International Christians for Unity and Social Action

International Christians for Unity and Social Action (ICUSA) was founded by Rev. Moon in 1985. ICUSA serves as a vehicle for Christians of all denominations to work in harmony promoting Christ's vision of the Kingdom of God through concrete social action. ICUSA began in America with a grant of 250 18 ton trucks. With this resource, ICUSA has worked with Christian ministers and community service organizations all across America. Working Together, hundreds of community organizations make use of these vehicles to transport food, clothing, medical supplies and other materials needed by the poor, in the United States and overseas. ICUSA is established in more than 100 major cities throughout America and distributes more than 6 million pounds of food annually. Through shared social action with ministers of every denomination, ICUSA develops innovative programs that emphasize self-help and individual initiative. Beyond food and clothing programs lies the most fundamental need for Christians to work together for the betterment of man and the glory of God.