Blessing and Ideal Family
by Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Chapter Four
Part 4



After you go through the engagement ceremony, you participate in the holy wine ceremony and then the marriage ceremony. What are these engagement, holy wine, and marriage ceremonies? These are not ceremonies following some kind of precedent. They are unavoidable ceremonies necessary to indemnify the fall by making all the contents of the fall reappear symbolically.

In what stage did Adam and Eve fall? They fell at the stage of engagement. That is, they fell in the process of growing toward the goal of perfection. Then what is the purpose of engagement? It is marriage. Because Adam and Eve, in the position of having been engaged, fell by marrying in the wrong way, that false marriage has to be denied and rectified centering on God. However, this restoration cannot be done in any arbitrary manner. It has to have the opposite content from that of the fall.


There is a ceremony needed for inheriting a pure lineage. First, there is the engagement ceremony. You must know why we hold the engagement ceremony. Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden were in an engagement period. Right now their fallen descendants cover the world, and thus each person's eyes turn to some other man or woman. In the Garden of Eden there was only Adam, Eve, and the archangel. Since the archangel fell and became Satan, we have to be victorious over Satan. In order to be victorious over Satan, we must know what kind of being Satan is. Satan is someone who coveted love centering on himself. We must establish love centering on God. You are being engaged on this standard.


You must cleanse the inheritance of lineage tainted by the fall and restore the good lineage of the original creation. Unless you participate in the ceremony that cleanses all of the 6,000 years of history, you cannot go on to the Blessing. We hold the engagement ceremony because we must be restored to the status of Adam and Eve before they fell in the engagement stage.


The engagement ceremony is the ceremony that restores the fact that the human ancestors Adam and Eve fell during the engagement period.

Those blessed families who received the engagement and the Blessing at the same time should, by establishing a true family, attend God, and in the position of true parents liberate the resentment of all things. The engagement ceremony is the beginning of the day of promise to liberate man's resentment as well as God's resentment.


We must change the condition of having inherited the lineage that was tainted through the fall. It we do not do this, we cannot remove the original sin, and if we do not remove the original sin, we cannot rise to the stage of being able to receive the blessing as true children. That is how the Principle works. The ceremony that removes the original sin which came about through the fall and changes our lineage from Satan's to God's is the holy wine ceremony.


The holy wine ceremony is what roots out Satan's blood that has tainted the human lineage through the fall. In other words, it is the ceremony that removes the original sin.


You, who are engaged, will do the holy wine ceremony before the blessing ceremony. This is the lineage-converting ceremony that alters the blood of the fall. Fallen man cannot go to the place of blessing without denying his past love, which was stained by the false love of the satanic world, and without being equipped with the resurrectional substance centering on God's love anew, and reviving the true love of parents. Therefore, the holy wine ceremony is the ceremony where we promise that we will establish a new standard of life by going through the gate of True Parents' love.


Fallen man has to convert his lineage centering on the True Parents. Man is the inheritor of the fall. Consequently, we should absolutely deny our past way of living. First and foremost, we must have the conviction to "absolutely deny" our former way of life.

The parent who gave birth to me is not a true parent, and the brothers with whom we have been living together are not true brothers. Moreover, the society and the nation in which we live now are not the true society and nation which God desires. Accordingly, to create what God desires, we must wake up to a new self originating from a total denial of the old. That will not come about just by our believing. We must present the condition needed for that. That is exactly the holy wine ceremony.


What is the holy wine ceremony and how does it come about? Since our parents who are living in the satanic world are Cain-type parents on the side of Satan, we need an Abel-type parent on the side of God. Mary was that kind of parent for Jesus.

After that, there has to be a mother figure on earth in the unfallen original position. In other words, there has to be an original mother figure who has not had a connection with fallen love or the lineage of evil. There was no mother figure like that. For this reason, you must find three levels of parents-fallen parent, parent restored from the fallen world, and unfallen parent -- and completely restore the connection of those parents. It has to be done.

Because the family of Adam and Eve fell, Jesus became the person to deny that family and establish the standard which God can approve. But because Jesus could not fulfill that responsibility completely, God prolonged this dispensation to a third time, which is the period of the Second Coming centering on Christianity.

Then what does the Lord of the Second Advent come to do? Because the age of the Second Advent is the perfection-level age, Christ at the Second Coming is a person who comes to find the mother of humankind. That is, he comes to find a bride. The bride whom the Christ, who is the bridegroom, is trying to find on this earth is not a woman under the dominion of the fall. He is trying to find a person who is born from an unfallen, pure lineage. That kind of bride or mother figure has to be born on the foundation of an Abel-type mother in the fallen world.

Accordingly, your first mother corresponds to the position of the fallen Eve, and the mother after that corresponds to the position of Mary at the time of Jesus. The third mother has to be the one who can advance to the position of Mother (True Mother) as a virgin who has no connection with evil.

The position of True Mother was supposed to be fulfilled centering on Jesus, but it was not; it was only established spiritually. So today, in the Last Days, this fulfillment must take place. There has to be a strategy to put everything together again.


Where do you, who were born in fallen families, have to go? In Jesus' time the people who had been born into fallen families went to Jesus. Today, the people who are born into fallen families believe in Christianity. Then where do those Christians have to go? They have to travel the road that passes through the womb of an unfallen mother and into the interior of an unfallen father, and be reborn. Without doing this, resurrection is not possible.

