Ocean Church

The Ocean Church programs offer participants the opportunity to learn about and experience life at sea by developing navigation, fishing and seamanship skills. It seeks to educate and stimulate today's young people to understand concretely the value of service to the world through meaningful work. Ocean Church is concerned with balancing the needs of humanity with the needs of the environment, and being able to feed the world's hungry from the sea. In the future, harvests from the sea will play a fundamental role in nourishing the world's populations. Every summer Ocean Church sponsors a special program for young people called Ocean Challenge. This program is dedicated to bringing young people together from many nations. The training involves long hours and hard work, side by side with others in moments of peaceful reflection as well as exhilarating effort. Through daily discipline and creative involvement, Ocean Challenge encourages its participants to become more responsible for themselves, for their crews and, in a larger sense, for the world.