Blessing and Ideal Family
by Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Chapter Five

Part 1


The road of restoration is not a road which you can go alone. You must necessarily go beyond the standard of the perfection level of the growth stage -- the position of Adam and Eve before the fall -- by going through the gateway called the Blessing. If that happens, you can go up to the perfection stage. From there, a blessed family needs a course of seven years.

When you look at formation, growth and perfection each as taking seven years, it becomes 21 years. Therefore, in order to establish a standard of perfection you need a period of seven years. Thus when someone comes into the Unification Church, he inevitably has to go through a seven year course. We must, through this seven year course, inherit True Parents' heart and at the same time establish a condition to restore everything that was lost. Adam and Eve lost all things as a result of the fall; their substance was tainted because of Satan, and they were robbed of heart. All this has to be restored through indemnity. That is, we need to bind together completely the problem of all things, the problem of substance, and the problem of heart, centering on God, and in this way pass through the perfection stage.


After receiving the Blessing, we must restore all things, restore substance, and restore heart, in a period of seven years. When we look at this horizontally, all things are the formation stage, substance is the growth stage, and heart is the perfection stage. This is the content that indemnifies horizontally the entire historical, vertical providence. The standard of all things corresponds to the Old Testament Age, the standard of substance corresponds to the New Testament Age, and the standard of heart corresponds to the Completed Testament Age. These three have to become completely one. In the Old Testament Age indemnity was paid centering on all things; the New Testament age Indemnified substance through God's only begotten son. By that becoming the victorious result, a heartistic standard was to appear. That standard on the family level is becoming established for the first time on this earth through the Blessing.


Since it is said that after the 6,000 years of the history of humankind a 1,000 year kingdom -- the millennium -- will come, the seven year period leading to the standard of perfection has the value of indemnifying 7,000 years of history, including the 1,000 years or millennium.


God has been going the way of providence by being patient and enduring through 6,000 years of humankind's resentful and sinful history. And now on that foundation, He plans to establish the millennium. Therefore, we do not have the right to stand before God without indemnifying this through the seven year course. How do we reduce the 6,000 year history into seven years, indemnify it, and inherit it heartistically? This is not an easy task.

I do not even know how much I had to pay in order to come this far and how serious each moment was. Jail was not a problem. Torture was not a problem. My head being chopped off was not a problem. Among these situations, for the sake of that coming moment, I walked the road silently for decades, for my whole life. That seriousness was more than enough to move God. Therefore, God has to sympathize with Father. Now even if Father does not do anything, all the spiritually-open people all over the world are already doing something for Father. Everywhere in the world, the spirit world is being fully mobilized for Father's success.


This period is a period of recreation. Because of the fact that God could not perfect His creation in a seven-day period, in order to restore that fact, at least seven years are needed. Therefore, everyone has to go the seven year course. Father passed through a 21 year period.


Do you know what will happen if you do not go the seven year course? You have to go through the 21 year course. Do you know why it takes 21 years? The fact of failing to go through a seven year course means the same as going down seven years. Thus, would it not take seven years to come back up again? And after that, you still have to go another seven years. Thus it has to take 21 years. Do you understand what I am saying? That is why the next seven years is a period that decides life and death.


If you go to the battle front after being married, there will be many problems. Thus it is better to get married after finishing the seven year course. All the people who are married already will not end up well. Then since there are so many people who have already been married, what will happen to them? They will become historical offerings of indemnity. Thus you sisters must complete the seven year course. At some time according to God's will, Korea will welcome us. When that time comes, you will be able to meet the best husbands.


In worldly life, even if you fall you might be able to stand up again and go on, but on the road we travel, once we fall, we cannot stand up again and go on. No matter how you might say that you are faithful and devout, you must go over the hill of perfection. Without doing that, you cannot settle down and live in the land of the original hometown. In order to enter that hometown, by having the heart of parents as a foundation, your life form must be resurrected. In order for that to happen, the heart of parents has to be the center, not oneself.

You must find and go the way of Principle. You must find and go the way of restoration. But after you find everything, since it is the way of Principle, you do not have to find it any more. The 6,000 years of restoration history which has failed until now will be indemnified by the seven year course. Therefore, you should get into action and go the seven year course which Father has proposed.

