Reverend Sun Myung Moon

God is Our King and True Parent

Canaan Baptist Church
Harlem, NY
May 8, 2001

Respected ladies and gentlemen: I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for your participation in this rally despite your busy public and private schedules. I particularly would like to thank Rev. Dr. Wyatt T. Walker and the other distinguished New York area clergy who invited me here today. Harlem is the heart of New York City, a city that is a capital of culture, of finance, and of diplomacy centered on the United Nations. It is also a multinational city, where immigrants from around the world have come and live together.

Between February 25 and April 17 of this first year of the new millennium, I successfully conducted a speaking tour covering all 50 states in the United States, speaking in 52 cities in 52 days, Today, I am able to meet you again, thanks to the invitation from the many ministers of the New York area. During my tour, I spoke to audiences comprised primarily of clergy about the path humankind and America, and even the heavenly world and earthly world, must take.

When I was sixteen years old I met Jesus early Easter morning, and set out on the path of Heaven's Will to accomplish the Will of God. I suffered all manner of misunderstanding and persecution, but I never gave up. So I have devoted my life of more than eighty years to the effort of bringing about a world of peace based on the ideal of true families. In 1971, I came to America in obedience to God's command, and for the past thirty years have invested my full spirit and energy to guide America so that it can fulfill the mission for which it was chosen, that is, the mission of the second Israel. Today, I would like to share with you some of my content from the recent speaking tour, as well as content regarding the Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship that was held on January 13 of this year.

God's Image Passed through Lineage

Ladies and Gentlemen, more than six billion people are now living in the world. Without exception they fall into one of two categories: man or woman. In fact, God created all beings, including those of the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, with yang nature and yin nature. In other words, He created a pair system. That is because He created the universe to resemble Himself.

Let us ask, then, who is God to us? What is His relationship with humankind? We refer to Him as "Father," because He is our source of true love, true life and true lineage. Thus, the original relationship between God and humanity is that of parent and child.

There is nothing more important to us than love, life and lineage. Among these, which do you think has most value? Many people think that it is love. However, no matter how valuable love and life are, they are horizontal in nature. They appear and conclude within one generation. On the other hand, lineage is vertical in nature and continues forever, generation after generation.

This generation has inherited the lineage passed down through our ancestors. We are like a corporation composed of cells inherited from all of our ancestors going back to Adam.

Adam and Eve Lost God's Blessing

What is the reality of the environment in which we live? Our mind and body have been fighting against each other since the beginning of history. World wars eventually conclude with a truce, or the defeat of one side, but the struggle between the human mind and body cannot be stopped; it continues without end. The mind and body failed to form a ninety-degree angle in resemblance to God, within whom the mind completely controls the body. The fall of the human ancestors brought on this state of mutual conflict. Even non-religious people have to acknowledge that human beings descended from fallen ancestors.

Did God expel Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden before or after they committed the fall? He expelled them from the Garden because of the fall, so it must have taken place after the fall, and before they could form a relationship of love, life and lineage with God.

Thus, Adam and Eve could not have a marriage ceremony blessed by God. Instead, they married under Satan's dominion. Doing so, they inherited Satan's lineage and multiplied descendants. For this reason, Jesus spoke so sharply when he pointed out that the devil Satan is the father of fallen humankind, "You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desire." (John 8:44) The fall destroyed the eternal relationship of parent and child between God, on the one hand, and Adam and Eve, on the other. Therefore, Adam and Eve were unable to generate the love of true parents, true husband and wife, and true children. Because of this, God never had grandchildren of direct descent.

Adam and Eve should have avoided the fall and reached completion, forming one mind and one body as true parents centering on God, their True Parent. Instead, they entered into a relationship with the enemy and found themselves in a position with their body in total control of their mind.

The Root of Human Sin

What then is the truth behind the fall story? The Bible states that the fall originated when the first human ancestors in the Garden of Eden ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This is one of many important passages that the Bible expresses in parables and symbols. It does not refer to a literal fruit. As Jesus says in Matthew 15:11, "What goes into a man's mouth does not make him unclean, but what comes out of his mouth, that is what makes him 'unclean.'"

It is human nature to try to hide our defects. A child caught stealing a cookie by his mother will instinctively hide his hands or cover his mouth. In the same way, if Adam and Eve had taken a piece of fruit and put it into their mouth, then they would have hidden their hands or covered their mouth when God called them. The fact that they hid their lower parts instead demonstrates that their crime was committed through the lower parts of their body.

