Blessing and Ideal Family
by Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Chapter Three
Part 2



History began with fighting. In Adam's family, Cain and Abel fought. Cain must move to the younger brother's position. To make an elder brother become a younger brother seems strange, but this is not the only such case. Without this reversal, Satan cannot be pulled out. This fighting began from birth and from brothers.

Cain by birth was one person, and by birth Abel was also one. Jacob and Esau were twins but after they grew up, they fought. They fought even in the womb of their mother.

If we investigate the story of Tamar, we can know the Principle. Tamar gave birth to sons by a relationship with her father-in-law. However, how could a son who was born from the relationship of his mother with her own father-in-law inherit the blood lineage of Israel? How in the world can this be possible?

Who was the mother of Solomon? His mother, Bathsheba, was the wife of Uriah. King David stole Uriah's wife. Uriah's wife became David's second wife. By this, King David was in Adam's position and Uriah was in the archangel's position. If the wife of the archangel is not restored, Eve's position cannot be established. The archangel fell by taking Adam's spouse, Eve. Stealing her, he conquered by love. In order to indemnify this, these three relations must be reversed. The baby who is born after fulfilling these conditions according to Principle is the heavenly glorious baby. Solomon was the glorious baby. Tamar had a sexual relationship with her father-in-law. However, her spirit in having the relationship with her father-in-law was pure and sacrificial. At that time, the law was that a woman who fornicated should be killed. Tamar lost her first and second husbands and she knew that she was responsible to perpetuate the blood lineage. That is why she could overcome her pride and dignity. She was only concerned about how she could maintain God's lineage. Because she loved the blood lineage, she had only one thought, which was to restore the blood lineage. She had a relationship with her father-in-law in order to set the condition to go back to God. From this point of view, her father-in-law was actually her brother.

The Israelites and Jewish descendants inherited the standard of victory in the womb. Why did this have to go on to the national level? It was because this is the satanic world and Satan has nations. As the authority of the chosen nation, Israel, progressed, the internal victory of blood lineage progressed with it. Inheriting this, Mary forgot any pride in position or environmental situation, and only God's will was in her heart. With victory in the womb, there is no satanic invasion. On that foundation, Jesus was born through Mary. Jesus was born with the condition to be on God's side, since he was born from the foundation of victory in the historical war. That is why Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life, and without going through me, no one can go to the Father." Because Jesus was born with blood-related internal content, Jesus became the only begotten son of God in human history. Until today, no one knew this background. That is why, even though there are many religions, they can only be on the servant or adopted-son level.

In the New Testament, the Gospel of Matthew is in the position of the Old Testament's Genesis. That's why the human fall was recorded at the beginning of Genesis and the restoration course is recorded at the beginning of the Gospel of Matthew. In the Gospel of Matthew, there is a chronicle from Abraham to Jesus. "A record of the genealogy of Jesus Christ the son of David, the son of Abraham," was recorded in verse one of the Gospel of Matthew. In the third verse, "Judah the father of Perez and Zerah, whose mother was Tamar," is recorded. Why was the prostitute-like woman Tamar recorded in the very beginning? Again, "Boaz the father of Obed, whose mother was Ruth," is recorded and "David was the father of Solomon, whose mother had been Uriah's wife," is recorded.

In the sixteenth verse, it says, "Jesus was born who is called Christ." However, why is this unethical and intolerable fact recorded in the Gospel of Matthew? I think the writer knew the facts of Jesus' birth. But why was this bad fact recorded in the Bible? You must know about this. Besides this story, there are many things in the Bible that are not explained because they are recorded in symbols and parables. We must dig out and reestablish the clear Christian tradition. Otherwise, you must realize that the Christianity of this world will break down, and the pieces will become offerings to Satan and will disappear.

Jesus Christ was born through the course of restoration through indemnity, by a woman, Mary. Mary was the one who could solve the historical pain. As a national central woman for God's will, she did not care if she lost her life or not. With this faith, she bore Jesus Christ.

Through Judaism, based upon 4,000 years of restoration, God was looking for the origin of the blood lineage before the fall, the stainless son, who is the restored Adam. That is why in 1 Corinthians 15 45, Jesus is called the "Last Adam." This means that God's providential history of salvation is a providential history of restoration. Because it is history of recreation, God worked so hard for 4,000 years, pioneering the restoration course. This is what humankind could not understand. Finally the restored only-begotten son Jesus, was born, in the position beloved by God.


