Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Father's Words in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.
17 May 2003

Joon-ho Seuk made a foundation by pioneering a difficult path like an obedient sheep. Previously, the Soviet communists did all kinds of things together with orthodox Christians, trying to drive out our family and social activity foundations. Nowadays, how many people gather at Moscow University? (About five hundred, most of them university students.) There are more than a thousand core members in Russia. Centering on our young members, the city wants to adopt our ways in the field of education. How great it would have been if America had supported us! We could have won the nation over. Now I've made the Original Focus Holy Ground, the Root Holy Ground and the Victory Holy Ground at sea [i.e. in the Pantanal] to build the world palace. What pitiful circumstances.

So God directly commanded Sang-hun Lee to restore everyone, ending with Maria Park, and beholding this tragic reality, Sang-hun Lee wailed as he reported back to God. He said that his heart was broken and blamed himself for what he had seen. Yet it's not Sang-hun Lee's responsibility but that of the Unification Church; did they not oppose and persecute the Unification Church? I immediately understood God's calling. Can I lead the Providence from the formation, growth to the perfection level, bring the satanic world to salvation, achieve South and North Korea's reunification, meet the day when I could bless saints and criminals alike, and bridge the division between Cain and Abel? Who's the son of Maria Park? (It's Kang-suk Lee.) We should liberate the three, including Kang-suk Lee and then, centering on Hwal Lan Kim, restore all the Christian groups. I told him to work on restoring all the ringleaders of the modern era. But it stopped with Young-soon Kim. That shouldn't be the case. I told you to liberate the American presidents from the twelfth to the thirty-third, but that was delayed. This time, I asked Daemo-nim, Dr. Sang-hun Lee, Heungjin-nim and the other True Children to assemble in Cheongpyeong to educate Korean and Japanese royalty back to the thirty-eighth generation so that they will testify and prepare themselves. Do you understand? Chung-hwan Kwak, you should bring those who oppose our work and have them listen to the testimonies of their ancestors, up to the seventh or eighth generation. Have their ancestors testify to their descendants so that they can understand and obey my word and eventually take the place of loyal subjects. Educate them with the list of those who passed away; and through that, get rid of religions. You should understand that.

Therefore, if the UN is taken care of, we can have the Providence accepted by the world in an instant. To me, the third and fourth years of the Cheon Il Guk are a very important period. May, June and July this year are important. By July, we should be able to win over America based on the unity of the UN, no matter how much military, economic or political power America has. Until now, nobody opposed the united efforts of the religious realm.

Events held by religious organizations ... there are not so many religions that focus on interfaith work. Aren't there thirteen religions? All of them should make a pilgrimage for saints. Even if there are thousands or tens of thousands of denominations under the great world religions, the written resolutions made by the founders of the great religions must be the mainstream under God's protection. It wasn't based on my desire; God and the spirit world needed it. That's why Dr. Sang-hun Lee lit the fuse. Now, it's unmanageable even in the spirit world.

We saved the elder son, the realm of the blessing in the angelic world and put it in a place higher than Satan's. By putting the lineage of true love, true life and true lineage higher than the completion stage of the growth period, I got people married. I'm not making this up. From the providential point of view, the great confusion in the final stage will be happening. Everything will be shaken up. In the last days, the whole world will be shaken. The time has come; so nobody owns anything. Dong-moon Joo is not the owner, the newspaper has no owner, the nation has no owner, the religions have no owner, there are no owners, and the heavenly nation has no owners. God, in an effort to find the rightful owner, found me in the place of Adam. Centering on the original position of Adam's family, if Cain and Abel who were enemies to each other are blessed together equally, the whole can be covered from the top. Do you understand?

The blessing of 360 million couples sounds like a dream. We were so fast in blessing them all, weren't we? Did Korea win first place or not? (Korea did well.) Centering on that, what came next? Centering on our sons and daughters, we launched the pure love movement! How persecuted we have been! We staged demonstrations and other things to get rid of communism in the congress. We made a foundation with close to nine or ten million people from school principals to students' parents. Centering on the family, I alone performed God's coronation. We don't have God's nation and our blood lineage changed from God's. Placing God upon His rightful throne through the coronation was like a dream. You must understand it. It's inevitable.

