems.

We must create and build our fatherland. Can we do that by just idly waiting with folded arms? Never. We must emphasize our horizontal unity now. All the enemies must come together into unity-Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Adam and the archangel. What is the power by which to unite them? It is God's love. Together we are pursuing the common goal of our fatherland; it is the thing which we all need. For that we can transcend any sort of enemy relationship.

Probably you Americans would like to see the fatherland built here. The Japanese would want to see it in Japan and the Germans probably want to see it in Germany. But who shall decide the location of the fatherland? There are two ways to decide: we could vote on it and the majority would rule; or we could allow our superior to decide. Who is the superior who should make the decision? It is God. Certainly God is beyond any election or term of office. What about the Messiah? Is he elected by popular vote? No, the Messiah is anointed by God. That is not the democratic method.

In the Unification Church we have the unique terminology of "True Parents." What is the definition of True Parents? I want you to understand that True Parents are the first point on the earth in which the love of God has been anchored. Did the True Parents receive the love of God when they first came to America? In what geographical location did God bestow His love to them? Who will understand that backward country of Korea? No matter whether or not the people of the world recognize and respect it, the important fact is that the love of God has indeed landed in a specific place. It doesn't matter whether that place was a desert, an oasis, or an island-that is the place where God's love first landed.

What is the most historically important geographical location in the U.S.? Certainly, the Pilgrim fathers first landed at Plymouth Rock but where was the sovereignty of this country first anchored? It was in Philadelphia in Independence Hall. The Liberty Bell is the symbol of that first sovereignty. I went to see that bell and it is really shabby looking, not to mention that it is broken. But that doesn't matter. This country's sovereignty first landed in that place and that is why we value it.

A tremendous showdown is occurring between God and Satan. Korea is divided between the communist North and the democratic South, and Germany is divided horizontally between the communist East and the free West. In terms of the communist problem, once Korea and Germany are united as free countries, all the rest of the communist powers will fade away.

The most crucial confrontation is being contemplated now in Korea. The northern part of Korea is run not just by Kim-il Sung but also by the forces of the entire communist world, including Soviet Russia and Red China. They are all lending their weight to North Korea. Likewise, the entire free world is lending its weight to South Korea. Japan is nearby, just across the strait. The U.S. is across the Pacific Ocean. Korea is like a bridge between the superpowers of communism and democracy.

When I went to Korea this time, I brought accomplishments of a worldwide nature. We rallied people together all over the nation, mobilizing them to one common goal. A tremendously victorious foundation was achieved within the ten days of our tour. Now we have returned here to celebrate God's Day.

I did not return to Korea on my own but took with me a foundation of international strength, representing the first and the second Israels. Three Jewish scholars went with us and they proudly and loudly testified to the Korean people, asking them not to make the mistake of the people of the first Israel, who did not recognize Jesus. Also, a scholar from the United States spoke, representing the second Israel. In that way, representatives of the first and second Israels brought testimony to the third Israel, the people of Korea.

Moreover, seventy-two countries sent accomplished scholars to Korea for the tour. In that way, the Korean peninsula is grafted with and linked to all those countries. 16 nations sent soldiers to fight the Korean War but they were unable to gain a lasting victory against the communist aggressors. This time the entire world, represented by 72 countries under the leadership of the True Parent, came to Korea and discussed the establishment of the permanent fatherland. Also, the scholars of the 72 nations unanimously agreed to a resolution in front of me. Every one of them signed the declaration which was a war against communism, in the name of their 72 different countries. On the foundation of that victory, I was able to return victoriously to the U.S.

All the preparation for such a huge national rally was done within one week. In ten days, I visited eight different cities. The whole country was worked up. The gymnasiums were jammed and many people could not get inside. Later on, leaders of the nation were invited to convene and I spoke to them in two different rallies. All together, we held ten rallies in Korea in ten days.

The final rally was scheduled for the city of Kwonju, on the southern tip of the Korean peninsula. At the same hour when I was standing victoriously on the platform, Satan attacked the True Parents' family by way of Heung Jin Nim's accident. The accident occurred just as I was speaking. Satan wanted desperately to disturb my victory in the city of Kwonju, a city with a reputation for rebelliousness; the government has had trouble there in the past. However, the citizens of Kwonju welcomed our rally unanimously. Thirteen thousand people came. Since the gymnasium could only contain eight thousand, five thousand stood outside in the ten degree below zero weather. Inside, the mood was completely supportive and disciplined. Satan had no room to hit there.

Also there has been underground communist activity in Korea. We received the information that, since our rallies had been so successful throughout the nation, they were planning to do something to harm me in the city of Kwonju. All the spiritual mediums and those who were praying for our success warned me that I had to be very careful in Kwonju. They strongly urged me to let someone else speak there and not even to go there myself because of the danger. But I went there and spoke and claimed a complete victory.

