February 20, 1991
Grand Ball Room, World Mission Center,
New York

Can anyone read the topic Father wrote on the blackboard? The Birthday of Our True Parents. Do you know how old Father is? Today is the fortieth anniversary of his thirty-first birthday! Those who are blessed couples, raise your hands please. Those who are going to be blessed raise your hands.

What is the fall of man? The fall of man is nothing more than to transform yourself into the realm of death, to be transformed from life to death. Jesus said, "Leave the dead to bury their own dead." How you live here on earth makes a difference. You think you are alive, but in God's eyes you are dead. Human history began with this history of death. That was the beginning. Adam and Eve went to hell at the very beginning. Succeeding generations have been destined to hell. That is the very sad commentary on human history.

What is hell? Hell is nothing more than a human trash can. Where do we live here on earth right now? In a living hell, created by us. All of us are suffering from internal diseases. What are those diseases? Those diseases are inheriting satanic lineage and being bound to satanic sovereignty. We are the victims of satanic slavery, which God hates most. We are the fruit of Satan's love instead of the fruit of the love of God, and God abhors this situation the most. Because of illicit or false love, the human race has been brought down to the very bottom, the very pits of hell. The question is how are we to recover and restore humankind to the shining heavenly realm. This is the work of salvation. How can this salvation take place in a world of satanic love? Salvation is the opposite of the fall. It will be done centering upon the love of God.

What is the difference between Satan's love and God's love? Satanic love made our bodies the master, trampling upon the mind and making it the servant of the body. If the mind becomes the servant and the body becomes the master, performing atrocities to the mind, this is slavery of the mind under the body. This is the fallen state. Actually the mind should be the master over the body. The body should obey the mind, but this is opposite now because Satan made it opposite and so the mind is trampled by the body. How painful is this life!

What about yourself? When you look at yourself, what do you think? Is your mind controlling your body or is your body controlling your mind? What do you think in your case? In a way we all are struggling within ourselves. All the good works of the saints and the religions have served to strengthen the mind so that the mind could occupy the original position, subjugating the body. Then the body becomes obedient to the mind and a harmony between the mind and body is created thus bringing a true happiness to life. That is the purpose of the teaching of the saints. That is the purpose of religion. The work of religions is what? Religion is to boost the strength of the mind, to energize the mind so that the mind becomes strong enough to subjugate the body. This is the basic work of religion, regardless of the name of the religion. All the major good religions of the world have been working for that one single goal. If this is the purpose of religion, then all good religions have to have something in common. The common point is that all religions try to suppress the body, even torment the body so it does not become the strong master of the mind. Therefore all major, high religions go against the cravings of the body. Whatever the body wants religion says, "No." Whatever the body aspires to, religion says, "No."

In a way the Bible appears to have many contradictory statements. For example, Jesus said, "Those who seek to gain their life will lose it. Those who lose their life for my sake will find it." In a way it is contradictory to say that if you are trying to live, you will die. If you try to die, you will live. So what is this particular statement really saying? "You are going to lose your life," means lose your body for the sake of the direction of the mind. Then what will you find? You will find life.

There are most incredible harsh rules in religion. For example, if you do a seven-day fast, a forty day fast or pray all night and do not go to bed and sleep, these are the kinds of mandates religion issues to the body. Furthermore, there is celibacy where you live alone, not marrying, for example in the Catholic Church. The most noble and sacred divine task is to become part of the priesthood. They would not marry for their entire life. Also nuns would not marry for their entire life. Furthermore, that is not the only religion which espouses this. Look at Buddhism. The monks go to the mountain for their entire life without even the presence of the opposite sex, living by themselves as part of their faith. But then when we look at this point of view of valuing the harsh discipline that good religions have been imposing upon people, and look at the American way of life today, how many Americans can do any of these things? How many can do all night prayers, seven-day fasts or forty-day fasts? How many Americans can really be celibate for their entire life without marriage? When I look I see very little chance of this way of life succeeding in American society today. American society is a society of the body's freedom. American society pursues the carnal pleasure which the body dictates. That is the characteristic we observe in America's society today.

But why should I torment my own body? Because my body has become the stage of Satan. Satan always uses the body being arrogant, showing off saying, "I am the one, I am supreme. I am number one." That arrogance is demonstrated through the body. That is Satan's way of life. Furthermore, American life is pursuing artificial intoxication. For example, what is alcohol all about? Intoxication of oneself. What is the drug-culture? Intoxicating ourselves. There are so many ways in America that people are trying to artificially intoxicate themselves and live artificial lives. Another example is tobacco, smoking. Why do people do this? It is a way of intoxicating oneself. It is another example.

The external environment enhances the desires of the body and its cravings. Alcohol, drugs, smoking and sexual abuse are the vainglorious activities of the body. There is pressure to forget about the mind; the body comes first. Meet the body's desires. What about your fingernails? What about lipstick? Father has been very understanding of you. He said, 'You've been modest with just a little pinkish lipstick. I allow you to have that. But some women look like they just ate a rat, a crimson rat! I saw Satan in it." How about your eyelashes? Father is not against beauty. Father also knows that beauty saves the world, so Father is not against beauty, but when you overdo it, it becomes a satanic instrument. If you manicure your nails and make them red, someone else will say, "No, make them black!" Some already have blue eyelashes, some black, what about red eyelashes and yellow eyelashes? Pinkish lips sometimes look okay, then they become crimson red and that still isn't too much. But nowadays, I have seen so many purple lips-pink and purple lips! At each stage, who is delighted? Satan is delighted. The truth never changes, so anything that is changeable morning to night, one color to another, one act to another, such are not truthful acts. That is a satanically inspired act. So you can see in our society how many satanic influences are rampant out there, how many satanic nets are everywhere. This is the problem of death. Our society is the realm of death. Who then shall conquer the realm of death and bring it to life? The only hope lies with the appearance of a true religion and a leader of that religion. This is the only hope for the transformation of society from the realm of death to the realm of life.

This line represents the fallen act of men. The fall brings us down to the bottom of the pits. From that point on the work of salvation has begun gradually step by step over many thousands of years. First there is the servant of servant religion, then the servant religion, the step-son's religion then what happens? There is mother's religion, father's religion, and ultimately True Parent's religion. That is the ultimate restoration. That is the direction history is running right now. Each stage of religion thinks that's all there is to it. But no, that is only one stage of religion preparing for the next stage. So the aspiration has to be elevated to higher and higher religions. The servant of servant religion prepares for the servant religion. The servant religion prepares for the stepson's religion, then the adopted son's religion, up to the son's religion and ultimately all the way to the True Parents' religion. Religion is making progress, steady progress throughout history. Many people do no know that. Even though the teaching of each religion says a lot of good things, that does not mean all the religions are the same. Each religion has its own realm, its own purpose and own mission which will be elevated later to a higher one. They cannot stop. Furthermore, historically people have thought the oldest religion is the best. But that definition is wrong. Furthermore, the assumption that new religions are all bad is wrong, because each stage of the development of religion appears as a new religion. The greatest religion will become the newest religion.

This sounds like a very revolutionary statement from Reverend Moon, but actually this is the most natural statement. For example, Jesus Christ came initially as the son's religion, as the true son of God religion. They were going to have elevated themselves into the True Parent's religion. In other words, Jesus Christ was intended to become the True Father of mankind. But in order to do that there must be the True Mother of mankind. That's why the marriage of the lamb was spoken of in the Bible. Now Christianity is saying, "Oh, Reverend Moon is proclaiming Jesus should have been married, that's why he is a heretic!" But actually, it is truth. It is the absolute truth. In other words, what God intended 2,000 years ago was to establish the True Parents religion for ultimate salvation. In a way religion is like a hospital. When there are no patients, no hospital is needed. By the same token, if there was no fall of man, then this world would not need any religion. To begin with, each one of you was entitled to be born as the true son of God, to grow as the true son of God, and ultimately become True Parents of mankind. Each one is to reach that level, almost automatically. However, because of the fall of man, all kinds of struggles occurred. All religions think that only their religion is sacred and only their religion will bring salvation. Everything else is satanic. This kind of attitude has become prevalent. For that reason the most incredible sacrifices have been made, through religious wars, one after another throughout history.