Originally, the baby seed that was dwelling inside the bone marrow of Adam was to go through the body of Eve, who was to be a true mother, and then be born centering on God. But it did not happen. This is the fall. In other words, the fact that they did not see the birth of a new life that God had been desiring is the same as the fall.

Since everyone is born from a spoiled place, what can be done in order to restore this? One has to find and enter the womb of a true mother. For that reason, Christianity today says that even a person who believes in Jesus has to receive the Holy Spirit in order to be reborn. Then what does it mean to receive the Holy Spirit? Because the Holy Spirit is the Mother God, it means receiving help from the Mother God and becoming one with Mother. Everyone has to go through the body of True Mother.

Because the Holy Spirit is the Mother God, if the Holy Spirit enters someone, the person comes to long for and attend Jesus as the bridegroom, that is, as the Father God. When that heat of longing is greater than one's life, finally a new life will be born. But this new life has not become a life which is perfected both in body and spirit, but remains the standard of perfection only of spiritual life.

Christianity, which has remained only at this standard of spiritual resurrection, now has the mission to find the standard of physical resurrection. Because this worldwide mission still remains, Christianity has been waiting for the time of the Second Advent.


Since you are the descendants of fallen Adam, you have to establish indemnity conditions. Besides the perfected Adam, there is no one who can jump over the road of indemnity. The perfected Adam is the substantial object of God who is the subject of love. The Second Advent of Christ comes to perfect that position. He comes as a magnet, a center of love to pull all people together.

The principle of restoration is like a magnet, bringing two poles together. Since the fall took place after Adam and Eve's engagement, there is a providence of restoration for after the engagement. By analogy to a magnet, we are doing a ceremony where the woman who has become a perfect minus, as Eve should have, is creating a perfect man. The holy wine ceremony is a spiritual restoration ceremony. After the woman is born anew spiritually, the man in Adam's position is born spiritually through that woman.


The holy wine ceremony has a significance similar to the Eucharist, when Jesus looked at bread and wine and said, "This is my flesh and blood." The holy wine ceremony is the ceremony that establishes the condition that the person has become one with the True Parents. If a person becomes one body with the True Parents, Satan cannot accuse him or her. The person stands eternally in the position of having nothing to do with Satan.

From now on, the two of you must make the determination to create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth as a new Adam and Eve in the eternal garden of Eden. By restoring the engagement period of Adam and Eve before the fall, you must not leave behind any condition for accusation.

If Adam and Eve had become husband and wife and had lived by loving each other, the ideal of creation would have been fulfilled. But because the order of love was reversed centering on Satan, this very starting point has to be restored. This is called the ceremony for the change of blood lineage. For the position of Adam, it is the ceremony for the reversal of dominion. Since Eve lost Adam through the fall, no matter how difficult it is, she has to reposition Adam and restore him as a true husband.

This is why women have suffered in the world until now. Women are suffering everywhere. The women of Japan have an especially miserable history. Women were always being controlled by the fallen archangel. You must know clearly the fact that the holy wine ceremony has the power to restore that.


The holy wine ceremony has the same meaning as the Holy Communion did for receiving Jesus. In the Holy Communion, you eat bread and drink wine symbolizing Jesus' flesh and blood. This means that since man fell, he must receive a new body. In the same way, this holy wine ceremony is done because fallen man has to go in the direction opposite that of the fall.


What does the holy wine ceremony do? It is the ceremony to install God's body inside my body. Do you understand? Since there is only one fallen body, the ceremony substitutes for it a new body centering on God. This is exactly the significance of the holy wine ceremony. Just as Jesus said that one must eat and drink the bread which symbolizes his body and the wine which symbolizes his blood, it is this ceremony which can cleanse the original sin by receiving parents' love, receiving the substance of God, and inheriting a new blood lineage. Without going through this ceremony you cannot go to the place of Blessing. Thus, this ceremony is a ceremony which converts the lineage.


What is inside the holy wine? It has an ingredient that symbolizes parents' love. Also, it has to have something in it that symbolizes blood. Accordingly, when you drink that, you become one body with parents' love and one body with parents' blood. Then how is the holy wine made? It is wine which is made from ingredients that symbolize the earth, the seas, and heaven, and that symbolize the whole cosmos. In the holy wine there are three kinds of alcohol. Besides that, it has an ingredient which symbolizes all things. The fact of drinking this means that one is being born spiritually and physically.

If this ceremony did not exist, original sin could not be removed and the lineage could not be converted. Without converting the blood lineage, one cannot become one body with God's love by passing through the standard of perfection. The holy wine ceremony is the ceremony which indemnifies all of this.


The holy wine contains all the essential elements of things which are without Satan's accusation. If some person does an act that defiles him after receiving the holy wine and becoming one with the True Parents, he comes to stand in a position more fearful than Satan's. Satan defiled and violated the perfection level of the growth stage, but if a person who received the Blessing makes a mistake, he commits the sin of treason against God's substance in the perfection level of the perfection stage. Therefore, the person will not be forgiven through eternity. That is truly a fearful thing.