There were five masculine figures in the Garden of Eden. First, there was God, who is the subject partner of the entire created world. Then there was Adam and the three angels, Lucifer, Gabriel and Michael. Eve was the only feminine figure. What do you think they felt, standing naked and without shame in the Garden of Eden, observing the insects and animals coming together in pairs?

The commandment given in Genesis 2:17, "You must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die," was a strong warning about Eve's love. Eve had to protect her sexual purity until she achieved maturity with a God-centered character and entered into a blessed marriage with God's permission. Had she succeeded, she would have multiplied God's eternal love, life and lineage.

Eve fell, however, because Lucifer disregarded his servant's position and drew her into an immoral relationship based on his excessive desire. Thus, in 2 Peter 2:4 the Bible says, "...God did not spare angels when they sinned, but sent them to hell, putting them into gloomy dungeons to be held for judgment;" and Jude 6-7 states, "And the angels who did not keep their positions of authority but abandoned their own home -- these he has kept in darkness, bound with everlasting chains for judgment on the great Day. In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire." Clearly, the angels committed the sin of adultery.

I repeat: the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil represents Eve's reproductive organ, and God gave the commandment to protect her chastity. When He created us, God invested His entire heart and soul in our reproductive organs. He created them as the palace of true love, the palace of true life, and the palace of true lineage. The story places the fruit in the context of good and evil in order to tell us that if Eve were to have a relationship with a king, she would give birth to a prince, and if she were to have a relationship with a mafioso, she would give birth to a villain. The quality of the harvest depends upon the seed that is planted. It was called the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because it could manifest good or evil.

The Fruit of Sexual Immorality

This is how the original sin, the root of all sin, came into existence. This is why it became necessary for human beings to find rebirth. Rebirth is necessary because the problem relates to lineage.

The Bible also depicts the archangel symbolically, as a serpent. Why is that? The serpent's tongue splits into two at the end, and so the serpent came to symbolize a person who uses his one mouth to say two completely different things, or a person who will use any means to accomplish his selfish purposes.

A man's reproductive organ is shaped like the head of a poisonous snake. It is always looking for a hole to slither into. A woman's reproductive organ is concave, like the wide-open mouth of a poisonous snake with fangs. Once this snake bites, poison quickly spreads through the body, bringing eternal death. Adultery does not just destroy the individual, but also the family, clan and nation. In the Garden of Eden, Satan defiled the chastity of youth. He is harvesting the fruit of that crime in the wave of immorality that is engulfing the world's youth in this time of the last days, when history reaches its conclusion.

If the reproductive organs are this important, to whom do they belong? A wife's reproductive organ belongs to her husband, and a husband's belongs to his wife. In this circumstance, a person's reproductive organ can be unlocked by one key and one key only. Under no circumstances should you make a spare key. This absolutely cannot be permitted. The wrongful use of this key leads to the destruction of the family and the nation.

Restoration Through the Marriage Blessing

The fall of the first human ancestors allowed Satan to have grandchildren and prevented God from having this experience. Because the false parent influenced the act of adultery, there arose the need for a Savior, or Messiah, and for True Parents. Since Adam and Eve's marriage was wrongful in God's eyes, the Messiah was destined to come as the True Parents in order to restore humankind through marriage rightful in God's eyes. The branches of the false olive tree must be cut off and engrafted onto the true olive tree.

This is why Jesus said to Nicodemus that one cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven without first being reborn. Everyone must separate from false love, false life and the false lineage and engraft onto true love, true life and the true lineage in order to be reborn as citizens of the kingdom of Heaven.

It is possible to engraft families and even entire nations all at once. For this cause, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, centering on my teaching, has been working to bring the kingdom of Heaven on earth and in Heaven through the ideal of true families. If you doubt this, please pray about it. I discovered this truth through prayer so intense that my very life was at risk. I do not think there is anyone who knows more about the spirit world and God than I do.

Heaven's strategy is to allow itself to be struck first, and then to use this as a condition to take something from the other side. Satan strikes first, but in the end he has to pay reparations. Heaven teaches us to love even our enemies. In fact, Heaven ultimately requires us to love even Satan. Such love is proof that one is spiritually alive. I visited Mikhail Gorbachev and Kim Il Sung in order to practice God's true love by loving my enemies.

Persecution plays into God's strategy for us to inherit all of Satan's rights to ownership. Individuals and even the entire cosmos opposed me, but this opposition only served as my opportunity to develop further. You must come to know God with certainty. This is why the international holy blessing ceremonies I have officiated in the name of the True Parents, in the face of opposition, have liberated the God who has lived in sorrow and grief due to the fall of the first human ancestors. These ceremonies transcend racial and national differences and break down the barriers between enemies.