When the True Parents' religion appears, we become naturally intoxicated (not artificially) by it. The True Parents' religion will give us an incredible, uplifting joy that will be stronger than any drug, any alcohol, any smoking or any other carnal pleasure. Everybody shall be living in joyful, natural intoxication under the ultimate religion. Furthermore, once you reach True Parents' religion, you will become completely united with that religion, and Satan will have no power to govern your life. Therefore you really enjoy liberation and freedom. You can eat as much as you want. You can drink as much as you want. You can sleep as much as you want. Why? Once you have reached the level of the True Parents' religion, it will mark the unification of the mind and body. Mind is like the father, it is in the father-like position. The body is in the mother-like position. Father takes the central position. Mother is the object of the center. Also the father is the bone of the human being and the mother is like the flesh of the human being. The bone and the flesh cannot be separated. So therefore father and mother, bone and flesh, can not be separated. By True Love all is completely united. So only with the True Parents' religion will there be true men and women, united in mind and body.

The fall resulted in Satan taking the body and mind, separating them and making the body the master. Therefore the body always conquered the mind. Under that circumstance, man always tended to commit sins, to commit crimes. Therefore Satan's influence must be eliminated totally from our life. This is only possible through the True Parents' religion.

Satan's basic strategy is to divide. God's basic strategy is to unite. Even the Bible said those who bring harmony shall see the Kingdom of Heaven- "Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God." Satan always divides. Satan always criticizes. Satan whispers to you, ''That guy says bad things about you. That guy is your enemy, don't leave him alone. Go, attack him." That is Satan. He always whispers something in your ears bad about someone else. Satan says something, and when you respond, "Okay I'm going to get him. I'm going to kill him! I'm going to go and torment him right now," you are a satanic instrument. But when someone responds to Satan, "Is that so? I see. Aren't you Satan?" he is undermined.

The talkative person tends to commit more sins. So Father doesn't like talkative ones. American women are talkative. They talk too much! Oriental women are talkative too, but I should say far less! [Laughter]. So your five organs either become Satan's instruments or God's instruments. Your eyes can be either. They can do bad things or good. You can smell good smells or bad smells. In other words you can smell in a satanic way or you can smell in God's way. Your mouth can be used to talk in God's way or in a satanic way. Your ears, your body, your feelings, and thoughts also can be used in both ways. What do you think?

I want you to know, the person who only thinks of him or herself tends to become the instrument of Satan. Those who work for the benefit of the whole, tend to do good and to do the work of God. That is another criteria to decide what is Satan's work. What do you think, God has been the one most tormented, most criticized, most cursed. For so many thousands of years, millions and millions of people have cursed God and raised their fists to God, saying all kinds of bad words to God. God hurt so much, but each time did God complain? No, God just heard it, and then forgot those things. He does not remember those things. God of course never forgets really, but He is patient. He withstands. He always forgot those statements and only pursued those good people, always pushing for good deeds. God alone could do this. This is why He is God. He is almighty. So if you want to become the image of God, you have to act like God. That means you have to hear so many things, digest it all and be patient. Always disregard negative things and responds to positive elements. Then you become like God. What if God was given a box of Cuban cigars, and God was tempted saying, "I have never smoked cigars, but this time I cannot resist this temptation. All right, I will try one." So He picks up one and puffs away at it. Will God do that? [No.]

On the other hand, if Satan looked at the box of great cigars, he would pick up immediately saying, "God, look at me. Such a wonderful taste. God, You don't know this kind of taste do You? Oh, poor God. Such a great taste!" Satan will make it look like he is in heaven, dancing around with the cigar. "Look at people in this world, they follow my pattern, they all smoke my cigars saying they are having fun, but God, I pity You. You don't have fun. You don't enjoy Your life. You don't know anything about . . . " God listens but doesn't listen. God knows but pretends not to know. God sees, but pretends not to see. God knows everything but pretends not to know anything. What about whiskey? Father has a little knowledge about whiskey, about the best name brand and so on. I have heard that there are also so many good beers. I don't even know what is out there. Satan is bringing the bottle of whiskey in front of God and saying, "Oh, look at this color, this golden color." Satan drinks and leaves a half-cup on the table so that God can see, while he goes to the bathroom to release some water. Coming back he picks up the cup again, "God, You should finish this. It is so delicious. How about You, God, for a change, why don't You drink with me?" God sees. God knows, but He pretends He never heard. Even a more incredible example is heroin or cocaine, you know, a needle in the body. Oh, you are on a high, on a trip and higher and higher and higher. "God, You don't know this kind of great joy? You don't know heaven. This is heaven. Oh, I feel so high." But God is not even moved one iota by such a temptation. God will smile and say, "Get behind me Satan." Then God will say, "Satan, you don't know one secret. I have a far greater natural, heavenly intoxication agent, and you don't know it. That kind of intoxication has no comparison. This is natural and not artificial. It lasts forever, for eternity. You don't have it. That is True Love."

Father uses Bo Hi Pak as an example. Bo Hi Pak is already over sixty years old, believe it or not, but when True Love comes in front of even this poor old man, he looks like he is twenty years old. All the energy is concentrated at one core point. I really feel like a twenty year old. Once that kind of True Love intoxication hits you there will be a heavenly explosion. That does not need a translation does it!

So if we are living in true intoxication, in truly unchanging intoxication, if we are really intoxicated by True Love, how happy our life is going to be! Yes or no? [Yes!] Do you think Father has tasted smoking or not? [No.] True. How about drink? [No.] How about drugs? [No.] Then poor Father. He has no fun! He does not sleep, he does not go for entertainment, he does not have any particular sports or fun; is there nothing from morning to night but work? What is Father living for? What a poor Father! Is he poor Father? Father is intoxicated by one thing-by True Mother.

So you Unification Church members, you gave up your past bad habit smoking, alcohol, free sex, drinking, drugs, you gave up everything. What fun do you need? What poor guys you are!

Furthermore, Reverend Moon is not only not having fun, what the secular world calls carnal fun, but he is persecuted! Even now so many people persecute Father. What kind of fun does Father have? Those things have never bothered Father one iota because Father is intoxicated by True Love. "I don't need anything else to further intoxicate me. God intoxicates me. True love intoxicates me. That is the joy of my life." It is Father's birthday today and he is seventy-one years old, but he looks like a twenty year old! Once your reach the room full of True Love, you find all kinds of things. Does it look like an empty place? Not at all. Inside that warehouse of True Love you find that nothing is unavailable. Everything is available. Everything you can name. You drink the water inside and it is sweeter than anything you can taste in the whole world. There is no comparison to whiskey or beer or anything. When the entire earth is covered by True Love, that is the true kingdom because nothing is unavailable. Everything is superb. Everything brings us natural intoxication.

May I ask you one simple question? Do you really like Father? Those who like Father raise your hands please. You are crazy aren't you? Well, so many women raised their hands but there is only one Father so are you going to fight one another? Mother is watching you raise your hands. Does Mother feel good or bad? In history, more amazing things have never happened than in the Unification Church. Your own parents kidnap you and lock you in a motel or in a special storage place, but then sooner or later, when you found the opportunity, you got away and ran back into the Unification Church again. Why is that? What power is pulling you? [Love!] What about two lovers, sometimes when someone tries to separate two lovers, they say, "I would rather die than be without my lover." Is the love of your church and Father and Mother and True Love centered upon the

True Parents, is this greater than the love between such lovers, or is it weaker than the love between such lovers? [Stronger!] Why? Because parents' love is the root love. Because the religion based on the love of True Parents is the home, the root of True Love. When you come here to the place of the True Parents you can reach down and connect with this root. Once you occupy the root, you are connected to the trunk and branches and leaves and you can be connected with all kinds of prosperity. What about most American youth? Do they have the root of True Love? [No.] Without this true root, can a trunk, branches and leaves survive or not? [No.] Why? What can you do? Without the true root, the branches and leaves are rotten. There are no flowers because there is no connection to the true root there. That is America's cultural background, standing on that kind of love foundation. That is Satan's foundation. Making God's foundation grow is our mission.

