The Holy Spirit Association for the
Unification of World Christianity

Updated: June 26, 1995


Picture of HSA-UWC Seoul Church The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HSA-UWC) was founded on May 1, 1954, to end the suffering of God and humanity. Rev. Sun Myung Moon has said there are three great headaches for God in this age. First is the attack on moral virtue in our younger generation and growing individual and national self-centeredness evident in the world. Second is the decline of Christianity and the lack of unity and understanding among the world's religions. Third is the growth of God-denying and materialistic ideologies. Since that time, the HSA-UWC (now popularly known as the Unification Church) has expanded to more than 130 countries and encompasses activities that touch every aspect of life. Though now an international Church, the founding purposes remain the root of all its activities.
Picture of the Unification Church
at 1610 Columbia Rd, NW in Washington DC Unification Church members worldwide work tirelessly to comfort the suffering heart of God by striving to end the enduring pain of humanity. From its inception, the Unification Church has united people from every race, religion and way of life. Rev. Moon has often pointed out that he did not seek to create another denomination, but that he began a movement. The original goal of uniting Christianity, and eventually all people under God as the Heavenly Parent of humankind, is still the fundamental purpose of the Unification Church.