Blessing and Ideal Family
by Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Chapter One
Part 4



The term "Last Days" originated with Christianity, but a similar concept exists in many religions. Let us think about how the Last Days will occur.

The world which the absolute God plans should be eternal. Once it starts, it must continue eternally. We must imagine that the reason the Last Days are needed in the world which God created is not because God planned for them, but because of the human fall. The cause of the Last Days is the fact that evil began and goodness could not continue.


Adam and Eve, who were created by a God of goodness, lived in the Garden of Eden, which was also good. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, goodness would have continued eternally. However, because of the fall, goodness ended without even starting.

You must understand that even though human beings were created to believe in God's words, our first human ancestors disbelieved, causing death to occur in this world. Another master appeared, who seduced Adam and Eve into disbelieving God's Word and disobeying His commandment.

Because Adam and Eve did not believe God's Word and were seduced by this master, Satan became the lord of this world. Fallen Adam and Eve became the objects of Satan. As a result of their disbelief, there began a world of destruction and death, which has no relationship to God.

God cannot leave this world as it is. We must make goodness begin once again by restoring this world.


When would the Last Days come? The phenomena of the Last Days occur when a heavenly person appears to cleanse the world by restoring to goodness the individual, family, clan, tribe, nation and world. In other words, the Last Days occur when a central person appears with the power to eliminate all evil, to remove all the conditions for Satan's accusation, and to transcend to a world of goodness. The time when we overcome individually is the individual Last Days, when we overcome on the family level is the family-level Last Days and so on up to the world-level Last Days.


Historically, our ancestors came and went. Those who tried to fulfill their responsibility based on God's will always met with failure. Therefore, God made a promise that He would send a world-level representative who would be victorious representing the individual, family, tribe, nation and world and who would appear before Satan with a dignified power. That one person is indeed the Messiah.

The Lord will come when the evil world, which existed from the beginning of history, is ready to change into a world of goodness. Therefore, the Last Days means the end of one age and the beginning of a new age. If the literal sun, moon and earth -- which God created -- are destroyed in the Last Days, it would be destruction by Satan, meaning God would have failed.


The Last Days will occur without people knowing. When your watch strikes twelve o'clock, yesterday ends and today starts. But is there anyone who perceives at midnight that "from this instant it is a new day"? I don't think so, but this does not mean that the time ending the previous day did not arrive.

It is difficult to perceive clearly the end of one day and the start of the next. Soon, autumn will be over and winter will come. However, autumn will end and winter will come without anyone knowing. There are many elders here, but is there anyone who, even once in his lifetime, recognized clearly the moment the season changed from autumn to winter? Without our knowing, winter comes, and then spring. However, this does not mean that there is no end point, no division between seasons.

You must know that when Adam and Eve fell, they still did not have a clear purpose which allowed them to decide what is good and what is wrong. They also did not yet have the power of dominion or the ability to make the right decisions. The fall occurred when Adam and Eve turned left when they should have turned right. Adam and Eve fell in the midst of confusion, not yet knowing all the facts.

Then when are the Last Days? The time is now. This is because it is written in the Bible that when the Last Days come, the world will be divided into sheep and goats. The sheep are the people following the Lord, and the goats are those who are not.

Communism is on the left and therefore it is the goat. It is written in the Bible that what is on the left-hand side is the goat. A goat does not know its master even if it has one. Do communists know God ? The people in the democratic world are the sheep because they know God. A sheep knows its master. The Bible writings about the Last Days describe all the phenomena of the present day.

What is the nature of the Last Days? It is the time when everything is and confused that people cannot tell the difference between day and night or truth and falsehood. When we look at the world today, we cannot tell whether the people who believe in Jesus are good or those who do not believe in Jesus are good. Sometimes those people who do not believe in Jesus can be better. When we compare the communist world and the democratic world, the communist world seems to be externally more dignified and practical than the democratic world. We have entered an age in which we cannot clearly distinguish what is better from what is worse. You should know that this heralds the Last Days. It is said that history repeats itself. We are entering the age in which we will reap what we have sown.


