Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles

CARP members demonstrating martial arts. CARP members at work on a volunteer project.
The Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) is an international student movement which believes Unificationism has the power to guide humanity in the search for solutions to the world's problems. Beginning in Korea in 1955, CARP expanded to Japan in 1964, to America in 1973 and now is established in more than 70 nations. CARP seeks to generate a new spirit of compassion, involvement and determination in the world's young people, by revitalizing their relationship with God. The three major goals of CARP are: spiritual renewal, new moral commitment and positive solutions to global injustice. Among CARP campus and community activities are the World Student Service Corps, which annually brings students to nations in need to work on a specific project for the benefit of that nation and for the education of the young people. Each year CARP sponsors the Mr. and Miss University Pageant an international pageant to celebrate the beauty, moral character and artistic nature of students. For the past four years CARP has sponsored The CARP Convention of World Students, a convention for students from around the world to discuss issues of world peace and to celebrate the unique aspects of each culture through the arts, sports, music and dance.
3RD CARP Convention of World Students