January 28, 1993
Bamboo Room, World Mission Center, New York
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

There are so many races, so many divisions here on earth. God intended to create only one family of man. No organization in the original world of God was greater than one family. Today the greatest problems of our world are the divisions between races and nations, the boundaries separating different cultures. For God's providence today, these are the biggest problems. Who created such divisions? Satan did it. This world is suffering from confusion, division, and lack of direction. As a result, the human race is gradually moving straight toward hell everyday.

On the other hand, in contrast to this division, God's providence has been to unite the divided world and divided races into the one original family of man. I would like for you to know that the job ahead of us is to finish the fight between God and Satan. This struggle has to be completed.

The will of Satan is to destroy the providence of God, or God's work here on earth. Therefore, we have to create a new strategy which will overcome the satanic strategy to destroy God's will. . . . Since Satan already created the satanic world, when someone is trying to create the heavenly world, you will see that the entire world will come against that person. That is what the Unification Church is all about. From the very beginning, the Unification Church was faced with the most incredible opposition from the satanic ranks, because they knew that the Unification Church was the embodiment of the dispensation of God. For that reason, in the mind of Satan, victory meant the destruction of the Unification Church. From day one of the creation of this great religion, persecution and opposition were continuous.

By the outcome of World War II, the providence for the subjugation of Cain by Abel was fulfilled on the world scale, beyond the national or racial scale. Since the end of that war, the Cain and Abel providence has been clearly manifested on the world level. If the Christian world, which won a great victory in World War II, had united with Father's ideology at that time, we would not have to be going through this prolonged dispensational work today. The seed of the fall, which was sown in the Garden of Eden through Adam and Eve, and which bore fruit in the conflict between Cain and Abel, should have been restored by the worldwide dispensation.

God had been using England as the central country for His will during World War II. The United States, a Protestant nation which was born of England, was in the position of the Abel son. The lineup between the nations in the Cain and Abel sons' positions was a very important, final dispensational manifestation of God. If there had been acceptance of the True Parents and the Unification Church after World War II, heaven and True Father and the True Family could have been united as the restored, perfected family of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Then all the work of Satan would have been demolished. There would have been no room for Satan to flourish on the face of the earth. However, that was not accomplished.

Look at the history of Jesus' life two thousand years ago. He was born as the Messiah. The hope and aspiration of the Jewish people of those days was to receive their Messiah, and Jesus came as the Messiah, but nobody recognized him because he was born in such a humble way. Furthermore, he was known as an illegitimate child. His family and relatives persecuted him because of the circumstances surrounding his birth. Also, he was never educated. He did the humble, manual work of a carpenter. The people of that day never expected that their Messiah would come in such a manner and that it would be difficult to accept him.

God's will at that time was for the king of Israel as well as the high priest of Judaism to accept Jesus as the King of Kings. The history of the chosen nation of Israel was nothing but a training period, a rehearsal, so to speak, for the acceptance of the coming Messiah. This centered upon the holy temple. The temple-centered way of life and customs pervaded the entire Jewish nation and that was supposed to have prepared the people to accept the Messiah when he came.

Jesus came as the only-begotten Son of God, but the world did not accept him and instead relegated him to the worst, lowest position. The fallen world considered him to be satanic, like a devil. As I have stated, acceptance of Jesus as the Messiah was not an easy thing to do at that time. For that reason, God sent a forerunner for Jesus, John the Baptist, who was supposed to lead people to Jesus through his testimony, to enable the people to accept Jesus. However, even John the Baptist failed. Once he failed, there was no hope for Jesus to be accepted. So this 33-year-old young single man was going around the Sea of Galilee and speaking to the fishermen. That was a very miserable manifestation of the Messianic crusade.

Jesus was accused as a criminal, as one who wanted to destroy society, and he was an outcast. Finally his enemies found a reason strong enough to get him crucified. The nation of Israel was in the position of Cain, while the religion of Judaism was Abel. But Cain and Abel are not sufficient in God's dispensation. Someone must appear in the mother's position. The unity of Cain and Abel would create the environment for the mother's position, which was absolutely necessary. This is almost like plus and minus. Abel is like plus, Cain is like minus. Upon the unity of plus and minus, the mother can appear.

