Blessing and Ideal Family
by Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Chapter Two
Part 3



Originally, if Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have become the parents of all humanity, forming a world centered on God. However, through the fall, they became false parents dominated by Satan. Therefore, the True Parents, whom God planned to set up according to the ideal of creation, were lost. The true ancestors of humankind were lost.


What is the nature of the new parents? Adam and Eve, who fell in the Garden of Eden, became the fallen parents long ago. The parents who must give rebirth to humanity in the future are the unfallen parents who stand in the original position. Because they are united with the will of God, God can publicly recognize these original parents. Having not fallen, these parents can fulfill the will of God and form an ideal family in the bosom of God, centering on God's love, and can multiply children of goodness. They are the parents standing in the original position. They have no relation to the fall.


What is the position of the True Parents? It is the position of Adam and Eve becoming completely one with God, free from Satan's accusation. When Adam and Eve rise above the perfection level of the growth stage, leaving behind no accusations from Satan, then the True Parents can come into existence. This is the origin of the True Parents from the Principled viewpoint. However, to attain that position is not easy.


What does the Bible teach? The Bible teaches true love, which is the core of God. It teaches us to search for and unite with the ideal of True Parents, and to save humankind with true love. Two thousand years ago, Jesus died without being able to perfect true love. In Genesis it is written that there was a Tree of Life and a Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. These symbolize the True Parents. The pillars of fire and cloud also symbolize the True Parents. The two tablets on which were engraved the Ten Commandments also symbolize the True Parents.


Jesus came to this earth and called God "My Father." He also declared, "I am in the Father and the Father is in me." This means that everything finally has to unite. Father and child must have a relationship which can move together, uniting flesh and blood.

The truth of Christianity is simple. God is the Father and Jesus is the bridegroom. Therefore, Jesus the bridegroom must have a bride. And we are brothers and sisters as God's children. The Father, bridegroom, bride, son and daughter must unite and cleanse the satanic world. In terms of the process of history, Jesus came as the ancestor of humankind. Because Adam fell and lost that position, Jesus came as the second Adam.

Jesus, in the position of God-centered bridegroom on this earth, was to find a bride and they were to become husband and wife, the True Parents of all humankind. God's providence reversed the process of the fall.


God sent Jesus as the second parent of humankind. The third parent cannot come into existence unless what is incomplete from the second parent can be completed. Jesus could not stand victoriously unless he restored what was lost by Adam and Eve, who were to become the first parents. However, Jesus went the way of death on the cross without being able to restore their mistake. Therefore, the providence had to be prolonged to the age of the Second Advent.

The Lord of the Second Advent must restore through indemnity the mistake of Adam and Eve, who failed to become the first parents, and also what Jesus and the Eve who came with the mission of the second bride could not accomplish, establishing a substantial foundation of victory both spiritually and physically. Otherwise, the Lord of the Second Advent cannot appear on this earth as the victorious True Parents.


The True Parent, as the perfected Adam, should restore the base of the first parent, which Adam lost. Also, the True Parent must complete the base of the parent which Jesus, who came as the second Adam, failed to accomplish.

In this period of the Second Coming, the reason I had to set up the tradition of suffering is that Jesus formed only a spiritual base and not a worldwide spiritual and physical base.


Jesus came with the mission to stand as the parent of humankind, but he had to die without being able to accomplish this. Therefore, in the age of the Second Coming, if we cannot restore that same position through indemnity, we cannot rise to a higher level. The Unification Church has been doing this.


Throughout history, there was not even one person who, representing all men in the world, could be victorious in the name of God. Until now, I have been fighting in order to set up that standard. The Unification Church and I do not need to go through hardships, but because I know the Principle, I cannot avoid going the way of hardship.


Because Adam fell, his family, clan, tribe, nation, world and even God's hope were lost. Searching for these, Jesus came on the base of an altar prepared for four thousand years. However, because the altar -- the nation and the people -- opposed, Jesus had to go the way of the cross and die. The time when Jesus comes in order to set up that base again is the Last Days. That person will come with a tribal, national and worldwide hope. This is why Christians are waiting for the Second Advent of the Lord, saying, "Bridegroom, please come." The person who is like the true individual at the time of the creation, the model of man, is truly the Lord of the Second Advent.

This person's mission, after setting up the individual standard, is to find Eve and form a family base and a clan, tribe and nation.


What is the Lord of the Second Advent? Because the first Adam failed, Jesus came as the second Adam, and the person who comes as the third Adam is the Lord of the Second Advent.

Adam was to become the true ancestor of humankind, but the fall turned him into a false ancestor. Because Adam became the false ancestor, God formed Judaism. On the foundation of Judaism, Jesus came as the true ancestor, but the Jews, in the position of bride, did not form a relationship with Jesus. Therefore, parents could not come into existence. Because of this, ancestors also could not come into existence. Therefore, Jesus had no option other than fulfilling the mission of spiritual parent.

Man represents heaven and woman represents earth. Therefore, in order to set up the position of a man representing heaven spiritually, Jesus ascended to heaven. The Holy Spirit, who is the Goddess, came down representing the earth.

The Holy Spirit is the Mother Goddess. This Mother Goddess prepares a spiritual foundation and then meets the substantial Lord with a substantial body. That meeting is the time of the Feast of the Lamb.

The person who reverses the six-thousand-year history, a history which did not produce the parents of goodness, is the True Parent, who comes at the end of that history.


The Lord of the Second Advent becomes the True Parents, creating the True Children. He has to vertically unite with God, centering on God's love. The vertical love of God and the horizontal love of husband and wife must meet, engraft, and form a sparkling point of love.

Centering on true love between husband and wife, when God's vertical love and the horizontal love of husband and wife connect at an absolute right angle, that point of connection is the center. That very moment is the time for which God hoped when He created Adam and Eve, and that very position is the place where the True Parents must stand.