You are going the way of suffering just as Jesus did when he was standing on the road to Golgotha bearing the cross, but you will not die. When you can finally take off the burden of the individual, family, tribe, race, nation and world after bearing them for seven years, the hope of being able to shout the cheer of liberation will await you. In seven years you are to advance to the position of messiah after having passed the position of servant, adopted son, and son. By having this heart, when you go to the spiritual world, you will be praised by all the spirit men and will be able to sit in a precious place.

I cannot explain all the details of how important this time is. While Father is going through a 40 year course, it would be a shame if you cannot even go through a seven year course.


We must begin by being a servant of servants. There is nothing that Father has not tried. You must go this way in God's name and for the sake of restoration. If you do not do that, who will bless you when you go from being a servant to being an adopted son?

The road from the position of servant to that of adopted son cannot be trod easily. It is not easy to become a son after being an adopted son. If even Jesus, who came centering on God and as His son, could not become a bridegroom, could it be easy for us to go over that hill? No matter how much you pledge your life and go the road, it is still very hard.

Moreover, in the spirit world, without believing in any religion can you become a good ancestor and a good parent so that you can bear children who can enter the Kingdom of Heaven? This is not easy.

And again, can you go to the spirit world and be able to rule like a king over all the spirit men who are in a national-level spirit realm, and stand in the position of a new ancestor of goodness?

You have come to this place in order to receive that qualification. Reverend Moon has been a servant of servants, servant, adopted son, . . . I have passed through everything to walk this road. I have paved the road for 40 years; then can you not even go through a seven year course?

This year I am 57. I have known this Will since the age of 15 and have walked this road for 40 years.


Father has not had one day of comfort in order to pioneer this road. But on the road that you travel, the obstacles have all been removed by Father's hard work.

The car is made in a factory, but you have to do the driving. You must learn the technique of driving. Father provides the car, but you must put in the gasoline and do the driving. If you hate that, there is no place to go. No one will feel compassion for you.


Since man fell at the perfection level of the growth stage, the perfection stage still remains. The period of that perfection stage is seven years. When we add the three periods of seven years in formation, growth, and perfection, we have 21 years, or 20 full years. When you look at it in terms of Korean age, it is 21 years; in Western terms, 20 years. This is the time when man enters the age of maturity. When a person enters the maturity period, God intended to automatically marry that person to another.

Adam and Eve were supposed to receive the public promise as parents of humankind by receiving the Blessing centering on God, but they failed and fell into a domain where there was no approval at all. They left behind the perfection stage. Because of this, the seven years of resentment came to exist. There came to exist the resentment of 7,000 years of history from the 6,000 years of human history plus the 1 ,000 year kingdom, the millennium. One year was prolonged to 1,000 years, and seven years were prolonged to 7,000 years.

We are indemnifying this with seven years centering on seven days. This is the seven year course. When we look at the Bible, we can see an instance where one day was indemnified by one year. The seven year course is the great judgment that Christians talk about; it is the seven year great misfortune. The great tribulation is when a family, which is in the domain of the fall, receives persecution in order to be restored and rise up to become a family that has nothing to do with (he dominion of the fall. This is the first time in human history in which a family that God could be with is being persecuted. That is why this is the great misfortune. This family that came to exist for the first time in human history is experiencing the hardship of being persecuted. This is the great tribulation. The families that do not fulfill their responsibility in this seven year period will perish. They are not families who will rise up.

When the blessed families do not fulfill their responsibility, the seven year course will be prolonged. When Adam and Eve fell in the period of indirect dominion, Satan invaded the domain that man was supposed to go to. Therefore, Satan came to dominate the entire indirect dominion. The seven year great misfortune does not mean that people who should receive persecution are persecuted, but that people who are not supposed to receive persecution are persecuted. This is the seven year great misfortune, and it is a misfortune occurring for the first time in history. This is the seven year course that the Unification Church is talking about.


By parents' making mistakes, a standard of hardship was imposed upon humankind. But because Father has completed his responsibility in the position of parent, you who are standing in the position of children can surpass all the standards of persecution and accusation. This is the purpose of the seven year course.

Everyone, no matter who, has to go this seven year course. Proud and distinguished people or ugly and unfortunate people, no matter who they are, have to go this course. Anyone of fallen descent has to go this course no matter who he or she is, or else they will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.