The dispensational will has always been salvation, or recreation. Recreation goes through the same Divine Principle. Therefore, the united Cain and Abel must enter into unity with the mother, and together they could return to the father. This is the ultimate step established by heaven. This step was supposed to be completed in the Old Testament era, but because of the crucifixion of Jesus, this was not fulfilled. Therefore, the Second Coming became necessary and the same formula had to be accomplished on the world scale. The same formula which failed in the Old Testament era had to be accomplished on the world scale.

The history of Christianity for 2,000 years has been the New Testament era. This has been only a spiritual crusade. There has been no physical nation to stand on, no physical salvation possible. The world has had to repeat certain dispensational cycles or patterns. That pattern was born at the time of the crucifixion, when the thieves were hanging on the left and right of Jesus, and the thief Barabbas escaped death. The world has lined up today on the right and the left. The thief on the right side is represented by the Christian world, while the thief on the left is represented by the satanic world, and then Barabbas is represented by the religious sphere of Islam. Also, the concept of left-wing and right-wing ideologies was born at the time of the Crucifixion.

Today, the world is divided both spiritually and physically into Cain and Abel camps. On the spiritual level, God has been working through the Abel camp, the Christian world, while Satan has been working through the Cain camp, or the Islamic world. The right-wing ideology is Abel, while the left-wing ideology is Cain. This is the line-up inherited from the crucifixion of Jesus. The Messiah's return came on the foundation of the victory of the Allied forces in World War II. When the Messiah comes again, he will have to go through the same formula which Jesus should have gone through but couldn't. The only difference between now and then is that it was on the national level at Jesus' time, and the Second Coming will be on the international, world level.

The Second Coming of the Messiah was to have fulfilled all these processes in only seven years' time between 1945 - 1952. That means the liquidation of all satanic elements, the unity between Cain and Abel, would all have been done on the world level. Those were the two most important aspects: a seven-year time period, and establishment of a true family unit on the earth for the first time. Imagine if the victorious Allied nations had accepted Father as the Messiah of the Second Coming and had bowed down before him. Think about that-it was the will of God.

The second coming is no easier than the first one because the Bible never stated in even one line that the Messiah would return in the flesh. So the Christians have been awaiting the Second Advent to take place on the clouds of heaven. This is equal in difficulty to the time of the first coming of the Messiah. In these adverse conditions, I have made my way forward and established this foundation. Certainly it has not been an easy victory.

The unity of Christianity, including the different denominations and branches such as Catholicism and Protestantism, can be accomplished once they recognize the coming of the Messiah. Likewise, other world religions can be united on that foundation of unity between Christianity and the Messiah. However, the victorious Allied nations did not come and bow down to the True Father. Instead, they rejected him just as Jesus was rejected. Therefore, the victorious foundation of World War II was completely turned over to the satanic camp. Instead of accepting the advent of True Parents, they rejected them. This was done not only by the free world and established Christianity, but also by the entire world and world religions. So the rejection of the Second Coming of the Messiah was total and complete. At one point, Satan was totally victorious. He had won his victory over the entire world, except for one person: Reverend Moon. If Satan could have found a way to liquidate him, Satan's victory would have been permanent. Permanent.

The entire world united to oppose one man. But that one man was not an ordinary man. Within him lay the seed for the perfection of the individual, the perfection of the family, perfection of the race, perfection of the nation, perfection of the world and cosmos. The fulfillment of the complete liberation of God lay within that one man. Upon this one man, True Father, the entire perfection is resting, so when he moves he can be a leader of the family, the race, nation, world and cosmos. All of history moves according to the direction in which he moves. Without knowing this fact, we are gathered together today for no good reason.

Following this one man, the Messiah, and the True Parents, we shall accomplish the same perfection, so that the family can be perfected through this one man, the tribe can accomplish perfection through this one man, the nation and world and cosmos. Therefore, the new heaven on earth shall be a reality, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth shall truly be a reality through this one man. Therefore, this one man is the center of the universe, the center of all perfection. But instead of accepting the good news, the good way of perfection, the entire world united to go against Father, and Father became the one who was cast out into the wilderness, and even down into hell. The entire world looked down upon Father as a demonic person, an evil man. All kinds of bad things were attributed to my name. Where would God be in such a situation? God would go after Reverend Moon because God needs only one man. God does not need Christianity, Roman Catholicism, Judaism, all those religions.