I have always taught that we must maintain absolute purity before marriage and absolute fidelity after the holy blessing of marriage. By doing so, we can build a family that incarnates God's four attributes of absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal love. A man who is created in this way, as the reciprocal partner of true love, represents Heaven, or half the universe, and a woman who is created in the same way represents the earth, the other half. Thus, once a couple is married in the holy blessing, they are never to divorce. Divorce divides parents and children. The tide of divorce, now exceeding fifty percent of marriages, utterly destroys the underlying social discipline of moral law and human ethics.

The Relationship of Man and Woman

Ladies and gentlemen, whom do you think God loves more, men or women? The later the creation the more valuable it is, because the Creator invests more of His dedication. Woman was the later creation into which God poured His entire heart and being. If you notice, women more than men are born for the sake of others and live for the sake of others. So God's interest and love tend to go more to women. Where does God want to reside? If Adam and Eve had not fallen but had reached completion and become one with each other centering on true love, then God would have dwelled with them. God is the owner of vertical and eternal love and the husband is the owner of horizontal love.

So the seed of life comes from God and is inside the husband. Women are like a garden. They receive the seed and sacrifice their body to provide it nourishment, nurture the fetus with love, and then give birth. The baby receives 99 percent of its bones and flesh from its mother. If you look at how a woman is shaped, you will notice that there is no part of her body that exists for her own sake. Do her well-developed breasts and hips belong to her? No, they exist for the sake of her babies. The womb, which men lack, and the monthly menstrual cycle also exist for the sake of her babies.

To whom do a woman's reproductive organs belong? Do they belong to her husband or to herself? They belong to her husband. In the end, we see that a woman is created to live for her husband and her children. So a husband must attend to his wife as the queen of queens. When his wife is breast feeding and nurturing the baby, the husband must do everything he can for the sake of his wife and baby.

The husband is responsible to rear the children born to him and his wife to become filial children, patriots to the nation, saints for the world and finally divine sons and daughters of God. In this way, husband and wife relate as subject and object partners. In terms of quality, men and women are equal in value. However, in terms of the order of things, the husband, who holds the seed of life within him, is the subject partner. With her husband as absolute subject partner, a wife and the children should create one heart and one body and offer a true family to God.

One World Family

Ladies and gentlemen, with the opening of the new millennium we are moving quickly in the direction of a unified world. We are going beyond "one nation under God" and are moving toward "one universe under God." The unified family of humankind that I prophesied many years ago is becoming a reality.

There are still formidable obstacles on the path, in particular racism and religious strife. These stand against the will of God. God is the first ancestor of humankind. In a manner of speaking, white people are a polar bear race. Starting in the Arctic regions they spread to Scandinavia, Britain, and on across the world. The yellow race lived mainly in Asia practicing agriculture. They had a deep love for the land, so their skin turned brown. Black people are like the black bear of the tropics. The reason their skin is black is that they lived near the equator, where the sun's rays are intense. The different skin colors among the races have no significance in terms of superiority or inferiority. It is simply a matter of our having adapted to different environments.

In fact, we know that the qualitative makeup of our bodies is 99.96% identical. From God's standpoint, skin color has no qualitative significance whatsoever. In fact, the God of love is color blind. God did not create different races with differing skin colors. In the spirit world, there are no white people or black people. The only color that exists there is the color of true love.

Strife among religious groups is a particularly serious obstacle blocking humanity's effort to bring about world peace. God did not create denominations or religious groups. In fact, religion itself is a result of the fall. Satan fosters denominational schism and religious divisions. In the spirit world, there are no walls between nations, denominations, or religions. It is a world composed of one huge family.

Jesus' words in John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life," take us beyond the boundaries of Christianity to reveal the global, ubiquitous, universal nature of salvation.

Traditionally, Satan always works to build barriers between people, and God works to tear these down. With the progress of God's providence, we see in the spirit world that already there are no barriers between the religions centering on the four great founders. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and Confucius can go back and forth and communicate freely among themselves.

Because I know these things well, I strongly encouraged all clergy during my recent fifty-state tour to transcend their denomination and unite as one. In fact, 144,000 churches are now leading this movement through the United Federation of Churches, centered on the American Clergy Leadership Conference. In the future, the home church format, centered on the family unit, gradually will become well established.

Ultimately, organized churches, temples and mosques will disappear. In addition, the movement to break down barriers for the sake of world peace, which I explained at the United Nations, is rapidly moving forward. The Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace is leading the way. Centering on WANGO, the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations, this movement is spreading from the United Nations headquarters in New York across the continents and oceans of the world.