In the holy wine, there is the flesh and blood of parents.

The holy wine is the wine of love, the wine of the husband, and the milk of mother. It represents the water of life, the blood of parents, the manifestation of all glory, and the love of bridegroom and bride, and it contains in it the life force of the Father.

With the holy wine I am giving out the substance of the Father's heart and blood lineage. Through it I am giving out the life force and forming a connection of lineage.


I give out the holy wine in order to cleanse the body's defilement and bring it into God's blood lineage. The holy wine results from the substantial marriage (True Parents), hyung sang marriage (36 couples), and symbolic marriage (72 couples).


The process of restoration went through Cain and Abel, Esau and Jacob, and Perez and Zerah. But for original restoration, one has to set a condition of having gone through Jesus' body.

One must come to stand in a position like having been born through the womb of True Mother. After having passed through Adam, to Jesus, and arriving at the Second Coming, one must stand in a position of having been born at the same instant as a baby born from Mother.

The holy wine, which is made of 21 ingredients representing all things and levels, is given to the wife first. At the fall, Satan first tempted Eve and then Adam was lost; therefore we first establish the restored woman in a position to find the man. The man receives the wine, representing parents' flesh and blood, through the wife. By drinking this wine in this way, he comes to stand in the position of having passed through the internal body of mother and makes the indemnity condition for the separation from Satan.


This time is the same as when an innocent, young bachelor first enters the room of his bride. We must achieve the purpose of love by centering on God, with left and right becoming one.

Even Eu Hyo Won does not know one of the meanings of this wine. Drinking this wine has a meaning equivalent to Jesus' saying that one who drinks the water of life will have eternal life.

Your existence before and after the moment you drink is entirely different. Drinking this wine is more important than husband and wife's making a relation of love. This wine represents the connection of life.

This wine represents the original core of life. After this ceremony, there should not be any falsehood. You should not ask about the past. From now on, become a couple who lives to fulfill the Blessing.


You are man and woman representing the whole world. In this ceremony the woman is on the side of God, who is the owner, and the man is on the side of Satan. Since this is so, actually, man should not stand on the right side but woman should. However, Father is in a different position.

The original sin came about by the archangel and Eve's marrying, right? Therefore, it must be restored through marriage. Since it came about by Eve's marrying the archangel, it should be restored through marriage with Adam. For Adam to marry, who has to be there? Eve has to be there.

Should the archangel or Eve marry first? (Eve.) Why? Because Eve is meant to be Adam's wife, she has to marry first.

The archangel was supposed to take care of everything until Eve married, to pray for her good fortune, perform all the duties of a servant, and then marry. If a servant does all the duties of a servant, the child can go up to the parent and plead, "Father! It's not good for the servant to be alone and lonely, so please give him a spouse," and then the servant can marry. But before that he cannot. Do you understand?

Then for Eve to marry, her husband has to be on this earth; so who is that husband? (The coming Christ.) If that Christ comes and marries Eve, what should the people around them do? Should the archangel cry and be unhappy? (He should be happy!)

Before Christ came, woman was laboring as the archangel's wife. But when the Christ comes, the archangel will lose his bride to him. Right? Even if that happens, should the archangel cry and complain? The women of the Unification Church are walking this restoration path. Then on whose side are the women of the Unification Church?


How much do you have to long for Father? You must long for Father more than for your wife or your husband. Shouldn't you love your father and mother more than your husband or your wife? After first giving your parents all your love, you should then love your wife, husband and children. Shouldn't that be the case? That is why you must love your heavenly parents more than you love anybody else.

For you men, any other love is not allowed. If you are not even born, how can you talk about love? You are in a position of not even being born. If you do not know the parents, it is the same situation as not being born.


The fallen woman has attended two husbands. Isn't that right? Eve received the archangel as her husband spiritually and Adam as her husband physically. So how many husbands are there? (Two.) That is why in order for women to restore the fall, they have to meet two husbands. Without doing that, they cannot accomplish restoration. Thus you have two men, Father and your husband. You are in the same situation as one woman having to attend two husbands. That is your course of restoration.

Today, all women who believe in the Unification Church and want to be saved are brides who have come to look for a bridegroom. Therefore, with whom are they supposed to be one? They have to become one with the coming Christ. They have to become one with Adam and one with God. Understand that I am speaking of a spiritual oneness centering on God.

God is invisible, so He created Adam as His hyung sang. Do you understand? In the same way now Father is appearing as God's hyung sang. Since there was a spiritual fall, Father is doing the work of resurrection spiritually. Accordingly, if the women of Unification Church give effort and pray hard, they will relate to Father as their older brother. And again, if they make even more effort, spiritually they will have engagement rings fitted on their fingers, receive bouquets of flowers, and there will be wedding matches. There must be many people who have had this kind of spiritual experience. Those who have not had this spiritual experience are fake believers.

Because of this experience, one can prepare a starting point to restore the fact that the progenitor of humanity fell with spiritual love. Through spiritual unity with Father, that love can be restored. This love also can reconcile the alienation between Adam and the archangel. Therefore, you men and women have been united centering on Father. In this way, a restored family is established.