Father has been completely cast out by Satan and the satanic realm, truly into the wilderness as well as into the dungeons of hell. However, there was one more opportunity for Father. Even though the United States, Great Britain and France were completely handed over to Satan, there was one more chance that the Messiah could utilize, one more way for him to pick up his own Adam nation, his own Eve and archangel nations, and create a counterattack against the satanic elements.

One way was that of John the Baptist, who was given the job of forerunner for the Messiah 2,000 years ago. His mission is to restore the nation and race, and prepare them for the Messiah. Father had to assume the John the Baptist role first, before the Messiah's role, and had to create that foundation first. Then I could stand upon it as the Messiah. This is the strategy I have followed. I stood entirely alone for the restoration of the 4,000 year Old Testament era which was the preparation for the coming of the Messiah. The rule in that era was "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth," but that rule would not bring any good fruit, it totally failed. So Father installed a new law of paying indemnity. Instead of living for 4,000 or 400 years, which is impossible, I had to pay the indemnity within 40 years' time and indemnify all the wrongdoing of the past 4,000. So within the span of 40 years, I was able to restore all the failures of the Old Testament and New Testament eras.

When Jesus was crucified, there was a thief on the right and a thief on the left. When Father was cast out in the wilderness, it was almost like being crucified, even though I was not physically killed. But in the eyes of Satan, I was cast into complete defeat. Therefore, I had to deal with the same pattern as that of Jesus' crucifixion and bring back the right thief and left thief on the world level, and they had to come together to support Father. That was done in the 40 year period. Therefore, Father was in the position of restoring the Allied, predominantly Christian nations and working with them to bring them back to the righteous positions.

The time of the Second Coming has been the re-establishment of the events at the time of the crucifixion, particularly the line-up of the right thief, left thief and Barabbas. On the world level, religion and ideology has divided into three different parts, Christianity, communism, and Islam. Father has to bring all these three into unity so that they each accept Father. Father started the dispensation from the John the Baptist position and brought these three elements together, in order to have a foundation on which to stand.

Since I lost everything, I had to start over again from scratch. This is what I have accomplished within 40 years, and in particular during the past 20 years. Since I came to this country in 1972, I have been able to break down all the barriers, winning each step and coming back to the center. I could not be killed by Satan, but had to remain physically alive and continue winning the victory step by step, so that my ministry could claim the total victory. Then I could establish the Adam nation, Eve nation, and archangel nation upon which God could fulfill His dispensation.

(Long passage here in Korean which is not translated.)

Father came to the United States to work with the American people, the government, and U.S. Christianity. We were able to work on so many down-to-earth issues and to inspire the Reagan administration to achieve victories which ultimately brought down the empire of communism. Upon that victory Father could go on and the consummation of all the dispensational ruler were accomplished. Christianity failed its mission, so the Unification Church was established.

Father worked with the two Reagan administrations and the one Bush administration, and now Clinton has come into office. This is almost like a self-test, to see whether the United States can rise above Clinton and unite ideologically with Father. If so, then this nation can have hope. If the Clinton administration fails to unite with Father, then it will go down the drain. When Clinton and his policies come into being, the first opposition must come from Christianity. But Christianity has lost its center and its hope. For that reason, they have lost their power, and that is why Clinton was allowed to win the election. It was the failure of Christianity. This nation which is supposed to be Christian has been turned into almost a model nation for Satan, losing everything precious. People are losing their own identity, losing brotherhood, losing their own parents, and losing God. This nation has really become a playground for Satan.

During these 40 years of Father's laying the victorious foundation, the new era of the Mother has emerged. Mother's era was begun in 1992, April 10, at the great rally for the foundation for the Women's Federation for World Peace. That was preceded by True Parents' Blessing for many Islamic members. That set the condition to bring unity to the entire world. The established Korean families, American families, European families, and Islamic families came together to be Blessed, and the Blessed family was established before the foundation of the world level women's federation. Even people from the communist world were represented. That means even the communists can accept True Parents' family and family system. Upon this foundation, Mother can step forward. Truly what Mother did in 1992 was nothing short of a miracle.

