International Relief Friendship Foundation

The International Relief Friendship Foundation, Inc. (IRFF) is a public, non-profit agency dedicated to eliminating poverty, malnutrition and disease. IRFF was founded in 1976 not only to serve those in need but also to motivate aid recipients to help others as they themselves have been helped. In this way, IRFF seeks to promote greater self-reliance in development aid projects. IRFF creates and sponsors short- and long-term programs in agriculture and rural development, education and technical training, health care, urban and community services, and emergency disaster relief. IRFF medical teams have been active in the fight against disease in Africa, Asia and South America. Teams have been formed to assist Vietnamese refugees in Thailand. Similarly, IRFF teams have worked in the Ivory Coast, the Central African Republic, Zambia, Zaire, Peru, the Philippines, Bangladesh and Honduras.