The Washington Institute for Values in Public Policy

The Washington Institute brings together scholars and policymakers to develop new information and insights on public policy issues affecting the United States and the world. It is devoted to research on important domestic and foreign policy issues with particular attention to their ethical implications. The Institute researches a broad range of public policy options and welcomes all responsible viewpoints from a diverse group of scholars. Fundamental to Rev. Moon's views is the virtue of public service. By extension, to truly prosper, any nation needs to act not only in its own self-interest but also for the well-being of other nations. Public policy should be founded on a better understanding of the divergent cultures of the world. It should also encourage democratic principles, individual freedoms and the integrity of the family. Research during the Institute's first five years has explored many issues, including U.S. policies toward the Philippines, problems of arms control, U.S.-Soviet relations, nuclear energy policy, and political implications of Latin American Liberation Theology. Ongoing research projects include: the global implications of reform in China, U.S. policy towards Korea, and the future of medical ethics.