It is not recorded in history, but even Jesus departed to do his mission during the seven years from when he was 27 to when he was 33. From then to the time when he turned 40 would have been his second seven year course, or if Jesus had started from his 20s, that would be his third seven year course. By doing this, Jesus was supposed to have prepared a worldwide foundation by the time he reached 40, but he died because the nation did not support him. Thus, that remains in the Bible as the seven year great misfortune.

But today Christians do not even know what the seven year tribulation in the Bible is all about; all they can say is that a seven year misfortune will occur and clamor about it. Jesus comes in place of David. Thus, he was supposed to work out his mission centering on King David's 40 years, King Solomon's 40 years and King Saul's 40 years, that is, centering on the four position foundation. Thus, he had to complete the number 40.

Father also, centering on the Unification Church and centering on 1960 when he was 40, prepared a foundation that turned the heavenly program. Thus, centering on 1960, the world entered a new age of history. Historians only see the external results, but they do not know the internal causes. Thus, in these seven years the whole world will enter a state of chaos and will arrive at the fateful time when the communist world will perish. The time when the democratic world and the communist world lose their authority to lead the whole world correlates with the seven year course. Therefore, it might take some time, but from now on the age has come when only God can develop worldwide. From now on when you are doing your mission, you are put in an environment of freedom where you do not have to fight with enemies, and what you do can be your own fruit.


The Blessing is not blessing the person but blessing that position.


When I give the Blessing, I first ask, "If you make a mistake, will you take responsibility for it?" Thus it is a conditional Blessing. Why is it a conditional Blessing? When somebody tells you to have dominion over all things, Satan will still accuse you. The Blessing is not supposed to be given to people who can be accused by Satan. The Blessing is supposed to be given to persons who have subjugated Satan. That is the fundamental rule. But since you have not advanced to that standard, a conditional Blessing is given. Thus you have to receive the Blessing once again in the future.


The Blessing is receiving the ticket to the victorious right of dominion. The couples whom Father has blessed have to pass through not only a three year course, but also a four year course; this means that they still have not received a complete Blessing. You should not fail in this four year course. But still, that is not enough. After that, you must go over the worldwide course completely. You can receive the third Blessing after having gone through that process.


The Blessing I have given you is on a tribal standard. You have received the Blessing representing a nation from the tribal standard. You must receive the Blessing three times. Even if you take a wrong step, that should not affect your children; so Father has to bless your children. Father can feel safe after going over the second stage.


One thing you have to know is that the place of your Blessing is not a complete one. If there is a cross to be borne across the bridge of a parent, you must walk across that bridge as it is. You cannot fly over it. If in order to reach the top of a mountain one has to cross a bridge, one may be able to prepare an iron girder to reinforce the bridge in order to pass safely through the dangerous passage, but there is no way to escape having to cross the bridge. That is why the seven year course that Father has walked will remain forever. There is the individual seven year course as well as the family level seven year course. This road exists for eternity. Man fell at the perfection level of the growth stage; thus, he cannot rise to the perfection stage without having done something. Since our ancestors fell at the top of the growth stage, we can only remove the original sin after having gone above that line. It is not removed at the perfection level of the growth stage. Isn't that right?

Accordingly, you must know the fact that this stage at which you have gathered together in order to be blessed is not the perfection level of the perfection stage, but rather is the perfection level of the growth stage. Since, centering on fallen Adam and Eve, all eight members of Adam's family, including Cain, Abel, Seth and their spouses, have fallen, this is the place where we establish the indemnity condition in front of God and finally enter the perfection stage.

In that place, you must feel the parents' love. The origin of life is born through the love of parents. You must pass through the place where you can respect this value of life more than anything in the world, in order to be able to walk a new road. The Principle works this way.


We say that everybody, no matter who, has to go through the seven year course of the Unification Church. Why is it that way? It is because the perfection stage that man has to pass through still remains. In the period of Principle dominion, there are three stages of growth, and that period is 21 years until the perfection stage; that is, it is a period corresponding to the number 20. Accordingly, in order for Adam to perfect himself, he has to rise to the perfection stage corresponding to the number 20, the number at which he reaches the perfection stage. But since he fell at the perfection level of the growth stage, he needs seven more years to rise to the perfection level of the perfection stage.