What is the position of the True Parents? A true son and true daughter must grow up as a man and woman of goodness, without any consciousness of sin, and they must set up a position where they can unite vertically with God and horizontally with each other.


The Lord of the Second Advent mentioned in Christianity is the person who comes hoping to form and be the head of the most victorious family. If you are trying to get married, you have to do it in a smart way. In this area, the Unification Church has made many discoveries. Then if we were to name this person, what name would we give him? What would be the most appropriate name for this person? Reverend Moon of the Unification Church named him "True Parent." How about it? Is it the right name? This is a very simple and easy word, but if you know its content, it is a great word.

Then where is the base of his life? It is not centered on the family. His activity centers on heaven and earth. There is nowhere this person will not go. Nothing that he does fails to become historically significant. Every footstep that this person takes from one to one thousand will remain eternally as something more valuable than anything else in history. Even a piece of paper which he uses will be valued. Everything becomes global and universal. A great person does not become great by virtue of his genes; his seed is not different. The person who vows to save the world in one generation at the risk of his life, and practices this determination, is great. He is a great person if he determines to do it, even if he cannot accomplish it in one, two, three or even ten generations. In that case, heavenly fortune activates through that person. It is the same principle as steel being pulled to a magnet naturally without the magnet moving.

If you look at your ancestors, what kind of a person is a good ancestor? Is a person who lived and died knowing just his or her children, spouse and parents a good ancestor? No. A good ancestor is one who sacrificed his or her own family lo live for the sake of the neighbors, for the town, for the society and the nation.


True Parents have value and meaning tremendously different from what we think of as parents' value. The commonly held value of parents derives from the fallen world. The head of Japan is the emperor. The emperor leads for a certain number of years as the head of the Japanese people. Similarly, every nation has a leader who governs it. Today, the leaders of the nations are not doing anything to unite the world. The True Parents of humankind are necessary for the unification of the world. Only the True Parents can make this world one. Only the True Parents can accomplish this. Therefore, the True Parents are the fruit of the hope of human history and of all human desire. They are the fruit of the victory which indemnifies everything. Therefore, the value of True Parents cannot be compared with anything in the world. It is the highest and most valuable.


You should understand that until the True Parents appeared on earth, there were so many unimaginably tearful situations. I don't know how many tears I had to shed in places of which you can't even conceive. I'm sure only God knows everything.

Throughout my life I have shed tears and blood while fighting Satan. That course was one of hardships and I cannot talk about it without shedding tears. God walked the path of tears, so I also had to go that path.

I did not go through that course shedding tears for my own sake. You should shed tears for God and True Parents. Without shedding tears, no one can go through the course of restoration. This is because God has walked this course of tears in order to save humankind.


We cannot deny that we were born descendants of the fallen Adam and Eve. Neither can we say that our parents are parents of goodness. In a larger context, not one tribe could inherit the standard of a tribe of goodness. If we are descendants of the fall, we must admit that we did not originate from God, but from Satan, and that we are still in that satanic realm. Human beings in this fallen realm, or realm of death, must hope for this environment to change.


What kind of being are the True Parents? The True Parents are a symbol of the hope for everything. They are the absolute symbol of hope for fallen humankind. They are the fruit of all history, the center of this age, and the center of the realm of nations numbering three billion people The True Parents are the starting point of a line that leads to the future connecting to the ideal world.

Then what is the hope of our ancestors, who lived in historical times? And for whom will a unified world search? They will hope to find the True Parents. In other words, they hope to have an eternal encounter with the True Parents.

What is the hope of all humanity today? Before hoping for a world or a nation, humanity is hoping for True Parents. From whom do our descendants want to trace their descent? Your coming sons and daughters do not wish to be born in your blood lineage. They wish to be born in the blood lineage of the True Parents. Therefore, the True Parents are the starting point of a new future.

God absolutely needs the True Parents. Even the omniscient God cannot complete His providence without the True Parents. Millions of people in the spirit world also absolutely need the True Parents. If the True Parents do not come to exist, the support furnished by the people of the archangelic spirit world to accomplish the providence was in vain. The True Parents are necessary for them to be able to stand before God.


What is God's hope today? God is hoping to make Himself visible in these Last Days. Therefore, He is hoping to appear as a heartistic and vertically restored perfected man, the Messiah. Therefore, a central figure who takes the place of a perfected Adam and perfected Eve must appear.

In the Completed Testament Age, God will appear before humankind in the form of the True Parents. This is the reason that the Unification Church has enormous power, which cannot be controlled by any political authority. The tradition of our Unification Church is one of accumulating experiences of the realm in which we directly feel and see the living God.


The hope of humanity is to meet the True Parents. The True Parents are the people we definitely must meet even if we have to go the way of death to do so. We may lose our history, our present era or our descendants, but if we meet the True Parents we will recover our history, this era and the future. You should understand that this is the nature of the True Parents.


Historically, man and woman lost their parents and became orphans; therefore, they could not become one with their parents. All problems were to be solved by the original parents, but this did not happen. Therefore, everyone needs the True Parents.


When we unite through God-centered parents' love, then a true son and daughter can be born. You who have received the Blessing are now standing in that position. You are standing at the central point of unification of the parents, children and whole creation.


What are adopted children supposed to do? They are to be engrafted with the True Son. The wild olive tree must be severed at the base and have a bud of a true olive tree engrafted onto it. We must carry out a movement to make the wild olive trees into true olive trees. In order to be reborn, we must inherit the blood lineage of the True Parents. Therefore, the True Parents are the hope of all humanity. Jesus and the Holy Spirit hope for the Marriage of the Lamb.


True Parents are the core existence of the fruit of history. The entire surroundings will link to this one family and what had been tangled will be reunited at one starting point.