So if somebody gives you a cigarette, are you going to put it in between your two fingers like this? Are you going to hold the cigarette or are you going to drop the cigarette? What about a whiskey bottle, are you going to open it? You want something very delicious don't you? Everyone has an innate desire to live better and eat something very good and tasty and expensive. In the meantime, you want to enjoy what others are enjoying and so on. But when you came here, Father completely shouts down this sort of thinking. Father does not give you comfort. Father he pushed you down almost to the dungeons of hell trying to let you toughen yourself and survive even under trials. Since your are going to such exotic suffering places, therefore your patents would not follow you. So your parents initially thought, "Oh, my poor child has become a victim of the Unification Church. They went down to a hellish life and so forth." Then what? You are not going to stay down there. You are going to win and come up and up and up and all of a sudden you will see the rest of the world is going down to the same place. Every address is going down to experience that miserable situation, and people will call, "Save me! Save me!" and we can call back saying, "Don't make so much noise!" The situation will be reversed. You will be in the top place and they will be on the bottom. You will keep going up and up, for what mission? To liberate God. We have not yet liberated God. So we are going up and up and up to liberate God, and now these people will say, "Bring me with you, bring me with you! I want to go with you. Save me first." Everyone will cry out to you. So you see, day by day, those against the Unification Church are disappearing.

So when we say "Unification Church", what are we going to unite? What are we going to bring into unification? Unification of mind and body, unification of families, people, nations, and ultimately between God and man. What shall we achieve by bringing God and man into one? Why should we do that? By bringing unity between God and man the world will see the visiting of true love; true love coming from God to the world, the nation, the clan and to your family and yourself. True love will come and settle in your home, in the place of original settlement.

At Cape Kennedy you can see satellites being shot into space. The boosters are activated to create a powerful lift off. Then what happens? The satellite utilizes one stage, a second stage and a third stage and then it orbits. Once it is orbiting the satellite doesn't need anymore energy. It effortlessly maintains its orbit, going around and around the earth with no end. True love is like that.

So your home town, your true love base is where? Where is true love's root? True love's settling place is the home, the family, the true home. What is the true home? It is the place you find the true father, the true mother, true wife and true husband and true children. That's it! That is true love's home foundation.

Do you have that true love in your home? You don't have confidence to answer, your answer is too weak. For your "Yes" to be powerful and confident, both of your hands have to be clean. Your eyes have to be clean, your heart has to be clean. You can't have tobacco between your fingers, you can't have a bottle or a needle in your hand. Let's say one person has been greatly blessed with material wealth. They have everything, a great big home, a big television, a stereo, a big automobile, everything. He thinks he is happy. But there is another person who doesn't have anything and he feels he is happy. He gave everything away, but after that he finds he has true love. Which one is happier? That person doesn't even have a fork and a knife, only a wooden chopsticks, which after being used for so long have turned black. Even though that is his situation, he is full of true love. From a value point of view, which one is more precious and happier? [The second one.] I thought you didn't know the answer, but you are not so dumb! You know all the answers.

Parents have been giving and giving true love, but it is very rare that one child says, in front of his parents, '`I am giving my filial piety to you. It is my entire life purpose. My life is given to serve you and to give you happiness." This is rare. What if your father, your mother, even God came down to you and said, "You are even greater than me. I take my hat off to you." What if God said that to you, almost bowing down and told you were becoming that kind of person? God sees someone giving and giving true love until they have nothing left, but still they want to give more. He sees them serving others with their body day in and day out crying out for the sake of others. There is no such thing as selfishness. If you live that type of life, God will come down before you, bowing down and will say, "My son, my daughter, you are even greater than me. You are just like me." That is not just between parents and children. How about between husband and wife? The same devotion can exist between husband and wife. Husband to wife and wife to husband. What about this devotion existing between people living in service to a nation? What about service to the world? What about service to humanity? You may not have everything but God doesn't want to be staying upstairs. God wants to come down and live so close together with that kind of person that their skin is touching. God wants that kind of child. God wants to dwell with you saying, "Together we can make a new creation." God will say, "You are my partner, you are like me. You are like God. Let's recreate this world." How wonderful it would be that though you, through God cooperating with you, you could recreate the world in such a way, that the entire humanity will benefit and receive salvation. Amen!

What is the title of Father's topic today? True Parents birthday is the topic, but what has Father been talking about all this time? I've been wasting all this time! [No!] Do you need True Parents? [Yes!] How much do you need True Parents? In order to obtain the level of True Parents, Father and Mother have shed the most tears and have endured the most suffering, the most grieving and have gone over the hill of the most hardship. In the history of mankind no one can compete with True Parents. Father lived in the satanic society; his environment was the same as yours. Father has been growing up and fighting the struggle in the same society as you are living in today. So consider how much temptation Father has had. You can well imagine. Temptation such as, "I want to become a PhD. I want to get more than my masters degree." "I want to become president of this country." "I want to be recognized by the entire world." There were all kinds of temptations, but Father fought his way, finally coming to the one conclusion. Satan used all kinds of weapons trying to have Reverend Moon destroyed by temptation. Satan tempted Father with money, by the power of the world, by women, by false glory and honor and all kinds of things. But worst temptation came in a different level. That temptation came through Father's own parents. They thought, "My son is no good, my son is going the wrong way, I have to bring him back." How painful that was. Father had to think whether God was testing him, whether he was able to give up his own parents or even his own wife or his own children. That was the ultimate test God gave Father. Father withstood all that temptation and was victorious.

From the very beginning, the title of "victor" was not given to Father and Mother. This was the goal, and now this has been achieved by a most tearful struggle lasting their entire lives. True Parent's Holy Wedding was held in 1960. From God's point of view how many times has this event occurred? Only once. God has been waiting for this event 6,000 biblical years, but that is symbolic time. Today archaeologists and scientists are saying the earth is 4.5 to 5 billion years old. Scientists say the human species has existed during the last 25 to 50 million years. During that period people have been marrying, children have been born on and on, generation after generation. That is the way history has proceeded. What kind of marriages were those? [False.] Why do you call it false marriage? You know it because all these marriages during this long period of time were born only in the lineage of Satan. There was no appearance of True Parents. History has been so complicated. The first, historical true marriage was conducted in our era, after all of history has passed. That was Satan's life and lineage history. From this point of True Parents blessing, for the first time in human history, God's life and lineage have begun. This new lineage is to convert Satanic life lineage into God centered lineage. When Satan's life lineage is completely demolished, then for the first time, Satan will have no place to act.

Where were you born, which parents did you have? Which family tree is yours? Satan's. Your original root is Satan's. You extend from Satan's love, you are connected to Satan's life, love and lineage. There are combined completely into one in your body. You're like a fruit. The fruit includes root, branches and many leaves and flowers. All are connected to a different essence combined into one root. How can I cut off Satan's root completely? Your body, your mind, all your five senses are part of Satan's life and Satan's lineage centering on the root of Satan's love. How can you erase it? From that position, how can you create the power of resurrection? How can you connect to God's power, God's love, life and lineage? This is not so easy. No matter how powerful God may be, these two things cannot be exchanged easily. Think how difficult God's situation is. Do you understand? You are the worst kind of stock. You are like the satanic stock company, made up of all the events of history. You are even worse than Satan in that case. Satan doesn't have a stock, but you do because you multiply. You have all kinds of complicated colors, yellow, pink, red, blue and white, purple and black Satan's color is very clear, either red or black Satan has been pushing a camouflaged color upon you so it doesn't look like Satan. Particularly eye color. Satan can utilize those eyes in so many different ways that you become his victim. There are so many eyes in this world that saw crime, that commit crime, that plan crime, that fire the shot. You think a poison snake is bad, but Satanic people are even worse than the poison snake. You have so many different kinds of tongue. The same tongue can speak so many different kinds of satanic languages.

Jesus described people of the satanic realm as the wild olive tree orchard. Satan has a wild olive tree forest which is growing all over the place. If there was no fall what would have happened? Man would have grown centering on God's love, God's life and lineage. Their love would have been forever love, their lineage; forever lineage. God's love and lineage would have been everlasting, with no end. That is the quality of God. This would be what we call a true olive tree. Which are you, a wild olive tree or true olive tree?

