Blessing and Ideal Family
by Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Chapter Five
Part 2.



What you need is an original state where God, the archangel, Adam, Eve, and all things, are connected by love.

What is needed in order to possess true love centering on oneself? You need three angels. Man needs woman, and woman needs man. But because Satan interfered, this world is connected not by God's love, but by Satan's love.

Since we have to go the opposite way to indemnify this, we need three spiritual children, who represent the three angels. Moreover, since in Adam's family eight members of the family fell, we have to stand in a position to restore three sons and three daughters. For that reason, we say in the Unification Church that we need three spiritual children.

After that we need to reclaim all things. The fund-raising that the Unification Church does is establishing the condition of God's side reclaiming all things that belong to the satanic world. Because God made all things before creating Adam and Eve, for the recreation of Adam and Eve you need all things. Thus you must reclaim all things from the satanic world. Moreover, you must repossess the core of them.

We have reclaimed all things from the position where the whole world was persecuting and opposing us. Originally, we were to possess all things on the grounds of true love. When you can say that because you embodied true love you inherited all things, even Satan cannot accuse. Therefore, you must love all things more than Satan loves them.

The tithe is for establishing that condition. As a condition to take back everything for God, tithing came to exist. Nine is three times three; it is nine stages, that is, it represents God's side. Ten means returning to God's side, i.e., taking back from the satanic world.

We must establish the condition that by loving humankind, loving the world, and loving God, we are better than Satan. When we recreate, we need all things.


Without fund-raising, you cannot establish the condition that you loved all things, and without having three spiritual children, you can never establish the condition that you have loved the archangel. You must make the condition that you have reached the original position without the fall. We are trying to go to the position at which we can see God on the foundation that we have loved all things and loved the archangel. In this way, we are reestablishing the eight family members who were lost in Adam's family. By realizing this condition, we can finally resurrect centering on God.


The fall was the result of the archangel's loving Eve and Eve's loving Adam -- a reversed order. According to the Principle, Adam was supposed to love Eve, and Eve, the angel. But as a result of a reversed order of love, the archangel became Satan and Adam and Eve became his descendants. Thus, in the age of restoration, we must find and establish the archangel on God's side.

The period to find and establish this condition is the seven-year course of which the Unification Church talks. Actually, you are not supposed to get married without walking the seven-year course. You must witness for three years and have three spiritual children blessed. The original way is to love all things first, then the archangel, and after that, God. Because man fell below the place of all things, man has to first stand in the position of having taken back all things, finding the archangel and loving him, and then after that he can love God. Today the Unification Church is going forward according to this formula.


When God was making this world, He first created all things. In the age of restoration, we are going the road of recreation; thus we are developing economic activities for the creation and restoration of all things. After that, we are recreating people by doing witnessing. By rallying these two activities, we are taking the leading role in taking back the world for God. When you stand in a subjective position by doing this, you can truly become God's sons and daughters.

The providence of salvation is the providence of restoration and also the providence of recreation. Because man fell, all the things that God created became fallen. For man to be restored, he must recreate all the things that God created. And again, we must find the son that God lost, and then we must subjugate Satan of the archangelic realm. This is the principled method.

That is why everybody has to be involved in economic activities. That is the formula. No one should complain. You must do it for one to one and a half years. Depending on the situation, it could be prolonged to two years. In that way you must become a professional in economic activities. If not, you can only become a beggar in the satanic world. You should be trained so that even one man or one woman could live alone.


The Bible says that you cannot worship both all things and God. But the gift of material blessing to America, a Christian nation, occurred because the law of recreation has to be perfected. America is in the position of the archangel who possesses material. Now we must be able to move America's material.

Today, the world has become a world of materialism that moves by following material. It became a world of "money makes everything possible." If we have this money, we can move people worldwide as we like. This came about so that we can move the world more easily than Jacob moved Esau, if we have the material.