The word "restoration" appeared because of the human fall. This is the Principle viewpoint. Fallen humankind must be restored. The main purpose for God to carry on His providence is to restore human beings to their original position.

Why did man and woman fall ? They fell because of satanic love. Then what is satanic or "fallen" love? It is self-centered love, which separates individuals rather than uniting them.

What, then, would be the nature of the Last Days? It is the time when all people think of their individual love as absolute. The world's Last Days will occur centering on fallen love. In other words, in the Last Days, individualistic love will be thought of as absolute. Love for the nation, society and family will be denied, and self-centered love will be approved. Instead of love based on morality and ethics, animal-like carnal love will be rampant in this world.

Today, impure love has reached the stage in which neither parents, the nation, nor the world can stop the corrupt sexual acts of young people and solve these problems.

Why has Satan brought humankind down to this state of corruption? It is because God has been carrying out a providence centered upon love for the whole. In order to hinder God's providence, Satan has no way but to pull man and woman in the opposite direction.

What is Satan's greatest goal? It is to destroy human love completely. Conversely, God is trying to lead humanity to the original world of love.


When did Adam and Eve fall? It was during their teens. They were not old. Centering upon what did they fall? They fell centering on love, and two different kinds of love appeared. As a result of the illicit love relationship, evil seeds were sown throughout the world.

This gradually expanded, causing the world to divide into two and creating the problem of right and left. When a storm sweeps across the world from the most developed to the least developed nations, centering on the problem of love, you know that it is the Last Days of the world. We reap what we sowed . . .


When did Adam and Eve fall? They fell during their teen years. A false love was sown and humankind was born through this false love. The time must come to harvest the fruit.


Today, no matter where we go, the most serious social problem is the ethical problem of the younger generation. Through the universal law of cause and effect, the sown seed bore the exactly corresponding results. We must solve and overcome this.


Now young people are falling, hiding behind trees. This is because Adam and Eve had an illicit relationship behind trees, without the permission of their Parent. Because Adam and Eve sowed this seed, we now are harvesting the same action. The time is coming when the same phenomena will occur throughout the world, transcending national borders, age, ideology and principles. This is the Last Days. Has this time arrived or not?


Today, juvenile delinquency is widespread. This is a result of the fall. The problem of university students, people in their teens and twenties, is very serious. Those young people even sell out their own country if they have the desire. When they protest, the nation is puzzled. Isn't that the case? When the younger generation demonstrates, the whole nation rocks. Demonstrations and subversive activities started by young people are taking place everywhere.

Sexual problems are also an issue. When they fall, how do they do it? They do as they wish, without their parents' permission. Even when husband and wife love each other, they do as they wish. Love is the origin and power of life and should follow heavenly law. But it is becoming a game out or.... streets with people dancing around and engaging in corrupt activities. These phenomena indicate that it is the Last Days.


Today, what is the reality? We already are too late. Young people are poisoned by drugs, and satanic love and free sex are rampant. The whole free world is polluted by the corrupt standards in the United States.

Americans are traveling around the world seducing women of every nation. They are becoming unfaithful. If we cannot solve this problem, the United States and the world will be destroyed. The reason Sodom and Gomorrah perished was because of luxury, disbelief and false love. Rome perished also not because of any outside power, but because love toward the family, society and nation were destroyed and the people's power of life diminished and perished. In these respects, America is no different from Rome.


Humankind, inheriting the fallen blood lineage sown from the evil seed, has now reached the time of harvesting the result. I know that as of recently the fall of young people is increasing in Japan, also. This means that the autumn time is coming, when we have to harvest, on the worldwide level, the evil seed sown by the mistake in the Garden of Eden. When this time comes, there should appear people or movements calling for new, ideal relationships between men and women. The fact that a movement calling for ideal relationships has appeared is tremendously happy news for the whole world.