Therefore, those who love True Parents are those who can stand up, saying, "I will love the world completely." Those who try to love the True Parents are those who can love the world sincerely. And, those who know how to love the True Parents are valuable people who know how to love even the future descendants. Therefore, in order to receive the love of True Parents, you should have a heart of gratitude even at the risk of your life. Such a person never falls short in ability to inherit the love of True Parents. You should understand this clearly.


Today, you know the term "True Parents." This is a term which no one could use throughout history, indeed which no one could ever conceive. However, today we not only can use and know this word, we are standing in the glorious position actually to be able to serve the True Parents. In this respect, you should know that you are standing in a position happier and more precious than that accorded anyone else in history.

When we think of history as containing so much hardship and sacrifice in order to prepare the victorious foundation for the True Parents, you should know that the term True Parents is indeed the blessing of blessings among the words of God. When you think of the two words, "True Parents," realize that history starts from True Parents, the origin to which we return. The new world starts from the True Parents, who possess the internal relationship with which we can dominate Satan, who controls the external world. Furthermore they possess the center with which we can liberate God from resentment Therefore, you must first be thankful for the amazing blessing of being able to live with the True Parents and to act in accordance with their instructions.


The mothers and fathers with whom you are so familiar are all false mothers and fathers. Don't you think so? We should restore this false world into a true world, but how do we accomplish that? Are we to destroy the whole satanic word? Instead of destroying it, we should push it out. You should have such a determination.


True Parents are the most hopeful beings in human history. They are the center of historical hope for which no tribe can help striving.

Where has history been heading until today? It has not been heading towards one nation or world. The goal of history is not a particular nation or even the entire world as it is today. When we look at history externally, it seems as though it has been heading towards a particular nation or state of affairs in the world. However, the goal of history is not defined externally.

The purpose of God's providence is to save the world. In order to save the world, parents of goodness should form a complete foundation on this earth and give birth to descendants of goodness. Otherwise, there will be no way to save the world. Therefore, the whole hope of history, after all, was not for a nation to dominate the world. What history had been pursuing, more than anything else, was to set up the True Parents.

Here, viewpoints of the nations and the world today cannot be permitted. Viewpoints centering on the national and world levels should not appear until after inheritance of the tradition of the True Parents. When the family of True Parents appears, then for the first time a God-centered clan and tribe can be formed and the world can be restored back to God. Without the True Parents, nothing can be restored. You should know that without having the True Parents, nothing can be accomplished.

What has past history sought? What is our age seeking? What will future generations seek? The answer to all three questions is: "the True Parents." Therefore, unless everything moves toward and accomplishes this conclusion, the standard of happiness will never be found anywhere in the process of history or in the universe.


True Parents transcend history. What this means is that history has been hoping for the True Parents. Do you understand? History until now has been longing for the day to come. This means that hope was centered on the future. However, the hope of the Unification Church is not in the future, it is in the past.

When I say "past", I mean the past that is not of this world, but the past which transcends the historical past. It represents reality. It is the fruit of the past, center of the present and starting point of the future. It is the center of the unified whole. In this sense, True Parents transcend history.

The people who are alive today, people who will come after a thousand years, those who will live a thousand years after that, all must walk forward toward the hope of a thousand years ago. This is why the True Parents transcend history. The concept of the Unification Church allows people to serve the substantial being within their living realm, while at the same time actually transcending space and time.


If you say, "We are the fruit of the six thousand years of history; we are the center of the world population of three billion; we are the starting point of a new history," then you will become very serious. You must understand this. Until now, purpose was centered on the future. We have been prolonging the purpose to tomorrow and tomorrow. But, if we continue pursuing the purpose in the future, the Unification Church will not appear. Until today the fallen world has been calling for the future, future, future. Communists say that the world develops through conflict. However, at some point the purpose of the world has to stand at the center of history. If this cannot be done, a unified world cannot be realized.


We are not to assign our purpose to the future a thousand years ahead. The purpose for which we are looking, and for which our descendants also will look, is in the past. What is it? It is the True Parents. The True Parents are of the past, present and future. The True Parents are for all eternity. Do you understand?

From now on, you should not be people who just welcome the world to come, which is centered on this ideal. You should live serving and longing for the True Parents. Therefore, you who live in this age are living in the present, but you are also the fruit of the past and you should also be the origin of the future. You should unite these three periods. You should become someone living in the present who can unite the past behind you and the future in front of you.

Then, with what do we unify? We unify as sons and daughters with the love of the True Parents. Who are the sons and daughters? They are the sons and daughters centering on the love of the True Parents. In other words, they represent the sons and daughters born of the unfallen Adam and Eve. From here we can become the heavenly sons and daughters. Therefore, the position of being born in a love relation with the three ages is the position of the sons and daughters of the True Parents. Even if man falls, we must reverse the process of history and restore that position.


When you pray, you say, "We, who are the fruit of the history of six thousand years." Why are you the fruit of six thousand years? You are children before the parents. Because you are in the position of children having a relationship with the True Parents, you become the fruit of history and the origin of a starting point of the future.

Therefore, your hope is not in the future, but is in the True Parents. The day you become completely one with True Parents, the world will be united completely. This is a matter of time.


Who is the center of you? It is the True Parents centered on Jesus. All the people in history should unite centering on the True Parents. Here the starting point of future tradition is set up. An origin of tradition for unification begins here. The center of the number three is here.


The Unification Church is where people can serve the True Parents, who are the center which history has been seeking. It is a place where people can serve the True Parents, who are the center of the demand of the age. 1 can inherit the relationship with the True Parents, who become the origin of the future. I am the historical center. I will become the origin and the ancestor of the future. You should know that this will be realized only when you come to have a heartistic relationship with the True Parents.


When you completely unite with the True Parents, the nation, tribe, clan and family can come to exist. The True Parents are the substantial standard of value of the glory of heaven and earth united. Will you exchange the True Parents for all the money in this world? Can you exchange the True Parents for your life? Therefore, things are different from what they were in the past. Wherever else you may go, you have to come and visit Korea to serve True Parents. Your sons and daughters and your descendants of one thousand and ten thousand generations all must do the same. This is why the Unification Church is different.