Jesus Christ is the one person for whom God searched 4,000 years and then sent to this earth. This Jesus is the new ancestor of goodness and as the True Parent he is working hard continually in order that we who once died might be reborn.


Jesus is like Adam in the Garden of Eden. Could Jesus alone fulfill the will of God? No; that is why he had to find his bride. The bride's family should have been Jesus' family, the bride's nation should have been Jesus' nation and Jesus' nation should have been God's nation. Jesus came alone as God's son. Therefore, the bride's nation, the Jewish nation, must be Jesus' nation and that nation's church should be Jesus' church. After that, he should have conquered the Roman Empire.

However, he was killed, so there was a problem: on the earth, there was no standard for the parent. If the father and mother are living, centering on love, they can make the condition for rebirth. Since there is no father or mother, there is no way to make the condition for rebirth through the love of parents. That is why fifty days after Jesus' resurrection, the Holy Spirit came to the earth. What is that Holy Spirit? It is the Mother God. For the first time since the fall of Adam and Eve, the ideal substantial Adam form, Jesus, was born, but the ideal substantial Eve form was not there. Therefore, the standard of the ideal mother was without form; only the spirit was sent to the earth. That is why receiving the Holy Spirit means to reenter the mother's womb.

In the process of being born again, after receiving the Holy Spirit and becoming the embodiment of Holy Spirit, just the Holy Spirit is not enough. As the mother spirit, the Holy Spirit is the bride to Jesus. Through the Holy Spirit we must love Jesus, who is the bridegroom, and make the condition to be absolutely one with him in order to have rebirth. Only by going this way can you receive salvation. That is the reason you must think of Jesus as your husband and the Holy Spirit as your mother. Without making conditions like this, there is no way to be reborn. Logically, it makes sense.


After Jesus went to the spirit world, Pentecost happened in the attic where about 120 followers prayed together and the Holy Spirit came down. This Holy Spirit is the Mother God. If Jesus is called the father, the Holy Spirit is the Mother God. The wife is the one who knows the husband completely. Then what kind of person is the Holy Spirit? If Eve had become perfected, she would have been the substantial mother, but because of the fall, Eve's spirit was called back by God. If Jesus had received a bride on earth, that spirit (Eve's) would have resurrected through that bride and received a substantial body. But because Jesus did not have the foundation to have the bride, that spirit could not come back. Thus, Jesus could not take the position of the substantial true parent. That is why Jesus and the Holy Spirit had to take the position of spiritual parents. If that had not happened, there would have been no foundation for the providence to continue.

Today, those who believe Christianity say the believer must receive the Holy Spirit. But why must one receive the Holy Spirit? Because the wife committed the sin, woman must overcome labor pain. That is why the Holy Spirit is working. Again, in order to receive salvation, because one is a child-like spirit needing Jesus' and the mother's love together, Christians teach about receiving the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit is the perfected feminine spirit of God. The function of the Holy Spirit is to help to go back inside of Adam. That is why all Christians must return back to Jesus' body as his seeds in the children's position. How many Christians are there who are following this way? Is there a Christian who thinks about this even in his or her dream? All of them just believe in Jesus and say they want to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. But if one says he believes only by his mouth and expects to go to the Kingdom of Heaven, he or she is making a big mistake. Only by going back into the bone marrow of Jesus is restoration possible.

Think about how God has to pursue His providence. You must know through this course, that countless satans are rejoicing. In order to penetrate through those satanic walls, countless numbers of sacrifices follow. Without sacrificing, you cannot enter deep inside Jesus to be reborn. Entering Jesus and coming in contact with the love of God is such a course. After that condition is completed, you have made an internal condition to connect to the True Parents' blood lineage. From there, by going the way of true love, for which Jesus and the Holy Spirit are longing, you can be born again. Also, only by becoming one in love, like a woman loves a man or a man longs for a woman, can you be born again.

The Holy Spirit's function is to give emotional stimulation. Once you receive the baby spirit, you are longing for Jesus very much. Jesus is the bridegroom and the Holy Spirit is the bride. The principle of resurrection in Christianity refers to the fact that when these two substantial bodies become one, you are made new.

In Christianity, the Holy Father is God and the Holy Child is Jesus. Then what is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is the Mother God. Because it is the Mother God, unless you receive the Holy Spirit you cannot be born again. The Mother God, the Holy Spirit, must give birth. This Holy Spirit is longing for Jesus. She longs so much that her eyes are ready to come out. You may not have experienced anything like that. The Mother God, which is the Holy Spirit, loves her husband's spirit. This loving feeling must occur in the human body. With this heart, one must be born again. Without passing through the love of the parents, there is no way to be born again. This is the heavenly law.