After World War II, the United States fell into the situation we see today because of its idea that "the world is ours," centering on itself only, without trying to move toward the land of the world-level Canaan. America does not have a true goal.


I shed tears standing on Fifth Avenue in New York City. New York is proud of having the Empire State Building and World Trade Center, but what are they going to do now? Accidents will happen when God leaves those places. God blessed this country for a reason. America was to do everything, even the construction of buildings, in the name of God, but America is going in the opposite direction and becoming spoiled.

If you look around the streets during rush hour, you see young people gathering, becoming corrupted. Did God bless this country so that this would happen? There should be young people standing up to start a new movement for purity, determined to save the world, but there are none.

If there were even a few young people gathering around one rock symbolizing an altar, praying with tears to save the future world, this would bring one point of happiness.

You should know that God has now left New York City. There is a rumor now around the world that New York is a city of the devil. God did not bless this country hoping to create a city where murders are a common occurrence and women are raped in the middle of the day. The country has all the reasons to perish.

Young people are corrupted. I am sure you know that drug problems among young people are now very serious. Families have broken down and racism will become a greater and greater problem from now on. Furthermore, there is an increasing possibility that the country will be threatened by communism and economic panic will occur. Why do these things happen? It is because God has departed.


God should be dwelling throughout the United States, but He is leaving from every comer of America. God has left from your hearts. God has left the family, society, church and government.


What kind of god is Satan? Satan is a god of adultery. In the Last Days, Satan denies God, the churches of God, and the family traditions of God. Today, when we see these things happening around the world, we can understand that communism indeed began from the work of Satan.

Communism denies the existence of God. Also, it calls religion an opiate and seeks to destroy religious families. This is because Satan knows God is working to make him surrender through religion and religious families. Satan knew very well that if he denied God, he would also be denied. Satan also knew that human beings would one day go back to God. Therefore, Satan thought that since eventually we would not serve him anymore, he wanted to keep us from serving as well. You should know that this evil is indeed Satan.


When Adam and Eve were still immature, the first step of heartistic action that they made without God's order or direction became the motivation of their fall. Young people living in the Completed Testament Age should have no relation with or interest in the seduction coming from the fallen environment. Otherwise Satan will work until he plays out every idea to ruin humankind.

Communism encourages people to "play, sing songs, dance and make love." This is their strategy to destroy. Satan is making this environment in order to destroy humankind.


Satan is cynically laughing at God, saying, "Can You unify this separated world? Judaism and Christianity, which You have been leading for several thousand years, are all messed up and have become a den of communism. How are You going to take control of this situation?" Also, Satan is accusing God, saying, "When we look at the religious world of today, they are dancing, and men and women are doing all sorts of things, with the excuse that they have to be social. Can You dwell in them? Are there people having relationship with You? Among the four billion people of the world, where is there a religion or religious person with the heart to realize Your will?"

Satan is attacking God, saying, "What kind of a person is the Messiah which you have promised to send? What is the Messiah going to do? You are saying that the Messiah is coming with a responsibility to unite the world, the nation, and all heaven and earth with the original love of creation, but can the Messiah do that work on this earth? How can the Messiah do things which even God cannot do?"

From this viewpoint, the religion that should appear -- that God should form -- is a religion with strong power calling to unite the individual, family, clan, tribe, nation, world and heaven centering on true love.


Do you know that Satan is tying a rope on your hips and pulling you? Your father and mother are pulling, your country is pulling, and the person whom you loved before is pulling you. I'm sure there are people who think, "Being pulled liked this, I should reconsider following Reverend Moon. I'll think it over for a while and then follow. Why should an intelligent person like me voluntarily go a sacrificial way, living a difficult life?" There are people who say, "I want to live a relaxed life, enjoying myself from time to time. I can understand that the way of following Rev. Moon is good, but I don't like working so hard." Please raise your hand if you can say that Satan has not tied at least one rope on your hips.