The Meaning of Our Age

Ladies and gentlemen, this year begins the seventh millennium of biblical history and the third millennium after Jesus. It is the time of completion for the Completed Testament Age, in which the promises of the Old and New Testaments are fulfilled and the Kingdom of Heaven is brought into reality on earth and in heaven in accordance with the completion of the spirit world.

I was victorious in setting all indemnity conditions necessary for the "Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship." This January 13, I carried out this ceremony. This was the most joyous day in providential history, because it liberated our Parent in Heaven from the path of sorrow that He has endured since the fall of the first human ancestors. Now I would like to speak on the Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship.

Teachings at the Coronation Ceremony

We can hold this Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship for the first time because all the people on earth and in heaven were blessed and form a homogeneous nation. To do that, religions from Judaism, to the second Israel centering on Christianity, to Korea, went through the realms of the first, second and third Israels and the eras of the Old, New and Completed Testaments.

The Completed Testament is the era of the blessing for all. Because of the fall of the human ancestors, all things created by God could not stand in the realm of blessing. Therefore, God taught people by establishing numerous religions, leading them through the salvation providence and raising them step-by-step to the era of the Completed Testament.

The people of the peripheral religions were not aware of this. Judaism and Christianity paved the road of serving God as our Father. On that foundation Jesus came as the only Son of God in the end times. God lost human history due to Adam and Eve's failure. However, for the first time the only son whose blood lineage God could love was born on earth: Jesus. The elder son was born.

Although the only begotten son was born, no "only begotten daughter" appeared. It can be said that God created Adam again after four-thousand-year history of salvation. After making Adam, God created Eve as Adam's counterpart by imitating Adam, applying the same principle and blueprint used when creating Adam.

The Bible says that God created Eve by taking the rib of Adam. It means that God adopted the core of Adam to create Eve. That is why the perfected Adam would be in the position of God's only son. God found the only son through the direct lineage of love, but did not find the "only daughter." In order to find Eve, God had to restore fallen history through a family and engraft it on the national level. God prepared Jacob and the twelve tribes, considered the chosen people, and established the nation of Israel. Jacob's twelve sons gained ground and expanded the area of victory. This brought into being the nation of Israel and Judaism, which led the providence up until Jesus' advent.

The nation of Israel was external and Cain-like, while Judaism was internal and Abel-like. His bride, who would become a mother, was to have been chosen on the foundation of the unity of Cain and Abel.

After that, by serving Jesus as parent, the nation of Israel and the religion of Judaism should have united as Cain and Abel centering on God's lineage. Then, centering on the blessed family of Jesus, a clan and nation would have been established. No one can deny this. Even though Rome dominated the world, it would have been no match.

External things are like flesh, while internal things are like bones. Flesh cannot defeat bones. If Israel had taken such position, the unity of all nations, the liberation of God and the coronation ceremony for God's Kingship would have been achieved two thousand years ago. But, because Jesus couldn't find a restored Eve and form a family, the chosen people of Israel and their nation were destroyed. All was lost.

The Mission of Christianity

Because the foundation of people was lost, Israel suffered greatly. In the seventh century, the religion of Islam emerged among the central people who received much blessing from God upon their return from Egypt. Muslims and Israelites were brothers, but became adversaries. Ishmael and Isaac were direct descendants of Abraham but they became adversaries and fought throughout history. They fought centering on Jerusalem, and Israel was lost. The lost Israel should be restored, but not by force.

If Cain and Abel had achieved peace in Jesus' time, the war between left wing and right wing on the national level would have been solved on earth and in spirit world. But because the prepared nation of Israel failed to receive the Messiah, the Second Advent of the Lord became necessary. Centering on Christianity, which became the second Israel, the Roman Empire was conquered.

Because Jesus lost his physical body, Christianity expanded its influence worldwide representing the spiritual realm. After World War II, the world unified based upon Christian culture. By that unification, Satan was overcome at that moment. The allied nations and opposing nations could have been restored to God. On this foundation, if Catholics and Protestants had become one representing Christian culture and welcomed the Second Advent of the Messiah, the True Parents of humankind, the world would have been united. This would have taken place within seven years of 1945, by 1952. The Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God would have been held at that time.

