Council of the World's Religions

The Council for the World's Religions (CWR) exists to foster harmony and mutual respect among the religions and believers of the world. It believes in the positive power of spiritual ideals and interreligious cooperation to change the world for the better. It seeks to dissolve the bitter legacy of strife, hatred and rivalry which has plagued the religious world and has prevented believers from realizing the noble ideals of their scriptures and traditions. The activities of the Council have three aims: intrareligious reconciliation, which seeks harmony among adherents of particular traditions or denominations within religions; interreligious reconciliation, seeking harmony between adherents of different religions; and cooperation and mutual understanding among existing interfaith organizations. "The CWR is doing highly valuable interfaith work. Its conferences bring together representatives of all the world's religions, creating an atmosphere of tolerance and respect in which they can question, learn and grow in understanding. Long may it flourish." Rabbi David J. Goldberg