Mother's victory in 1992 was absolutely phenomenal, starting out from Korea, which is in the elder sister's position to the rest of the women of the world. Mother went to the entire nation, almost like a hurricane occurring in Korea, then she moved on to Japan and the United States, then to Europe and Russia, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. All those nations were almost like prisons. Mother is liberating the prison. Australia and New Zealand were used as prison colonies in the past, and Mother and Father went there in order to liberate those countries. In the year of 1992, Mother was working to bring the people of the entire world into the bosom of the True Parents. Mother was physically bringing people. Communist nations such as the People's Republic of China opened their arms to Mother. When the PRC and Russia become united into one, Korea's sovereignty will be assured. Kim Il Sung is in the position of satanic messiah, holding his position for more than 40 years, the longest surviving ruler in the world. His time is up now, however, because of the victory of Father and Mother.

Now the remainder of the mission is the Unification of the Fatherland, and Father is mobilizing all the primary, superpower nations. Upon their cooperation, the unity of the homeland can be accomplished. This is what Father is now working on in 1993. When Father spoke to President George Bush, he made an important recommendation about things that needed to be done by his administration. But Mr. Bush did not follow those instructions. What happened to him? He was defeated, as you know. The Clinton administration is almost a repetition of the Carter administration. Christianity was supposed to be the central force opposing such an administration from coming in, but as I said, Christianity has lost its center. It has no leadership, no vision or spirit, no core. For that reason, Christianity failed and this allowed for Clinton to come in. Therefore, Christianity here in the United States and in the rest of the world has failed its mission thoroughly, so the world has only one way to follow: the way of the Unification Church. Only the Unification Church can show the world vision and hope for the future.

In Washington, the well-known former senator Paul Laxalt was once a Republican candidate . I asked Bo Hi Pak to go and meet with him, and Senator Laxalt sent greetings to me and Mother on our birthdays today. And at the same time, he said, "Today, America is crumbling fast. With Clinton, this nation is crumbling even faster. There is only one hope-that Reverend Moon's crusades can win out, and not only upset Clinton but be the engine moving this nation in the other direction. This is the only hope." Senator Laxalt was saying that he would assist Father in order to advance God's work and Providence here in this country. Especially, he said, he would like to mobilize his dear friends, Ronald Reagan and George Bush, to lend their support. He volunteered to help with introductions in that direction. Those people who have been very prominent in Father's dispensational path, such as Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan, now George Bush, all these people shall be mobilized for the final stage of God's dispensational work.

Further, Father and Mother have set a strong enough foundation in China, so that you can see here the United States, the former Soviet Union, China, centering upon Korea and Japan-all these countries are now in Father's bosom, under Father's wing. For that reason, from now on the great Providential will shall be accomplished during this year of 1993. (An infant cries out and Father talks back. Laughter.)

Upon the worldwide victory of our True Parents, Father declared the incredible dispensational will for tribal messiahship, and at the same time, the homecoming providence. This is the final chapter horizontally of the Unification providence. Now the Second Advent can descend upon the earth vertically, and this will create the horizontal base. True Father is the victorious Second Advent completing Jesus' mission, on the earth. Tribal messiahship is the representative position. In other words, the restoration of the rejection of Jesus is the purpose of the tribal messiahship. If that is accomplished, then there is not much more to be done. That is the grand finale of God's dispensation. So the only mission that remains is the tribal messiahship.

You know already the purpose of tribal messiahship, where we are heading and what needs to be done. As we move forward, the satanic world is retreating. They have to retreat; there is no other choice. When I speak about this year's slogan - the Unification of the Fatherland - I am not speaking about only the unification of the Korean peninsula. It is a much greater scope, the unification of the entire world, the one harmonious world which God intended. That is the unification which I am speaking about. And that unification must be centered upon true love. So the entire message of 1993 was the message of true love. The Unification race has been born-that means you, the Blessed families of the Unification Church. And the unification is now physical. North and South shall be our fatherland, no question about it. However, that will be only the center of the world wide unification. That is what God is ultimately aiming for.