But, Christianity did not recognize the returning Lord. To this day Christians have persecuted the Unification Church. As the first Israel and Judaism opposed Christianity, Christianity opposed the Unification Church. As this transpired, all religions lost their footing. Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism and Islam now have the form of religion, but they have declined in spiritual vitality. Not only religions, but also families, societies, nations and the world have become hellish. God's ideal realm of love was nowhere to be found on earth. In America, there is no family in which husband and wife, or mind and body are united in the original standard. Parents and children are fighting. There is no family in which parents and children are absolutely one. All are separated in a world of selfish individualism.

Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity and Islam remained as forms of religion based on cultural status and educated people the world over about the mission of the messiah. Then, who is the Lord of the Second Advent? It is the True Parents.

Jesus and God's Blood Lineage

True parents bring true love and true blood lineage. False parents instigated fallen love and they planted the fallen lineage. In the original world, people are to create true families centering on God, to create a family of true sons and daughters by connecting with the true blood lineage. To become the children of True Parents, our lineage should be connected to True Parents. Without blood lineage, the true parent and child relationship is impossible. Even God cannot separate people from their blood lineage, nor can Satan. Because of this, in the Completed Testament age, the failures of both the Old Testament era and the New Testament era can be indemnified through the true lineage of the blessed families who received the blessing of True Parents.

We should engraft into the blood lineage of God according to the original standard. With that, we should become people of one body, one mind and one thought who reach beyond the realm of death. Satan cannot touch anyone with a good heart who goes through life and death difficulties on the family, national and world levels. Such a person is in the direct dominion of God and Satan has no power over him.

If the people had received Jesus to the extent that he as the bridegroom could have had his own marriage supper, he would not have died. Satan could not have touched him. Because Jesus completed his responsibility, he entered the direct dominion of God. In the direct dominion, God's blood lineage is connected; therefore, there is no way for Satan to break in. The problem is that we have not advanced to that level. If Adam and Eve had married and loved with God's true love, they would have been unable to fall. Satan could not have separated them. Adam and Eve were in their growing period; the fruit was not ripe. Unripe fruit does not produce seeds. It has no eternal life. The place to dispose of lifeless things is hell. They have no relationship with God.

The father-son relationship hinges upon blood lineage. The son inherits the parents' blood lineage. Inheritance of the blood lineage does not just happen by itself. It cannot take place in a single entity. Neither man nor woman alone can do it. It absolutely requires a mixture of blood from both a husband and a wife. With the foundation of the harmonious unity of man and woman, the internal and external character of their blood lineages become completely one with the fundamental cosmic principles. Then the substantial mind, representing the internal character, results in a substantial body representing the external character, and ultimately a human being is created and a life is brought into the world.

Humanity stems from Adam's family. Therefore, humanity is like a giant tree stemming from Adam's family. Centering on Adam and Eve, who were created as substantial beings by God, we are like branches and leaves that fill the entire tree in all four directions. We are like branch factories that manufacture heavenly citizens. By doing so, with the help of the True Parents of Heaven and Earth, we earn the qualification to live eternally in heaven. This is how we co-create the ideal kingdom of God in heaven and on earth.

Prolongation of God's Coronation

Christianity, working spiritually, has tried to unite Cain and Abel, to build the reconciliation between religions and even to build a bridge between God and Satan. Upon this foundation, if the Lord of the Second Advent had come, built his own true family and secured God's sovereignty, the history of restoration would have concluded.

But this providence was not completed. After World War II, America as the second Israel standing on the Christian foundation, should have welcomed the True Parents who came as the third Adam and lord of heaven and earth. The foundation for the kingdom of God in heaven and on earth should have been established and liberated, centering on the creation of the kingdom of the third Israel.

It has been 56 long years since this consummation once again failed. Thus, to hold this coronation ceremony to honor God is like a dream realized for me. Who should hold this ceremony for God? To answer that, let us ask who destroyed the hope for such a ceremony to begin with? It was Satan and Adam. Because Adam and Eve could not assume the True Parent's position, Satan entered the picture and the True Parents' blood lineage was not established. The fall left the trails of Satan's blood lineage, and neither God nor Satan could deny or reverse the consequences.

It is difficult for Satan to destroy what he has created. No one likes to destroy or dramatically modify what he created. This is true even for Satan. God by Himself cannot reverse the consequences of the fall. If He had the ability to do so, He would never have lost Adam's family to Satan in the first place.

By principle, this is clear. The perfected Adam is the only person who can repair the damage. We have to understand that the perfected Adam's family is the only family that can possess the original nature of love that originated from God.

