Heaven is not any kind of Disneyland; heaven is in the midst of you
Damian Anderson <Damian.Anderson@gmail.com>
December 8, 2012

Hello everyone,

I hope you are well. This Monday past, I started work at McAfee on the team developing and supporting a network security product, Network Threat Response, so I will be gainfully employed for the near future, which definitely takes a weight off my mind.

It would seem to me that promoting persons over principle is the very definition of a personality cult. Heaven help us from personality cults. We saw plenty of them in the 20th century which became totalitarian traps, where leaders violated Godly principles, yet people could not leave, either because of loyalty to an unprincipled leader, religious or tribal group, family complications, or force. Political personality cults led by totalitarian leaders killed millions of people and caused misery for so many more, while religious and ideological personality cults built up people's hopes, and often crushed them emotionally and psychologically when the leader was found to be a fallible human with proverbial feet of clay.

I am all in favor of promoting God's principles, Divine PrincipleNatural Law, or whatever you want to call it. They amount to the same thing. And I will support anyone who promotes those principles by their words and deeds, regardless of who they are. It would seem to me that the age of religion and organized churches is waning, and the age of living according to our conscience is dawning. What does the future hold? Whatever you decide it to be. There is no heaven to go to, only a heaven for you to build for you and those you care about.

The reason I became a member of the Unification Church is because Rev. Sun Myung Moon taught and promoted ideas which explained God, the origin of evil, and the way to make God's ideal a reality on the earth. The pinnacle of that teaching was the strategy to love your enemy and win him over to become your friend and even beloved. It was never a personality cult supporting any one leader or group. I supported the man called True Father because his mission became my mission, not because I worshiped him personally. Never did, never will. I worked with him to achieve a common goal.

The fall out of the In Jin Moon scandal is continuing in the Unification Church, though I don't attend often, and find that I have more common cause with the outcast Hyun Jin H1 than any of the loyalist insiders. He just completed a conference in Atlanta, GA and people were apparently inspired and uplifted by the event and the content of the presentations. Here are videos of the speeches that I found on YouTube:

Bernice King spoke at the GPC. She is Martin Luther King's daughter and the CEO of the King Center in Atlanta.


State Senator Emanuel Jones, GA, Co-Chair, Global Peace Convention 2012 Opening Address



GPF Intro 720p



Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon remarks at the Opening Banquet of the Global Peace Convention 2012


20121129 Schuller2


Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year, whichever of those you celebrate!


And Happy Doomsday to all you preppers!


"Heaven is not any kind of Disneyland; heaven is in the midst of you because the place where you are becomes God's dwelling place and the dwelling place of your parents."

Word and Deed, January 30 1977, Rev. Sun Myung Moon (1920 - 2012)

"Once, on being asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied, “The coming of the kingdom of God is not something that can be observed, nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is in your midst.” "

Luke 17:20-21