For this reason, American members are investing all of themselves in order to make money. They are contributing to the activities for recreation while making an eternal tradition. With the same energy as the young people who are doing this work, the older people should also participate.


No matter where you go, you must be diplomatic in order to witness. If you do not have diplomatic abilities, you cannot witness. In order to become a leader of society you must be persuasive, and in order to melt down the satanic world, you need to be a good diplomat. You must have ability, persuasiveness, and also a good theoretical system. In other words, to become a leader, you must be able to solve economic problems. Then you must be able to solve the problem of diplomacy, and you need persuasiveness and the ability to lead a multitude of people.

The object of diplomacy is first to connect with the highest leader of that nation. If it is America, it means to meet the president or representatives in the Congress and persuade them.


Among Unification Church members there are some for whom witnessing does not come easily. Do you know why that is? In this world, how many women are there who make all kinds of preparation with a devoted heart to have a son? There are also so many people who pray so much to meet Jesus. Thus in order for you to witness, you need to prepare with greater devotion than they. If you do more than they do, God is bound to help you.

It may seem as if God has no relation to you, but if you stand in a place and say, "Father!" you will be able to discover the Father who does not answer from far away but from just behind you. If you fall down because of exhaustion, you'll discover that God is holding you and putting you to sleep. If you raise your hand, your hand will shine. You must know that these kind of astonishing things will happen.


Until 1970, we had to restore the angelic world, so we did not focus on making money. Because the time wasn't ripe, we concentrated on making an environment for all people in this nation to come into contact with God's will spiritually.

After that we made effort to solve economic problems. Thus, we did a lot of restoration of all things for five years starting from 1970. After that we needed to establish people. First we needed churches to contain these people, so we made churches. After that I brought an international task force for witnessing activities. Centering on them, we stirred up the nation with even the president of the church going out and giving speeches. We did a lot of activities, including holding revivals and the Day of Hope meetings.

Moreover, I am supporting an inter religious movement by allotting a lot of money. This inter religious movement will become successful if I push for ward with guts. In order to fulfill the task of recreating, you are supposed to invest material and then invest in the archangel in this way.


By myself I should create (restore) all things; with my own hands I should create children, and through my own responsibility I should advance toward the position of parent. Can you do these things with your own hands? Thus you should equip yourselves with the heart, conviction and qualification of having created everything with your own hands. This is the way of the Unification Church.

Since it is a road of recreation with the help of God and the angel, I must earn the money of the world. You must gather white people's money, black people's money, yellow people's money, laborer's money, merchants' money.... By gathering it this way, you should earn the money of the world.

The money that was earned in this way is not my money. It is God's money. There is none that is mine. The Unification Church members want to offer all the money that was earned this way to God. Because they want to offer it all to God, they want to give it all to Reverend Moon, who is closest to God. You do that, right? Why do you do that? Do you not want to look at money? You must know that you are doing that in order to walk the road of the Principle of recreation. You are doing that for seven years, and that means you are restoring through indemnity 7,000 years of history. Do you understand?

In this way, anyone, no matter who it is, who comes into the Unification Church, must be involved in economic activities. This is the conclusion. Even if people oppose you, you still have to do it. Why do you have to do that? Because Judaism, representing the Old Testament Age, and Christianity, representing the New Testament Age, are opposing us. They represent a lot of money and a lot of people. Because they are opposing us in every way possible, it is needed. They are doing everything at once. This is worldwide. All over the world people are opposing the Unification Church's fund-raising.

Everybody also is opposing our witnessing, claiming that we are taking away their children. They should be doing that. Let them oppose us as much as they like. They say, "How could they call Reverend Moon 'True Parents' while we are their father and mother?" This is the situation. Do you under. stand? Should you fund-raise or not? Wouldn't it be nice to make a factory and work there? No; receiving wages has no value. That cannot become a condition of restoration. When all others do not want to give, you have to persevere with devotion, shedding blood, sweat and tears, to take material back to God. That is restoration. Since you are trying to take what many people have and don't want to give, it is restoration.