The nation went upside down and humankind lost God's nation. Because God didn't have His nation, He couldn't hold the wedding ceremonies, could He? (No, He couldn't.) He had neither hometown nor land. He couldn't register marriages and therefore couldn't register childbirths. No. That's how things were with God, our Father. Looking at this world, in which humankind lived their entire lives as children of His own enemy, God could neither open his eyes nor breathe. In that stifling reality, no one but I could take care of the situation. Who can ever bring the UN into unity? I can. That's the only way the spirit world can be mobilized from the formation realm of the first Israel, the Old Testament age, the growth level of the second Israel, the New Testament age of revival realm, and the perfection stage of the Completed Testament age with Parents' victory. From the top of the UN that used to belong to Satan, all the political realm can be restored back to the realm of the Blessing. The false olive trees will be grafted onto true olive trees in an instant. Not only your children, but all your relatives should drink the holy wine. Even a fetus in a mother's womb can be liberated. If the mother drinks it, that is the ceremony of rebirth.

After the birth, everyone must cut off from the ties of Satan by the age of sixteen. That is the ceremony of resurrection. Through the ceremony of rebirth in the womb, and the ceremony of resurrection, people can go to a position higher than Adam's. Because there is no original soil to create yourselves in, you must find your bodies to make the foundation of recreation. You must create yourselves, and then you must fight against Satan and win him over to take things back. You must win over three cities, three nations and three big brothers, only then, you can go beyond the realm of liberation on the family level. That all sounds like a dream. Now, I must tell you things generally. Have you had any dreams of such a thing? Angels and the spirit world did everything they could; what you, blessed families, should do is to find your spiritual children to have them be your heirs and to receive the Blessing. After fifty-eight years, how many couples have you blessed? That's what the Principle teaches. I gave out awards at the True Parents' birthday celebrations. Three times seven make twenty-one. Centering on the national foundation, there are 2,100 and the UN is 2,100. They are all like that. Before the year 2005, I awarded 2,100 representatives who can protect the victorious kingship. I couldn't do it by myself. With God's supervision, I did it through the lottery.

I also gave away things. Bequeathing thirteen kinds of things, how many was it in all? More than a thousand. Those who took responsibility and sacrificed in the African outback received eight or nine items. God is truly working. Centering on those people, He wants to establish tradition and standards. Didn't you all think that? You became the bones. Because Jesus couldn't create his own family by the age of thirty-one, centering on the number thirty-six, centering on 3 years and 6 years, you should make the total living offering to restore the kingship, going from the individual, through the familial, tribal, national and up to the world UN level.

There should be worldwide celebrations everywhere in cities and villages in the name of True Parents, celebrating the kingship of love for eternity. We should offer ourselves to God saying, "You should become the owner of the lineage of one people and one nation, and the owner of the ideal of creation of eternity! May You be the King of All-Immanence, Omnipotence and All-Transcendence!" God gave us physical bodies for our sake and not for Himself. God made the physical bodies of humanity so that we could create the family of spiritual perfection. That's why you can't give birth to children in the spirit world. In the substantial realm, through the unity of sexual organs, the love of Adam and that of Eve were meant to be fulfilled together. After the wedding, God could have embodied Himself in the unity of Adam and Eve. The wedding of God's ideal could have been the fruit of the heavenly kingdom of the cosmic reign of peace. If a generation lived for twenty years, four generations would have spanned eighty years. If it lived for thirty years, then four generations would have spanned 120 years. If it lived for forty years, then four generations would have spanned 160 years. Those periods are for humanity to realize perfection while having physical bodies in the original world. After physical life, people are to live with God in the spirit world for eternity in the realm of the kingdom. Human beings have it better than God because they can directly live in the substantial realm of creation and in the independent life realm beyond the abstract concept.

True Parents, on behalf of God, came and clearly restored the entire universe, even hell, that had been stained by Satan. Now we have completed the substantial realm where no restoration is necessary and where we all can live for eternity. Clap your hands and say, "amen." Shout "100 million manseis!". With the settlement of liberation, all people can enter the heavenly kingdom. It is the age of the great transition to the ideal of creation. Do you understand? The time has come. But what is the newspaper doing or the UPI for that matter? They should work together to unite Cain and Abel in the UN. What is Korea doing? True Parents are the only chance you have.