Jesus is the father; the Holy Spirit is the mother. In other words, Jesus is the groom and the Holy Spirit is the bride. When the Holy Spirit comes into your heart, the love of the Holy Spirit for Jesus becomes one with your heart. You receive the fire of the Holy Spirit. Suddenly, everything changes.

By doing so through the love connection of the spiritual parents, new life springs forth. This is what Christianity means by being born again.


Until today, the mission of Jesus and the Holy Spirit is to give birth. Because the essence of Eve's original mother nature could make a reciprocal base with the fallen Eve, God sent it back in Jesus' time as object to the subject. But it did not have form. Jesus had form but the Holy Spirit did not have form (a body). However, doing the mother's mission -- going into our heart, giving an emotional stimulation and cleansing sin -- doing this work is to be as a mother raising a baby, receiving the father's (Jesus') protection. This becomes the condition to be born again and actually is rebirth.


In Christianity, no one can receive salvation without going through Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Jesus represents the spiritual father and the Holy Spirit is the mother. Spiritual rebirth is possible when one stands as the child being one with the spiritual parents. However, this going through the parents is only spiritual. Passing through the course of engrafting, the power of rebirth is engaged; this is Christianity's principle of rebirth. Without passing through the parents, there is no new life. BY doing this, the providence of salvation has progressed until today.


Because Jesus could not fulfill his mission on earth, he did his mission spiritually instead. Jesus and the Holy Spirit made the foundation and stood spiritually with the mission of father and mother. Spiritually, there is unification. Spiritually, it is the work of giving birth. We are the descendants of fallen ancestors. Because we human beings are born through the womb of a mother, we must reenter the mother's love nest. This is the love of the Holy Spirit. Because the Holy Spirit is the Mother God, that Mother God with the emotional love must look and find the father, Jesus, and embrace him. Through that love, the Mother God adores the father spiritually. Through this loving action, the force of love is working; feeling this force is what we call receiving the fire of the Holy Spirit. New life can come only by experiencing this -- in other words, through the mother's womb. One must feel this love by the senses, centering on the father and mother. Without feeling it by the senses, the new life cannot be born. Without love, the new life cannot be born. This is what Christianity says about rebirth.

Because Jesus could not complete this process on earth, but only spiritually fulfilled it, this work must be repeated. Therefore, the Unification Church must do this mission again. Then, in order to complete this mission, where shall we enter? Who is the coming Christ? Because the coming Jesus is the father, we must enter into the body of the father. The fallen people make the condition of entering inside the father, getting the help of the mother who attends Jesus as her groom, entering into the body of Jesus who is the man. This course has been going on. But realistically, we cannot enter into the body of Jesus. That's why we enter through the heart of love. With the heart of love, we can pass into and through Jesus' body.


Until today, what is the reason Christians worldwide believe in Jesus? With the help of the Holy Spirit they entered the body of Jesus. Because Jesus did not marry, he is in the position of the virgin God man. In order to enter to the body of Jesus as his baby seeds, Christians worldwide have believed in Jesus to this day. Like this, after entering the body of Jesus through the restored new mother, one stands in the position to be born again. You can get rebirth. Because human beings are unable to do this with their physical bodies, we must make conditions according to this content and be connected through a parallel process.


Two thousand years ago, Jesus came as the second Adam. Jesus came with the mission of True Father, who is the Messiah to save all human beings. However, because Jesus was crucified, he could not stand as the true parent with a physical body. With that result, spiritual salvation was fulfilled but physical salvation did not happen. Until today there were no true parents who could save both our spirit and body.

Therefore, we must be born again through the Second Coming of Christ, who comes with the authority of the True Parent. We must be born anew conditionally or symbolically through the mother's umbilical cord. We are going the way toward that. Until today, the Holy Spirit worked with the function of the mother. We must be born again through the Holy Spirit as the mother and the spirit of Jesus who is the father. Of course, we are born through the womb of the mother. But if we think more deeply, the origin of life starts from the father. Historically, although the blood lineage was spiritually changed and restored, the womb of the mother did not receive the father. Because of this, until today Christians have hoped for the return of Christ, the father who is the source of life. Through the force of the Holy Spirit they have been waiting for his second coming.