In order to have a true seed you need to have a true father. A true seed is given by the father. The father is who? The father is the savior. What is the purpose of the messiah's coming? It is not as simple as saying, "He is coming to bring the kingdom of heaven on earth." That is just a symbolic expression. Truthfully speaking the True Father and savior comes bringing the true seed and eliminating the satanic seed. That is the mission of the messiah. God prepared for the day of the messiah. Before the messiah comes, he prepared people through many religions to be ready. Lots of preparation is needed for the surgical operation to take place. Through religion and the prophets God has been creating a controllable wild olive tree. The controllable olive tree orchard is the chosen nation. God will expand that territory wider and wider to reach the entire world. That particular moment came at the end of World War II. Controllable means God can even turn it off and no one would say anything. God wants to graft in the new seed to these trees.

At the end of World War II there was the possibility for the entire world to be united under the Christian culture centered upon the United States. The United States was the center, in a way the chosen nation. Restoration could have begun with one stroke. The coming of the messiah could have been revealed at that moment, and by uniting with the messiah, the new seed could germinate and blossom and become a tree. That was the dispensational will of God at that time. Our goal is to become true olive trees. There is one criteria to become a true olive tree. Your love of God must be stronger than any love of the satanic world. Your love of God should be the strongest; nothing else should compare to that. That is the only condition, the only way to become a true olive tree. Do you follow? We call this the salvation process. The Bible describes it as the engrafting process. The true lineage bud will be planted on those wild olive trees, so that they can become true olive trees. That is why Jesus demanded one important criteria, "Only those who love me more than they love their parents, their wife, their children will be worthy of me." With that statement Jesus is denying the entire realm of satanic love and asking all of mankind to fulfill the love of God. The love of Christ is greater than any other love in human society. That is demanded.

That particular engrafted bud will live and become a branch and eventually become a tree. This is the way a tree grows. At that point the wild olive tree is already gone and you become a true olive tree. This tree is growing on six thousand year's worth of fertilizer sprinkled by the saints and prophets throughout the ages. An olive is a fruit isn't it? The fruit bore by this tree has absolutely nothing to do with Satan. The fruit absolutely belongs to God. It will be plucked by God and thrown into heavenly storage, that means put into the kingdom of heaven here on earth and thereafter in heaven. It belongs no where else;, there will be no hell. In order to reach this kind of momentum, six thousand years of symbolic biblical history has lapsed. That six thousand years includes the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament era. The Old Testament era called for the sacrifice of the things of creation like lambs and other animals, used as a sacrificial offering to bring forth a new age of the children's era which is the New Testament era. The New Testament era was the time to sacrifice the son of God, who was Jesus Christ, to usher in the parental era or True Parents era. Christianity has opposed this new dispensation so True Parents could not immediately be united with God. Because of the opposition of Christianity all this foundation was nullified.

For that reason Father came and in his own right rebuilt this foundation in forty years, indemnifying four thousand years of history. Four hundred and four thousand years have both been indemnified within forty years, the lifetime of our True Father. By doing so the dwelling of God shall come among men. This forty years of Father's adult life includes indemnification of the Old Testament era, the New Testament era and the Completed Testament era. Father is bringing resurrection of the Old Testament era. Father has paid the price for all the mistakes that were made in the Old Testament era as well as the New Testament era and Completed Testament era in forty years. Unification Church history is Father's history of forty years. You'll find elements in it from all three eras. In other words in order to fundamentally expel Satan, for once and for all, Father had to cleanse this complete foundation.

Last year Father celebrated his seventieth birthday. This seventy years is actually equivalent to seven thousand years of human history. Father had to indemnify all the wrong doings of the past, starting with Genesis down to Revelation. Father started with Adam's family, Noah's family, Abraham's family, Moses, Jesus all the way up to the present time. All those lives were included in this seventy years. The entire seven thousand years of human mistakes and wrong doing have been indemnified. Furthermore, Father had to indemnify the mistakes committed by the Unification Church itself as well. Because you are the offspring of the false parenthood, even your parent's sin must be eliminated and liquidated, otherwise you cannot be restored into a totally true olive tree. For that reason all the wrong doings and mistakes and short comings of members of the Unification Church also had to be paid by Father.

When Judaism didn't do the correct thing, Islam came about. When Christianity did wrong, then communism was brought about. And out of communism, the worst type of communist, Kim Il Sung came out. The amazing thing is that Kim Il Sung, the worst type of communist, is the only one who uses terminology like "Father". All the North Korean people call Kim I1 Sung father. Even without knowing God they are calling him father! But with God, on the other side of the world, we call Father our True Father. There are only two individuals claiming fatherhood. These two fathers are distinctly different. One is a false father, the other is a true father. The false father is shedding the blood of others for his own benefit. He is killing so many people, he is even worse than Saddam Hussein. On the other hand, True Father sheds his own blood for the sake of the salvation of others. You can see that one is the false father and one is the true father; there is 180 degrees difference between the two.

Behind True Father there is South America and the United States of America and behind the false father there is North Korea and the Soviet Union. It is like a showdown. If all things had gone right in 1952, if the United States and Soviet Union had listened to Father's message, their division would not have lasted long. The unification of Korea would have come at that time, in 1952 through Father. Which father would have been the one to disappear? [The false father.] However at that time, the United States did not fulfill its responsibility as a Christian nation or chosen nation. So there was a forty year delay or prolongation. Now in 1992, which is next year, Reverend Moon with America and Korea united together behind him is going to accomplish the things that were not done in 1952: win the Soviet Union to our side, isolate the false father and ultimately liberate the false father, Kim I1 Sung. The Soviet Union, North Korea and Red China used to be united completely but now all three nations are divided, there is no unity. The Soviet Union is on the side of the United States now. The cold war is over and the two super powers stand united on one side. China is also trying to win the favor of the United States, so Kim Il Sung is alone. I want you to understand, Father has been engaged in a lonely battle. A lonely battle for what? Father came to the world of death trying to plant the seed of life and bring the world into a renaissance, causing a resurrection into a world of life. This has been the lifelong struggle and fight of Reverend Moon.

[Father writes on the board.] Here is Israel and Greece, this is Asia Minor and on the other side is Asia Major, India with Buddhism and Hinduism and China where there is Confucianism. Those areas now called Iraq, Iran, Syria, near the Euphrates river, are in the region of the original human civilization. Those areas began another religious sphere which is Islam. You can see Christianity was born in the middle of all these major religions. Since there were twelve tribes and Israel could not unite into one, the Roman Empire was able to occupy Israel. In the Middle East, they are the offspring of one of the twelve different tribes of Israel. They are supposed to be one, but they are divided. Israel therefore, was kicked out of their area. Judaism was so divided, so Islam conquered the entire Middle East. During the time of Jesus Christ, if all the tribes of Israel had united and supported him, what would have happened? The power of the Roman Empire would have dwindled. In the meantime, Christianity would not have moved westward, it would have moved eastward, uniting with Buddhism and Confucianism. If anything happened, like the Roman Empire trying some monkey business, all the powers would have gone against them and Rome would have fallen. In other words Christianity was to move eastward. Therefore, unification of all the different religions would have occurred centering on the coming of the messiah two thousand years ago. Religion always represents the world of the mind. The political realm represents the world of the body. First of all religious unity, would occur centering upon the messiah, then external unity, which is political unity would occur. God's original plan was to have Jesus Christ be victorious, then unite with all other major religions of the east, then move to the west influencing the Roman Empire, which was a polytheistic country at that time. It had a very barbaric religion.

Father is now working on this. He is unifying the religions of the world. Father is now fulfilling what God intended to be done two thousand years ago. Do you follow? The religious problem is not the only thing that needs to be addressed to bang the world into peace. There is also the political situation, the economic situation, social situation, many areas. In other words the messiah does not come just to deal with the religious realm. That is the beginning, the foundation, but everything else shall also be touched. Amen!