In this ceremony you women are in the mother position spiritually. At this point, you must give birth to Adam again through spiritual love. Through the sin of the fallen Eve's spiritual love, Adam also fell spiritually. Therefore, by establishing a standard of restoring Adam spiritually, centering on God's love, and by connecting physically to Adam whom you have made effort to restore, Adam becomes restored. Do you understand? Only by passing through d is root can one begin to grow according to the original way of Principle.


In order to restore, you must become a person who does things in the reverse way. At the time of the fall, the archangel gave to Eve, right? Next, Eve gave to Adam. Originally, Adam was supposed to dominate Eve with the authority of God's son. And Eve in the position of parent was supposed to have given birth to humankind. We must restore that fundamental and original heart.

Therefore, what is woman? She is mother. Looking from the Principle viewpoint, the husband has to attend his wife as his mother for three years. Without attending her for three years as his mother, he cannot properly love her as his wife. This is a very strict principle.


Only after going through the process of relating to his wife as a substitute for his mother, older sister, and younger sister, can a husband think of her as his wife. Do you understand? In the same way, only after the wife relates to her husband as representing her father, older brother, and younger brother, can she think of him as her husband. Without establishing a standard of having received all those kinds of love, one cannot become a true father or true mother.

Then, whose love has to start first? Man's or woman's? It starts from man's love. Restoration has to start from the love of the coming Christ. Therefore, we must receive the vertical love of the coming Christ and expand it to the horizontal love between husband and wife. That is why we need the vertical love first.

I gave out that kind of vertical love before, and many people followed me. Do you like Father, too? Persons who can see the spiritual world understand that Father helps them as their older brother, husband, and father. That is the formula. Therefore, you must center on Father more than on any other man in this world. You would see the reality of this if you could look through the spirit world. Unification Church women who are not like that are far away from being true members.


God has never had a son He could love fully. He could not love His first son and also could not love His second son as a bridegroom. Moreover, God, as Father, has not received His son's love fully. Therefore, you must restore children's love, conjugal love and parental love. In order to restore that, you must restore parent's love, conjugal love, and children's love, in order. By loving in this opposite order, you are doing restoration.

Therefore, the woman first has to take the position of mother to her husband, and care for him. Thus, should woman receive love or give love? (Give love.) If you do that, you will receive more love than you gave. In spite of this, women say, "Do you love me? And if you do, how much do you love me?" just as they marry, only trying to receive love. That is the basic instinct of women. The grandmothers here, did you ask questions like that a long time ago?

Therefore, Unification Church women have to love their husbands. You must love him as your father and older brother. I am in the position of father, older brother and, in a spiritual sense, bridegroom to you. Father has that heartistic standard. I must restore, centering on this body, the fact that the archangel fell spiritually. In this you must absolutely obey Father's words. Will you or will you not? You must listen to Father in order to receive the Blessing.


You Unification Church women must not say that you want to receive love after marrying. That kind of woman absolutely cannot establish the dignity of woman. You must be dignified. Then no husband can come into his wife's room without permission, like a thief. He must have approval first. He cannot go in at his whim. When the time comes I will explain more in detail. But you understand in general now, right?

Therefore, when husband and wife meet, they must certainly pray first. BY praying, "Father, today the universe is moving with my mind, so move my wife's mind, also," you can have sons and daughters and live well. That household will not turn out bad. A man has to do at least that much.


The engagement ceremony and the holy wine ceremony are ceremonies to establish the condition that people who were born in the satanic world are being reborn through the True Parents. Since woman fell first, the woman has to be restored first and then give birth lo the man. The holy wine ceremony is the ceremony by which the couple passes through this process internally. And forty days after marriage, there is a ceremony to pass through this course externally. These are all ceremonies to lay the required indemnity conditions.

In this way, you must pass through the perfection level of the growth stage, at which Adam and Eve were before the fall, and reach the perfection stage. After securing the position of absolute "I" centering on God, marriage is realized by forming a standard of love.


You must establish the condition that you have entered the womb of a mother who is restored from the fall, a mother who is in a position of not having fallen. How is that fulfilled? It is done centering on love. Since the fall happened centering on love, restoration also has to center on love. In order for us to be restored, we must go into the womb again, but that is not possible in actuality. Therefore, we are establishing the condition that we are restored by becoming one body centering on love. In this way, by spiritually uniting with the restored Adam, we become one body with him and receive the heavenly blood lineage.

Eve first fell spiritually centering on Satan. Then, by becoming one with Adam, she fell physically. Thus, the holy wine ceremony is the ceremony to meet and unite with the Adam who is completely restored. It is the ceremony to restore the relation of love. It is necessary that you establish that condition. The marriage ceremony is the ceremony to become a woman who returns to God by becoming one spiritually first, and then restoring her husband through becoming one substantially.


The marriage ceremony is the ceremony to inherit God's love that says that just as parents live with God's love, you should also live in this way. The parents have received God's love and they in turn hand it down to you.

God's love is handed down through the parents. It is not received from some famous person. Marriage to a famous person without God's love is a marriage given by Satan.


The marriage ceremony means the manifestation of love as well as the endowment of the authority to create and to dominate.