The True Parents are the core or the center which determines the standard of value of the myriad existing beings active in heaven and on earth. The True Parents are the factor which determines the value of that for which the beings hope. This is why God is always with the True Parents. This is why God is like True Parents. God is the origin of the principle according to which we pursue the historical fruit, the center of the age, the master of the future. Therefore, the True Parents are the central department in which God can dwell.


What was the historical hope until this very day? It was to serve the True Parents. God set up the nation of Israel and Judaism so that He could send the Messiah. What kind of a person is the Messiah? The Messiah is the True Parents. The reason God started Christianity and made the global Christian cultural sphere was in order to receive the Messiah. The Messiah is the True Parent who comes as the third Adam.


If we look at history in stages, the Old Testament age was an age to separate the creation, the New Testament age was an age to separate the people, and the Completed Testament age is an age to separate the family of love which Adam and Eve lost, centering on the victorious Adam and Eve. This age is the completion age. In other words, we lost the parents of humankind, so everything must be separated centering on the parents of humankind. In order to go through the process of separation, the parents must come to this earth and go the way of hardships. This is a Principled viewpoint.


At the time of the coming of the True Parents, all the nations in the world must become brothers. This is why the victorious nations freed the defeated nations after the Second World War. The winning nations hit the younger brothers from the position of the elder brothers, so if the elder brothers didn't pray for the younger brothers, at the time of the True Parents, the elder brothers -- the winning nations -- will be punished. This is why they freed the defeated nations.


Everything in history was for the sake of receiving the Messiah. Religion has been searching for the True Parents, the world has been searching for the True Parents, and the nation has been searching for the True Parents. They all have been pursuing a way to find the True Parents.


Christianity prophesies the Last Days. The Last Days is when the hope of God's sons and daughters is fulfilled. Christianity has a concept of a bride and bridegroom, and it thinks of the consummation age as the end time. The bride and the bridegroom are in the position to become parents. They fulfill the messianic mission as the son and daughter and are raised to the position where they can fulfill the mission of parents. At the time of the Last Days, the age of sons and daughters ends and the age of parents begins.

The hope of the sons and daughters is to unite with the lost parents, or the parents whom they never met, and once more to receive the love of the parents which they could not receive. Now is that time. This is the most glorious time, for which the children are hoping. The Last Days is not a time when the world is burned down at the order of God and is not the time of judgment, as is believed in Christianity. Rather, it is the time of the appearance of the parents for whom the children had been waiting. It is the time when the heavenly family centered on God's heart appears. It is the time when a society, nation and world centered on heavenly morality are realized. It is also the first time that parents teach these things. Through this education, we can become one with the love of the parents, and we can develop the foundation upon which we become one with the parents horizontally. It is the time of a universal historical transition into a new world. This is the providential view of the Last Days.


Until now, so many religions appeared throughout history, bringing the light of the truth. This was in order to set the foundation to receive the True Parents. The True Parents are the perfected Adam and Eve; therefore, those who were born before the True Parents all belong to the archangelic world. Therefore, all religions which appeared before the Unification Church are archangelic religions. We can understand the true value of the Unification Church when we look from this principled perspective.


What is the culminating point of history? It is when everything meets the True Parents. The appearance of the True Parents is the hope of history, the hope of the nation, the hope of all intellectual yearning and the hope of the providence. The time when the True Parents appear is the climax occurring only once in history, never before nor again. From the perspective of eternity, a human lifetime is but one breath.

I don't know whether you are blessed of God or were just lucky, but to be born in this age and to come to the Unification Church has significance. You should know that many of your ancestors dedicated their sincerity so that you could return to this place. After your ancestors invested their total sincerity, and over the period consuming thousands and tens of thousands of people, life goes around and around, and just as the highest bud receives the light first when the sun rises, you people gathered here are the ones who have some kind of relationship with heaven.

The relationship called love has appeared for the first time in human history. What gives value to life starts here. This is the time that, through our affirmation, the authority of the nation and the world comes to have greater value. This is the time which becomes the origin of history and the focus of hope. It is the time when eternal life begins.


Good and evil originated at one point. This one point is love. Can you love alone? Love requires two people. They become husband and wife and then parents. This love went in the direction of evil, creating false parents.

In order for us to receive the parents of goodness, God works spiritually. But how will He work? When the time comes, God makes the morality governing the relationship of parents and children ambiguous. At that time, the phenomenon of children ignoring their parents appears worldwide. God works that way to cause good to depart from the boundaries of the evil world. Therefore, as the world is restored, the moral bond between parents and children will become more and more insecure. As a balance, who appears from the other side, the heavenly side? The Messiah appears. In other words, the True Parents appear. At that point, the true world starts based upon a true principle.

Then what will be at the center? The false parents and the True Parents become the centers of their respective sides.


People living in North Korea call Kim Il Sung their father. His name, translated into English, is "gold-sun-accomplishment." You, the Unification Church members, call Reverend Moon your Father. If we analyze my name, Moon means truth. Sun Myung means a very clear and pure thing, or a bright light. The Chinese character, "sun", is interesting. The fish connotes water and the lamb connotes land. These are in a reciprocal relationship, signifying the world If we unify all these. the moon and sun together shed bright light. In other words, my name means a substantial being of truth which illuminates the darkness like the sun and the moon.

Korea is the only nation in the world which is divided into two centering upon two fathers. If they are standing in opposite positions, can they both be true fathers? No.

Then, do I fear Kim Il Sung, or is Kim Il Sung afraid of me? What is not based on righteousness is false, and the time when the false father appears is the Last Days. Because we have made this clear, the communists hate Reverend Moon and they hate the Unification Church. The democratic world has hated Reverend Moon until now, but from now on it will like the Reverend Moon. The time has already come when America will start to like Reverend Moon.