All nations together should set up UN tradition and constitution from the top down; so when people commit crimes, they should be punished immediately. We should educate them to be new people from the bottom of hell. We should teach those criminals the heavenly way so that they could be restored back to their original position. True Parents can raise people up that way. As a True Parent, I make a decisive proclamation. Here, what should the upper house and the lower house of the UN do? They should introduce the Unification Church and True Parents. The realm of the third Israel is divided into two fighting for life and death. The moment has come when it can blow up any moment. So I can't just stay here doing nothing. I have made the foundation by having given everything. This isn't nonsense; it's true. If things go well and South and North Korea don't break apart, we will have a victory. Though the UN doesn't move, it wants to learn from me.

President Bush gets to connect to the mother nation, Japan, the Eve nation. Bush must fulfill the elder son's position, which Britain failed to do. Representing the Abel side, we had to do it in five or six cities. There is no other way than to push forward. You should push forward until the age of your children's generation. The time has come. The fall that had happened in Cain's family, the whole thing, is being restored through the synchronism of history. In order to restore a family, the entire nation stands in the position where Jesus failed. By restoring the blood lineage, representing Adam's family, the representatives of Adam and Eve must restore the lineage centering on Jesus. If the Israelites and Judaism had united with Jesus and had the same destiny with him, the world today would be very different; you wouldn't even need Rev. Moon.

Although there have been many victorious sons and daughters in Israel, Israel was part of the satanic world. It won a victory independently. But why was the first Israel broken so that God would need the second? The first Israel should have built the national realm and automatically multiplied in the world to have the power of one united government, something like the UN. However, Israel failed. That's why things had to happen the way they did; so through the crucifixion, christology, the idea of the Lord of the Second Advent. And the robbers on the left side and on the right side were enemies. There was no true Christianity. Because the traditional innocence was lost, I had no choice but to push things forward centering on the reunification of North and South Korea, centering on Britain, which used to be the center of the world, and America. Although all the battles were fought by Britain, America inherited the position to be the center of the second Israel, so it had to begin anew as a new country.

I have been here thirty-three or thirty-four years. The time has come for complete liberation through indemnifying the standard of the realm of heavenly liberation. I must unite even the enemies of the interreligious and international movement, the NGOs, destructive elements in heaven and earth centering on unification thought. I should make unification thought the mainstream tradition of world history and then we should lead the movement to unite Muslims, the Islamic religion. Muslims have been in struggle with America and the Soviet Union., but we should have them lead the movement of liberation and unification, just like Barabbas did. Then, Christianity can start the Christian unity movement. Communists can be included in it. At the founding of the UN, Christianity should have been the center of history, but the leftists infiltrated it. Why? Because America failed to fulfill its responsibility.

Centering on pirates, Britain became an empire on which the sun never set. She had her queen. At the time when a wife had to be chosen for the Lord of the Second Advent, if Britain had welcomed the queen of the Lord of the Second Advent, and if the Lord of the Second Advent had blessed the aristocrats, then people would have been united centering on God's blood lineage. Everyone would have been brothers and sisters to each other. That way, the providence would have developed worldwide. Heaven and earth would have been in the palm of the Lord's hand. False olive trees would have grafted onto true olive trees. That was a sure way. All trees, all the greenery would have inherited heavenly love, life and lineage to solely belong to God. They can all stand in the heavenly subject and object relationship. Each being can be the individual truth body in the position of harmony. On this foundation, people can have God's bones and skin to have the joy of the original sung sang and original hyung sang in the subject and object relationship centering on peace and harmony.

So far the holy wine symbolized blood. Centering on love and blood, people connect to Father and Mother's blood and love by drinking the holy wine. Not only that, but also to connect to the bones. Sweat, tears and blood are what we must pour out in this world. We must sacrifice our lives if we need to. No one can deny that history has developed following the laws of Creation. Do you understand?

That's why I can dream dreams that God Himself never dreamed. I'm that kind of person. I can believe the things even God can't believe. I can do things even God can't. That's why God hated me more than Satan hated me. He had to strike people on the Abel side because of me, and told me to win over Cain. From that perspective, persecution is the second and indirect strategy for God to bequeath to humanity. Do you understand? This is a logical solution. This is the clear principle.