The growth period has three stages, and each stage corresponds to seven years. In other words, in order for Adam and Eve to climb from the growth stage (two stages times seven years = 14 years) to the perfection stage, they still have seven years to go; thus, the seven year course still remains. Jacob walked the 21 year course by going through seven years three times because the period representing the starting point for a family-level victory for the will of God was 21 years. In this way it is evident that the period to perfection is the 21 year course.

Then from now on, what is still left in the course which man must go? It is not having a great victory by welcoming True Parents. Since True Parents have to appear not in the perfection stage, but in the perfection level of the growth stage, they cannot bring the result of total victory without passing through the process of seven years. This is Principle. That is why there comes to exist what the Christians insist on, the so-called seven year tribulation. From this what should the Unification Church members know? They should know that, whether they like it or not, they have to go through the seven year course.


If you sit around saying, "Now it's all over! I've gotten blessed! If I just sit quiet, I will enter the Kingdom of Heaven! " you will be utterly destroyed. Receiving the Blessing is not the perfection stage. You have learned about the seven year course, right? There is no one who knows this kind of complicated content and tries to fit the timetable exactly; that is why even the omnipotent God has to be reluctantly pulled by Father.

When you were getting blessed, some of you thought, "We have been blessed according to the principled rule of God. We are one from today." But are you one? Again the couple has to recreate. Each has to recreate each other. If the blessed couples of the Unification Church forget that they have to clean up the puddle of resentment of husbands and wives up till now, they will perish. No matter how much I say that they will not perish, they will perish. The couples are supposed to go through the recreation process by going toward the goal of the ideal, completely restored husband and wife. Thus in the Unification Church we talk about the perfection of individual restoration and then about the perfection of family restoration.


Within a person's life is the cross of the individual. of the spouse. and of the children. Even Jesus died when he could not fulfill these. Going the road of faith might seem easy, but it is actually harder than dying. Hence, the road of faith is not a part-time occupation. The life of faith is not a part time job. Today, there are a lot of people who make their faith secondary. They all work for a wage. They will be sold to other places when the market changes. You shouldn't be such a worker. Even if you do business, you should first establish yourself. You must occupy a solid place which no one can invade and occupy. When someone says LO you, "Can you die in the Unification Church?" you shouldn't cower away, saying, "Now, I have to live; I'll die later." Without dying to your old self, you cannot have new life.


Because there remains for fallen humankind the process of restoration, the person who can become the parent has to pave the road for that entire process. After that, if some central family does not come, representing the whole world, and pave this road of restoration, you have no way to go back to God. Accordingly, you must go through the formula course. If you know the formula and act upon it, everything will be solved.

If you got blessed, why do you need children? You cannot climb the seven year period from the perfection level of the growth stage to the perfection level of the perfection stage without establishing your children. Originally, if Adam had not fallen, he could have gone up to the perfection level of the perfection stage within God's dominion. For that reason, you cannot go up without establishing children, who stand in a position of Adam and Eve before the fall. At the same time, that parent has to pass through and go up a three year course by loving three substantial children who are like angels, that is, spiritual children, more than anybody in the fallen world; then the three children can become one centering on the parent. In this way, the child and parent have to become one, and also the angel has to become one with them. Only in this way can you go up. By standing in the position of unfallen parent, you are to have unfallen children and go up to the perfection level of the perfection stage.

This perfection means that not only son and parent are restored but also the angel is restored. Thus, the positions of angel, parent, and son -- these three standards -- have to become one horizontally. By paving that road horizontally, restoration is accomplished.


Originally, when Adam and Eve were being created, they were created with the help of God and the archangel. In the same way, in the process of restoration, God, the archangel, and Adam have to become one in order finally to restore God's children. And as a result of that, the parent is to be restored.

This parent -- what kind of a parent is he? He had a child, but he has become a parent who stands on the boundary line where he can deal either with Satan or with God. From there he has to go as Adam would have if he had not fallen, for seven years. Among the formation, growth, and perfection stages, each seven years, this corresponds to the seven years of the perfection stage; therefore, it has to be gone over in seven years. In this way we are to restore the archangel and then the fallen Adam.

Adam and Eve's going over the perfection level of the growth stage is the restoration of parents. They fell towards Satan's dominion, but now those representing Adam and Eve are standing in the situation before the fall. Since they fell as husband and wife, now they are like restored husband and wife.