Even before the fall, already the life of sons and daughters was existing in the body of Adam as seeds. Seeds which may become a son or daughter were in the body of the father. In this way, if we think fundamentally, we must be born with the spirit and the body together. Because of this, in order for us to restart, we must return to the position of a seed. In order to fulfill that providence, Jesus must come as the true parent. Therefore, we must be born into a restored new life through the second coming of the Messiah. If you analyze what I have spoken until now, you can know clearly whether or not you need a new Messiah, the second coming of Christ.


At the Second Coming, Christ must inherit all the Christians who are spiritually in the position of seeds in the body of Jesus. Christians are not yet born again completely. They are in the position of seeds in the body of Jesus. Even though their position is spiritual, they must prepare the foundation to welcome the second coming.

Although the Holy Spirit has been working as the mother, the substantial father must come. Before the true mother appears, you must become one with the true father. Therefore, you must return back into the body of Adam as a seed which is still virgin. Accordingly, we must be born anew through the unfallen true father. A seed starting from the unfallen Adam's body must be planted in the womb of the mother. The seed in there is real and we must return to that position. Honestly, this work is being accomplished through the Unification Church.


Today, it is the same in the Unification Church. Everyone must be absolutely attracted to the Teacher (the Father). Man and woman should be longing to see the Father so strongly that you shed tears. You must long to see the Father and love him more than your wife, your husband, and your children who are beside you. Without that heart, you cannot connect to God. From the time we started to do God's will in 1950, we have been working like this. At that time, even though the Unification Church members did not have the Mother, they centered on the Father. If the Master (the Father) was sad, they were sad, and when the Master was happy, they were also happy. They felt what the Father was feeling spiritually and could enter the same position. That is going back to the body of the Father as baby seeds. If a father is sad, the son should be sad, and if the father is happy, the son must feel happy. Unless you make heartistic oneness from that position, there is no way to go back to the womb of the Father. That is why the heartistic experience is the problem. However, it is not enough just being a seed of the Father; the womb of the Mother is necessary. In other words, through the Mother's womb, we must be born again.

Therefore, in 1960 (April 11, 1960) by the Holy Wedding, the True Mother was chosen. Through this, with the blessing of love you felt when you were inside the Father's body, by attending the Mother and with the connection of love with the Mother, you can be reborn. After rebirth as I have described, you must be different.


Why are you Unification Church members following the Master (Father) day and night, leaving your physical mother and father? It is because if you do not make the heartistic condition to be in the bone of the Master as a baby seed, there is no way to be born again. You must make the condition that you love the Mother and Father equally in order to be born again. Without attending the True Parents, you cannot make the condition for rebirth. Have you passed through that course? Aren't you hearing this for the first time? Have you ever even glimpsed this content in your dreams? I knew about this content so I have been living for the Will.


In order for you to become the children of the True Parents, you must make the condition according to the Principle through the law of indemnity and through the bone marrow of the parents. Doing this, you can be in the position of sons and daughters. The period of making this condition centering in the 1960s was the 40-day witnessing period through 1961 and 1962. During this period, we ate only barley, didn't we? The reason we ate barley was that the three-year period was an indemnity period. During that period, centering on Father's direct lineage, we were restoring the four position foundation and you were centering on the parents, making the Cain Abel relationship and working to make Cain and Abel one. The unification of Cain and Abel starts from the womb of Mother and there unification must begin. Before that stage, before 1960, was the period when you had to be one centering on the Teacher (Father). At that time, whether man or woman, old or young, everyone loved the Teacher. Even men cried because they wanted to see the Teacher. In this world, there are some men who cry because of women. But there is no case of a man crying because he misses another man so much. The case of men yearning for each other so much that they cry does not exist. Have you ever heard of such? Absolutely, there is no other case like that! That is because crying centering on love and longing to see each other does not exist in this world.

However, in the Unification Church this is happening. Even the men cry when they miss the Teacher. Even if they are leaving their parents, brothers, sisters, wife or children, they run to meet the Teacher. Their longing heart is this desperate. Why is it like this? Before Adam and Eve were born, in whose body did they grow? Did they grow in Eve's body? Did they grow in Adam's body? Inside of Adam's bone marrow, there were the seeds of sons and daughters. Although he did not experience love, the seeds of children were growing there. Then centering on the connection of love, through the mother they were to be born as new lives. This is the principle of birth from the parents to the children. From the same position, the Unification Church members, man or woman, young or old, all like the Teacher. Ladies, did you like the Teacher or not? You liked him so much that rumors spread. Grandmother or young lady, grandfather or young man, everyone liked the Teacher and followed me around. What does it mean? It means that the heartistic unity is accomplished.