If I started hating my enemies, I could harbor hatred stronger than anyone else's. If I made up my mind, when I see my enemies, I could burn the whole world up, such is the intensity of my heart; but I went beyond that because of God. Because I knew about God's mortal pain and His tradition, I came to learn to love my enemies. I forgot the names of my enemies. I forgot them all. God, my Father, loved His enemies and pioneered that unbelievable path. You should all pioneer the path of restoration through paying indemnity. After completing pioneering, you should walk the principle course just like Adam and Eve did. You must absolutely obey in walking the course. The realm of objects created by your absolute obedience and dedication are the foundation of absolute love and absolute obedience. I've paved the foundation for the spirit and body together to be one with God's blood lineage on this earth, the substantial realm by giving the blessing diligently. That's how it is in heaven and on earth. On this foundation, I pioneered the age of God's kingship and have the declaration of the parents of heaven and earth opening Cheon Il Guk. That was the declaration announcing that finally Parents could have the holy wedding. Is it false or true?

You'll know the truth only after things have matured. Did you understand, Dong-moon Joo? You didn't know. Satan didn't either. Only God alone knows my way of pioneering. Our ancestors fell because of their ignorance of God's heart. I pioneered the path with the standard of absolute faith by pouring my tears, blood and sweat. That's how I could pay the indemnity for our ancestors' failure. That's how I could do amazing things. I have no fear. I've been very close to death several times. My life doesn't belong to me. By having been in prison, I have crossed over peaks. This man who needs God's love made up a plan to connect South and North Korea. Even in prison, I received revelations and made plans. Nobody can ever deny the inside story. Even if all nations or even all heaven and earth deny what I have been through, God can vouch for it. Christianity and other religions hated me, and nations hated me. Even God couldn't teach me how to do things. Where would God go? Who did all the blessing and who knew all this? Did Mother know it? Did I have the mother and children of victory? Who else knew what I knew?

You should pioneer your course and walk up step by step. I've given you the blessing by placing you beyond the perfection level of the growth stage where the archangel fell so that you could have the liberation with absolute obedience. Because the Lord of the Second Advent on earth went beyond the standard of the blessed families in the spirit world, those who went beyond the standard of the spirit world can be placed in my younger brother's position as soon as I connect them, who are in the position of having the separated body of Adam at the age of sixteen, to my victorious blood lineage anew. Because the resurrection of the Second Adam was established, we are in the realm of liberation in which Satan can't oppose my engrafting of lineage. I give you an example: there is a big olive tree with a third of it belonging to heaven and two thirds to the other side, but the heavenly one third can have true olives and graft themselves onto the rest, and eventually, the entire tree can have olives. Satan needs such true seeds. We need them here on earth as well as in the spirit world.

When the blessed families graft onto the true olive tree, they take three, five or seven years to be true olive trees themselves. When they turn into true olive trees, those who are on the other side can know it too. By cutting off the buds and branches and pouring caustic soda, we could get rid of false olive trees, and those dead false olive trees can be manure for the new life (true olive trees). That way, we can restore the substantial realm back and call out the sons and daughters in the hell of death through the providence of resurrection. The culmination of the providence is the complete acknowledgement of the perfection of True Parents. Although the thirty-six couples were thrown out because of their failures, nobody can oppose them any more if they surpass the standard of other blessed families. This Day of All True Things was a special privilege. By educating all things, we should restore them. You can go beyond the highest level of making good conditions. Women make about twenty times more conditions than men. It's the principle that the Ambassadors for Peace can go beyond the fall that was stained by the archangel, in the position of Adam's younger siblings.

It's the garden of mountains and rivers. I should make the world scale federation and love minerals more than anyone else on behalf of God. From the point of view that I own all nature, I declared the return of the oceans. Am I right or not? (You're right.) After that declaration, I declared the return of the land, the return of the world of the cosmos, and then the return of the realm of the fourth Adam. Yes, I did it all. What's funny is, who can really believe in all this? Even God Himself doesn't want to believe it because He doesn't have His own principled world. Only I set this absolute standard. God had to follow me to go over this. Because I won the victory and inherited it as my own, God can have the logical foundation to establish it back. So where are the blessed families in the picture? All of them stand beyond the lineage of the fallen Adam and in the position of my victory. Because I bequeathed the blessing in the position of mature Adam, blessed families can completely go beyond the dominion of Satan. You've become a complete positive. Therefore, you should automatically go beyond the false positives.