The final mission of the Unification Church is completion of tribal messiahship, which is centered upon three missions. First, the restoration of your ancestors. Second, you must find your hometown. Thirdly, you will liberate God, so that God shall be with you all the time. There will be no barriers between you and God. You will be with Father, God will be with you, and you will be with God. That is the purpose of our ultimate mission, the tribal messiahship. The tribal messiahship is bringing your dead father and mother, those in spirit world, into the perfected Adam's position. This is a new and incredible concept that we can bring even our dead ancestors into perfection. That is what the power of the tribal messiah is all about. Therefore, in order to restore the world races in a quicker way, Father held the Blessing of the 30,000 couples and those who had studied the Principle for as little as a one week seminar could be included in that Blessing. In three years, when we have another Blessing for 360,000 couples, this world will be entirely united. That means "Mission Accomplished."

Jesus lost all his disciples. What you are supposed to do is become a tribal messiah and restore all the disciples lost by Jesus. From that point on, you are opening up a new era and that is called the Completed Testament Era. Therefore, from now on Father's goal is to move on and Bless 360,000 couples within the next three years. Moving on even further than that, Father will bless 3.6 million youths, not just couples. Father is not going to touch those married couples any more, but will only deal with young men and women who are unmarried. Actually from this standpoint, you must realize that the free world is far from the realization of Father's will. The movement toward God's will is happening far more rapidly in the former communist countries. We can observe what is happening in Russia, the Ukraine and Byelorussia. In all those countries, including even China and North Korea, we can see that there will be young people who will line up much faster with Father and comprise the 3.6 million youths to be blessed by Father.

The fastest way is to become a missionary to Russia and to restore all those youths, those spiritually-hungry young men and women. Tens of millions of people are awaiting the touch of your hands. This is the reason Father is bringing all the missionaries to Russia. This is no time for assistance to come from Japan alone, but also it should be coming from the western world. Japan, however, shall be helping create Cain and Abel unity of the Korean peninsula, that is North and South unification.

The primary goal and direction of Father has changed. No longer is our emphasis the United States. The United States must stand up and support other countries like Russia. Unless the United States does that much, you will be abandoned by God. (Father speaks in Korean. Translation given in summary:) Basically what Father is explaining is that the satanic world is going in the direction of total decadence. Look at the rampant homosexuality, lesbianism, drug addiction, crime, teen pregnancy. All these incredible things are occurring and making the entire society corrupt and completely rotten. Father is saying that we must simply go in the exactly opposite way, 180 degrees in the other direction. That is the basic rule of Father's principle. From now on, whatever Reverend Moon does, he is going 180 degrees different from the current world. That is also what you should do to follow Father. This is absolutely true not only in the United States but also in Korea, Japan and all the western nations. So be bold and strong and do not fear. (Applause.) Thank you.

On this day of True Parents' Birthday 1993, we are having an extraordinary celebration, with a special dispensational and historical meaning. Our mission will continue up to the year 2000, and that year is right in front of us. From the year 2000, we will move on with added vigor on the foundation of victory. Also, Father is going to put emphasis on the media. Therefore, we want to see emphasis on The Washington Times and the media in Korea, as well as other places. The media is going to be an important, central theme for Father's dispensation for this year. You have to know how to deal with the media and how to digest the media, as well as utilize the media. We are working on the national scale of restoration.

All that I am saying is that your mission is to fulfill tribal messiahship. That is absolutely everything that needs to be done. Completion of that will mean that you have accomplished your mission and your purpose of being. Father is like the trunk. The center of the tree is that trunk, all the way from the root to the buds. The tribal messiahship is like the branches. A victory will show numerous healthy branches. That is the work of tribal messiahship. We will create the biggest tree, one that has never tasted any experience of the fall or any fallen experiences. A completely unfallen tree will be created. That is the tree of life. Those who pledge that you will do that family-level tribal messiahship, raise your hands and say, "Yes, Father." God bless you.