Unless you pass through the connection of love centering on Adam and Eve's first love, and freshly through the parents' womb, there cannot be the beginning of life; and without accomplishing the principle of restoration, the complete indemnity cannot be accomplished. That is why, centering on the will of God, you loved the Teacher, and centering on the Teacher's emotion you worked to become one, and the heartistic direction moved toward this way, consciously and unconsciously.

By doing that, you are engrafted heartistically to the True Parents' bone marrow, through True Mother's womb, making the condition to be born as the original Adam and Eve. Without doing that, restoration cannot be done. Do you understand? Therefore, you must be restored through Mother while the Teacher's sons and daughters are in the Mother's womb, centering on the True Children. You must restore Cain Abel relationships. You must know this clearly.


Of course, our physical bodies are already grown and we cannot literally go back to the perfected Adam's body in the seed position. Therefore, by becoming one with the True Parents and their children, who are the True Children, we make the condition to be born again. By Cain completely surrendering to Abel, these two can be restored in the Principle; accordingly, the person who is in Cain's position must unite with the person who is in Abel's position, that is, with the True Parents and the True Children. By doing so, we receive benefit as the restored children. Through the True Parents, when born as the True Children, we can receive the conditional object as the True Parents' holy body. In this way, we must pass through the course to be in the position of the True Children.


Through whom are you making the condition to be born as a new child and to become one with the True Children? It is not enough just to be one with the Father. Without passing through the True Children, it cannot be done. No matter how important the Father is, without passing through the parents and their children, it cannot be done. True Parents need true sons and daughters. With whom then can women be one? A woman should be one with the True Parents and True Parents' daughters. All men must be one with the True Parents and their sons. Because woman fell first, the restoration of woman occurs first; then the restoration of man happens. Before that, who is standing in the position of a restored woman? The True Parents should give birth to a daughter first, then to a son second. This content is very principled. Although this is brief, we must understand that behind it there is a long and complicated explanation.

By the birth of the sinless True Children, for the first time in history the heavenly four position foundation is restored. The satanic world has no base to attack this foundation. Because the chosen nation has not yet been restored, the heavenly foundation has one starting point and expands to a family, clan, tribe, and national foundation. The nucleus of this restored four position foundation is a heavenly family, and through that family a nation is built. This will be the strongest nation and this will be the new Israel. That nation will be victorious over the satanic sovereignty and will be the center of the whole external world.


Since you cannot go back to the womb of Mother, what you should do is become one with the Teacher's children. During three years, you must be in the position of a baby in the womb. That's why Teacher told you to make the following mottoes for these three years: First, "In your life, make these three years the most substantial result." Second, "Become the representative of God." Third, "Show and love others." Here, "Show and love others" means to restore the four position foundation.

By doing this, today, centering on these three stages, make the condition to be a baby in the womb, eating and living together. Mother also ate barley for three years while you were eating barley. As you did activities, she also did the conditions. Ye Jin and Hyo Jin as babies were born eating barley. In other words, Mother lived with the same heart as you. Now, you were born of the womb, as Cain, in order to be in the position to love Mother and the True Children.

By being one with them, conditionally live as if you were a twin in the womb. Centering on them you must be in the position to attend them. Only by doing that can you avoid the struggle of two seeds in the womb. In other words, you can eliminate the origin of the fall. From here the restoration starts. Do you understand? (Yes.) While you were not aware, these things were working out. When Ye Jin and Hyo Jin were born, you ate rice soup. Because Mother ate rice soup, the babies also ate rice soup. Therefore, you ate rice soup reciprocally. You must know that this was the absolute condition for the heartistic oneness to be indemnified. As you see, restoration does not work without careful planning. It works step by step, with not even a little space for any leak, in order to make the relationship with you in the present historical time. It has been fulfilling all the internal conditions. These contents are not happening by themselves. Like this, the historical course of hard work took six thousand years to find the real authority. Also, throughout history, through countless saints and martyrs, sacrifices were made and we walked the course of indemnity which cannot be exchanged for anything. Through this difficult spiritual connection, the parents fulfilled the four position foundation. You must also fulfill the four positions and make the victorious foundation. This is the Blessing.