Two thousand years ago Jesus could not accomplish these things because of the crucifixion. Not by his fault, but because of the faithlessness of the chosen people the crucifixion came. What Father is doing now is bringing about the harmonization of religion through the Assembly of World Religions. The most incredible work has been carried out. Furthermore, Father is working in the peace initiative. Father is also interested in the economic field and technological field. Father has assembled the most advanced computer technology and the most advanced machinery technology. Furthermore Father engages in the artistic and cultural arena. Father is also dealing with the entire academic field and the media world. A world academy has been formed. Father has a media organization, The Washington Times, Insight and World and I. Those are just a few examples; there is much more. There is no area that Father has not touched. Amen!

Jesus was crucified on the cross. There were two thieves, one on the left and one on the right. Centering upon the nation, left and right have to be restored. Centering upon Jesus, God planned for Judaism on the right and the Israel nation on the left to unite. The right side thief said God exists, the thief on the left cursed Jesus and said there was no God. If both centered upon Jesus, all that God dreamed of could have been fulfilled. However Judaism and the Israel nation were totally divided. Satan drove a wedge between the two. Judaism and the Israel nation were completely dissipated, gone. Jesus was crucified. His physical death was the most incredible tragedy. He entered into heaven after suffering an incredible death here on earth. Who shall then receive the blessing in that kind of situation? Barabbas received the blessing at that time and he is always behind God and following until the father fulfills the dispensation. Barabbas is united with Israel and Judaism. The right side thief and the messiah also united.

Christianity and Islam became like enemies. Ishmael was the Cain type offspring of Abraham. Who got the real victory in those areas of the middle east? Islam. Abraham had two wives. Because Sarah could not bear the children he took a second wife to have a son. When Sarah was 100 years of age, Isaac was born, but the second wife had a child too. Those two wives were supposed to be united together as one family of Abraham but that was not done. The crucifixion of Jesus followed the same pattern as Abraham's time. Because of his crucifixion, the right and left has been divided, and vertically, upper and lower have been divided. All kinds of divisions occurred centering on the crucifixion. The coming of the messiah is expected within Christianity and Judaism is united in that direction. At the same time on the left side we see them united with Barabbas. This is the tragic and detrimental division. When the second coming of the messiah occurs his first mission is to unite left and right. The messiah is going to unite mind and body on the individual level. The second coming must be the one who overcomes the failure of the times of Jesus Christ. If acceptance of the second coming of the messiah happened immediately after World War II, there would be no communism. However that was not done. Instead rejection of the messiah occurred. So for over forty years Father has had to struggle to lay the new foundation from which he can restore the entire world. During this time modern communism was born. Therefore this cold war era was a time of the struggle between right and left. The fight between the free world and the communist world became very severe.

For forty years the false father has enjoyed his false kingship. He has formed the most incredible power base by gunpoint. His power comes from the barrel of a gun. Father's life has been a very severe, suffering, arduous one. There has been so much opposition. Without knowing it, people have been repeating the worst failure of history. Father all by himself, with no one's help, has been working to unite mind and body as well as left and right, marching forward toward restoration of the Old Testament era, New Testament era and Completed Testament era. The Christian foundation which was supposed to be useful became totally useless, therefore Father had to lay the entire foundation himself. The entire world rejected Father as an individual. Father created a family which the entire world family rejected. Under those circumstances Father has been step by step moving forward through the years. Particularly the forty years of Japan's occupation of Korea was a painful period. Father overcame all those difficulties. The polarization of the east and west during the cold war era occurred because of the Korean war. The Korean peninsula was divided. South Korea has been completely on the side of the free world and North Korea is completely on the side of the communist world. Sixteen nations came to save South Korea from the invasion of the communist North. Those sixteen nations coming to Korea was consummated during the Olympics in 1988 when athletes from 160 nations came to Korea. 160 nations, including even the Soviet Union united. Father welcomed them and gave them, including members of the KGB, a lot of gifts. At that time Father invited missionaries from 120 nations to come to South Korea. They are Father's offspring. They united with the most elegant of the second generation, the athletes of the Olympics. Father brought them together into unity and gave them tremendous fellowship, tremendous give and take, a wonderful sharing. By doing so those countries and our missionaries were united. At that time Father spent four million dollars for these 160 nations. By doing so it is almost like Jacob embracing his brother with abundant gifts and true love. This was the first time that the strong distinction between left and right were removed from the Olympics. They were united with no boundaries between them.

Father came to America in 1971. In 1975 America was defeated in Vietnam. Yes, the US Army could not win the war at that time. At that time anti-communism was virtually dead in America, morale was very low. Carter was president. Father came and boosted up the morale. In 1976 there was a great rally at Washington Monument. In 1978 for the following twelve years, Father completely turned around America's atmosphere. This country changed from a liberal atmosphere to a conservative atmosphere. 1975 was the supreme liberal era of the United States. Five years later, the so called extreme rightist Ronald Reagan was persuaded to run for president. Nobody believed he could become president. Father is the one who in 1980 predicted Father would win, when no one else thought so. Reagan himself could not believe what happened. In 1980 Reagan became president and the conservative movement became top. In 1984 Father was in Danbury. Even from Danbury Father commanded the entire Unification forces. So Reagan reigned in this country for eight years with the Reagan doctrine. But who is the author of the Reagan doctrine? SDI, commonly known as the Star Wars program was not widely supported by Reagan and others in government. General Daniel Graham, the founder of SDI came to Father and asked him for support saying it was a crucial program for the nation's security. Father pledged his support. SDI was promoted and finally the defense department and the White House became convinced it was a good idea. Three weeks later Reagan announced in the State of the Union message that SDI would become part of the national defense program. If SDI was not created at that time, the existence of the Patriot missile would be impossible. The Patriot is an offspring of the SDI program. American people today know how valuable that program is. They say, "Thank God for SDI." thank God for Reverend Moon.

Furthermore, Nicaragua was one communist nation which connected North and South America. Even though Cuba is communist it is an island. Nicaragua is strategically located on the mainland. Father was in prison, but at that time said Nicaragua must not be abandoned, the Freedom Fighters must be supported. US Congress abandoned the project, they didn't want to give any money to the Freedom Fighters. So the Washington Times made a special editorial on the front page. You never see front page editorials, but it was published. Many people sent money and letters to Congress and the Senate. The leaders were shaken and knew they had to pass the resolution for support that had already been sent to the trash can. They decided that instead of fourteen million dollars, they would send twenty seven million. That is the money that Father earned for the Freedom Fighters of Nicaragua.

Father made a special film on Nicaragua called "Nicaragua is My Home." That film was made by our dear brother Lee Shapiro. His wife is here. Linda, could you please stand up. Lee Shapiro made this film upon Father's order. This film was shown at the White House first. President Reagan wrote a letter of commendation after viewing it. It was shown on PBS, to different localities all around the country and that completely turned around public opinion. Nicaragua today is free. Communism is gone, they have freely elected a president. As soon as Violetta Chommoro became president, she wrote a letter to thank Father. Another heartwarming story was when Lee Shapiro reported to Father about the Nicaragua film, Father said, "We have to push the Soviets out of Afghanistan. You make a movie." Lee Shapiro was completely determined to make a most dynamic movie in Afghanistan. So he traveled there fearlessly. So many people would not go, but he went with the Mujahudeen even to the front line. He himself looked like a Mujahudeen! He grew a beard. His weapon was not a gun, but a movie camera. He was on camel back with all his film taken on the front line. One day coming out of a fight, Soviet helicopters came. Everyone hid in the bushes, but Lee Shapiro realized he had left the film cans on the camel. More important than his life was this exposed film. So he ran trying to get the film, without any fear. The Soviet helicopter gunned him down. It then landed and picked up all that film and took it away to the Soviet Union. Father is now trying to recover it through the KGB. All the Soviet Congressmen who came this last time were told to bring us back that film. In any case, because of Lee Shapiro's effort the Congress unanimously voted him a Medal of Freedom.

Father's job is the unification of left and right, but on different levels, the family level, the tribe level, the nation level, world wide level, universal level, cosmic level and God and human beings level. On every level Father is bringing unity. Father united Christian morality and the leadership of this nation. Ever since Father came, since the time of Ronald Reagan, Father has had influence over choosing the right president and Christianity has come to stand more and more on Father's side. This is very important for this country.

On the other side, Father is winning over communism because Father's ideology is headwing. That is a beautiful word. Communism has no qualms with headwing. Tonight you will see a film of Father's special meeting with Gorbachev. Father is now educating Russian people, university students, their congressmen, you name it. He is bringing all together into unity.