When your offering is received, you must know that the people and the nation receive the benefit of the offering. That is why the money we make should be soaked with tears, soaked with sweat, and invested with heart. That money is different from the money of the world. In the satanic world, when they see money they want to make it theirs, but we want to give it all to God. It should be that way. Do you understand?

After that, what do we have to do for the course of restoration? We have to restore Adam's lost family. The eight members of Noah's family are also a reappearance of Adam's eight family members. Thus even Jesus had three disciples as his main disciples. If Jesus and the disciples had gotten married, there would have been eight people. There is this fundamental law. Do you understand? You must do that, too. You must restore three archangels. You must witness to and restore three sons from the satanic world. Since Adam lost that, you have to take it back as a substitute for Adam, and in this way you can receive a blessing greater than Adam's. You must know that is why we need a witnessing period. After finding material and children and offering them completely to God, you should advance to the position of a parent who has the qualification to bless his children by receiving that again. Do you understand? That is restoration history.


The reason for your fund-raising is to form a heartistic bond for getting closer to your Parents through all things. Therefore, no matter how difficult a place is, you must go in. The money that is gathered in that way gets used like thousands or ten thousand pieces of gold, even if it is a single penny. When you look at the money, you should be able to say, "Through how many people's hands have you passed? How much have you desired to go back to God through True Parents?" Even if you hear abusive language and curses, you still have to do this work. This is training. Whether that money is a little or a lot, you have to offer it all to God through True Parents.

And also you must go out and do pioneer witnessing. From there you learn how to love people. You should witness with the heart of asking, "How much have you desired to go back to God through True Parents? I will make a bridge for you." In that way you should move from one village to another without time to rest. Through this kind of training, we come to love them more than we love our parents. This is the way of true filial piety towards your parents. When you come back after completing this training, you will be able to love your parents and brothers and sisters more than anybody else. Heaven and earth will welcome you absolutely. After having the best accomplishment through love training for three years, you should find your nest or home. When you can love your family by representing to your parents who have begotten you the Parents of the cosmos and of humankind, there is no reason for your parents to hate what you do or for your brothers to oppose you.

Next, in order for you to go back to God, you must be trained about the spirit world. You must go through training that tests how much you have loved and united with the spirit world, and how much you can love God. This training will be completed by True Parents who are on this earth. Because the Messiah came with the responsibility of connecting the spirit world and God absolutely, the Messiah trains people about the spirit world. That Messiah comes as the True Parents of humankind and will truly love humankind more than any other person in human history. And he will do the work of uniting the world which has been torn apart by the fall as well as uniting the spirit world. True Parents have come not to die but to live and substantially accomplish this work.

True Parents are doing this work for God, in His place. Thus, by attending True Parents and truly loving them, we can learn what would take a person millions of years to learn after death, and we will pave the road that leads to God in the spirit world. If a person absolutely obeys True Parents, a condition that he has obeyed God's command absolutely can be established. In this way he can establish a tradition that allows him to become one with the parents, citizens and brothers of heaven. By doing that he will pass the training of the spirit world.


We attend True Parents in order to make a heartistic bond with the first parent, second parent and third parent who represent the spirit world and God, and to obtain the qualification to participate in the realm of heartistic victory which can represent all of them.

Because of the fall, you did not become a parent who could love all things, a filial son toward the parents who gave birth to you, or a filial son toward the spirit world and God. But you can be endowed with the qualification of a filial son by attending True Parents; therefore, you should follow with unyielding faith. Just as if the president of a nation signs a certain pass saying a person can go anywhere in that nation, in order to go everywhere in the Kingdom of Heaven, True Parents are absolutely needed.

I am sending you out to fund raise and witness so that you can inherit the True Parents' right of love. All the training for the spirit world is so that you can inherit the whole. It is truly an amazing fact that I could completely solve this problem of the whole in a theoretical way.