They have to reach the position of parent over the bridge of their children. By themselves they cannot go over. They have to climb with their child as a bridge. Why is that? It is because today you have a relationship with two worlds. Thus, you must find a son and daughter in order to advance to the place of Blessing. This is the process of restoration.


Adam and Eve, who were children of direct descent, lost love. Since Adam and Eve, two persons, lost it, two persons have to restore it while having children and while centering themselves on love. The Blessing of the Unification Church means going up to the realm of perfection while multiplying children. This is the Blessing.

In order to go up there, you must go the seven year course. Then should you go the seven year course or should you not? Those people who do not want to go can quit now.


Without becoming the body of True Parents and going over the realm of the fall (the realm of Satan's dominion), you cannot be restored. You who have gathered here are like true parents to your tribe. Centering on your clan and tribe, you are in the position of true parents to them. This is not only so in theory; it is also true in substance.


You like just to follow Father, whether it is witnessing or whatever, right? But Father does not want that. If such a person tries to follow, I have to hate him, mistreat him, kick him, and tell him to get out. Why is it that way? Indemnity has not been accomplished yet. I cannot get Satan to recognize you by saying, "This is God's child; he has the qualification to go from the Kingdom of Heaven on earth to the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven."

All of you, will you just follow Father or will you go out to the satanic world? And again, if you go, are you going to the satanic world in order to live well, or are you going there to endure even if there are critical moments of death? If you love Satan's children just as you love God or Reverend Moon, God or Reverend Moon will not accuse you. Why is it that way? Your spiritual children are in the satanic world.

Without finding spiritual children, you cannot liberate the spiritual world, and without having your own children, you cannot escape from the realm of the fall in the physical world. For this reason, even if you stand in a position of loving Satan's children more than God or Reverend Moon, God and Reverend Moon will not oppose you but welcome you. Thus, for three and a half years you are to find spiritual children, and then have your own children by getting blessed. You must do this in seven years.

Since man lost the spiritual world and the physical world by not perfecting the number seven, you must know that within a seven year period you must restore through indemnity the spiritual world as well as the physical world. Without doing that you cannot follow Father. You absolutely cannot follow Father into the Kingdom of Heaven without following this formula course. Because even Father has to follow this formula course, he is going this way of suffering.


Satan's world is the world of angels, the world of fallen Adam, and the world of the children of fallen Adam. But by three children becoming one and bowing to God, there is a way to take back something from that world. Only by doing that can your descendants and humankind follow you. Moreover, your tribe, race, nation and world can follow the road that you have paved. Even after Father's death, for hundreds and thousands of years until this is restored, this formula will repeat itself and create unity.


Reverend Moon has walked this road and has lived this life. Father has walked that road individually and for the family, tribe, nation and world. He is betting heaven and earth in order to walk this road. Thus we can talk about liberation from here. We can complete individual liberation, family liberation, tribal liberation, national liberation, world liberation, and cosmic liberation, and later we can proclaim that we will even liberate God. We can conclude this. Can you believe these words?

Because there was that kind of content, I could pave the foundation to liberate the realm of angels. Centering on this kind of spiritual foundation, we also have to establish the realm of angels, realm of parents, and realm of children in the substantial world.


You must find parents and children from the substantial world. In the spiritual world there is no world of Adam. Only the angelic world is restored there. Thus when a physical parent and physical son come to earth and establish the physical world of angels, parents, and children, this is the new Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Because man lost everything through the fall, it will be like that when the archangel, parents, and children become one.

Thus you should know clearly by now that Unification Church members cannot be blessed without establishing three spiritual children within three years. The Messiah has to come back because he has to make this foundation on earth. If the Messiah were to come on the clouds as the Christians say, the world would perish.

The fall did not happen in the spiritual world. Disease did not come about in the spiritual world but in the physical world, in the physical body. Without first establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven will never exist. You cannot live in the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven without accomplishing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

That is why Jesus gave the keys to the gate of the Kingdom of Heaven to Peter who was on earth. Thus in Matthew 18:18, it is recorded, ". . . whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." Without knowing this fundamental rule, there is no way to decipher the Bible. With the dignity and confidence that God gave us, the Unification Church has to expel Satan from this world and liberate humankind from the satanic world.

You should know that if a person has a disease, to cure it he must take medicine even if the medicine is bitter.