No one raised a hand. Therefore, you cannot make big claims. You yourselves are miserable. How can you walk around being proud of yourselves? Can you become like me by doing that? Among you are people who have received a doctorate. Even Ph.D.'s must cut this rope and overcome.

Until you cut Satan's rope, both men and women should bury their love symbol in cement. But don't worry -- no matter how hard the cement is,

when there comes the spring of a heavenly nation, it will dissolve naturally.


There are two kinds of love. One is love which Satan likes and the other is love which God likes. You should know that there is a happiness, ideal and love which Satan likes, and another happiness, ideal and love which God likes. God's criteria are based on eternal things and Satan's criteria are instantaneous or temporary things. Which happiness would you choose? I'm sure you would choose the eternal happiness, and you should. You should prepare and try hard to search for eternal love. If you only seek instantaneous love, you will eventually die. When an instantaneous impulse or desire arises within you, pray for the power to seek eternal love and to avoid the darkness of death.


To overcome the satanic fallen world is much more difficult than winning any war in history. The war to overcome the satanic world is the last war, in which God will be the commander, giving commands directly to go forward. You should all know that this time has come.


If I did not know the Principle, terrible things would have happened. There would have been not only temptations from man, but countless temptations and trials from Satan. Satan, who has been accusing God for six thousand years, has enormous power. Most people fall down once they face a big hardship. The reason I was able to succeed until now was because I knew the heavenly law based upon the Principle. This is why I was not caught by temptations. You should be proud of this.


As a result of the fall, the whole world has divided. Although there are so many people on this earth, they are all people with divided personalities. We can conclude that this result was caused by the fall. Because the world is so divided, confusion is occurring. This is the reality of the world today. In such a world, we absolutely cannot become united by ourselves alone. Human beings by themselves cannot pursue the ideal.

Atheists insist that God is dead. They urge us to throw away all hope and ideals because human beings are about to be destroyed. They see God and religions as having been created by human beings. However, there is no way to understand this world if we look at it centering on ourselves. We cannot understand the world even by looking through ourselves or our family. Not even the deepest knowledge on this level can enable us to understand. We conclude that, after all, we should see the world from God's viewpoint and realize that we should overcome the satanic world through finding true love.


Today in this fallen world, there are those who have killed their parents, brothers, relatives and neighbors. The vertical historical conditions made over several thousand years by brothers and clans killing each other are appearing today all at once horizontally. In this situation, people are becoming individualistic. They do not even care about God. They are becoming individualistic dictators who have not the slightest care about their parents, brothers or neighbors. This is the reality of our world today.

You all also have become individualistic. The more the nation develops, the more the people become individualistic. Individualistic people are the locomotive running in the forefront of the satanic world. In their eyes, there is no nation, family, or even brothers and sisters. There is only the individual. Individualists have a thinking style like that of the archangel, made Adam and Eve fall.

In the fallen world of angels, there are no reciprocal relationships. If a man or woman become individualistic, like the fallen archangel, they will lose the nation and even the family. That person can only think of himself, and therefore will lose everything.


Today, most people living in the democratic world don't think about their nation, society or history. As with animals, sex dominates their minds. Just like the animals, women desire men and men desire women. They are only looking for fun. One-night stands are now usual for them; they wake up in the morning and leave without having any breakfast or even greeting the other. This is only one example of how serious the moral problem is in the United States. It is a sign of destruction.

Therefore, we must teach people the heavenly ideal centered on the natural law of love. Reverend Moon, whom most people call crazy, calls for people to form a new system of family ethics by teaching them to go the proper way.


Today religious people are saying, "We should become people of goodness by living a faithful life...." But even if I become a "person of goodness," the world cannot be saved by only one person. American ministers verbally oppose hippies, but actually are following them. We betray ourselves without even knowing. We are to follow God. If I take off my tie, you should also take off yours. If there is no hint of a spiritual purpose for something, it's better to throw it away. We would only be pretending to use it properly. You should know that you are sinning when you feel the pangs of conscience.