Do you know why Reverend Moon made money? In the original world of creation, all created things belonged to God and Adam. But Satan took everything away; thus we must take it back. For that reason, I invested myself completely, more than any economist or company president. I worked hard with the mind of loving God and loving humankind. I did not make money for myself.

I have raised up members of the Unification Church by giving the utmost effort. I raised them up as if they were my own children. Because Christians, who could have been God's children, and all the religious people, were falling into Satan's trap, I have bound them together again by giving the utmost effort.


I am a Korean and an Asian. This is America. This nation is a rich nation. I did not use American money for American people but used money that I raised in Korea and Japan for them. Since America is a world-level representative nation, the fundamental rule was that I should love Americans more than my own children, more than my own people, and more than Asians. Therefore, I did. Because I did that, I made a foundation to be able to save the world.

That meant connecting God's love. I have done this work. Even if I was vexed and felt mistreated because people directed abusive words at me and treated me as a bad person, I was patient and worked hard in order to make this foundation. While American people and American youths were leading carefree lives, I was living with tears. While American people were playing, I did not rest, but created all kinds of activities. I lived the opposite way. I am willing even to go to jail in order to liberate America. In this sense I am the most pitiable person.

You must know that if America stones and spits at this most pitiable person, God will not just sit quietly. But because you are not only Americans but also Unification Church members, you must know that I pray, "Heavenly Father, since these are Americans also, please forgive this nation on the basis of looking at these people." You must know that America has this debt. That is why America must someday pay back that debt, and it should pay it back to the Unification Church members.


The Unification Church is not fund-raising in order to make money, but to restore and love all things. Thus, the money you make before marriage is used for saving the world and for missionaries. We are saying that we use the money we make before marriage for the world. We should scatter it like seeds. Thus if I don't have money after marriage, I can harvest it from where I sowed my seeds.


I tell you clearly today that I could not give to the Unification Church members whom I love. Because I knew that I should not take care of them, I sent them out to places of death and sacrificed them. Because I know that God has woven the providence of salvation by sacrificing those whom He loved, I love the Unification Church members but I cannot give that love to them. You should know this.


If America, with its enormous economic foundation, had helped Reverend Moon, I would not have involved you in business activities, and if all the youth of the world, transcending national boundaries, had sup- ported Reverend Moon, I would not have let you do witnessing activities.

Father treated any person you brought as an American who welcomes Father. And Father tried to establish the money that you raised as money that America and American citizens were giving. In this way you should know that Reverend Moon's tears and blood have been added to even one penny that you raised or to one member that you brought.


While you are fund-raising, you should experience being slapped on the face or kicked. You should also meet a person who spits in your face. It is because that is what all the saints and sages in past history experienced.

I will tell you one story. Even if the people of the world spit, curse and hit, Father does not feel pain. In fact, I can forgive them all. But it is absurd that people who were once members and then left, spit at and kick us. When I see this, I can feel the heart of Jesus who forgave Judas Iscariot and all his enemies from the cross and then dealt lovingly with the disciples who betrayed him. In the old days, one of the people following me plotted to injure me while I was imprisoned in the Sohdaemun jail. I still cannot forget that. It is not just once or twice that I have experienced that kind of thing.


When I pray, I am full of tears. It is because I know that God has been suffering in the same way I have. God knows that I have suffered and what I have been afflicted with. Even my parents, brother and wife do not know this road. If you say that I am weak, I am extremely weak, and if you say that I am humble, I am extremely so. But when I see that God is trying to believe in me greatly, more than in the world or universe, I am deeply ashamed of myself and do not know where to hide. I have this kind of experience.

How could God, who has created the universe and can do anything with it, become like this through the fault of Adam and Eve? When you pray and get to know Reverend Moon through people who are spiritually sensitive, you will be able to cry, thinking of him. If spiritually attuned people pray and God teaches, you will cry abundant, bitter tears. And again if you pray for Father, there will be nothing but bitter crying.