There is this formula for God's providence of salvation based on a theoretical authority. But today Christians want to go to the Kingdom of Heaven just by believing. This is the wrong thinking. The Unification Church is not heretical, but that mistaken faith is heretical. Therefore, it is the phenomenon of the Last Days that what is real seems fake and what is fake seems real. Father studied science. Father studied mathematics. I do not believe blindly.


Centering on yourselves, when was your seven year course? The period from when I established the seven year course until I finished the family seven year course was 21 years. Since Adam and Eve fell at the perfection level of the growth stage, the course to the perfection level of the growth stage is not one that the family has to go but is an individual course. As for Father, I have already gone across the first and second individual seven year courses. Therefore, centering on the family, I have to go the third seven year course towards perfection. The Unification Church members should not forget that the seven year course was established in this way. The first seven year course that the Unification Church began in 1960 was the third seven year course for Father himself.

When we look at this fact, we see that everyone, without exception, has to go this seven year course. This is an absolute formula. Who does this seven year course? The family does. You must pass through this seven year course, go over the perfection level of the growth stage, and rise up all the way to God's direct dominion. This cannot be done alone. Because man fell at the perfection level of the growth stage, God and man separated. Therefore, they have to be pulled together centering on God. Because Father has that foundation, even if your families perish, Father's family will not perish. In other words, Father's family, which is inside the domain of perfection, is completely inside the standard that can attend God. Now that Father has entered the domain of perfection, we have Parents' Day, which anyone can receive in plain terms, Children's Day, which anyone can celebrate, Day of All Things, which any person can welcome, and God's Day, which anyone can celebrate. Thus, it is the day that all people can receive. You must know this clearly.


The Blessing now is the Blessing from the standard of perfection. Centering on Father, God's Day, Parents' Day, Children's Day and the Day of All Things were established worldwide and cosmically. Since you are within this domain you may be able to attend the Blessing, but you still have not gone that road yourself. Actually, there has to come about a Parents' Day centering on you. You must be able to celebrate a sincere Parents' Day as the new ancestor of a tribe. For Mr. Kimura, there has to come about a Parents' Day from his effort. And centering on him, Children's Day and the Day of All Things have to be established, and by establishing God's Day on that foundation, he can put up a flag of victory that can shine forever. We started the second seven year course holding up this flag.

We are standing in the position of a person who was victorious at the perfection level of the growth stage, that is, a person who did not fall. With the authority of God, we are to defeat Satan and subjugate him. This is what we are shouting as "a full-scale attack." This is not a course which is limited only to Father. This is a course which man and woman, old and young, all have to go. Through the second seven year course we must enact a full scale attack.


Do you know what the second seven year course is? We must go through a seven year course by establishing a restored family. This is the second seven year course.

Then why do we have to go the second seven year course? It is because the Unification Church has to establish a family. This is not a religion for the individual. Religions until now have been religions for the individual, but the Unification Church is a religion for the family. In this way we can establish a new nation. The religions of the past centered on the individual, that is, the self; this is why they could not find a nation. Since they could not form families, they could not build a nation. They only had a spiritual nation. Religion could not build a national foundation on this earth. That is why Father went over the second seven year course.

Now in order to establish God's Day, Father has to go over the third seven year course. With the standard of the perfection stage, Father must be able to give proof of God's love. By going over that stage, we can establish God's Day.


By confronting Satan, Father paved a foundation to jump over to the family stage. This is a worldwide, historical victory. Finally, I have entered an age of freedom in which I can move towards God with the whole cosmos under me. But for you who have to go the second seven year course, you still have to bear the family-level cross. Thus, you must become one with Father. You must believe in Father and follow him. Let's see what happens if you absolutely obey for seven years. But if you do not obey and follow, you must know that many complicated problems will occur.

Because you have entered the road of family-level suffering, Father told you to go through hardships. Is it not your good fortune to have gone over the individual road of suffering and to meet the road of family-level suffering? You must know that.


You must be blessed by Father. This is the formation-stage Blessing. It is not a Blessing at the perfection stage. It is for going over the perfection level of the growth stage while you are in the domain of the fall. If you get blessed and have three spiritual children, it means you have gone over the perfection level of the growth stage. After that there is the seven year course. There is a seven year course before the Blessing and another seven year course after the Blessing. Father also has passed through that course.