The marriage ceremony we are holding today is the hope and ideal of God. It is the marriage ceremony that He wanted to hold for Adam and Eve when they matured. It is the historical event that was at the heart of the ideal of creation. You must really feel that this ceremony is happening for the first time ever since the beginning of creation. The three disciples at Jesus' time should have shared life and death together with their teacher. From now on you must go forward realizing that your body is not your body. You must move forward with the heart that you are in the position of an offering.


Walking towards the officiator of the ceremony symbolizes walking the providential course of 6,000 years. To represent the formation, growth, and perfection stages of that course, we are making 21 people and 12 people stand as grooms men and bridesmaids. After seven steps you must bow three times as a condition of going over the formation stage. This course is the course of history from Adam until now. Especially it is the course of the three dispensations of Adam, Jesus, and the Second Advent. This is the meaning of walking between these grooms men and bridesmaids on the way to meet the True Parents. These grooms men and bridesmaids symbolize establishing the spiritual standard of 12 tribes and 24 elders. By bowing, you are establishing an indemnity condition.


True Parents sprinkle the holy wine. This establishes the condition that the bride and groom have fulfilled the restoration by indemnity. It also establishes the condition to go beyond the foundation of the ancestors in the spirit world. (Without going the way of the grooms men and brides maids, you can be blessed but cannot become a blessed family. An actual example: at the time of the 433 Couple Blessing, one couple was omitted.


True Parents' sprinkling the holy wine is for establishing the condition that you have gone through the course of restoration by indemnity. Also, it is for establishing the condition to go beyond the foundations laid by the ancestors in the spirit world.


After you are married, you must go through a 40-day indemnity period. It does not represent the spiritual resurrection of Jesus, but rather is indemnity to enter the Blessing's realm of resurrection without dying. It is a period that you must pass through. In order for a couple to reach the position to love each other, they must obey certain regulations. In order to be victorious on this difficult road of indemnity, you should absolutely refrain from a man-woman relationship and from talking or thinking about it until you complete the indemnity period.


When husband and wife associate with each other, they might not feel comfortable at first. But if you raise your faith above that discomfort and look at the future, your ideal will grow. That exactly is the Blessing. If your relationship does not work, it means that you are not grateful. In order to break down the foundation of the Blessing, Satan has been challenging Father throughout his life. When you confront the world centering on heaven's law, disregarding everything else, what is firm and strong remains. But if someone who does not even trust his wife wants to meet Father, that in itself is a shame.


Man and woman should not love each other in a position which brings suffering to God's heart. Father knows that the result of that kind of love will be miserable, according to the Principle. Thus, there is no room for discussion here.


The worst of the problems in this world is the problem of man and woman relationships. The persons responsible for family breakdowns cannot be forgiven. They will go to the most fearful hell among hells. We Unification Church members know in theory that this is how it is, so we will not do such a thing even if someone orders us to.


In order to raise up the Israelite people, an angel came and struck Jacob's hip bone and then blessed him. Whenever the Israelites made an important pledge, they did it with their hands on their hip bone.

All men and women in human history have misused the hip bone, and thus man has resentment against woman and woman against man. Without dissolving this resentment, you cannot stand as an original couple is free of this resentment. Since this resentment came about through woman, the man hits the woman first. The three strikes represent three stages and three ages.


Forty days after receiving the Blessing, there is a substantial three day restoration ceremony. The forty days is the period to pay all historical indemnity.

Man acquires the authority of restoration centering on love only in the perfection stage, not the formation or growth stages. That is because the age of Adam and the next period were periods of failure. As a result, in the Old Testament Age, people did not inherit God's formation stage right of love. And centering on Christianity, people did not inherit God's growth stage love. Only after inheriting that formation- and growth-stage love privilege can we stand in the Completed Testament Age realm. The three-day indemnity ceremony establishes that condition.

The first day represents the restoration of fallen Adam and the Old Testament Age. The second day is restoring through indemnity the situation of Jesus and the New Testament Age. The third day is recreating the bride and the bridegroom in the place of Jesus. From there, for the first time, you can start on the proper track. Establishing the indemnity condition in this substantial way is complicated.


The holy wine ceremony establishes the condition of being born from a new mother. In the holy wine there is the blood of indemnity. By drinking the holy wine, you are being purified internally, and by wiping your body with the holy cloth you are being purified externally.


From now on, you must multiply your substantial children. You must pray that you give birth to children who can form a heartistic connection with God. You must pray to bear children who are able to become heartistic high priests.

Father wants to bear children on the heartistic standard which can rep resent heaven and earth. Father bears responsibility once he gives the Blessing. In the future, you must be blessed again as representatives of the whole world. Therefore, this is a conditional marriage. The 40 days until the three day ceremony corresponds to a period to indemnify 4,000 years. Actually marriage life starts from the day the indemnity period is completed.


The day that man and woman were set up in front of God's will, the day that you received the Blessing and became husband and wife, is not the day that conjugal life starts. You must still go the three-year course of public life.

Why do you have to go through the three-year course? There still remains the historical result of the human fall, which built up over the centuries before the appearance of blessed families. And in this world, there are many families who are related by false love, that is, families of the satanic world. In other words, preceding us were many individuals, families and nations. If our connection with these families and nations of the world is cut, we cannot save the world. That is why we have to go the three-year course. We have dual responsibilities. It is important to fulfill our responsibilities for our families, but the responsibility to save the other families in the world is more important.