Total indemnification has been accomplished. Total unity has been done. Right now at this time, left and right unite with Father. An amazing phenomena has occurred. All the people on the left, which are the communists, came by the bunch to Reverend Moon and said, "Reverend Moon, you are our ally. You are on our side, aren't you?" Then those from the United States came and said, "No, no, no. Reverend Moon, you are on our side, aren't you?" Fighting has occurred. They are both trying to pull Reverend Moon to their side. Satan is wondering, "What's going on here?" He can't understand what has happened. The battle is over. Father is holding the right side and the left side. When Father turns around, what happens? Father has been so far in the back, but when he turns around, God is in the front. Satan is in the rear. Satan has no territory, no land. Now Saddam Hussein is trying to get the Muslim world to combine into one and fight the Christian world. They want to make a religious war. Father has accomplished all victories, but there comes along one more, trying to hold on, trying to somehow make a final victory for Satan, that is Saddam Hussein. He doesn't have a territory. He is riding on Satan's tail trying somehow to ignite a religious war. He is trying to control the world like past dictators such as Hitler. His ambition is incredible and his appetite is insatiable. He is trying to use Islam as his weapon. He is pretending himself to be a very devout follower of Islam. There are many good Islamic people, but he is not one of them. He is just using it. He poses himself with one hand on the sword and one hand on the Koran, saying, "I really believe in God." If you watch his news conferences, he says such things as, "God give me power. I am going to destroy George Bush." All the time he says that. There is no politician that talks about God more than Saddam Hussein!

True Islam is a good religion. Mohammed was good prophet. For example, at the Assembly of World Religions, the great leaders of Islam totally united with Father. For example, the president of Syria is usually a boss of state terrorism, he was not a good guy either. But the Grand Mufti, who is the head of the Islam religion in Syria, came to Father at the conference and sent his forty best disciples to the World Mission Center for a forty day workshop. Can you imagine? The Islamic religion states that if its followers go to study some other theology without permission, they should be beheaded. But the Grand Mufti himself selected these devotees and told them to go and listen to Father Moon. They all went home saying. "We arrived with one father, who is the Grand Mufti of Syria and we go home with two fathers. One is the Grand Mufti and one is Father Moon." Islam is not a bad religion, there is only a bad leader like Saddam Hussein, who uses religion as a tool to do evil. That is what Satan is all about. In January 1991, there is another Grand Mufti from Yemen who wanted to send his followers to study the Divine Principle. Only because of the war their arrival has been delayed, but they are coming. The amazing thing is while this group was studying the Divine Principle, seven times during the day they kneel down to worship Allah. Can you imagine? Unification members have a lot to learn from them!

So Father is uniting religion. The Grand Mufti said God truly sent Reverend Moon as His prophet and messenger. He said all of Islam has to listen to Reverend Moon and unite with Reverend Moon. The Grand Mufti returned to his country and talked to his president, President Assad who is a terrorist boss, but now Assad has changed. He thought, "Reverend Moon loves our country and cares about our country? Oh, I'd better change! No more terrorism." Not only that, but because of Father's influence through the Grand Mufti Syria joined the United Nations coalition in Saudi Arabia. Initially there was hesitation against a ground war. Now Assad said, "Syrian forces will be the first to invade Iraq." It's incredible what Father has done.

In the cold war between America and the Soviet Union, in the war between Islam and Judaism and all other wars, Father is always the mediator, the reconciler. He holds both sides with two hands. Now Father is ready to turn around. What happens? Left becomes right and right becomes left. So, be careful! Father said to the Soviet Congressmen, "If you do right, if you accept God you can even run faster than the United States, which is sleeping. You can take over and go beyond them." Father is making a competition for you. They were so overjoyed by this news. Before this Father sent out our members all over the world. Why? To make preparation. Now we are making a central foundation. After that we will spread out the nation foundation. That is the next step. The free world side, the American side, is already split up. We must protect the free world. This is the providential viewpoint. Do you understand?

So all over America many people have now been educated to Father's Godism, headwing ideology and Divine Principle. The CIA and FBI have really been digging to see if Father has some ulterior motive. They have discovered that Father is the best promoter of Americanism. I told them, "No, Father is not promoting Americanism; Father is promoting Godism." The CIA man said, "No, Godism in our language is Americanism." But the terminology they don't understand is True Parentism. We'll teach them that next. Fifteen years ago when Father first came, no matter how many exciting things I told you, your eyes looked like those of a three day old fish. But today I look at your eyes and they are shining like diamonds! It gives Father immense joy and happiness and enthusiasm! Amen!

You must remember one thing. The time has come that we can move even Kim I1 Sung, without you knowing, Father has already sent several envoys. Kim I1 Sung cannot reject Father's representatives, but only accept them. Father has the power to move Red China, the Soviet Union, Eastern European countries and Japan too. All this happens because of the truth. Because of the Divine Principle, Godism came. This is not Reverend Moon's property, it came from God as a message of salvation for humanity. That is why all these things are happening. Father is giving all the credit to God, our Heavenly Father.

Until now Reverend Moon has been making so much noise all over the world! That is a problem for humanity. Now Father will stop his mouth. Father's mission is all finished. Now in this time it is your turn. Father has been making noise, but now you go back home and make noise. Making noise is the way of resurrecting. Who is going to make a noise from now on? [We will!] Who? [We will!] In which place? In your home. During Father's making noise time your whole family was against you and me. In this time your family members will welcome you. There is no persecution now. There is a very free atmosphere. Do you understand? You had to have strong guts in the past. But now in one moment you can lift up all your relatives. Do you understand? Our relatives think, "Reverend Moon's teaching is too strong." So this time talk in a normal sound. That's good. Sometimes it's good to take food while you are talking. American people like that. They chew gum while they talk. That's a famous tradition here. That's okay! Talking freely, you can expand our missions. If we can go that way, God can follow right behind us. Is that miserable or wonderful? [Wonderful!] Satan's side feels miserable, while on God's side there is a wonderful feeling. How about you? Which side are you on? [Wonderful!] Of course you too are wonderful! After you win over your family you take the blessing, that is your property. Amen! Amen! Amen!

At the time of Jesus the providence was not fulfilled. That particular providence in Father's time has been completely fulfilled through the unity with Christianity represented by the office of the president and the citizens of the United States. That is equivalent to the Israelite people and Judaism. In Father's own time he has been completely victorious in uniting all these. Therefore, from now on all Father can do is bring the unity and ultimate victory and peace on earth. America is on the right of the center and on the left are the Soviets, they have now been combined into one. Unification will occur because Father's "ism" is Godism as well as headwing. There is no hesitation towards this unity of which Father is the center. All you have to do is go home and bring your mother and father to heaven on earth and heaven in heaven. What Father has done from the individual starting point, through the family level, tribe level, national level and world level, is to completely unite the divided world. In the spirit of God this was done. After Father has accomplished this much, where should he go? Father should not stay in the United States. Just like you Father is approaching his homecoming. Since all unification has been accomplished, our destiny is to return home. Therefore Father's glorious homecoming is near.

Where was the elder son's position and the authority of the parents and kingship lost? Between husband and wife. That was the basic division. And then between children and parents. In other words, every reason and cause occurred within the family. Father has been victorious in these three areas. Restoration has been accomplished and now Father wants to bequeath it to you. First of all you will receive elder sonship, the elder son's restoration. You have the conviction, "I will inherit everything that Father has won." Not only on one level, but on every level including the universal level. Whatever Father has restored, you must have the conviction to inherit. Why can you do this? Because you and True Parents have a true love relationship that will go on for eternity. There is no end to it. Therefore you are entitled to inherit. So when the elder son's position was restored it means there is no more struggle between Cain and Abel. The struggle of history is over. As restored elder son you are returning to your hometown and you are going to restore your clan, your parents, your brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles and cousins. You must become a tribal messiah. That is what was lost in the Garden of Eden, in Adam's family. Father has restored all this and now Father has bequeathed it to you. You are going to restore this elder son's position and the True Parent's authority and the kingship as well.