Soon the time will come when the American citizens will say, "Reverend Moon is more precious than our senators and even the president. The presidents of this world govern a country for four years or eight years at the most, but if we center on the Reverend Moon, the nation will start to move toward heaven, which has certain eternal value." This is why it is a logical conclusion to say that you must value Reverend Moon more than you value anyone in America.


Can two True Parents exist? In North Korea, Kim Il Sung is called father, but this is different in quality from the meaning of Father in the Unification Church. Today, we are in a fight with Kim Il Sung. The name "Father" is very precious. Therefore, both Satan and God are fighting over that name.

Who will judge this fight? Man is to be the judge and make the decision. We human beings will choose the True Parents, saying, "Our True Parents should be like this." Man should know very well why fallen parents are what they are, and what makes good parents good. Satan also knows very well that humankind has pursued parents of goodness. Therefore, Satan tries to set up a false parent. By this method he is trying to attack the good parent.


What will be the standard of good and evil? This is the problem. By what means can we determine the standard of good and evil, or beauty and ugliness? In our everyday lives, we see the standard of good and evil change all the time.

What we need is an absolute standard, not a relative standard. Unfortunately, no one in history has been able to set up that absolute standard. Therefore, we don't know exactly what is the greatest good and what is the greatest evil

What would be the greatest evil? The meaning of the greatest evil is the opposite of the greatest good. Then what is the worst thing? We have mentioned that the most virtuous thing is love -- the love of parents, husband and wife, and children. Then we can say that the worst thing is to destroy or remove that love. Therefore, the standard of good and evil, and the standard by which good people and bad people are judged, is determined through love.


What does the Unification Church do? The Unification Church introduces the True Parents and True Children. This is where it is different from other religions. Most of today's religions have insisted on religion centered on the founder, but the Unification Church is the religion of parents. This is our defining characteristic.

The parent becomes the founder. Who is this parent? It is the parent centered on God, standing in the position of a God-centered parent to humankind and of an ancestor of humankind inheriting the tradition as a parent over the generations.

This parent is not a parent who lives in one single age, but is one who, until the whole world is restored, gives us rebirth, engrafts us, corrects those who are not qualified to become true children, and shows and teaches us the content required to become true children. This is the content owned by the Unification Church.


The Unification Church introduces the True Parents and teaches the way of parents. When the tribal foundation has been prepared, the parents must prepare a worldwide foundation. When the church foundation is prepared, a national foundation must be prepared. Descendants who connect to parents who do not know how to prepare for the environmental stage one step higher are destined to perish. In order for the Unification Church to survive, and in order for our descendants to survive, we must prepare a worldwide environment. In order to make the world survive, we even have to prepare the spiritual environment. We even have to influence the spirit world.

For example, when you are working in Japan, you oftentimes experience the spirit world working. This occurs because the members working in Japan are working believing in me. These things occur because we are the Holy Spirit Association. If you don't believe in the Unification Church, it's no use explaining to you at all.

The Unification Church introduces the relationship between Father and children. This relationship is a vertical heart relationship. Even though the person who comes as your parent has a physical substantial body on this earth, you will receive numerous spiritual phenomena just as the disciples did with Jesus. This person will also teach you many new facts. Even having a substantial body, this person will be able to do what the people in the spirit world can do, developing it horizontally on earth. Unification Church missionaries testify that wherever they go for their mission, the True Parents appear and directly teach them what to do when they are facing difficulties such as imprisonment. Our church members engaged in a multitude of activities in countries such as Japan and the United States are working tirelessly. I'm sure you understand that this is because the

True Parents directly lead them spiritually, showing and teaching them what to do.


In the Unification Church, we use the words "True Parents" and "True Children." Do you know why? This is because the Unification Church is a God-centered movement to reveal the True Parents to all humanity and to show the way a True Child should go.


What kind of a group do we constitute as members of the Unification Church? We are the group of people who have learned the doctrine of the True Parents and who have become the sons and daughters of the True Parents. There is no place other than the Unification Church which teaches the principle that we must become the sons and daughters of True Parents.


Eve fell by forming the first love relationship as a false one, with the archangel. Eve fell by forming an unpermitted husband and wife relation ship. Through this unprincipled, unlawful love relationship, who was thrown out? God was thrown out and the True Parents were thrown out next. In other words, those who were to be the True Parents became false parents and their children became false children. Thus, true husband and wife, true children, true family, true clan, true tribe, true nation, true world and true universe all were lost. Through this unlawful love, the heavenly principle was completely destroyed. Where is this woman who caused all this destruction? I am not trying to benefit through disclosing this genealogy. Did Eve succeed, or did she fail? (She failed ) Because everything was lost through the formation of an unlawful love relationship, everything must be found once again through the formation of a principled love relationship.

Therefore, what is the Unification Church trying to do? In order to reconstruct this destroyed history, we are practicing restoration through indemnity The way of the Unification Church is to take this mission But we cannot go this way alone Therefore, we form a family. The mass wedding ceremony of the Unification Church is the moment God blesses us as ideal husbands and wives centering on the principled love relationship.


Jesus came as the unfallen True Parent. Then, what were Joseph and Mary? From this world's view, they were Jesus' father and mother, but if we look at them from the providential viewpoint, they are not father and mother of Jesus as the True Parent. Jesus was the Messiah, who came with the idea of discovering what was lost and with the mission of becoming the True Parent whom God could recognize. Joseph and Mary were in the position of children before the Messiah, even though they externally were Jesus' parents. In other words, Jesus was their ancestor. Can you believe that? You know there is the expression, "the beginning of heaven and earth." What does this mean? I think of it in this way. I think that when a son becomes a father to his father, it is the beginning of heaven and earth. Can this possibly happen in this world?