Everything needs a central position, like the center of a circle, as a reference point. The completion of restoration is no exception. Then what is the center of the blessed family? To answer that, let us ask, who gives the blessing? The True Parents do. But, who officiates marriages in today's world? Who should officiate the ceremony through which children come to resemble their parents and inherit their parents' blood lineage? Without the fall, the True Parents would. But as a result of the fall, an angelic type dignitary approved by the secular world officiates the weddings of our children. [In terms of its value for restoring blood lineage] this is like climbing a mountain by walking on a horizontal ladder.

Restoring the Order of Love

On October 14 of last year, I declared the completion of the unification of all the religions in both the spiritual and physical worlds. All the saints in the spirit world, my own children who have joined the spirit world and all the blessed couples were included. In summary, the True Parents are the king and queen of the families. Has there ever been anyone who could claim that he or she is the king or queen of the family, standing as a representative of heaven and earth, with absolute purity? In order to become the king of the family, we have to become the parents among parents and the first son among first sons.

Among brothers, the first son should be the first to marry and start his family. Everything has an order. There is a term in Korean translated as "reversed marriage." This refers to reversal in the order of marriage between elder and younger siblings. The order is violated quite often today. This phenomenon actually reflects the path of restoration. Thus people go this way and that way and even follow the reversed order. The disorder should no longer take place. If the right order is forgotten, everything will fall apart. The world has become this way.

How are we going to repair or undo this? Incest, illicit love relationships and all such problems stem from this confusion. Couplings between grandfathers and granddaughters, grandfathers and daughters-in-law, it's all out there. Incestuous relationships occur because people revolve around without knowing the center. They don't know whether to turn one degree, 180 degrees or 360 degrees. Consequently they grab and consume one another. In this era of confusion, of chaos and family-level disarray, everyone floats around randomly to hook up with one another without any sense of order, even beyond the national level. The self-indulgent life style of many diplomats testifies to this.

Who can bring order to this world? God could not interfere with the fall or with marriages under Satan's reign. Likewise even in the last days, there is no way God can interfere. Since false parents created false love and false life, true parents have to reject these and restore true love, life and lineage through indemnity.

Liberation Through Sacrifice

What is the meaning of Matthew 10:39, "Those who seek their life will lose it"? We should be able to reach beyond the level of death in fulfilling God's providence. We should be able to say, "I still have energy to do God's work, even after I die." Then, we will live. There is no resurrection for those who fear death and run away to save themselves.

Then, what about God and True Parents? What if God takes the position where He is willing to lose His life? He will live. If God lives for His own life, then there will be no completion. That is the way that God saves fallen humanity. If you throw a rope over a cliff to save the people at the bottom, you will have to pull the rope until you bring everybody up to the top. By the same token, when God offers everything for humankind, He too will live. Therefore, the Messiah should work even harder than God. He should be willing to lose his life.

In the Western world, people shout, "I want freedom! Freedom! Freedom!" Although Western education is good, it is still confined within the boundary of the fallen world. The concepts of family, society, world, religion and the providence of God are missing. In this regard, the Oriental and Western systems are 180 degrees opposite. Even the perspective on the family is different.

Therefore, in the last days the western world's tradition will decline. We cannot find the concepts of tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos in selfish individualism. How can we awaken the new concept in the world and cosmos? Reverend Moon has taught everything from the view of the family all the way to the view of God. Ultimately we even have to liberate God. I started from the smallest level and finally came to the position of liberating God.

How did I do it? We start with the smallest point, mind-body unity. Upon that absolute unity, the family, nation and world can return to God. As long as one clings to selfish individualism, he cannot reach that position. This individualism is the enemy of religion, conscience and God. It is connected directly to Satan. Did you come here as a spectator? Or have you come to hear my message and go through this difficult course successfully? It makes no difference whether you are a laborer or a graduate of Yale, Harvard or Oxford. Who likes free sex more, white people or black people? If black people like it, they do so because they learned to from white people. The life of free sex and homosexuality will inevitably lead people to drugs and AIDS, which are detrimental to human survival. It is a tragedy that in some cities in Africa, 60% of the people have AIDS. If this trend continues, those cities may disappear in 15 to 20 years. Within two generations, everyone will die. The AIDS virus lies dormant for no more than 8 to 15 years.

Taking on the Core Problems

Let us turn our attention to the United Nations. The organizations such as NGOs have many problems. They do not want to deal with the difficult issues. The NGO representatives from around the world talk about this or that societal evil, issues within their realm of influence. When they hear that the UN should unite the world and solve the problems of communism and other problems, it is beyond their ability to achieve, so they accept me as someone who can help them. They believe that I am on the right track. They do not know how to deal with problems such as youth immorality, family breakdown and AIDS. No president or UN Secretary General knows how to preserve pure lineage for humankind. They may ask themselves, "Is this solution true, or a dream?"