You have to expel Satan from around you. Satan has no business with you, no deals with you. Don't negotiate with Satan. Why have we worked to win the elder son's right? We want to escape Satan's world. Absolutely we need the elder son's right. Is that clear? Next is the restoration of parents. Why? Your position is Jesus' position, not Adam's position. Adam was fallen. You need to restore that course, and then second parents appear. Indemnify Adam's fallen position. Our parents are in Adam's position. Do you understand? The third Adam is True Parents. We must inherit True Parents authority. You stand in Jesus' position. You have a family and a position higher than that of Jesus. You cannot connect to the original Adam's position. In which place can you find the foundation of Adam's position? Only in your home, where you were born, in your family. How can your parents be restored? It's a problem. If the family doesn't take the way of restoration, you don't have a native place. You don't have a hometown. Hometown means the place where the parents settle. You don't have a hometown if your parents are not restored. So Father says parentship can be restored. After that you can find your hometown. Our parents living place is our hometown. This is what makes our foundation. All humanity has a native town. Father's native town is only one place, Chong Ju. That is Father's hometown. Chong Ju is not your hometown. How can everyone, all humanity call Chong Ju their hometown? You cannot do that. It's like one root and many small branches. The big branch is your hometown. All people have a hometown, one country to which they are connected. So we need parentship. Within parentship, Adam is automatically king. The original Adam is king, so if you accomplish parentship, you accomplish kingship too. Adam fell and lost his place so Jesus came. Jesus tried to establish the second parentship. How can he restore the original Adam's foundation? They were not successful during their time on earth. They lost the right way and so passed away. So Adam came again to go the restoration course. Adam is king, Jesus is king. And what was the king to establish? A family, not nation. All those three rights equal home. Not the country of America, not Korea, but go back home. Do you understand clearly? So we have to go back home. How can we take back the son's right? How can we take back the parents right and kingship? We have to go back to the original point. That is centering on the true love world. In that world is God's ideal of creation. That's all. That kind of progress must take place all throughout our whole life. That is the heavenly lifestyle. Now that's clear, right?

Father would like to conclude with one more point. Everything is harvested as you sow. In the beginning there was God, Adam and Eve and three archangels. Eve was taken by Satan. Adam followed Eve. And God has to follow behind humankind. Who is leading the march? Satan has been leading the march of history. Satanic individuals, satanic families, satanic tribes, satanic nations and a satanic world have been created. But God cannot follow things that have the satanic element. God cannot have anything to do with them. So God used religion to divide things in half and restore God's portion. What happened after World War II?

Initially we received the false seed. The true seed shall be received only after the restoration has been accomplished to the point where a True Father appears. We are headed to that particular goal. Satan also created his own lineage. Eve became Satan's wife in a way, Satan's servant, and Cain and Abel came under Satan. This is the way history was sown, therefore it is the way history shall be restored. England is Eve. The island nation will represent women. England is an island nation and it has always been longing for a continent. A continent represents man. Then Eve gave birth to another nation, an Abel nation. That is the United States of America. You know the US was born out of the United Kingdom, isn't that true? France is Cain. England and France have been enemy nations. At the time of the second world war, Eve was in the center and Cain and Abel, the France and the United States united together. In other words, God restored the particular way history was sown through World War II. The United Kingdom, France and the United States became Allied nations, united together. By doing so Cain and Abel and Eve were united. That particular restoration occurred. That was the purpose behind the allied nations.

What happened on Satan's side? Those were the Axis nations. Japan was the Eve nation on Satan's side. Germany was satanic Abel and Italy was satanic Cain. Japan, a small island country, took over China, and Malaysia, Singapore and Indochina, the Philippines, all the way to the south, they completely overran all those areas. So Germany was looking at this, thinking, "Little Japan is going to have a hegemony over the world, I cannot let Japan govern the world. No, we can do it." This is what Hitler thought. Singapore and Malaysia were English territory. They fought but soon after were immediately occupied. Germany saw Japan take those two countries with no problem, so they began to think they could do the same in Europe. Japan really strengthened Germany, giving ambition to Hitler and to Mussolini in Italy. France is always going back and forth, it is not stable, sometimes thinking this way, sometimes that way. This was the lineup fighting in World War II. The Satanic power won a seventy percent victory. Initially it looked as though they would win. They were victorious on the formation and growth level, up to the perfection stage, but in the final stages of the battle of World War II, the Allied nations completely demolished the satanic side.

History is moving toward Asia. The future will be occurring in Asia. Initially Italy was chosen as the nation because of the Vatican centering upon the Pope. But that was not successful. Then centering upon the United Kingdom, there was also a failure. Then centering upon the United States there was also a failure. So the United States is now moving toward Asia. So America has to find in Asia the equivalent to Great Britain and equivalent to Italy. Japan is equivalent to the United Kingdom and the Korean peninsula is equivalent to Italy. The Pope was the Christian center with the mission to unite Christianity, but that lineup has been failing. So now the dispensation moves to the East and a new line up of nations has occurred. Initially Christianity began from the continent of Asia Minor, then moved to the Italian peninsula and the Roman Empire. Then it moved to England, an island nation. Then it traveled to the United States and from there to another island nation, Japan. Finally it is moving to Korea and then Korea moves to the Asian continent which is the original beginning point. In other words one complete circle has been created.

Korea is exactly like Italy in Europe. Just like the time the Roman Empire was governing Israel, by the same token today's modern day Roman Empire is the United States and it is in a way governing the Korean peninsula. But this time America is standing on God's side. The Romans were standing on Satan's side and that is why Jesus could die on the cross. In this time the messiah doesn't have to die on the cross. Do you understand? We have a free world, with freedom of religion, freedom of speech, everything. The United States restored the Eve nation. What is the United States going to do next? Find Adam. Eve, Cain and Abel all divided initially, but World War II united them. Therefore, after the United States discovered a new Eve which was Japan, then a new Adam must be found. This unity has come. In the fall Eve, Cain and Abel combined into one and created the fallen world. In this time all this is restored. Eve, Cain and Abel will occupy a unified position. What is the Adam country? (Korea.] That is the second Adam country. That is Korea. Who is Adam? [Father.] Who is True Father? [You.] That is Reverend Moon.

There are Christian missionaries in Korea. If they had united with Adam it would have been alright, everything is finished. The Korean Christian world was in Eve's position on the national level. If they could combine into one, automatically Father would have been in the center. Automatically, through the American missionaries Father would have been connected to the American Christian world. Do you understand? If many American missionaries welcomed me and understood Divine Principle clearly, then the American Christian world would have been restored. We have that kind of powerful element. In three days a person's old concepts can completely fall down. But the missionaries came against me. Why? Because they think at the time of the second advent the messiah is supposed to be coming down on the clouds. Think about that. That is completely opposite of the teaching of Reverend Moon. The second advent is the same way as the first; he will be born from a woman. That misunderstanding is a problem. They didn't understand that, so they could not remain and follow. Only Reverend Moon remained alone. The rest were chased out to the wilderness world. Satan occupied everything. How can we restore the lost world? Father had to pick out Eve's country. That is Japan. In this time Satan occupied God's Eve side position. Satan grasped America, England and France. Japan, Germany and Italy traded places. Father had to choose Eve's nation, Cain's nation and Abel's nation. That was Father's situation. Father had to take Japan, in the past it had been Satan's most loved nation. Japan was dedicated to the female God. That is definitely Satanic Eve's position. So Father had to take that worst Eve's position. Germany was Satan's most loved Abel. Why choose Italy?

Even though the United States failed, God still used it one more time. Why was this exception made? Because the United States represents the Christian nation. It is a chosen nation, the second Israel. God lost the Christian nation and Reverend Moon lost the foundation from which he could launch his work. The Judeo-Christian world was the foundation which was lost. That means the third Adam completely lost the foundation on which he was to stand. So sad. Again, America had to be chosen. Who chose America? Not God. It was chosen by me. I had to take the responsibility to save America again. That is the point where I was standing in order to choose again the America nation. God lost England and France. So Father chose as Eve's country Japan, and he also chose Germany, a European nation. Father combined those two and brought them into America. How can we again save the American position? That is the reason Father gave up Korea to come to the United States and why he has been working centered on the United States for sixteen years guiding the world providential movement.