Now in this world, the Bush administration went beyond the realm of the Archangel. From the external point of view, he held the power and the Adam-like position. However, internally, he doesn't know that he should use all the fallen leaves of the Fall as fertilizer centering on God. He doesn't know about it; I'm the one who knows it, so I am creating the united system of religions as fast as I can. Do you understand?

Everyone should go to a good family. A husband and wife who are in the position of children must find the mother. I was opposed, persecuted and received all kinds of beatings in eighteen nations. I had to restore my wife and my own children. That's how I led the Unification Church. There is no forgiveness in the law of indemnity. If you try to keep your face and dignity, how will you end up? You'll be in hell as the king of dung. You must create a hole through which your tribe can escape. The logical conclusion is that there is a way for the whole to be revived with the spring of the water of life. That's why Rev. Moon tries not to hesitate for even a second.

With this work we have crossed over another peak. You don't know how worried I have been about South Korea as well as North Korea. Now, I must teach President Roh how to harmonize with the America and go forward. We should educate our people so that we can build a nation in which people can live better than Americans. If there were no communists, Korea could surpass America economically. The communists are ruining it. Containers are stuck at the port of Pusan. Those who are on the Cain side are ruining this nation. Because the time has come, people will ask for a thirty percent raise. For three years, they will ask for fifty percent and seventy percent raises. Instead, if you digest the labor union and work on the spot, I'll give a raise higher than you ask for. That way, there will be owner labor unions, won't there? If President Roh Moo-hyun could do such a thing, he could be president of the world. North Korea would follow. Sang-kwon Park, how many centuries will it take for the development of the world's economy? It might take at least 120 years. Or it might take just thirty-four years. You should go forward with confidence.

The leaders of South Korea, President Roh, and Kim Jong-il in the North, Cain and Abel should unite. Joon-ho Seuk and Bo-hi Pak met with past high-ranking officials in China and Russia. Because the systems in their nations changed, those high-ranking officials are mostly in trouble. Our representatives met them and in the position of the ambassadors of the second Israel and in the position of the first savior. The power of China and the power of Russia will level and they will educate their satellites. In return, those satellite countries will become more developed. Then China and Russia will have to come around. It's restoration. Centering on China and Russia, we should educate the North Korean youth. Did you talk about such a thing or not, Sang-kwon Park? (Yes, I did.) Then I said that I could prepare a house and a nation if and when Kim Jong-il runs away. When he comes here and finds out all the background to reach where we are, he can never hate me. Even if he doesn't want it, he would have to make me his big brother, his teacher or his uncle. Although I didn't make a brotherly relationship with Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il is like my nephew. As soon as I create any sort of human relationship with Kim Jong-il, I'll start to be more casual in talking to him, calling him Jong-il! Do you understand what I'm saying? When I win over the UN, such a thing is possible. Do you understand?

Putting ambassadors in front we can have secret meetings. It's quite simple. Self-centeredness heads toward the hell of individualism, but now people should be other-centered. Others aren't others. In the world of restoration, we become other-centered and create a new ownership. Because we live in God's realm, if we live centering on other-centered self-consciousness, and live for the sake of others, we can all enter the Heavenly Kingdom. Others aren't others any more. We have entered the age when we can organize things with our children. If you know it but you don't do anything about it, you're doomed. In the spirit world, if you didn't take responsibility for yourselves, I won't take responsibility for you even if you're blessed members. I taught you everything in detail day and night.

Even if the gate of the Heavenly Kingdom is open, blessed families can't enter it as they please. You can't even get into paradise. You must prepare to cross over your own peaks, restore the formation level of Adam's failure with the growth-level Adam, and by becoming the growth-level Adam, you should achieve the perfected Adam. That's the principle of restoration, the official theory. If I go to the spirit world, all the blessed families, all the thirty-six couples say that we should make so-and-so join as a blessed family, through Dr. Sang-hun Lee in the spirit world. After Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus, the realm of the twelve apostles was revived. Looking at that, the Completed Testament age is more advanced than the New Testament age. Everyone comes to me to ask my pardon on behalf of so-and-so. Everyone will have to receive permission from the True Parents.

It's all completed. The foremost external problem of the world is to take care of North Korea and the religious world. No one can manage the religious world. I can, however. Dong-moon Joo, you should understand it. You should quickly create a religious federation. That's so much more important than the State Department, isn't it? It'll be the key to open up the realm of death. I've invested so much to open up the realm of religions centering on the Unification Church. If all my life's efforts turn into precious stones, the most precious one would be hanging up the sign that reads, "God's Kingdom." Because I held the Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families of the Peace and Unity of the Cosmic True Parent and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth, I can be liberated from the life of religion without any name tags.