Heung Jin Nim was in the Abel position within the True Parents' family. He was the most exemplary, obedient son, with the greatest piety. He was the son who gave the most comfort to Mother and me. Through the tradition of Christianity we know that, in order to receive greater blessing, there must be a sacrifice offered. Heung Jin Nim was that sacrifice in front of God and Heaven which humanity and our movement offered.

This morning I held a special service, called a Unification Ceremony, in the hospital chapel. On the foundation of this precious sacrifice, we called for the unity of the first, second, and third Israels-Judaism, Christianity, and the Unification Church. Also we called for the unity of the Adam, Eve, and archangel nations, the unification of True Parents and their family, the members of the Unification Church, as well as all the races of the world. We called for total unification.

At this moment, the life of Heung Jin Nim is hanging by a thread. I am calm; whatever happens, I know that God will achieve a victory for His dispensation throughout the world. As I told Mother, our son's life may have to be offered as a sacrifice. If so, that will be an incredible event in which the best possible sacrifice will be offered to God for the sake of humanity. In return, peace, harmony and the unification of mankind will be achieved.

Heung Jin Nim was a devoted son who loved Mother and me dearly. It is truly heartbreaking to see him lying injured in the hospital. But I know that we must not allow ourselves to become discouraged or saddened by this. God will bring much greater victory for the sake of humanity.

The important thing is that each of you must strive to succeed Heung Jin Nim in his piety, obedience, and love of the True Parents. You should feel like bringing the victory to True Parents and building the fatherland on his behalf. That is most important. Heung Jin Nim has longed for and prayed to see the day of the creation of the fatherland. So his spirit must be succeeded by you; in that way, his sacrifice will not have been in vain.

This year's slogan is an unusual one. I am giving you this mission and responsibility so that you can feel deep in your heart that you will succeed Heung Jin Nim. Jesus died and because that one man died, humanity could be saved. By the same token, the life of Heung Jin Nim can make the spirits of billions of people come alive. That is the way God works.

I am totally calm, knowing that our destiny is within the hands of God. If God allows Heung Jin Nim to recover by some miracle, that will be cause for His great glory. But if he is chosen to be a sacrifice for the sake of humanity, then let God's will be done. We shall move forward and prosper to an even greater degree upon his sacrifice. If Heung Jin Nim becomes that sacrifice, he shall be buried in the fatherland. Everything comes to the turning point.

At this especially sacred moment, we are consecrating our lives for the highest purpose. We shall move forward to the ultimate victory that God has ordained. That is the mission I give to you this morning.

In the creation of the fatherland, we shall exceed all historical standards of patriotism because we are doing it for the sake of God and His country. There is a drive now in Korea to gain seven million members.

This is the message of New Year's morning; it is a serious one and also one of commitment. You shall become the fulfillment of this message, becoming Heavenly soldiers, moving forward toward the greatest victory in the year of 1984.

The pledge which those professors signed in Korea was none other than the Unification Pledge #5. If even those professors can make that pledge, you should make it much more fervently. During the next seven years, you should learn the Korean language. All the sermons and talks I have given up till now could fill about 300 volumes. I have directed that they be condensed into 120 volumes. These are not written in English but in Korean. Do you want to be able to read them? The members of the Unification Church will be responsible to read this original textbook at least several times during their lifetime. So far, Volumes I, II, and III have been published. During the next year, many more will be published. I am urging even those members who do not read Korean at this time to buy these volumes. After I have been in the spirit world for several hundred years, these first volumes will be priceless possessions for your descendants' homes.

I will ask the leaders to distribute a certain number of volumes among the membership. Also, I will assign Korean language instructors this year. Korean is the original language in the Heavenly Kingdom, your mother tongue. It is a special and elegant language. When Korean people learn to speak English, they are able to learn quickly and also to master the pronunciation well. That is because Korean has a huge variety of sounds, encompassing virtually all the

sounds of other languages. Also, it has a very poetic and religious profundity. Simply because of the language, the Korean people have sharp intelligence. Language affects thinking. The Korean language is truly an exemplary language among the languages of the world.

Wouldn't you like to speak to the True Parents directly in the mother tongue? You have been wandering, far away from the True Parents, because Satan stole you away. But now you have been restored to the True Parents. When you come to the home of the Parents, the first thing you should be able to do is speak to them in the mother tongue.

We are going to build one fatherland and one culture. Do we see anything like a one-culture world today? No, there are multitudes of cultures. But it is God's will, without question, to see one Sovereignty, one nation, one language and culture centered on Him. Do you understand?

If you want to build this Heavenly nation, this unified culture, please raise your hands and stand up. We pledge to God at this moment to become His Heavenly independence army. Amen! Amen! Amen! God bless you.