Unification Churches in the World

Updated: June 26, 1995

In 1975, Rev Moon asked volunteers from three nations -- America, Japan and Germany -- to go out to the world and establish Unification Church activities in 120 nations. They sought to share the love of God and the vision of Unificationism through their actions and by their words. Like so many of the people in the nations to which they went, they endured many hardships, and through their suffering, understood the compassionate and enduring love of God towards their adopted nations. Today, the Unification Church carries out its work in more than 130 nations.

A goal of the Church is to reach out to every human being, offering spiritual renewal as well as practical and necessary service programs, to end the very real suffering worldwide. Beyond the barriers of race and nation, Unification Church members have continued their work, and what began as a small trio sent to each nation has become a substantial movement whose roots are firmly implanted and growing in each mission field.