All his life, Teacher has been fighting. Without thinking of life or death, he has been fighting. In the outside world, if there's a painful thing, maybe it can be avoided; but this work cannot be avoided. It cannot be solved by power or threat. If it's not done according to the Principle, arrows will be coming from all directions. Maybe this fight is more difficult than God creating the universe. While this was going on, you could not even comprehend how I was making the indemnity condition and the internal foundation. Through that foundation, the new transition point was formed, and this is the heavenly victory.


Nobody knows that the coming of the True Parents and the birth of the true sons and daughters was so difficult. You probably do not know how I waited with patience in order to come to this position. You must learn about that heart. If you do not inherit that heart of love, you cannot go where the Teacher or God stay. You must be concerned that if I die now, who is going to love God as I do and who is going to love humankind? In that sense, I must live a long time. Teacher is watching you with hope that soon a person of character and stature similar to his will come. You must know this. If God could give blessings to Reverend Moon, God giving such a person would be the biggest gift. Until today, God has been betrayed and tortured. If a person appears who loves God more than the Teacher does and works harder than the Teacher to liberate humankind, that would be the glorious day.


Who is going to change the blood lineage? Not just anyone can do that. You must know that in order to do this work, I walked the way of the tearful cross. Because of this foundation, without having merit, you can connect to the new tradition of the Blessing. In establishing the victorious authority for the transition, it took many thousands of years of God's work. Centering on the substantial results, there has been the suffering life of the Teacher. Based on this, where are you standing? The Blessing means engrafting, and by being engrafted the blood lineage is changed.


You must know that restoration comes through the course of hardship. The Teacher is not only finding the truth, but he must accomplish the entire truth which he finds. Now the Teacher is teaching you endlessly. It is as if you are receiving the graduation diploma without doing anything. Therefore, you must know how valuable your position is.


When we look at the history of restoration, we can see that God is really wise. Unless you give very close attention, you cannot understand. Here, 777 couples are gathered. Do you know what the Blessing is? Between your understanding of the Blessing and what I know about the Blessing, there is the difference of heaven and earth.


Receiving the Holy Blessing is a fearful thing. If we look at it from the providential viewpoint, God's central ideology started from the family of Adam and Eve. God wanted that family to be the model to multiply the same families. By making one form and providing the supplies, within a short time many tens of thousands could have been produced. Teacher has been suffering until now in order to make that form. If that form is broken, we cannot do anything.

God's providence based on the central ideology is to make the Messiah's family, the restored Adam and Eve's family, the family victorious over the satanic sovereignty. Therefore, the central ideology of humanity shows how to jump from the satanic sovereignty to the victorious sovereignty of God and to establish one family centering on love.

The completion of Adam's family is the beginning point of the family level completion and also the beginning point of the tribe, clan and nation. The beginning point of the kingdom of heaven, you are the center of your family, standing on the edge of fulfilling the mission to restore the authority of the tribe and the authority of the clan. The Teacher has the universal mission but his central point is the same as yours.

Jesus did not have the tribal foundation and he could not get married. You must know this fact clearly. Centering on Joseph's family and Zechariah's and John the Baptist's family, the tribal foundation could have been established and Jesus could have built the Kingdom of Heaven without himself witnessing at all. He did not need to continue with those unbelieving crowds and making noise and trouble doing those activities. If the four position foundation centering on the family is established, automatically the entire mission will be accomplished. Centering on the four position foundation and explaining the historical contents of indemnity, step by step the foundation would have been made. He did nor have to face the way of death. If he had the family foundation and children, Christianity would have been different today. The world would have been ruled through Jesus' direct lineage. However, neither this nor that foundation was ever accomplished.


For fallen people to get the blessing from God is unthinkable, even in dreams. In order to have that day, God has been furthering the providence through religion until today. God chose the people of Israel and taught the doctrine of the Messiah. Through the Israelites, God wanted to restore the victorious national authority, but because of their ignorance and betrayal, this failed. Therefore, Christianity became the second Israel.


Judaism, on the national foundation, should have taken the central world mission, but because Jesus was crucified, Judaism lost the authority on earth. Therefore, Christianity pioneered for two thousand years and there was bloodshed in order to establish the spiritual Heavenly Kingdom. Israel shed blood externally and Christianity has been shedding blood internally.

Now at the time of welcoming the Second Coming, it is time to engraft the spiritual foundation to the external foundation. It is the time for Christianity to welcome the Second Coming of Christ. The Unification Church started with that central providential Will.


Through the Blessing, the vertical history came to the point that it could pay indemnity horizontally.