Bring all the money from throughout the world that people use to buy their ties. How wonderful it would be if we donated all that money to the miserable people starving throughout the world!


In the United States, the ministers have nothing to do. They drink and smoke, and they do not like the Reverend Moon. How can we use people who claim to be heavenly sons and daughters but are actually being used as the weapons of Satan? Therefore, we should straighten out this world. Reverend Moon is saying big things, but can he really do it? If we cannot answer, we cannot accomplish God's will at all. If I say "Yes" then I must make myself like that, rebuilding the family, clan and tribe. And I must also build a new world, forming one brotherhood, one tribe and one nation.


Now is the time to harvest. The seeds sown by Satan are scattered all over the place. It has come to a limit. Therefore, we must unite everything. The Unification Church is this kind of movement.

This is a world of individualism. The family, parents, children, brothers, clans, tribes -- everything is divided. But the Unification Church is proclaiming one world transcending nation, tribe and family. We are proclaiming the opposite of Satan.

A long time ago, only people from the same tribe would marry. However, in our marriage, five different races have gathered from six large continents. Japanese people are marrying Koreans, something of which they never even dreamed. And black and white people are getting married. They are doing that of which they never even dreamed as though it were nothing. In this way, we are uniting everything. In the midst of the division and conflict of the satanic world, the Unification movement is bringing people into God's world.


We are now in the Last Days, which resulted from Adam, Eve and the archangel's disobeying the Word of God in the Garden of Eden. Consequently, the time comes when people will not listen to anyone's words. Then, what will they do? The fall in the Garden of Eden amounted to the assertion of free sex. We see this in the young people of America today. Through this, the value of man and woman has fallen even lower than that of animals. Love has fallen to the same level as that of animals seeking physical satisfaction only.

Satan wounds and scars people so much that they cannot return to God even when they try. However, because God is the God of love, He feels pity for humankind and by showing humankind the model of an ideal character, He tries to form a united world in the heavenly realm, creating an order of love for the family, nation and world. You should know that the Messiah is the one God has sent to fulfill this work.


As the Unification Church forms its foundation, the world will deteriorate to the point at which people will have no way to cope with their many problems. Now is that time. Look. Are the young men and women throughout the world functional people? There isn't one who seems to be useful. Are the families of America normal? Can we solve these problems with worldly power? Because families, the nation and the world are falling apart, there must come a person who has the power to solve these problems. We conclude that only that person can solve the problems of the world.


When are the Last Days ? The time now is as it was when Adam and Eve fell. Teenage sons and daughters go out saying, "I have nothing to do with mom and dad. I don't need my brothers and sisters. I care only about what I like." This is why teenagers are falling. What is this phenomenon? They fall in love and fall while their parents do not even know. There must appear a group opposing this, which insists that they never behave this way. This is why free marriage is not permitted in the Unification Church.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, centered upon whom would they have married? God would have been between them, and they would have married centered on God. Adam and Eve knew that they were brother and sister at first, but when the time came, they began to feel sexually attracted toward each other. Just as our heart gives orders to our body, God gives orders to our heart, dwelling there and moving the heart to form a relationship.


Human history began from Adam and Eve's mistake of leaving the heavenly way of God and loving each other as they wished when they were still a boy and girl of sixteen years of age. We can say that the corruption of today's young people results from this cause. This is the same as harvesting when autumn comes. The young generation's acting as they wish and falling is the harvest of the wrong seeds which their ancestors sowed. The Unification Church has appeared in order to completely cleanse and demolish these problems.


In the last half of the twentieth century, why has juvenile delinquency become so serious? It is because love toward children is lacking and parents are living selfishly. This is why their children are out on the street or at the dance clubs doing all sorts of things. Then they end up becoming so miserable. Therefore, we must determine ourselves to take the responsibility to solve all these problems during our age. You should clearly know that you are to take on this heavy responsibility.


