Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1986

The Day of All Things - 1986
June 7, 1986, World Mission Center, New York City.

The Globe is Our Home
June 8, 1986, World Mission Center, New York City.

True Parents and I
June 15, 1986, Belvedere.

Highest Ownership
June 22, 1986, Belvedere.

The Standard of the Unification Church
August 10, 1986, Belvedere.

The Glory of the Victor
August 31, 1986, Belvedere.

The Future of the Religious Person
September 1, 1986, Belvedere.

Road Toward the Ideal
September 7, 1986, Belvedere.

Founder's Address, Absolute Values and The New Cultural Revolution,
November 28, 1986 J.W. Marriott Hotel, Washington, DC,
Fifteenth International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences.

The Last Frontier
December 7, 1986, Belvedere.

The Heavenly Family and the American Family
December 14, 1986, Belvedere.

Ideal Home Church
December 21, 1986, World Mission Center, New York City.

Reflection of 1986
December 28, 1986, Belvedere.

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