Therefore, Joseph should have become a filial son before the Messiah and Mary should have been the most filial daughter. Also, Joseph should have been the loyal subject of the Messiah and Mary a loyal woman. They should have been the first ones willing to die for Jesus. If they had, Jesus would not have needed any disciples.

However, Jesus had to die without being able to say anything about this. The father had to die without telling anything to the son. Jesus, who had the heavenly mission, had to die without being able to tell all his secrets to Joseph, who was in the position of his father in a worldly sense and of his son in the internal sense. How sad Jesus must have been! Jesus said, "I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth; for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come." (John 16:12-14) It is heartbreaking to read this verse.


There is an expression, the beginning of heaven and earth. What does it mean? Does it mean that the nation turns over and the world turns over? No, it does not. It is the beginning of heaven and earth when the mother becomes the daughter and the daughter becomes the mother. Nothing can signify heaven and earth beginning more than this. When parents become children and the children become parents, this indeed is the beginning of heaven and earth. The last becomes the first and the first becomes the last. If you are the last when everyone is going forward, when everyone is told to turn around, what will happen? This is the restoration, in other words, the beginning of heaven and earth. The beginning of heaven and earth must occur one time. The father must become the son and the son must become the father. Then, what will the grandfathers be? They will become grandsons, and the great grandfathers will become the great grandsons. According to the Unification Principle, who will be the last grandson? It will be Adam. In other words, those who are born later physically are not the farthest descendants; they are the ancestors. In other words, the later generations are not the descendants but are the ancestors. Do you understand? This is the beginning of heaven and earth.


What does the Unification Church do? They are a group of people who bring the movement for the beginning of heaven and earth. Then, will the mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers not oppose? The satanic world desperately tries to go against it. From their point of view, we are a group of scoundrels. They do not know, but according to the Unification Principle, we must do this. The pride and honor of the satanic world means nothing to us. Unification Church members are those who go forward with this preparedness. Don't you think it's wonderful? But the satanic world is not wonderful; it is completely messed up.


What is the hope of humankind? It is to serve the True Parents. Six thousand years ago, Adam and Eve were to have had a holy wedding ceremony and the whole of humankind was to become the descendants of God. However, because of the fall, humankind descended from Satan. Therefore, today we must set up the True Parents on the heavenly side, whom we lost six thousand years ago, and through the love of the True Parents, we must be reborn. Only by doing so can we become the people of heaven.


In order for us to become true children, True Parents must appear on this earth and we must be reborn through them.


You and the True Parents must form a united relationship, and this relationship should never change.


All men and women are created to become heartistically one with God. Human beings who are the children and God who is the Father are united through heart.


The Unification Church is a place that teaches the way of the heart (shim jung). You must be engrafted to the heart of God. You were born as children of Satan and grew up as children of Satan. How can the children of Satan be engrafted to God's heart? You have to be engrafted in the place where a father and mother live together and raise their children. Before having any sons or daughters, before the father gets married, in other words, before the mother comes into being, from the time the seed is made in the father's body, that seed must be engrafted to God's heart. This is the history of restoration. Victory starts from here.


The Principle is the law of restoration. This is not the same as the scientific principles taught in universities. Because human beings fell and lost their parents, the Principle teaches the formula to search for parents. Is it right for a person to be ignorant of that Principle? Further, what are you supposed to do if you happen to know that Principle? Is it right just to know the Principle and casually observe? No, you must practice it. You must study yourself and you must put it into practice. If you try to act according to the Principle, you must believe in the Principle.

Then, what will you do after hearing the Principle? Because the parents practiced the Principle, it became a law. Therefore, the children must live centering on the words of the Principle.

What is the purpose of putting the Principle into practice? First of all, it is to subjugate Satan. We must subjugate Satan who is the parent of servants. Next, we must subjugate the parent of the adopted children. Then, for the first time, we can become the direct sons and daughters of God.


What is your hope? It is to meet the True Parents. We must search out what has been reversed. This is restoration through indemnity. Therefore, the people who were born through this reversed set of circumstances must go in the opposite direction. They must go the direction opposite the one the world is hoping you will go. The more we go in this opposite direction, the more our relationship with the fallen world will be cut off.

The way of religion is the way of cutting our relationships with this world. Through this way, we can enter the original world, in other words, we can enter heaven for the first time. We become the people of heaven. Therefore, we must be born again. Even the kings and presidents of this world must be born again.


The fall was improper love engaged in during the completion stage of the growth period. Then, how strong will love in the completion stage of the completion period be? It cannot be expressed in words. If a woman joins the Unification Church, her husband with whom she was living will seem to be nothing. If you join the Unification Church, you will feel a strong spiritual power.

It is same for men. Men should long for me more than they long for any woman in the world. Only by doing this can they be restored. This is the Principle. At least three times men should cry out loud, longing to meet True Parents. It used to be this way, but now you do not think of me so much. There were times when men went and bought tickets unconsciously wanting to meet me.


You should cry, longing for True Parents in the position of the substantial God. You should want to see the True Parents always. You should want to serve the True Parents even by making them a cup of rice or by giving them a glass of water. You should always have such a sincere heart. You just have to have a heart overflowing with tears. Then, centering on me, if you become heartistically united with me and breathe together with me, you will come to understand the standard of my character, my past, and the situations surrounding me. You will also be able to inherit everything.


Because women came to the Unification Church and followed me, their husbands complained about their wives not coming to them. Because men followed me, women complained that their husbands weren't coming to them. It is made to be like that. Men, if they want to see me, should also shed tears. Those who cannot shed tears cannot enter heaven, even when the heavenly age of the Unification Church comes.

Because Adam left shedding tears not being able to feel God's heart, there must be reunion with tears. Our tears must liberate the resentment of Adam and Eve who separated with tears. There is no other way to become united. Throughout the world, there are even men who cry wanting to see me. However, are there such people here? You terrible people! A long time ago, everyone was like that. At the very beginning, everyone was like that.

