Professors World Peace Academy

No quest is more important, or more difficult, than world peace. At any moment, nations may find themselves faced with the possibility of nuclear war. Not only is the fate of individual nations at stake, but the planet itself may be in jeopardy. Nuclear war must not happen. The Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA) is dedicated to finding peaceful solutions to problems that pose the threat of war or violence. The organization is comprised of academics who believe that a worldwide community of scholars can make significant contributions to the search for peace. PWPA is a worldwide network of academics with chapters in over 90 countries. Each chapter is a separate association of scholars tied to a common purpose. Each seeks out the most important issues for peace in its own region as well as those essential for world peace. PWPA convenes international congresses; such as the ones in Geneva in 1985 on the theme of the Soviet Empire, and in Manila in 1987 on the theme of China's role in world peace. PWPA also publishes the respected quarterly International journal on World Peace.