Interdenominational Conferences for Clergy

The Interdenominational Conferences for Clergy (ICC) is dedicated to fostering Christian unity and understanding among Christians of all denominations, races and cultures. Its educational conferences are forums for interdenominational and interracial dia logue and interaction. ICC believes that when we ground our unity in God and recognize that all human viewpoints are limited, we can heal our divisions through love and mutual respect. On that foundation, we can join in Christian fellowship, cooperate in effective social service, and encourage a lasting revival of the Church.

More than 7,000 American clergy have attended ICC seminars in Korea and Japan since April, 1985. Participants are introduced to the theological issues raised by the teaching of the Unification Church, and they come to understand the vitality of the Spiri t of God in Korea, the fastest-growing Christian nation in the world. Participants have found deep inspiration and renewed hope in Christ.