Unless the Unification Church lays that condition, it cannot take responsibility for restoration. Before, even men could not tolerate waiting to see me. You know what's called a love syndrome. They had that syndrome. Everything in the world was troublesome to them. Only when they received an order from Reverend Moon and were working on it were they relieved. Otherwise, they were powerless. It should be like that. Is that the way you are?


All men in the world are archangels. Therefore, they cannot take a bride as they wish. They are not qualified for that. Women are on the Lord's side, as the bride of the coming Lord. They do not belong to men of this world, but to the coming Lord.

When woman fell, it took place through two processes. Therefore, in order to restore it, we also must go through two processes. This is why women must like me and long for me. Even if you don't want to, you have to like me. Women in the Unification Church must be absolutely obedient to all of my words. Then she can be said to be a person who likes me. Then I can make you marry if I want to and I can send you out to witness if I want to. I can make you marry or not marry a black person. I can make you marry or not marry an American. Is this good or bad? Those who say it's bad have no relationship with me. Only those who say it's good are related to me. This is why even old women come to me. Do men in this world feel good about all women coming to me on this condition? This is why men in the world are against the Unification Church. Women aren't.

Then, what should men do? They have to live the life of a servant to their death. They have to go through the course of a servant. They have to be treated as a servant of servants. Men are in a position of adulterers before God. They are a tribe incurring God's resentment. Therefore, they have to take the role of servant of servants. Even if I tell them to die, they should be able to die saying "Yes." Otherwise, they cannot be restored. Men should do that which is most difficult in the world. Until now, they have mistreated women, who had no real husbands. But when the Lord comes, from that point on, they cannot do that anymore. If they do, they cannot be restored. Are these my words or the words of the Principle? Say it clearly, you who think you are intellectuals. Are these my words to threaten you, or are these words of the Principle? (They are words of the Principle.) Then you should follow the Principle. Therefore, men must become full-time members.

I have been treated badly until now. I have been fighting for over fifty years, but people are still shooting arrows at me. You should not stay silent watching this.

You should not be the archangel on Satan's side. You should become the archangel on heaven's side and you should attack Satan. This is why I put you on the front line. Have I ever appeared in the public arena of the satanic world? Have you ever seen me appear? If possible, I try not to appear and I try to put you out in front. Because Satan rebelled against heaven and altered the heavenly Principle, you have to stand in the position of the archangel supporting heaven, and you should establish the way of loyalty to heaven. Then for the first time, a way of restoration can be opened. This is why I make you stand on the front line.


You are people whom I bought. You are people whom I bought by giving the whole of humankind and the universe. Therefore, God wants to judge heaven and earth through you. God bought you people in the position of servants in the satanic world and made you stand as His sons and daughters. Therefore, you are glorious children, receiving the blessing of God. Therefore, if the whole world says it wants from you, you have to be able to give. You have to be people who can give even to Satan.

I bought you with my blood and sweat. I bought you by giving my body. Therefore, you have to do the same as me. I want to be proud of my members. Let's pledge in this position.


Fallen men lost three hearts (shim jung) simultaneously. Adam and Eve were God's son and daughter; through the fall, however, they lost the heart of young, small children, and they lost the heart of brothers and sisters that was centered on God's love.

Adam and Eve grew up as brother and sister; however, Eve seduced Adam and made Adam fall. Eve killed Adam. They could have been a brother and sister of goodness, but instead they became a brother and sister of evil. Simultaneously, they lost the heart of children, the heart of husband and wife, and the heart of parents, which are the realms of heart within God's love. The problem centers on how we can restore this.

We must become like children by entering God's realm of heart. You must unite and restore the lost heart of brothers and sisters, the lost heart of husband and wife, the lost heart of parents and the lost heart of children. Unless we connect the disconnected heart relationship and realize the realm of restoration, we cannot escape the fallen realm.


God lost the son and daughter whom He truly loved from the bottom of His heart. When viewed from the relationship of man and woman, we lost a God-centered husband and wife. And when viewed from the children's position, we lost the True Parents. Through the one act of the fall, these three all were taken. Therefore, the problem of restoring these three hearts (shim jung) and setting up the standard which God can recognize remains. First, we must restore the standard of loving God as true sons and daughters. Through that process and when the time comes, we should become husband and wife centering on God, bear children of goodness and form the four-position foundation that God desires.


For thirty-some years, the life of Jesus was a life to fulfill his mission as God's son. The history of Christianity for two thousand years was a history to search for the love between husband and wife. If the love of husband and wife can be found, then the love of parents will be realized. If this love of parents is realized, then they, as representatives of God, can love their children. If we look at this centered on the individual, the stages of love move from children's love to conjugal love, to parent's love. Unless you feel these stages of love centering on God, restoration is not possible. You should feel these three loves.


What is required as one seeks the final way through faith? First, there must be the way of the founder who appears with the relationship of God centered brothers and sisters. Then, there should be the way of the founder who appears centering on the relationship of husband and wife. Last of all, there must be the way of the founder who appears with the relationship of parents.


Originally, one human being was to feel the four great hearts (shim jung) of parent, husband and wife, brother and sister, and children through his or her reciprocal partner. This is why the family is necessary.


The horizontal providence of restoration through indemnity centering on God's heart has started. The providence to restore the lost realm of heart all at once has begun. For this, we have the Unification Church. No one can understand why the members of the Unification Church are moving together with one united heart under the direction of the Reverend Moon. No matter how hard people of this world try to understand why you and Reverend Moon work with one united heart, they will fail.

All the members of the Unification Church, even men, love Reverend Moon to the degree that they shed tears wanting to see Father. If someone doesn't have the experience of shedding tears wanting to see Father, that person is not a member of the Unification Church. That is wonderful -- not for me, but for God.