You should think about how to solve the vast content of the Principle. Where would you start? The task of condensing all the content of the providence, making an order and organization, and making a standard so that others can understand, is not simple.


Many times I did not see the sun because I cried too much. In that fashion I have traveled this road. I cannot teach you all the facts of living under that degree of difficulty. I will take responsibility for that. You do not have to go through some things if Father has not taught you about them. I teach you with the desire that you may be able to go an easier way.

Korean members who have been in the Unification Church for a long time have experienced that degree of difficulty and know these circum- stances. Since I feel that you should know and feel these things at least to a certain extent, and dedicate yourselves with similar effort, I am telling these things to you. Now if you experience these things through similar effort, it will help you tremendously when you go to the spirit world. If you have such experiences here, it will be of help to you for thousands and tens of thousands of years.


When you do the work of restoring the cosmos and saving humankind, making a few dollars is not important. God's circumstances are piteous and absurd. It becomes significant when you say that you are offering this money to God. One reason is that this money is not simply a penny but has God's heart infused into it. Second, it is like an offering which could be a substitute for all things. You must be able in this way to say that I am offering my heart and my mind a thousand fold, ten thousand fold, a billion fold. Even if it is only a penny, my heart should be filled with billions of hearts when offering it. In that way you should be able to say, "When You, God, receive my offering, please give Your blessing." Do you know the nobility and holiness of the place on which you will stand if you offer with this kind of thinking?


In your life there must be have been times when you met someone who cried bitterly, as if they had just met Christ or their long-lost mother or father. There are many instances like that in Father's life, also. I remember keeping a young woman from becoming a prostitute. It seems like yesterday that I wept bitterly after I heard her circumstances.

That kind of experience is more valuable than praying. The experience of eating a sandwich because you were hungry while you were fund raising can be the content of a prayer that can make God weep bitterly. While you sell newspapers, you are going to meet all kinds of people. But you should not use bad language about it. You are blocking a person on the sidewalk and asking him to do something he may not want to do, but you will sell newspapers by overcoming that.

There is nothing more difficult than personal relationships. Therefore, though you may not know it, I am training you in personal relationships in the most difficult places. I have already walked that path.


Who is my enemy? It is not the world, Cain, the New York Times or the Washington Post. You must see their opposition to me as Satan accusing in order to remove that nature from me.

If you are perfect, you can claim compensation for injury caused by false accusations. That is why you will not perish. Have you ever thought whether the hand you use in fund-raising is for God or for Satan? When you can say that it is God's hand, they will believe you to be a representative of the world. You can say, "I came to work for the whole world! You also can receive the benefit of participating in a worldwide effort; please support this fund-raising!" You must fund raise thinking in this way. When you are like that, even if you are rejected by ten people, tears will fall without your realizing. God Himself will cry.

Even when you are happy, if people sympathize with you, happiness rises from within. That is God rejoicing. If you work in that mood, even if you come in after midnight, at one or two o'clock in the morning, your legs will feel light. You must know that. Reverend Moon also has passed through that reality.

You know by now that your enemy is your body. You need at least three years of thinking, "I must control this body." Only in this way can your mind control your body as a habit.


Father labored at night to pay for a friend's tuition. To pay that tuition, I needed to collect one penny at a time. Why did I do this? Because I knew God. If I did not go that road, I would have lived splendidly as a worldly per son today. I would have been recognized as a smart person, and I could have advanced to a position of leading one nation. Father is a person with that level of ability.

Even now when I consider for whom I have wept tears all my life, I cannot deny that I came to know and cry for God. I received persecution not because I am stupid. I could endure because I knew that God had gone through even worse suffering. Don't you think even Father had personal desires and dreams? In the prime of my youth I had a beautiful dream. But I cut everything off mercilessly so that I would not have personal dreams.