God has been working continuously through a long history in order to recover the moment for fallen people to receive the Blessing. During this period, of course, individuals, families, tribes, nations, thousands and tens of thousands of people have been sacrificed. However, they could not come to the level to receive the Blessing centering on God. It is a surprising fact that the Unification Church has this goal and has spread to Japan, America and throughout the world.

Before you get the Blessing, you must know that you are standing upon the hard work of the historical foundation. All the sacrifices made during God's thousands of years of history until today were for your salvation. The countless prophets and saints became offerings, and many religions walked the sacrificial way for you, one by one, to be victors in the love of God.


The history of the Unification Church is the same. I suffered in order to pioneer the way for myself and at the same time to open the way to extend the Blessing to all people. Eventually, you must know God worked so hard for you for so long, and you must give thanks to God. But even if you give your life to God, you must know you cannot pay back what you owe to God. Even if you offer your life to God, you cannot make God rejoice. However, when you offer everything, God will welcome you, as a victor, from the eternal, victorious world, which is the glorious world. Therefore, you must understand that you have the historical burden and also the present world's burden. Presently, four billion lives must receive salvation through you. Your life is directly connected to the whole world. God taught us to sacrifice in order that we become a valuable existence, and each religion made effort to do that. Although sacrifice was taught historically, when receiving that benefit each person is different. You must know as a fact that you have the central mission.


I worked hard for forty years in order to find the family. In order to establish the day of the Blessing, there were countless sacrifices paid. Finding Jesus and the Holy Spirit requires exactly that.

To be born from the fallen lineage and yet receive the Blessing was never possible in history, and it is a very honorable and valuable fact that it happened to you. The content of restoration was never exposed with clarity, and the Blessing was never given until now. Living in this age on earth, with the Blessing being given for the first time, means that we arrived at an unbelievably fortunate moment.

The fall is to marry centering on Satan. Today, in the Unification Church, it is a truly surprising fact that you can get the Blessing centering on God and the True Parents. From the separated, opposite positions, everything makes pairs and comes forth. In this process, if there is the smallest opening, Satan will attack. Because Reverend Moon knew this and prepared every detail without a gap, the fallen world will be destroyed.


Today, what is your position? It represents six thousand years of countless saints and sages being pleased, God being pleased and the next one generation of the Teacher being pleased. In order for the Teacher to be in this place, three generations of my ancestors were prepared. Until today, no one in the Unification Church knew about this fact. I'm telling you workshop students for the first time. Because it is the time that I could tell you, this history must be over. Not doing this is against historical restoration through indemnity. It has to be just right. It has to be right inside and out. Otherwise, you cannot receive salvation from God.


You know that there are the foundation of faith, foundation of substance and foundation for the Messiah. Now we are removing the original sin and climbing up. This is the formula. God suffered six thousand years to have this one chance. And after Jesus, for two thousand years. many people of different nations have been following this way. Today, it is surprising grace that you can sit here and know this fact in a short time. It is a surprising fact that centering on Korea in Asia, a victorious organization can bear fruit like this. It is a surprising fact that centering on the will of God, the world -- people from many different countries are coming to Korea and getting married.

How difficult is the Blessing? Although the ceremony is short, the work afterward is incredibly hard. Without going through this historical course, it cannot happen. If God laughs, the whole world can laugh: this standard is the Blessing standard. If something is lacking, it has to be mended in order to establish God's hope in the husband-wife relationship. There is a lack of cognition in the family. Man and woman were born to represent heaven and earth.

Do you know, actually, how difficult the Blessing is? In order for Heaven (God) to find the one family through the course of history, how many individuals, families, classes and nations were sacrificed? By making those sacrifices, the blessed family was established.

There is internal longing and absolute hope to realize the Blessing, centering on our land of Korea. In the Unification organization, it is not just a national event but a world affair. Even one man and one woman who are standing on the world stage ready for the one day of Blessing in this historical time are people possessing incredible value, aren't they? In other words, they are representing the lost Adam who lacks nothing in response calling and the lost Eve who has no shame to be called by God.


Today, think of the word Blessing centering on God's will. The word did not begin with the Unification Church. Until today, God has been keeping this word inside in His mind while He has been working on the providence of restoration. We must know that God has been hoping to see this Blessing realized.