I love you centering on God's love, and you love me. You should love God and also love each other. You should love each other as you love me. My hope is that you love each other more than I love you. Then you will be able to love your neighbors more than your parents or your brothers.


You should not only bring a logical interpretation of victory, but you should also be victorious in practice. You should become a group of people who love your neighbors as your parents and brothers and sisters. Then, even if you don't want people to come to you, they will want to visit you and see you to the degree that if they can't, they will become sick. It was like this when I was a student. All my friends came to see me at my lodgings, to discuss things which they could never tell other people. Then I would let them hear the words of God through which they could inherit the realm of God's heart. Because there is a theory which can be practiced, I could make them become one with God.


Today, in the near future, there must be a place where humanity can rest in peace and unity. Where could that be? It is the world of heart (shim jung) . The world of heart is a world where a father cannot live without his son and a wife cannot live without her husband. This is the nature of the true world to come.

What are called "isms" in this world may represent the stages of revolution of consciousness and the standard of conscience. But, from now on, there must appear something with which we can be victorious finally through our fate. That indeed is shim jung.

From now on, there must appear a new view of history with which we can revolutionize people's shim jung and set up the standard of the heavenly way. Based on this view of history there must appear a heartistic principle with which we can create a new view of life and the world. Then, what would that principle be like? That principle will center on a heartistic view of life, a heartistic world view, and a heartistic view of the universe. History has waited for this. The Unification Church is the place where we can teach these things.


An eternal concept which can revive us is calling. Eternal thought is waiting for us. Those who love eternal thought will live forever. It will be like that. If someone cannot unite with that, he or she will receive judgment. That person will be judged and the position and level that he or she will attain in the spirit world will be determined.


God created Adam and Eve after many difficulties. In order to create Adam and Eve, God created the universe. God endured many difficulties to create the universe. Because God invested so much to create Adam and Eve, I'm sure God was happy beyond words when He finished. However, there was to have been a moment when God was even more happy, and this was to be the moment when His son and daughter were united, in other words, the time when Adam would have a bride. This happiness was to be connected to all things that give birth in heaven and earth, and the center of love was to be linked to all humanity. If branches were created from there with explosive power, then the whole world would eventually have been involved. Then people would have been born resembling God. Those who were not born resembling God would try to resemble God.

Were you born resembling God, or are you going to try to resemble God? Which one? You have to try to resemble God. If you had been born resembling God, then when would be your day of celebration? I don't know if God resembles you, but if you were born resembling God, which day should you celebrate? You should celebrate the day you were born. Then you should celebrate the day you get married. Then you should celebrate the day you have your sons and daughters. This was the origin of history. History developed in order to realize this, and this was the content of the providence.


The fact remaining from the fall is that we lost our original parents. Through the fall, when we lost the parents, we lost the children. In addition to the children, we lost all things, and together with all things, we lost God. We must restore all these.

Adam and Eve were to become God's true son and daughter and then were to become the true parents of humankind. Adam and Eve were to dominate the whole of creation. There was supposed to be this glorious day for the whole creation also.

The dominion over all things cannot be accomplished alone. The parents must have children, forming a family. All things can be dominated based on that restored four-position foundation. No one alone can dominate creation. Jesus came to this earth to dominate all things and the world, but he could not.


God wanted to give the Blessing to both Adam and Eve, not just to Adam. Therefore, Adam and Eve had to become husband and wife.

But husband and wife are not enough. Husband and wife are the vertical center from God. Adam and Eve were the internal and external center linking heaven and earth centering on God. The spiritual dual characteristics appeared as substantial dual characteristics forming an individual set of dual characteristics. This became a man and a woman centering on mind and body. This was Adam and Eve. Therefore, when Adam and Eve become united, they become for the first time the center of a horizontal four position foundation, forming a center base.

However, although the parents are the center, they must stand also in the subjective position as the center of the horizontal world representing the clan level. To do so, they need an object. That object is their children. Then, when the four position foundation is formed, heaven and earth are linked for the first time.


In the world today there is a children's day, but it is not a true children's day. The true Parent's Day, Children's Day, Day of All Things and God's Day were determined and announced by our Unification Church. These days were not determined at random, according to my thoughts, saying, "Today can be such and such a day." All the Holy Days were determined after going through a formula in the restoration process. Without going through the formula, restoration is not possible. In the restoration process, there is always an order, and I have always restored everything according to that order.

There must be parents before children can exist. Therefore, it is the principled to proclaim Parent's Day before proclaiming Children's Day.


Originally, all people possess the ideal of parents. Therefore, if God's Day is determined, then Parent's Day will be determined at the same time, and then Children's Day and the Day of All Things. However, because of the fall, everything was lost. Therefore, in the process of restoration, what is the first thing which must be found? Man must be found first. You must understand that unless Parent's Day is determined, Children's Day cannot be determined.


What is the one and only day which history has been searching for until now? It is True Parents' Day. More than Children's Day, history has been hoping for True Parents' Day to be proclaimed on earth. Unless this day appears, no one has the qualification to call God "Father."

Even if you called God your Father, you are calling Him Father within the boundaries of His judgment Until now you have been calling God as Father within the boundaries of His judgment. You were not able to call God Father beyond that position.

The God whom you can call Father beyond judgment is the Eternal Father of liberation. He is the parent of liberation. From here, a new nation, new world, and new heaven and earth will start. Even if such a world is surrounded by the satanic world, it will continue to grow. It is made to grow.

You must think that in order for you to have Children's Day, you must make a determination to go the true way centering on the six-thousand- year history. You can overcome this course if you receive the Blessing from the True Parents. You cannot go over as you are now. In order to reach the goal, you have to make indemnity conditions. Until you can have Children's Day, you have no relationship with the True Parents. You have not been born yet through the marrow of the True Parents.


Representing the many memorial days throughout the world, Children's Day was established globally and universally before God as the day when man and woman were born once again in the true position to serve the True Parents.