In this way I became the Reverend Moon of today. I have the ability to control even ten million dollars, but I am in the same position as a company president who does not have a penny. Even when I use money I think of you. I do not think of using money for myself. No matter where I go, I do not want to go to restaurants or eat lunch outside. I don't think of buying clothes for myself.

If I have money, I do not use it for myself but for America and the world. Even if you suffer, you cannot complain about Father because of this.


When you look centering on Moses, who was the leader of the Israelite nation, there were 12 tribal leaders and 72 elders. In the Bible it is sometimes depicted as 72 or 70, but it has to be 72. Why? Because 72 is 6 times 12. Seventy is two less than 72.

The 72 couples have to be completed. Jesus did not establish the Kingdom of Heaven because his 12 disciples did not unite and the 72 disciples did not become one. Thus Jesus was chased by 72 people and pursued by 12 disciples. In the end he was ignored by three disciples and nailed to the cross alone. Being chased by his parents and his family, and being pursued by the Israelite people and nation, he fought for three years. Because of their disbelief, he could not build the Kingdom of Heaven.

If we do not form that situation again and restore through indemnity Jesus' substantial standard, the Kingdom of Heaven will never come. This is the core of the Principle.

Without 12 disciples and 72 disciples, they could not mobilize 600,000. The problem is 12 disciples and 72 disciples.


Last year Father told you to witness to one person per month. This is a supreme command. Please follow. Father did not tell you this without any preparation. Jesus tried to establish a standard of mind and body within three to three and a half years. But that failed because of the Israelite people's disbelief.

For us to restore through indemnity the same situation as Jesus, we must spend at least three years in spiritual restoration and at least three years in physical restoration. Without doing that, we cannot build a foundation of both spirit and body. Thus we need seven years. In this seven-year period everybody has to make effort to do God's will and to build the Kingdom of Heaven. What do you want to do for seven years? Without finding and establishing the 12 disciples and 72 disciples that Jesus lost, centering on the family, we cannot build the Kingdom of Heaven.

When you add 12 people and 72 people, it totals 84 people, and when you multiply seven years by 12, it becomes 84. Without each of us gathering 12 disciples and 72 disciples, we cannot make the bridge to the Kingdom of Heaven which Jesus needed to establish worldwide. We must realize that if we do not make this bridge by dedicating our lives, we will not be connected to the Kingdom of Heaven, and so we should be burning with a sense of mission. If you witness to one person per month, it finally totals 84 people after seven years. Therefore it is an essential part of the worldwide standard that we should witness to at least one person per month.

If the Unification Church members all over the world arm themselves with this conviction and advance towards that goal by uniting completely, without a doubt the authority of Satan will crumble.


On the foundation of each person's witnessing to one person per month, the gate of the Kingdom of Heaven will open up in society. This is the fundamental law of the Principle, and I give this as the highest command. If you do not resolve this even at the cost of your life, there is no place for you to go. Even Jesus was caught in this problem. Father settled this problem by dedicating his whole life. Without resolving this, we cannot dissolve the resentment in God's heart.


From now on Father gives the order. Write to your parents and brothers and sisters once every 10 days. Tribal restoration is possible even with one third the effort that you make in activities of society.

Finding and establishing 12 disciples and 72 disciples centering on your tribal foundation becomes the foundation to build the Kingdom of Heaven. Without that you cannot take leadership over society. In order to establish a worldwide foundation, establish 120 people. Father already has done that.


Think about it. If the death rate is one percent, in one year one person per hundred will die. And among 3.6 billion people,36 million people die in a year and go to hell. For God this is a big loss. For Satan it a great victory. If the transmission of God's will is one year faster, 36 million people will be saved. If it is 10 years sooner,360 million people will be saved.

When you think in this way, you naturally will know how desperate it is that we transmit the Principle to the world more quickly than before. By deeply experiencing every day how much God wants that, you should give all your effort.