Now, I would like to explain the conditions we must follow after the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship. Up until now, the most serious problem has been that of lineage. We are talking about our blood lineage. That is the most important thing. Kingship is not as important. Being parents is not as important. Society and government are not as important. School is not as important. All the nations of this world do not belong to God. They belong to Satan. Therefore, humanity has no choice but to follow the teachings of God and True Parents.

One reason free democratic nations like America are hobbled is that the labor unions misuse their power. I will tell you how you can resolve that problem. In the same way blue-collar workers form a union, stock owners can also form a union. They can work together. Then each year will be much more productive than the last. There should be mutual benefits for each party, the employees union and employers union. They can compete with each other and see how much profit they can generate within three years. If employees have worked hard, they deserve a bonus. On the other hand, if the employers have worked more, they deserve to receive more. By using this method, they will never fight. In western society, no one has given this any thought. And as another idea, I will call on the religious organizations and blessed families of the world. We will make a religious union. Will you join with me?

Once we solve the labor union problems, the problem of communism will be solved, too. Communist countries such as Russia, China and North Korea are free from labor union problems. Then what propelled labor unions in the developed countries? It was the diplomacy of Russia aimed at destroying the free world. They encouraged laborers to take as much as they could get.

No matter how you look at it, whether you are oriental, white or black, you are having so much trouble. From now on, whether you like to or not, you really should listen to what I have to offer. It is your decision whether to remain engulfed in trouble and confusion. Today you decided to stand with me and your determination should not change. Now you must act based on sincere affection.

Have No Fear

What are we supposed to do in this new millennium? Up until now, neither God nor the True Parents were liberated. But from this moment on, the Parents of Heaven and Earth are liberated and the children also are liberated. There is nothing to fear. Even if you are locked up, you should not be afraid. I am eager to join the spirit world at a young age. Should I fear going to the kingdom of heaven at a young age? The cosmos is in my hands. You should not deny that you have ultimate value as a child of God. You should not worry.

Today, by holding God's kingship ceremony, we have changed the nation. It is the time to worry about how to follow the will of God. God has been pained with the history of resentment. We need to provide the supportive force so that God can do whatever He wants to do.

God is to have full authority based on this new kingship. We should be able to say to God, "Come out, I will guide your way. God, please wake me up and take me along." You know how to guide, don't you? Whether or not God can visit you, you should know how to guide Him. From now on things will change.

Do you know how to achieve perfection as an individual? Do you know that individual perfection comes through mind and body unity? At the time of the fall, the body that inherited Satan's blood lineage became stronger than the conscience. This was the problem. Under no circumstances we should follow bodily desires.

Three Immutable Laws

From now, we have to recognize and abide by immutable law. The first law is that one must not stain the blood lineage, even to the point of dying. The second law is not to infringe upon human rights. Whether female or male, black or white, everyone is equal. One must not discriminate or violate human rights. For this reason, people who are in a leadership position must not change someone else's position according to their own desire or feeling.

The one who practices true love, honoring human rights in the correct way, living for the sake of others, is in the mainstream. The creation of heaven and earth began from that point. Whoever commits an act that dilutes or squanders this main current of thought is not to be tolerated. Violation of this is the second of all sins.

The third law is to refrain from stealing money to fulfill selfish desires. Seventy percent of the people in jail are there because of these crimes. If you are imprisoned, you will see this is true. Human rights infringements and lineage violations are problems that concern man and woman. Then come the money problems. Following these are the problems dealing with power and money. Money, knowledge and power have ruled the satanic world.

From today forward, the blessed blood lineage that has been bequeathed through God's love and life cannot be contaminated by actions immersed in the habitual patterns of the fallen world. Can you abide by this rule? All couples, even if your spouse is dead, must pledge today that you will not stain your lineage. We must not forget this memorial day. When there is a quarrel between a husband and a wife, you should be able to stop immediately by remembering January 13. In the West, thirteen is the worst of all numbers. If the center consists of 12 months, the principle of heaven and earth will circulate through the year. However since this center number 13 does not exist, everything is in chaos and it has become an irrational, confusing world. God's desire is to straighten it out; therefore, once you understand this principle, you must abide by it even if you have to die a thousand times. Think of this as a moment to make an unbreakable, impermeable determination.