Then what kind of relationship does your family have to the families of the world? Your family is an internal family, and the family of the world is an external family. In the terminology of the Unification Church, a blessed family is an Abel-type family and the families of the world are Cain-type families. Before the Blessing you are individual Abels and Cains, but after the Blessing, you are Abel and Cain families.


Since a person who has never even loved his son or daughter must be able to do so after receiving the Blessing, he is to learn about love for three years by witnessing. By learning how to love others before having children, he can then love his children when they are born.

A person who has learned how to love others will love his or her spouse more than anyone else. Since that person has received much hardship and persecution while trying to learn how to love the people of the world, that person will know the value of love and will love his or her spouse more than anyone else. In this way, we are saying that a woman should have the mind to love her husband more than anyone and also love the children that she gives birth to even more. How beautiful is this true love!

If you can win after having received opposition and persecution, it will not become a misfortune but a good fortune. In order for a seed to sprout, it has to win over the cold winter. Just as without a cold winter to break its thick shell, a bud cannot sprout, you cannot taste true love without first enduring persecution and opposition.


The reason why the Unification Church requires people to have three years of public life after receiving the Blessing is to enable them to taste true love. The reason why, in spite of persecution and opposition, Father toured the world and gave speeches, was to train us to make a beautiful family of true love greater than any other family.

We are going the way of God's will despite the world's harsh persecution and oppression because of our heart of love for our children and our desire to enable them to live in a beautiful nation of God. We must live for and love our children more than the people of the world love their own children.

In the fight of our lifetime which we must go, when a husband or wife is being persecuted and opposed, you must pledge that you will love your children more than your feeling of distress and disappointment. You must be trained in that way in the midst of persecution and opposition.

A wife who has received this love training will not fight with her husband, standing against him as if she were firing a machine gun just because he said a word to her. The husband also will not ignore her or oppress her with his power. It is because through love training the person has felt how valuable his or her spouse is.


In the way of restoration, when you receive the Blessing, the wife stands in the position of Abel in front of her husband. Thus in the three years of public life, he has to stand in the position to obey her. Instead of obeying by staying close to the woman, it is easier to stay away and work. The man should perform various rituals such as bowing at morning and at night to the woman. I have not spoken about it until now, but Father himself also has gone through that course. Therefore, it is rather better to live separately and appear in front of your wife after three years of preparing a victorious foundation. The three-year course after receiving the Blessing has this purpose.


Right now, all women do not belong to you, but to Father. Thus I am sacrificing those people who are closest to me. Heaven's way is to sacrifice the closest people. More than your sons and daughters, your wives are closer to Father. These closest people are being sacrificed.


Your spouse does not belong to you but to God and the universe. Love is not your own possession. It belongs to God and humankind. Therefore, you should run for God for three years. You must run by raising up the heart of love.

To love the wife who belongs to God is the same as honoring God. When there is a lack of love, God does not move for you. If you do not hear from others that you are a model family, it means that you still lack love. Likewise, the woman should love her husband with the same heart as she honors God. If a give and take action of love that seems to touch God is fulfilled, that family will establish the four position foundation automatically. Everything will turn around automatically.

If you spin a top that's balanced on its point, it will turn well, but if you spin it without balancing it, it will shake. Therefore, you must make a family that is balanced and interacts well. Then everything will be solved. You must make a family four position foundation centering on that balance of love.


The husband should think of God, all people, and his wife, and centering on God, who is a trinity, he must endeavor to make himself and his wife one body. Since Adam and Eve fell without establishing that standard, we first must give effort to accomplish this. We are living by sacrificing ourselves in order to love God and all people. You should think that you received the Blessing for this. If you do so, the realm of fall that was brought about at the time of Adam and Eve's period of engagement will be restored through indemnity without any condition for accusation. This is the Principle. The fallen world is a world that centers around the self. It does not first think of God's love, humankind, descendants, all things, the universe or anything else. We must always be aware of that.


This time I ordered all the blessed wives, without exception, to go out to where they have been witnessing before. I did not tell the men to go out. Do you understand?

But the wife should be one in heart with her husband. She should be a wife who can inspire her husband's mind. In other words, she has to be able to make the husband become an offering. You must know that. In order to do that, you must report to your husband by giving him effort and devotion. In that way, you must become united in mind with your husband. By doing that, even though only the mother is going out witnessing alone, back in the household, the husband and children should become one and greet with joy the mother when she returns with victory. If that does not happen, the condition to restore fallen Eve's children on this earth cannot be established. We are doing this work in order to indemnify that.


What is the significance of this three-year period? It signifies a period of giving birth to Jesus again. Jesus died after three years of public life, right? Because of whom did he die? He died because of Eve. He died because of woman. That is why Jesus has to be given birth again. Through the mother, Jesus can be reborn, inherit her foundation, and pass it to the children.That way, the children can finally become children who are better than Jesus. This is the natural principle.

Since Jesus died without marrying, he is in a position of an unmarried bachelor. In this course, the being who is raised up in the place of Jesus is the spiritual child. It is the same as the angelic world; that is, Jesus is in the position of an archangel. Do you understand? Thus, you give redemption to spiritual children as substitutes. They should become one with your children, then your children should receive the inheritance, and the father and mother can be saved. Then, the spiritual children who are in the position of Cain can also receive salvation. This is the natural law.