From now on you just have to restore through indemnity the situation of Adam's growing up free in the Garden of Eden without receiving Satan's accusation. In other words, you have to mend the diseased human condition of being cracked and broken.

In order to do that, you must establish three spiritual children. Then you can stand in front of God as a family. After that, by gaining 12 disciples, you can connect the spiritual and physical worlds. You can liberate the many ancestors who are entangled in the spiritual world. Without liberating the spiritual and physical worlds, you cannot complete the responsibility of restoring these two worlds.

Thus you absolutely must complete the number 12. That is why on earth all directions center on east, west, north and south, and centering on the number 12, there are twelve months. The organization of the universe is the same way. Heaven is also like that and it moves in that way. There are four gates symbolizing east, west, north, and south; 12 apostles representing the 12 pearly gates; and 12 elders substituting for 12 seasons. In this way, heavenly law says that the fate of heaven and the fate of earth have to coincide. If you go to the Kingdom of Heaven with only three children and if they are eastern, you will only be able to go east; you can only go in one direction. It is the same as staying only in the spring season among the four seasons. You can only go in and out of that gate. What does this mean? It means that all of the Kingdom of Heaven is not yours, because you have the characteristic of only one direction.

The reason for Jesus' selecting 12 disciples was that he had to go in all directions and have dominion over everything. Thus Jesus tried to destroy the obstructing wall of 12 people for three years. He did the work of completely uniting them by fitting and conforming to all of their minds.


Until the Kingdom of Heaven is completed, a period of three and a half years and a period of seven years continues to be the formula course. Thus, you must go the formula course of three and a half years before marriage and seven years after marriage. Jesus tried first to find a family through his three year course and second to go a seven-year course. According to this formula, he was to restore and bless three spiritual children and 12 disciples in a three-year period. Then he was to walk the seven year course. This is the Principle view. We must finally restore through indemnity the fact that Jesus could not, in a seven-year period, prepare a foundation in Israel through Judaism from which to reach out to the world. That responsibility is bestowed upon us now.

For seven years we must witness to one person a month, making a total of 84 people. Centering on 12 disciples and 72 disciples, we must form a tribal realm. Seventy-two elders are national leaders. If that happens, you can set up three disciples in the family realm and 12 disciples in the tribal realm.


Even if, in the place of Jesus, we shed blood, sweat and tears, and bear a cross of substance in terms of the family in order to establish a foundation of substance in spirit and body, we still have remaining with us the mission to fulfill the family responsibility. Thus the Unification Church is going the way of the family-level cross after marriage. After dying on the cross, Jesus resurrected and, centering on 12 disciples and 72 disciples, started the course of spiritual restoration. If we do not do that mission before we are nailed to a cross, the bridge which is our connection to the Kingdom of Heaven will disappear. Fighting to complete that is the seven-year course. Within these seven years we must witness to one person a month for a total of 84 people. This is the way of Principle and not something that is invented out of pragmatic considerations.


We members of the Unification Church are attending True Parents. We must become brothers and sisters who are closer than those born of the same blood. By going beyond our own nation, we must equip ourselves with a heartistic standard that transcends nationality. The Kingdom of Heaven is accomplished by transcending national boundaries. Therefore, a person without a heartistic standard transcending nationality cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Father walked that road. You must from now on find and establish 12 disciples. And then you establish 72 disciples. If you do not do that, the Kingdom of Heaven will not be realized. That is the mission given to you.


At first you must set up three children. Since you have to restore Adam's family, 8 people have to form a family. In order to protect that family you need 12 brothers. It is the same with Jacob's 12 children. That becomes the tribal foundation, and by magnifying that tribe, it must become a national foundation. The people who can lead that national foundation are 72 elders. If centering on Jesus this had been achieved, Jesus would never have died as he did. That remains as an indemnity course. Father also walked that formula. l established three families, then 36 couples who represent three ages, with 12 families per age. Then 72 couples, 124 couples, 430 couples, 777 couples and 1800 couples were established. Six times three is 18, and this blessing is a blessing with the condition that we have arrived at a standard that Satan's realm cannot reach. You must go this road absolutely.