When God created Adam and Eve and gave them the Blessing, God's hope was for them to have the same viewpoint toward the Blessing that God had. No one realized that Blessing until now. God is in the sorrowful position and, until today, He has been waiting to see His hope of hopes, the Blessing, realized in the course of history. After four thousand years of the historical course, Jesus came to the earth in order to give the Blessing, for the realization of God's original will. Although God accomplished this work of providence, Jesus, too, could not go to the place of Blessing and we know that He was crucified. After that, in the course of Christian history, many Christians shed their blood as martyrs and fought, but we know that God's hope has not been realized yet. Thus, the word Blessing did not start with the Unification Church. Since the beginning, after the fall and until now, throughout the course of history, in the core of His mind God has been hoping always and moving forward. We must know this! God has been walking the way of suffering until now, waiting for that one day to realize that hope, but he has not yet found that day. Therefore, when this day is found, it will be the day of historical liberation. It's the day that God will accomplish His historical hope. Thinking about this, we must know the enormity of the Blessing.


The Blessing is the goal of history and the key to the liberation of all people.


Walking the miserable historical course of sorrow and pain, going over the monotonous courses, God is happier to welcome the day of liberation than He was welcoming unfallen Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. In order to welcome this day, God had to chase countless saints and sages to the way of death and had to lead with patience for six thousand years in order to raise victorious sons and daughters. If we think of God's situation, how thankful is the day and how good is the day and how happy is the day! Suppose the person appeared who could make such a day. The entire universe would shake and heaven and earth would celebrate.

Do you think there will just be the Feast of the Lamb? The liberation ceremony should be done as well. From the time of the fall of man until now, all the feeling of accusation, pain and suffering can be liberated by the day of the Blessing; this is the Holy Wedding Day.

In the Unification Church, centering on 1960, the word Blessing came about. With this word and this life style, I suggested that it did not happen just by the necessity of this time of the 1960s. What has been the ultimate hope of God through the course of history wherever He's been carrying or

the providence? That is to arrive at the one point of the Blessing. We must know this fact.


The Blessing is the hope of God and the Hope of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. A new history begins when this hope is realized. The Blessing is the work which fulfills the hope of the whole. Therefore, the blessed family must stay as the subject for the realization of this hope Because Jesus could not realize this hope, he must realize it by coming again. The Unification Church must be responsible to realize the hope which Jesus could not realize.


When do you think is the time for realizing the Blessing? Now is the ultimate time for God's hope to be realized. It is the time to end God's agony over the six thousand years of hard work. God's only son came to the earth and worked hard. In other words, it is the time for Jesus' hope to be realized. Moreover, centering on the family of that son, it is the time for starting love; it is the time for all creation to receive delight, worthiness and glory. How much would God like this day? All sin will disappear and the brightness of the sun will rise and receive the merry universe. All of nature will harmonize and all animals will dance in the beautiful morning; it is the day to welcome the victorious morning. The Blessing is the place where all the sorrow in the course of history, from the past until now, will be terminated. It is the new starting point for the hope of God, which was never realized in the past. It is the starting point for the new era, the new future.


Until now, what has been the cause of human suffering? It is that we have fallen ancestors who could not receive the Blessing. Because of that unfortunate history, even now their descendants are suffering continuously. Then what is the hope of all human beings in the universe before God? It is for is the day of Blessing. This is an absolute historical fact.


In the beginning, Adam and Eve were made after the creation. As the center of that creation, Adam and Eve were created as the substantial body of glory and God wished to have the day of Blessing filled with delight and the pledge of victory. Because of the fall of Adam and Eve, God could not accomplish that Will. Today our generation must complete the Blessing. By lifting the glory of victory, we, as husband and wife, sing praise in front of the whole universe. In order to welcome the one chance to have that happiest day, we must know how blessed we are to be attending this enormously glorious place. Even Jesus died hoping for the Blessing. Countless people in the providence of restoration, if we think about the past, gave their lives for the will of God, with all of their heart and effort. What they were hoping for was to accomplish the Blessing. In the spirit world, countless spirit men could not connect to the Blessing; even now they are hoping to connect with the Blessing. If we look in the Bible, the crown is mentioned, the crown of love. It symbolizes that in front of God, with the Blessing partner, they will become citizens of God's permitted country. The crown symbolizes special authority from God. You must know this. These facts, centering on what is happening in the Unification Church today, should not be seen plainly only here. Throughout the course of history and through the present into the future, countless spirits in the spirit world pursue this. Their point of hope is realized from here. Those who are attending this huge Blessing: do you know this fact? You must make a new determination from a serious position.


From the day that Adam and Eve fell, the human situation has been wanting the day of God's Blessing.


The family is the focal point for yourselves and for the history of God. This is the Blessing.