Do you know how Jesus was born? You must give birth to children who are better than Jesus. In order to do that, you must raise up three disciples, like Peter, John and James. You must raise up spiritual children who can offer their lives for you even in the valley of death. If you do not do that, you will be struck to death by your enemies. Your spiritual children are your protection.

Do you have spiritual children? Who should give birth to these spiritual children? The woman has to give birth to them. You must know that this period is an important period to fulfill all the conditions required by the Principle.

In this three-year course, you must raise up three disciples like the lost Peter, John and James. Centering on them you must raise up 12 disciples. Moreover, centering on them, you must raise up 70 followers and up to 120 followers. You must do this centering on your tribe.

Why did I tell you to witness to 10 people in a bunch? Ten people represent 10 tribes. In Principle terms, 10 tribes correspond to 12 tribes. Isn't it right? You are like the wives of the apostles centering on Jesus. In that position, by setting up spiritual children, I am trying to make you stand in the same situation as making Jesus' clan. The period to do that is this three years.


Centering on family restoration through the three-year course, you must restore completely the eight family members lost in Adam's family and eight family members lost in Noah's family. If you do not restore these within the three years, it will be a disaster. Thus, Father, centering on the three-year course, has done the work to give the Blessing to 36 couples, 72 couples and 124 couples.


If the blessed families had fought by committing their whole life for three or more years after the Blessing, even to the point of becoming beggars, this country would already have been restored. God does not let rest someone who opposes a person who has given loyalty to God for three or more years.


You must, without fail, be active for three years. And in that time period, you should witness to and restore 12 or more people. Jesus had 12 disciples, representing Jacob's family, the sphere of Israel.

Following that, the Israelite people centered on Jacob had 70 elders. They represented the nation of Israel. Originally, they are to be 72 persons, which is six times 12 people. If you add that to the first 12, you get seven stages -- seven times 12. Therefore, without restoring 72 people you cannot do tribal restoration.

In order to establish an eternal foundation of rest for one's family that cannot be invaded by the surrounding circumstances, one has to restore 12 families. A trinity signifies the right to pass through the three eastern gates that lead into the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven from any direction, you must earn the victory of subjugating 12 people by serving them. Jesus had three years to gather 12 disciples and win their heartistic unity with him, but he failed. Without respecting God's child more than one's life, there cannot be restoration. In the Unification Church we are making that condition and are restoring it right now. Therefore, you must witness to at least 12 people.

What does it mean to have three people as a center? If three is the center, you still have the four directions of east, west, south and north, but among those four directions there can be entrance and exit only in one direction, the east. The sun rises from the east. Therefore, in the spirit world, east means the fall season. For fall to come again, one has to pass through winter, spring and summer. This is the natural law. Thus in order to stand in a position not to receive Satan's accusation, you need the perfection level standard of the number 12.


Jesus could not become a tribal messiah in his three-year course of public mission. But in this age, all humankind can inherit the position of tribal messiah. No nation can be exempted. Now the Unification Church people have to return to their hometown. The three years prior to the time of engagement is the stage during which you must restore the position of Cain. Next, by going back to hometown and raising up Cain in your hometown centering on your wire, you are to advance to the level of true parents. The period to accomplish this is also three years. Everyone has to go through this seven-year course. That is why, in the Unification Church, after the engagement and Blessing, there remains a three-year course. This is the formula.


The reason I have sent blessed members to the regions is because they have to fulfill the responsibility of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Now is the time for wives to suffer hardships with the Holy Spirit. Even if the region that you are given is small, that place is a microcosm of the universe, and if you can be patient and endure in that place, the restoration of that region will not take over seven years.


You cannot belong to two sovereignties. You are couples for the sake of a nation, so you can marry only once. In the same way, there cannot be two worlds. Since you are husband and wife for the sake of the world, you can only marry once. Moreover, there cannot be two Gods. Since you are husband and wife for the sake of God, you can marry only once. You should attend this ceremony thinking from this viewpoint.


Once you are married, you cannot be separated. The day you separate, you will be in a situation worse than Satan. At that time Satan will accuse you. Satan will think of you as Satan. Satan will accuse you by saying, "You bastard, I fell at the perfection level of the growth stage, but you trip intentionally over Father who is in the perfection stage. You moron, do you think you can go to the Kingdom of Heaven? No way." The person who separates will become more evil than Satan. Do you understand? It is a fearful thing. Fearful. That kind of thing should not happen. When such a person goes to the spirit world, he will be caught in hell for sure.

If the Blessing had no such content, why would Father have suffered hardships until now? Do you think Father suffers these things because Father is worse than you are? I am doing this work because it is absolutely necessary. In order to restore the fall, you must go the Principle course with absolute conviction.


If you fail after receiving the Blessing, there will inevitably be an indemnity condition. It will be there for sure. For this, there is no forgiveness. Thus, the Unification Church is a fearful place. This is not a threat; it is heavenly law.

In the sphere of the Blessing established by the Principle, there is no room for forgiveness. Without conquering the love of the world, God's ideal cannot be fulfilled. You can be free of Satan's accusations and criticism only if you make your indemnity condition thoroughly and restore your position in the universe.


