True Mother furious over Kook Jin Nim’s rant of
“Committing Euthanasia on Father”,
“From today on Kook Jin is fired!”
September 24, 2012


The providence is experiencing rapid turbulent events after True Father’s Cosmic Seong Hwa Ceremony. After the wave of scandals of affairs involving Mrs. In Jin Moon, the Unification Movement finds itself in panic. But another shocking situation just took place.


Last Wednesday, September 19, 2012, Tongil Foundation chairman Kook Jin Moon held a meeting with his staff and other representatives. The meeting was for the purpose of addressing the problem that True Mother had given him the direction to step down from the position of chairman of the Tongil Foundation.


According to someone present at the meeting, Mr. Kook Jin Moon said that he will not step down even if True Mother orders him to step down. He said that the reason is because True Mother’s order is influenced by Hoon Mo from Chung Pyung. And he flat out denied the spiritual work being done by Hoon Mo Nim. In the staff meeting Mr. Kook Jin Moon cursed at Hoon Mo Nim even calling her that [expletive] and saying that she is not Dae Mo Nim, saying that when he asked her about Young Jin Nim or Heung Jin Nim she could not answer him correctly.


During the meeting he went as far as accusing that True Mother and Hoon Mo Nim euthanized Father.


His shocking words were immediately reported to True Mother who was in Chung Pyung, and True Mother was in great shock. In order to deal with the situation, on Thursday True Mother called the main section chiefs and leaders of the Church and mobilized the main section chiefs of the Foundation to come to the Cheon Jeong Goong [in Chung Pyung]. There, True Mother strongly scolded the church leaders.


True Mother said that she did not raise her son well, and said “How preposterous is it that he used the word ‘euthanasia’? When you heard him say that word why did you not restrain Kook Jin? Why did you stay still?”


True Mother especially directed herself towards church president Dr. Joon Ho Seuk, strongly saying to him, “I keep getting these reports that the church president is nothing but a scarecrow. The church president should be able to give correct guidance on the standard of faith, why are you only listening to [him] and just following [his] orders? And how come the church is under the [power] of the Cheon Bok Goong [in Seoul]?”


Finishing the meeting True Mother said, “From now on you must listen to my directions, not the directions from Kook Jin.” And added that, “I am announcing that from today Kook Jin is fired. And those who stay around him will be reprimanded.”

[From combined reports from sources in both meetings.]