Today, the universities are becoming corrupted because the same condition as when Adam and Eve fell in their teens is recurring. Now is the time to harvest the seeds sown by Adam and Eve. In other words, this period is the same as autumn. This is why people are falling all throughout the world. Reverend Moon is trying to restore all of this. I am trying to solve these problems according to the heavenly law.


Today throughout the world, juvenile crimes are very serious. When teenage young people become corrupted in both the communist and the democratic world, it is the Last Days. Everything is confused and crumbling. Fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters all are separated because of false love. Couples also divorce because of false love. The reason the younger generation is rebelling against the older generation is because they could not receive love from their parents. False love causes division between parents and between generations. When this occurs worldwide, it is the Last Days. Therefore, we must sow a new seed that can unite everything that is broken. When a bud sprouts from a new seed and grows, it should break down the false love and absorb it as fertilizer. This is the heavenly way. This is the same as cutting the surrounding grasses and using them as fertilizer when sowing a new seed.

Then what must we resolve to do? We must recreate the destroyed things into their original form, centering on the thought of the Unification Church. We must create a new order of love and life. Then a new heaven and earth will be opened. This indeed is Unification Thought, or Unificationism. This is the purpose to be accomplished by the Unification Church.


If young men and women of America, representing the whole world, are corrupted, how much effect will they have on youth worldwide! What is free sex? What are hippies? This is why in the Unification Church young men and women are not even allowed to hold hands. You should know that Satan is always pursuing us. In American society, to teach the true relationship between man and woman is the way to knock down the enemy Satan.

Therefore, we say that we are born connected by a mutual destiny to work throughout our lifetime to overthrow the enemy of God's love and the historical enemy of all love who has caused suffering to humankind. Therefore, we must attack the enemy of God no matter how much the nation or the world opposes us. We cannot fail or become tired. When we wake up in the morning, we must start the new day in prayer, saying to God, "Father, I will go forward today to overthrow Your enemy." I am not a person who looks to live an easy life.


If the American hippies and yippies are the Cain-type hippies and yippies, then you are the Abel-type hippies and yippies. Cain-type hippies are corrupt morally and sexually and they are separated from their parents and families, but the Abel-type hippies are living for the family, nation and world. They are also working on the front line to overcome communism. If we work just for three and a half years, then the Unification Church can externally completely resurrect the Cain type hippies and yippies and unify them. After that, you can go home and restore your grandfather, grandmother, father and mother all at once. Now, everything is turning according to the Principle.

The lives of Cain-type hippies and yippies are corrupt, but the Abel type hippies and yippies are working so hard that their bones melt. These men and women are not even allowed to love each other. Abel-type hippies and yippies are people searching for God's family, nation and world, and they are the people who are to marry while being welcomed by the whole world, nation and the family. You are doing the most difficult job, but it is so that you can receive my standard totally.


Do you know how our first human ancestors came to fall? They fell centered on their self-centered love. In other words, the fall was a result of their centering love on man and woman instead of having God as the subject. The self-centered thoughts and love which triggered the fall created the reality of this fallen world. This reality, indeed, is driving this world into a spiritual crisis.

Then, what was God's love? If self-centered love was the cause of the fall, then the original love must have been a God-centered love.

Man and woman were supposed to realize love centered on God. At the very beginning, they were supposed to feel and recognize themselves centering on God and unifying with God. However, because they pursued self centered love and a self centered consciousness, they created an irreversible fallen result and a history of hatred, sadness and suffering. In order to restore this tragic history back to its origin, a new revolution is necessary. This revolution cannot be accomplished by a political strategy, nor economic or social reform. More than anything else, this revolution is only possible through the revolution of our fundamental consciousness. It should be a new revolution of love centered on God's love.

However, this revolution of love is more difficult than any other revolution in the history of the world. The revolution of love is God's revolution to change self-centered humanistic love to a God- centered divine love. Therefore, you cannot imagine how difficult it is. However, this revolution is a movement absolutely necessary not only for God, but also for humanity. This is because this revolution of love will make possible the realization of the ideal for which God and all humankind have been waiting and hoping since the beginning of human history.