Father has received nothing but persecution from this country. Was there any American who ever welcomed Reverend Moon in this country? There is no country that has welcomed Reverend Moon. The United States rejected Father. Great Britain and France opposed Father. Germany, Japan and even Korea have opposed Father. Even though Father already made this kind of decision, designating certain nations for a certain mission, he has not yet completely won this nation. For that reason Satan wants to protect these nations from Reverend Moon. He says, "No, no, no, you cannot take Japan away. You cannot take the United States, Great Britain or Germany away." In order to save the United States, Father brought seven different enemy nationalities to this country and let them work to save America. That is incredible. Father has given his entire energy to the United States because it represents the center of the entire Christian world. So our members from all those enemy countries, Japan, Korea, the United States, Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain, all those people have come together and put their shoulders together investing their entire energy to save this nation of Christianity. That is the work Father has been conducting for sixteen years.

The United States, the country that Father has been putting his entire effort into, which gave Father only opposition and rejection, has now been won over. Father has step by step won the victory. If Father was not involved in this country there would be no such thing as today's freedom in the Soviet world. All the events taking place in Eastern Europe would not be happening. Because of the Christian revival and the correct political system in this country that Father created, because of that we even have the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries coming to our side. They are gratefully coming to Father. An incredible new day has dawned.

In the history of mankind, it has never happened that enemy nations got together to give their entire energy to saving another enemy. Only under Reverend Moon's great leadership could that happen. With his ideology alone is this possible. Therefore Satan has completely lost and is looking for some way to counter attack. Satan has no way to directly confront Father or our movement. For that reason Satan is trying to confuse the environment and confuse society. That is why people think their best friend is drugs, alcohol, tobacco and free sex. They live with a vain glorious attitude, embracing materialism, food, selfishness and homosexual love. They search for false honor. Morally, Satan has become so active among young people. They become Satan's victim and prey every day because Adam and Eve, as teenagers, under the shadow of a tree, fell. In the end of history the same thing is happening all over the world, particularly in the United States of America. Young men and women are falling inside cars and under the shadow of a tree. This is the way Satan is creating an environmental hell. America is the worst hell on the earth. How can they recover? By centering on Reverend Moon and our church. There is only one movement able to counter and destroy the satanic weapon. We will absorb Satan's world and use it as fertilizer. Do you understand?

We are growing up fast. When all the worst phenomena disappear, immediately God's hopeful nation will appear. If we overcome these adverse conditions Father said the heavenly kingdom will be dawning immediately. The New Yorker, on the corner of 8th and 34th, is the place where New Yorkers should be safe. This is the place where the new moral revolution should be launched. We're going to wipe out fallen and dirty New York. By the United States of America restoring Adam which is Korea and restoring Japan which is Eve, and also Germany as the archangel, the United States is the Abel archangel, these four nations working together, what will happen? Within this power we have the right economic power to restore this world. We have the right political system which shall be restored for the entire world and religious freedom. Economically speaking, the Eve nation, Japan has become advanced. Fallen Eve, through Cain and Abel, took all God's things away to Satan's world. Now in restoration, the new Eve which is Japan and the two archangels, Abel, America and Cain, Germany, come together and restore the wealth which was lost to Satan and bring it back to God. This team is for one purpose to unite with the Adam country. Adam's country is going to be politically more important than any other country in the Orient. Unification of North and South Korea is pending. Only one person could bring this about, that person is none other than Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

This kind of line up and unity will be seeded with true love. It will grow so fast and grow so quickly that it will be harvested within seven years. True seeds will be sown. True seeds can only be given by one person, the True Father. That is happening now. Ultimately the True Father will unite these countries. Korea is divided at the moment with True Father in the south. In the North there is a satanic, false father. There are three archangels, the Soviet Union, China and America. It used to be the Soviet Union and China were Satan's archangels; only America was on God's side. But now both of them are changing. In the beginning of history, God, Adam, and Eve and the three archangels, six entities, initiated history. That history will be restored on a national basis in the last days. That day is at hand.

The final and ultimate mission of the messiah, which our True Father is going to bring, is the unity of the fatherland. In North Korea, Kim I1 Sung has been absolutely isolated. The archangel, the Soviet Union abandoned the false father and came to the True Father's side. China also has come to the True Father's side. Kim I1 Sung is all by himself. It is very cold for him. North Korea is desperate trying to win some kind of power, so they are now wooing Japan. They are also trying to give a special wink to the United States. They are trying to win friends, but it will never happen. But Japan has already decided who will be her Adam. Japan never goes to North Korea. The United States is the Abel archangel, it will never go to the North Korean side. Father laid the foundation already.

Japan is made of five major islands. When you look at it is almost like a naked woman's body. Japan just bares everything. This naked woman is so attractive that America, the Soviet Union and China all want to propose to her. But in Korea, there is Reverend Moon. It is the Adam country. All these three archangels are looking at this one woman, but Adam cannot lose Eve. Eve has already decided. Adam has already decided Japan is going to be Eve.

In order not to cut the relationship between Korea and Japan, Father united the second generation of Japan and the second generation of Korea in international marriage. This never happened in history. Father already did this last year, but this year Father is now bringing the United States, Soviet Union and China and is scolding them saying, "You archangels listen to Adam and come to me." Father is assembling all the archangels on God's side so they don't look at the naked woman anymore.

Father wants to give a detailed lecture about this but it takes about thirteen hours. However you are smart, so Father could make a long story short today. At the same time you study Divine Principle so you know all this. In a way Father's life has been like walking through history. Starting with Adam and Eve, step by step he has been reliving Adam's time, Noah's time, Abraham's time, the Christian world time and now the world situation time. All the providential mistakes of the world have been restored. Father won the complete victory. There is no place to hide anymore, Father is like the bright sun shining. He has been completely lifted up among mankind. The word "victorious" is usually used as an adjective. It means Satan's stir up place is still remaining. That is why I don't like to hear the words "victorious man," I like "victor".

All the nations are shouting "Mansei!" There is only one thing Father can do, that is his glorious homecoming. Is anybody now ready to inherit Father's victory, so you may also become victors, go home and become a tribal messiah? Those who are willing to suffer, but a glorious suffering which will be short because there is no persecution anymore, you shall be welcomed and lifted up like Father. You shall be truly victorious as sons and daughters of True Parents and sons and daughters of God. Those who do that lift both hands up and say Amen! Amen! Amen!

All blessed couples, you go to your homecoming. That is a very important message to you. In your home there must be True Parents picture. That is the only way you can invite the blessing of the spirit world. They will come to assist you and bring you miracle after miracle. Particularly when you are dealing with your own clan, your entire ancestry in the spirit world will come down to assist your work. Centering on True Parents picture, blessed couples will experience one miracle after another. Believe it, it will happen.

Until now the spirit world has done very little for the sake of your own dispensation because they thought they were Abel and you were Cain. But Father restored the elder son's position and you have become the elder son. Spirit world has now become Cain, at the same time second son so they have to come down and assist you. Spirit world will make you one, make your whole family one, make your clan one, make your community and nation one. Satan is automatically pushed out. This is the time to quickly go to your home and restore that territory for God and True Parents. Unless you stake your territory now, you lose all your territory in the future. So many wise, clever and ambitious people will come in and push you aside and try to take your territory. Christianity cannot be idle. Do you know why? Communism is no longer communism. Their attempt to study Father's ideology is incredible, they will take over the Christian blessing. You are creating a new seed now. Seeds don't talk but there are so many modern communication systems like television and video tapes and all kinds of equipment which is available for your teaching. All these things are at your disposal. Father is giving you this instruction today and in the meantime, don't try to look for where Father is. This is the time to plant the seed. Until then you have no time to worry about where Father is. When all the seeds are coming out, then you look for Father because then you have something to show him, something to be proud of.

Restoration of the elder sonship, restoration of the true parentship and restoration of kingship will all be done in your family and tribe. Blessed couples, you can do this in your hometown. By doing so the whole place will come under your domain, God's true love domain. Those who listen to Father and want to fulfill every word of Father's and obey him, stand up. Those who pledge to Father that every word Father has spoken shall be fulfilled raise both of your hands. God bless you!