International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences

The International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS) is an annual, international, interdisciplinary forum for scholars and scientists from around the globe to pursue timely and significant issues of worldwide concern. Conference themes have developed around the search for a central standard of value to solve the crisis of fragmentation of the sciences. Since 1972, ICUS has spawned a global network of cooperating scholars. In the words of Dr. Alexander King, president of the Club of Rome, "ICUS is the only world occasion where scholars from diverse disciplines can come together to discuss mutual interactions in their work as a multidisciplinary attack on global problems."

"What we need is not an industrial or technological revolution but a great revolution of human consciousness. The solution to social problems is not limited to the natural sciences but must be transdisciplinary and influencing the areas of social science, the arts, religion, etc." Rev. Sun Myung Moon