Then, what are we to do to realize that ideal? The most important subject is how we can reform our self-centered love, transforming it into a love for others. God absolutely does not have self-centered love. His love is only centered on others. If love is not for the sake of others, no matter what kind of love it is, it is not true love.

God's love does not say, "You must first of all love me." God's love says, "I will first of all love you." Why did God create all things? He did so in order to love. Therefore, because of the principle that God created all things in order to love, we have to go through the recreation of love during the process of restoration. When we harmonize with God's law of love and direction, trying to restore the relationship with God, then there is formed for the first time an original normal relationship between God and humankind.

The restoration of the lost relationship between God and humankind is possible only through God's love, which is to live for the sake of others.


What is the present situation of the world? The world of this century is not able to escape from the whirlpool of crises accompanying decadence. Therefore, no one can deny the truth that nothing else other than a new movement, or a revolution of true love, can save today's world.

In order to save the world through a movement of true love, you yourselves must first of all become substantial beings of love. You are to blossom proudly, becoming like fireworks of love.

With God's love as the core, you should become a person who maintains the law of love, whom no one can break or destroy, and you should become a substantial being of love by serving God. You serve God by harmoniously interacting with everyone in the world and becoming united with all things. This is the highest ideal for man and for woman. This has been the hope of God since He created human beings and all things. Therefore, if "you and 1," who have become the substantial beings of love, love each other and become husband and wife, bearing children who can inherit God's love, and form a stable family centering on God, this indeed, would become the most valuable event that nothing else in the world could replace. Based on the family which has perfected heavenly true love, we can form a clan realm of true love, a tribal realm of true love, and then a world realm of true love.

This is the basic fact and Principle of the world of humankind. However, today, no people know this, not even the many religious people in the world.


In this age neither America nor the communist world can move by themselves. Among the young people in the United States, there is no one who is trying with his or her own hands to save not only America, but the whole world. Even among the young people in the communist realm, there is no one who is trying by their own hands to save not only the Soviet Union, but the whole world.

Neither is there anyone doing this in the many religious groups in this world. There is only one group which says that this decaying, dying America, communism, and the whole world can be saved and even God's will realized through their own hands. That group is nothing other than the Unificationists, who are being persecuted and shut out from society. You should know this surprising fact.


The United States has now lost the power to extend itself. This is felt uniformly by all scientists, philosophers and theologians. America is in such a terrible situation that neither its Christians nor anyone else can find their way. Even though their stomachs can be filled, spiritually it is like a year of bad harvest. Spiritually, they do not have as much as a bunch of grass to eat.


If there is an oasis flowing with spring water in this spiritual desert, I would think it indeed must be the Unification Church.


When it comes down to it, money is not the problem. What I desperately shouted, while running around the five great oceans and six great continents, was indeed about the "road of love." In the face of dark, desert like humanity barren without love, I threw a light from the "lighthouse of love" upon them. If all humankind ultimately must travel the road of "the love of the promised land," then the "lighthouse of love" is more important than anything else to humankind. Only the "lighthouse of love" can lead humanity to the original homeland.


What does the Unification Church do? And what do you do? The answer is very clear. The members of the Unification Church are those who try to form a tradition of love, and the Unification Church is the church that tries to become the shield of God and the Messiah. Is there anyone among you who can say, "I am a real Unification Church member"?

In other words, regardless of life or death, the Unification Church should form a tradition of love. Even at the cost of all their property, the member of the Unification Church should form a new tradition centering on the parents' love that God and the Messiah desire. You should know that these are the important responsibilities of the Unification Church and its members.


You should know what a Unification Church member does. A true Unification Church member is a person who has a key that can destroy satanic love on the individual level, family level, national level and worldwide level. In other words, they should have a key of heavenly love that can throw out satanic love.