Before the family-level seven year course, you must accomplish your own individual seven year course. In the process of history, there was the process of growth until the perfection level of the growth stage for establishing a family. In the same way, there needs to be a preparation period. History has been woven centering on that kind of period.

The 6,000 years of history until now corresponds to God's restoration providence to prepare to fulfill 7,000 years of history. Through these 7,000 years of history, God is seeking a perfect man. That is why we have to go the seven year course.

But for fallen man, this cannot be done just in seven years. There has to be a seven year period of indemnity and a seven year period of fulfillment. Do you understand what I am saying?

In other words, there is a seven year period to go up to the standard before the fall, and then there needs to be a seven year period to go to the position of perfection. There remains seven years of indemnification and seven years for fulfillment.


You who are gathered here have gone through a seven year period, but you have another seven years to go. This is the course that the blessed couples are going now. If you do not take this road, even if you are blessed you cannot be registered in the Kingdom of Heaven. The gates of the Kingdom of Heaven are all open, but you cannot enter if you do not go through this seven year course. Without preparing a ceremonial gown you cannot enter.

Despite the fact that Father has taught you this Principle content, if you do not act upon it, Father cannot take responsibility for you. When you stand in the position of taking fundamental responsibility from a Principled viewpoint, Father then will take responsibility for you. Do you understand?

You must be separated at least once after receiving the Blessing. For that reason, after Father gives the Blessing this time, I will separate all of the couples for at least six months. You must all be separated south and north and find the road of your own salvation and go over. If you do not do this, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven even if you get blessed. This is the Principle. Do you understand?


Until now you have passed through the age of personal indemnification. And while you were passing through the age of individual indemnity, Father has already gone through the age of family-level indemnity. Since I have passed the age of family-level indemnity, God's Day, the Day of All Things, Children's Day, and Parents' Day came about. But you still have not prepared that standard yourself. Do you have a welcoming home centering on your family? Do you have Parents' Day, Children's Day, the Day of All Things and God's Day? You do not. Thus, you have only walked the individual course of indemnity until now.

Now is the age to perfect the family. In the realm of perfection of the Unification Church, there is a most holy place which no one in history ever attended or participated in. You could participate in that most holy place because you are families which have received the grace of the Blessing. Without being a blessed family, one cannot participate.

When you enter the standard of perfection, you become an unfallen parent. Since the human ancestors fell at the perfection level of the growth stage and went down as a family, humankind must go up and be restored as a family. The individual cannot enter. Only as a restored family can you reach the perfection stage. You cannot enter that place alone.

Since we have been given the privilege of knowing the Principle, even if we lack arms, legs, or have wounded eyes or noses, we are advancing by upholding a worldwide, historical victory that can indemnify the original family's failure.


Today people who believe in Christ say that they will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. But the place that they are talking about is Paradise, not the Kingdom of Heaven. Until now, Jesus has been in Paradise. Since there remains a standard that longs for a bride, he cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. He has kept going until now by observing the road that enters the Kingdom of Heaven.

Originally, you enter the Kingdom of Heaven based on the fundamental law of creation, centering on the family. By having parents, children, and all the relatives entering, there will be happiness. How can it be the Kingdom of Heaven if the parents go to hell and the children go to the Kingdom of Heaven?

Therefore, in order for the Unification Church to pave the road to the Kingdom of Heaven, it has to model the standard of the true family. Without doing that, we cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. We must get out of the family standard which Satan can accuse, and we must get out of the historical (inherited) standard of accusation as well as the standard of accusation for this age (collective). In order to do that, you must know that we must pass through this formula course for restoration. You must know clearly that the second seven year course is the period when you can solve that in an environment of freedom and without persecution.


When you were passing through the individual course of the cross, who pioneered first? Women did, right? The standard of perfection went wrong because of Eve. Thus Eve also has to bear the cross centering on the family. So for the course that you are going with tears in your eyes, your children will rejoice. In this course of shedding tears and blood, which we must go as the way of restoration, you must be able to unite by joining forces with your young children who are in the rear so that they can support this cross of heart. In this way the family can progress and go over to the perfection stage.

In this way you must establish the condition in heaven of making the bridge to the perfection stage. By fulfilling this law of heaven you can finally enter the domain of intimate acquaintance by receiving love from the coming Christ. This kind of responsibility remains with women. It is not fulfilled through this marriage. You are in the perfection level of the growth stage; you have not gone across the perfection stage. All this is content that women have to indemnify.