You don't need to pray or ask for things. Furthermore, it will be the age when religions are not necessary. How free it will be. Isn't it hard to pray? Isn't it hard to pay indemnity? You should having nothing to fear or be ashamed of. Having the privilege and special right to do anything, why should I hesitate? I can push forward like lightning. Did those who opposed me do wrong or not? I should forgive. I should find those who have deep brotherly love who can be grateful for having been beaten up in order to indemnify the world.

Witness to seven tribes, up to seven generations -- to your most distant cousins and relatives seven or eight generations removed. Up to the twelfth time removed signifies the number 12. Hell started because our ancestors didn't have that. In Isaac's family the elder son should have inherited but the younger son took his inheritance away. Three generations after that, the younger son took the inheritance from the older son even in their mother Tamar's womb. God revealed to Tamar that there were two nations in her womb and the elder would serve the younger. History went exactly the way it was written, so you should go together with the direction and purpose. How miserable Jesus must have felt as he tried to take responsibility for what his family and Israel couldn't do. He suffered more than anyone in history, even more than God. God couldn't give the blessing to Jesus. He had to go beyond His limitation in restoring heaven and earth. That's the reason that the Lord of the Second Advent had to believe what even God couldn't believe or do. He has to command what even God couldn't command. That's the way the Lord of the Second Advent creates new things. That's the conclusion.

In that situation, I transferred all the blessings. If there is something that you cannot do well, it is my fault. I'm the one who's condemned to death. You have no basis on which to oppose God. I have no hesitation to shed tears, blood and sweat because I have to save the nation and the world in order to inherit heaven and earth. Imagine the suffering of God, even on the road to the cross. How dreadful is the title "Lord of the Second Advent," how fearful is the title "Savior." Not knowing the reality, everyone thinks they want to follow such a path -- so go ahead and try! My parents opposed me and even God blocked my way. I have been all alone in my life. I walked this course until all my bones, blood and flesh dissolved.

In Washington D.C. the seat of supreme power, I pushed through the international blessing, starting with the blessing of 144,000 couples including the blessing of the second generation [of other faiths], the first, the second, the third and the fourth phases. For the ceremony of building the nation, we have to give the blessing to at least several hundred people centering on those that are interreligious and international. I don't give the blessing. You should be giving the blessing even to the kings or presidents of some nations. Do you understand?

We should connect the Bush administration to the religious realm to work together in the UN like brothers. Because I initiated it, it would be simple to start the Abel-side UN. Do you understand? If we have support from forty nations or seventy nations, what we want to accomplish will be discussed in the United Nations General Assembly. If we have less than a third of the support, it may be difficult, but everything is decided by the Secretary General; that's the law. Knowing that, I'm trying to make a breakthrough in the project. When I watched the TV show about Kim Du-hwan, I could see that he went the kind of way I am going. Knowing that his life was at stake, he still went ahead and did what he had to do. He is a real man.

Even if one has to sacrifice serving his own parents, a real man must be willing to make a sacrifice for the nation. A man should be willing to die for several thousand other people. That's the way Unification Church members should go. I announced it the day before yesterday. Was it the thirteenth or twelfth? That was a very good lesson for me to learn. Our Unification Church soldiers must have that kind of determination. Looking at all of you, I wondered who would have that kind of determination. Whose determination is strong enough to die with me? The proof of the loyal subject is the willingness to die together with the master. Am I right or wrong? (You're right.)

We can push our way through to the forefront of world history. How great it would be if America did this work? Do Jews own the Washington Post and the New York Times? (Anglo-Saxons own the Washington Post and Jews own the New York Times.) The realm of the second Israel made of the Jewish religion and Christianity did the same thing as the Jews did when they crucified Jesus. In the midst of that, at the 20th anniversary of The Washington Times, I told the audience of 3,300 guests including presidents that they should understand the spirit world and God in the future. Didn't I introduce and announce the spirit world? I'm not lying.