What's the first? Purity! Second? Abuse of human rights! Third? Misuse of money! On this memorial day, in order to maintain the sovereign power, the kingship of heaven, and to stand before it as a people, parents, wife, children, and brothers and sisters, this is absolutely necessary. Therefore, you cannot neglect your older brother. You cannot neglect your younger brother merely because he is handicapped. In the secular world, people may not care, but we cannot neglect in-laws or relatives.

How Shall We Live?

You who graduated from a university neglect those who only completed high school. That is a sin. It violates human rights. Following that offense is the misuse of money. The selfish abuse of the public environment is as sinful and fearful as taking public money. Those with such a lifestyle will not succeed regardless of how they try to live a good life. Try living this way. No matter how much you pray to God, you will not be able to evangelize effectively. Even if you bring a guest, the guest will come as far as the front door and turn back and leave; they will not come in.

The whole universe dislikes those who incur a debt. Within your clan, who would like it if one person created a problem for everyone else and caused the clan to fall into debt? In the end the entire clan will come forward and punish this troublemaker. That time is coming.

Do you understand the three points? Count the number of determinations you have made in your heart to follow the laws of the kingdom of heaven. Do you pledge to do that? The laws have to do with purity, equalization of all people, and proper use of national property. You should understand everything well and make it habitual. You will avoid the wrong actions only when you reach the stage in which as soon as your mouth opens these articles of the kingdom of heaven come out.

There is no doubt you will face these challenges in life. There will probably be many such circumstances, but if you make an effort to abstain from violating the law, the challenges will make you a victorious person. As long as you keep up with these heavenly laws, you do not need Reverend Moon's teaching. You will naturally enter the Kingdom of God.

What do we do next? What kind of life do you want to live? We all want to live well. Then, do you consider living alone to be a good life? No! We should live together. With what kind of people and following what rules and environment?

It is simple. There are three answers: the parent-child relationship, the conjugal relationship and the brother-sister relationship. This last one means brothers and sisters in the position of children to the parents; it refers to a relationship among children of the same parents. This is why one's family has a mother and a father; from that couple came sons and daughters. You have the brother-sister relationship because you stand before the same mother and father. In my eyes, third cousins, the in-laws and all the cousins and so on including all people are related, sharing the brother-sister relationship. Once the parent-child relationship and conjugal relationship are connected, brothers and sisters will automatically come to exist. The relationships within this wide range of humankind may be called brother-sister relationships. They are created to live a good life in harmony.

To live a virtuous life, guidance is necessary. Each person has to be an example to others. That defines a virtuous way of life. If you cannot become a model for others, you are not leading a true life. If your life can serve as an example before the mother and the father, the husband and wife, and children, then you are living a virtuous life.

Goals for Your Life

So, what will result from living such a life? The day will come when the king of heaven and the king of the earth will visit the family with the exemplary life and exalt them. Early in January of each year, the kings will like to visit your family. The time will come when the nation will recognize the family within its borders that is living the best life. The family receiving the recognition has to consist of three generations each of which form the perfected four-position foundation [the oneness of God, husband, wife and children]. The time will come when the president will present the award in that family's home.

There are three relationships, parent and child, husband and wife, and among the children. The brother-sister relationship is a consequence of the harmony of all these relationships. Therefore, whether in a brother-sister relationship or children's relationship, in order to become a person standing in the position of subject, you must influence others positively, such that not even one person can live without you.

From now on, even if you are accused as a traitor and executed in the view of the world, if you keep these things absolutely, your family will belong to the heavenly royal family that possesses eternal freedom, unity and liberation.

I want you to remember this clearly. Keep it as a motto. In the motto of the third millennium, I mentioned pure lineage, the equality of human rights, and the preservation of national public assets. That means, do not be a thief. What is next? Be an example! Be an exemplary parent, exemplary spouse, exemplary child and exemplary sibling. If you form such a family, people in your neighborhood will say, "We should follow that person. I want to live with him." That person is surely a citizen of kingdom of heaven, and heaven will remember that family forever.

I explained to you on this historic day, the day of the Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship, the three most important things that humankind must uphold and by which you can be truly liberated in your family and in your nation. I hope you can remember these contents and keep them as the goals of your life.

In the Completed Testament era, we must understand about the spirit world. May you study about spirit world and God, and may you live for the sake of others. If you do so, you will receive the blessing and become a blessed family. Through living for others, you prepare for your eternal life. We all should try to gain this heavenly fortune, which surpasses the fruit of all earthly effort.

In front of the living God, with humility, let us be children of filial piety and loyalty. Let us become the sacred children of God. In light of God's sovereignty, in this age of kingship, let us stand together to establish a world of peace, love and harmony.

May God bless you and your family.

Thank you very much.