Then how do you indemnify? As in restoration history until now, mother and son have to do this through the process of helping each other. Thus you must go the road of hardship, even if you have to carry your child. In order to go over this boundary, Father plans to send you out on the road of suffering from the year 1970.


Because you have to equip yourselves with internal and external relationships for a national responsibility, you are going out by risking the name of the Blessing. The seven year course is a period of suffering; therefore, I have spread the blessed families all over the nation.


In the Israelite nation of the past, the men were the high priests. Then in our age, why have I put the women in the forefront? For the first Israel, Judaism was an archangelic nation-type religion; therefore, they had the responsibility of high priest, centering on men. But today in the Age of Restoration, we have entered the age where Eve has the responsibility of high priest in place of men. Therefore, you must know that in the Unification Church we have placed a woman, representing all women, in a position to fulfill the responsibility of a worldwide high priest which nobody else could do. This is unprecedented in history.

In order to indemnify the fact that Eve's fall drove humankind into a whirlpool of destruction, I have placed Eve with Adam and am asking the people who can become Adams to unite with the women. You must know that this couple has to stand in the position to fulfill all the responsibility of high priest in place of the entire historical humankind.

And not only that couple but even their children who are growing up, since they stand in a position to worry because of their mother or father, have to form a four-position foundation that can fulfill the responsibility of high priest before heaven and carry out the family responsibility of high priest that has never been done before in history. We must know that today, by doing this, the way for a national family restoration can be paved.

You should know that today the women have gone to the front line in order to carry out this important task. Therefore, all Unification Church members should pray for this. If there is a person who eats better and is more comfortable than the women, then internally he should feel more pain and suffering and be praying for them. If there is a person who does not do that and instead is living more comfortably than they are, this person cannot be called a Unification Church member.

From this viewpoint, the husband should be more prayerful than his wife, and even the children who are just starting to speak should pray, "Father, please fulfill what our father and mother hope for." This kind of family should exist among the blessed families of the Unification Church. The more families who are like this, the greater becomes the four position foundation that can resurrect a new history.


Who has gone to the forefront first in terms of the age of restoration? Eve stood in the forefront first.


Through women, men could finally enter the realm of blood relative of God.


In this time, who in the family has to do their responsibility? Since Eve initiated the fall, women have to do this and not the men of the families.


When a family is placed on the front line, the wife should be put forward instead of the husband.


The blessed wives have to take the lead.


When we look at the restoration providence, women have to pioneer the road ahead individually; after that, the women of families representing the church have go out to the front line and fight with Satan, and after that there comes a time when women representing the nation have to stand on the front line and fight.


In the age of unmarried women, the '60s, the unmarried women did the pioneering. In the '70s, women with families have to do the pioneering. In the '70s and '80s all the women of Korea have to become one. The women of the Unification Church have to be the ones who subjugate the communists. When the nation becomes united, if 15 million women can be mobilized, they can dominate and subjugate the communists with the wind their skirts make. Only through the ideology of the Unification Church can they do that task. Thus, for the unification of South and North, there is formation (the age of unmarried women), growth (the age of women with families) and perfection (the age of national women). Eve should contribute toward establishing a national and a worldwide tradition (since Eve ruined everything). Until now man has been working out the vertical history. Therefore, by women pioneering the horizontal history, woman can finally stand as an object to man who has been working out the vertical responsibility.

If that is not done, how can woman stand in front of heaven, with what achievement? Thus this ideology that mobilized the Unification Church women can remain as a tradition-forming ideology that the wives of Korea have to fulfill. Accordingly, it has to be implanted the right way, or else it will be a disaster. If we can mobilize the wives of this nation, from the wife of the nation's president to all the wives of governors and Cabinet ministers, and if we can train this dedicated army that can overthrow the 38th parallel in order to save this nation, the communists of North Korea will be no problem.


Women have to liberate the Christians who have fallen into selfishness as well as the communists. If we look at the history of Korea, there are many instances where women fought by leading.


In the beginning of history, Eve fell because she did not become one with God. If she had obeyed God's commandment, even at the cost of her life, and walked the road of death gladly, the fall would not have occurred. Accordingly, today Unification Church women should pledge their lives, hold on to God, and march forward.