From now on there will be no more persecution where you are witnessing. Whoever persecutes you will perish. From now on, what you sow will be harvested as yours.


You see that all humankind are brothers and sisters when you think of God's love and of His being the Parent. Thus, having received the command from our Parent, we go out to find our lost brothers and sisters through witnessing. That is the way of faith.

In this way, when you are witnessing and meet someone, by welcoming the person as if you had found a lost brother and by sacrificially loving him, he will be able to return to the bosom of his parents. Because he does not know the parents that he has lost, you should teach him so that he feels joy and likes them. They might be our brothers, but they do not know what they are. Only in the place where we teach, hold each other and weep together, can brothers be found. You must witness with that heart. You must witness without sleeping at night.

By connecting through these love relationships, the Kingdom of Heaven will be established. You must witness with the same anxious heart which God has as He seeks to find His children.

The person who wants to find those lost people by loving them more than he wants to be with his spouse is a person who has inherited his parents' heart. And even if you don't live together after the Blessing, it is more valuable to save even one more person. That is the way to receive more blessing from God. The reason is that you will meet your spouse in the Kingdom of Heaven after death, but if you do not save these lost people, you will not meet them there. If your brother accuses you, you will be caught. You should know that when the realm of love which universalizes both conjugal love and parental love is realized on earth, that is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.


When a person does a good deed, he will be welcomed in America as well as in the Soviet Union. True love receives a welcome in Washington, DC, as well as in Moscow.

A person who sacrifices for others will be welcomed as a great person wherever he goes in the world. And a person who is welcomed on earth will also be welcomed in the spirit world. This is the truth, and can be applied everywhere.

Father, who knows this Principle, is telling you to offer sacrifice and service to your neighbors, to your home country, and to all humankind. This is the only way God and the spirit world can welcome us. Thus I have walked this road from the time of the birth of the Unification Church until now. Moreover, I know that only by going this road will you reach salvation; therefore, l have urged you to go this road.

Only by training yourself to live for others while on earth will you be able to continue the life of living for others automatically, even when you go to the spirit world after death. That is why I am repeating this training for you.

If the American diet is bread and cheese, how will you like it in the spirit world if there is only rice, kimchi and hot pepper paste? Because you will have a diet to which you never became accustomed on earth, when you go to the spirit world you will lose your health. Thus, the Unification Church is sending you out to a life of hardship, so that you may learn to stay healthy no matter what environment you encounter. I am giving you training to adapt to any environment. I am giving you the education to make you confident to overcome any difficulty, knowing that you have been prepared for that kind of situation.

Your witnessing, home church and economic activities are so that you form the habits necessary to overcome any difficulties you encounter.


Father has walked the road of suffering ahead of us, standing on the front line. Father has walked the road soaked with blood, sweat and tears. In addition to working as a stevedore and ditch-digger, sometimes I was accused of being a criminal and had to walk the way of the cross. Especially in those times I tried to feel God's heart, and spent sleepless nights praying with tears. This is why we are able now to do anything that can be done in this world. It is because I experienced all situations. No matter what kind of circumstance I found myself in, l was able to adapt.


No matter what kind of circumstance a person faces, if he or she maintains subjectivity and finds an object with whom to have give and take, there is nothing that person cannot do. Even when you go to a bar, if you can find a person to witness to, that bar is already a place without danger. You can probably drink Coke and continue conversation with the people in the bar. Thinking that you have to drink alcohol when you go to a bar is a dangerous concept. It's wrong to think that you will feel good only by drinking alcohol.

When we are put in a situation, we must think of the best method to deal with it. If a person gives up because the surroundings are difficult, he will be a failure. A laborer can feel the joy of working and the value of money through labor.