Father has enabled you to establish the indemnity condition to receive the Blessing and create a new family, and I tried to take responsibility for your heavy burden. But if you transgress heavenly law even after Father has carried out his responsibility, that sin is the most fearful sin that will be transmitted down to dozens of generations of descendants.

If a person who has been insisting on living in the Unification Church's realm of heart has sexual intercourse freely with others as he likes and begets children, who will take responsibility for that person? Even God will not take responsibility for the one who has transgressed the bounds of the Principle. In the Old Testament, for the sin of adultery and sexual misconduct, the sinners were stoned to death. What do you then do about something more serious? Therefore, even in Japan, you must become stricter about that kind of thing.


If you blessed families transgress the law of heaven, you will beget crippled children. You should go to the spirit world to see what happens to those who have aborted babies in the womb that God has blessed.


What is the difference in value between a person who has passed through the course of the Blessing and the many people who have already gone to the spirit world? In terms of the standard of faith there can be no comparison. If you abandon this heavenly grace, Satan will accuse you. The archangel became Satan at the standard of the growth stage, but since you fell at the perfection stage, Satan will judge you.


The Blessing is the ultimate road. It is a great error to think that it is a marriage which can be swept away mindlessly by an irresponsible storm of life. This is a precious time, which is centered on the heart of the universe. When man and woman perfect their personalities centering on God's love, and they have a clear view of their purpose, all difficulties and agony disappear. If you maintain that standard, there can be no such thing as another fall on this earth.

From now on, you should be filled with the heartistic honor of the unfallen ideal of creation and you should live with a grateful heart, committing your whole life. If you face difficulties, they are not for inflicting pain upon you. God is making you go the way of suffering in order to dispense more of the infinite blessings that heaven has gathered up until now. We can be truly thankful for this.

The husband and wife who have been brought together by the love of God's heart should form a sphere of family life through affection and love. In order to enter the eternal Kingdom of God, you must become a husband and wife who will fulfill the purpose of creation with clear purpose and conviction.


What we have learned about through the Unification Principle is the realm of the heart. This standard of heart is above the standard which the human progenitors possessed before the fall. Therefore, if we fall, that sin is heavier than the sin of Satan, who corrupted Adam and Eve, who were at the standard of the perfection level of the growth stage. Even Satan would curse that person. There is no road of salvation for him. You must know that there exists such a very fearful, last road.

The fall of the human ancestors happened in the process of growth before the realm of parents could be established. But today you have met the True Parents. Therefore, if you fall, that will result in going beyond the boundary of historical evil, and you will stand in a position worse than Satan. You probably realize by now how precious your position is.


The Blessing is the most precious and at the same time the most fearful gift. That for which humankind has been hoping, in the course of a history full of resentment, is the Blessing. But after receiving the Blessing, on the day that you go against the standard for which God has been yearning and for which the person who gave you the Blessing hopes, it is proper that you receive the accusation of God and the accusation of the person who blessed you. If that happens, it would mean the same as receiving the accusation of both the spirit world and the physical world, and there will be no place for you to stand. Since you will have violated the servant's victorious right of dominion, the adopted son's victorious right of dominion, and the child's victorious right of dominion, you become a criminal on three levels. If there is any judgment, you shall receive the judgment first. For that reason, the Unification Church is creating the movement to restore the victorious right of dominion.


Among Unification Church members, there are some people who are saying things such as: "Since one's spirit can go up and down, you can hate someone and then love someone, but what is a man to do when a woman's face is always ugly to him?" Do you understand? He is saying, "The Blessing is good, but shouldn't my wife's face be pretty, too?" But Father does not think like that. How frightful and preposterous it is to drag in these traditions from fallen history. If a man understands the enormity of God's Will, then no matter how ugly his wife is, he will love her despite her appearance. His only worry about her will be that she might run away. Man, no matter what, will face disaster if his wife disappears.

If that is the case, would that person do whatever he likes? When I bring judgment, let's see what happens. God's Will will remain, and Satan's will will disappear. If a blessed person marries someone else and begets children, they will disappear from this earth. Do you understand what I am saying? Thus, a person who has received the Blessing cannot have a different mind when working. How do we handle this kind of problem? Because of this, Father has headaches. If I could, I would do anything to prevent this from happening, but each person has free will.

Since I know that the abandonment of love is not a light thing, I cannot deal with it as I like. The betrayer should experience shame for having done such a thing. Then where is the one standard which can justify that? Do you understand? You must know that Father has long thought about that and has agonized over it.

In this world, the standard is just to take vengeance on the person who has betrayed you. God Himself has developed the providence of taking vengeance on the person who has betrayed Him and in that way subjugated Satan. So can Father decide by himself to set up the standard of forgiveness? This is truly a pity. It might not matter to you if you don't know these problems, but Father has to take responsibility for them directly. If you make a mistake, in the future the entire blessed realm could be accused. There could remain a ground of resentment which could bring an unexpected result. Then what should be done about that? What should be done about those people who betray love? By sending them to the road of death and making them suffer through many times more hardships, I must enable them to establish a condition of ultimate indemnity. Father is trying to open up a way to go over even that kind of problem.