Until now, I have given the Blessing to five different races. The problem of marriage is the most important problem, and to solve this problem people cannot rely on the world, nation, or even their own parents for help. However, many people are relying on Reverend Moon, saying that they will follow what Reverend Moon has said. This is for the sake of the love of God's nation. This is great. Why is it great? It is because through it we can jump and enter into the realm of the love of God's nation. To grab onto the rope of love is the fastest way. When you go to the spirit world, do you think that everyone's pace of walking will be different or the same? There will be a big difference, depending on people. This is because the degree and quality of love is different for each person.

Would you like to walk with me even in the spirit world? If so, you should inherit the level of heart equal to mine and God's. If you do not, your walking pace will be different from mine. If you completely unite with God's love, in a matter of seconds you can go anywhere around this whole universe made up of several billion stars. By what power would you be moving? You would be moving through the power of love. When God created the universe, He also created with this power of love.

The Unification Church has to follow the road in search of an original love that can reach the Universe, transcending all races. The Unification Church is indeed the most precious gift from God given in the Last Days.


The Unification Church will become the champion even in marriage. It is amazing to hold a mass wedding and to pledge never to divorce in the midst of the western world where sexual corruption is serious and seventy percent of marriages end in divorce. The Unification Church has become victorious in making a healthy family and a healthy ethic.


What was God's greatest hope when He created Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden? God has been searching for men and women, sons and daughters who have fulfilled the purpose of creation and whom God can eternally love. God must have put all His hope in His son and daughter, dreaming of what would develop in the future. However, this was destroyed through the fall.

In order to restore this completely through the providence of restoration, God has worked through history, which has moved from old age, to middle age, to youth. At last in this age, God has reached the class of young people, and He is watching you with the same hope that He had when He watched Adam and Eve before the fall.


In the Old Testament Age, old men like Noah and Abraham formed the tradition. Jacob was the only exception, but he was also mature. Moses was also old.

When we passed from the Old Testament Age to the New Testament Age, the tradition was inherited by the young people. John the Baptist and Jesus were both young. John the Baptist and Jesus were the central figures who tried to inherit all the heavenly tradition and link it to the substantial world while in their twenties and thirties. If John the Baptist had served Jesus and realized the heavenly ideal, that would have become the eternal standard of tradition centering on Jesus and remaining for all generations.


Young people immediately take action based upon whatever they have decided in their mind. Those who immediately practice the things I teach and hope to make them accumulate in themselves are indeed good students.

It is clear that God wishes the young people, instead of the older generation, to inherit the tradition. Even on the national level, those who inherit the national tradition are the young people of that country. This was so in the past and it is the same now. If those who are to inherit the tradition and lead the whole cannot inherit the tradition correctly, then there will be an unimaginable result in the future. The whole world will move in a direction different from the heavenly tradition. This is a matter of fact.

The young generation should form a new tradition for the world and lead the whole world. Even when we look at God's providence, we can see that God is hoping desperately for the young people to set up the tradition.


In the Completed Testament Age, God has hope in the younger generation, not the older generation or middle-aged people.

Those who are gathered here are all young people. You are not corrupted yet. You have a pure heart that is not corrupted by earthly things. You should have a new determination in your new heart. You should make a new determination and have your mind and body united.

You should be filled with faith. How happy God would be if you became perfected men and women who can receive love from God.


Now is the time when the Bible verse which says, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind," should be realized. Who should take part in this movement? The younger generation is to power this movement. Why? Because Adam and Eve fell when they were young. In order to indemnify and restore what made God unhappy, young people should work to restore purity with all their hearts and minds. You should know how valuable it is to dedicate all your sincerity during your youth.


Your age is the center of God's hope, to which He is entrusting every thing in the Completed Testament Age. This is not limited only to Japan. Worldwide, the members of the Unification Church are all young. The average age of the members in America is twenty-three to twenty- five. If all these young people live their everyday lives with the determination and resolution to go forward for the rest of their lives for the will of God, definitely a new tradition will be set up through them. In this respect, you cannot imagine how fortunate a being you are in this Completed Testament Age.