I spoke to the staff of The Washington Times because I thought this was a good chance. When there are more than 1,000 people gathered, do they want to hear what an old man in his eighties has to say? What would they want to hear? I would ask them to clap their hands, and I would kick out those who wouldn't; that's how I would educate them. If we have a festival for family members, there will be Chung-hwan Kwak, Russian, Japanese and Korean representatives. We should make them important family members in the future.

I am commanding you in the name of the Messiah. You should become like special correspondents to meet prime ministers and others. Everything can be done in my presence in the end, simply put. That's Unificationism. Chung-hwan Kwak, haven't you managed people under you? Our members are all over the world. We have our foundations in 191 countries. I'm saying that you should try making use of our manpower. Who can beat us? The time has come when heaven and earth can influence the spirit world. That's why I've come.

I know that you didn't want me to come. This time, you should appoint special correspondents. Do you understand, Chung-hwan Kwak? You should get your grandchildren involved if you need to. Hurry up. Live on the worldwide foundation. We are making the foundation for you to be able to revive; therefore, you shouldn't oppose what we are trying to do. The Family Party of the Family Federation was established. I've already told you not to go against God's Will. Don't regret later for not having participated in the work. Distribute the official documents so that people have no choice but to participate in our project. With the cooperation of our special correspondents, we should save nations and establish God's nation of peace. America bears the greatest responsibility for that. You should be grateful for the fact that I'm talking in the highest dimension. Religious traditions have been established by people searching for right teachers, prophets and leaders. What kind of people have been against that?

I could overturn a director's desk in his face asking, "How could you not have a sufficiently public mind?" I could meet the director of the FBI and the president of the Washington Post and ask "Do you truly represent the history and the people of this nation or not? I'm trying to represent heaven and earth and how could you try to stop me? You feed your chickens and dogs with uncooked rice. You should try to feed people in the poor countries with the food you couldn't care less to eat. I've lived that way. I couldn't care less about having some big position. You think you have nothing to fear. You think that I will be finished. You never thought I could continue." But now, you know what I really think. Will you be loyal subjects or enemies of the heavenly nation? Answer me. You should become loyal subjects. Satan can never make loyal subjects. I must. Even God can't create loyal subjects. True Parents did. I can't express how sorry I feel about God who has believed in me until now. Sometimes, I just want to live all by myself. I don't even have such freedom. Give me the freedom to be alone. You must know that so many times my heart just bursts into tears.

Taking out the blood and flesh of the Unification Church of twenty years, I should sprinkle it in the satanic world. I should obtain my investment. You must be really determined. Flowing water and flowing wind all have their destinations. I have stayed in one place for thirty-three years. I am a man worthy of pity. No matter how many places invite me, I can't go. I'm in exactly the same situation as God. When I was in prison, I knew that I had to have the day of joyous liberation as soon as possible. I comforted the American ministers when I left Danbury prison and pledged to myself that I would save the churches in America. You need to know this.

I made a new start on August 20th. In July, at the time of the upcoming anniversary, I should gather sons and daughters within the true Kingdom that can live together with God. You should truly yearn for the day of blessing. Make the condition and be willing to send out blessed members to America or the rest of the world. Do you understand? How many people can the Korean church send out? We need a principled number. How many people will the Japanese Church send? How many Russians and how many Americans will go out? Decide the number and push people out. If you're not going to do it, I will. Will you do it or not? Those who are determined, raise your hands. God told me to prepare for that. Who really knows His heart? Can you know the heart of orphans, widows and widowers unless you're one? How can you know the heart of a man in prison whose people lost their sovereignty and whose nation was doomed? How can you understand the heart of two brothers facing death together? God is the one who understands such a heart. You should understand that he is the king, master and father.

There is nothing to be ashamed of! You should have the guts to die with confidence when you are face to face with death. Jesus was like that. He died under the inscription, "King of the Jews." Such a thing happened when the chosen people failed in their responsibility. Do you understand? Have you made up your mind? You must make up your mind and go. I believe that. Take care of all this and draft the constitution before August. Make a external layout of what you think you need to put in. Get the basic idea from some country's Constitution. Political, business, technological and academic experts assemble on behalf of God and True Parents to create the constitution of totality. What a wonderful day it would be if we could have the United Nations General Assembly to ratify the constitution. Do you understand? In this land, as long as I live, the path I must tread is to teach unforgettable things for our descendants even while vomiting my own blood. That's the destiny of the True Parents. I sincerely hope and ask you to accomplish your task of inheritance well.