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 101 Great Ideas to Create a Caring Group                                                     $10.85

 20-20 Vision                                                                                               $24.95
      How to Create a Successful Church With Lay Pastors and Cell Groups

 Biblical Foundations for Small Group Ministry                                               $17.99
      An Integrative Aproach

 Building Teamwork in Your Marriage: Group Leaderís Guide                           $12.99

 Called to Care                                                                                             $6.99
      A Training Manual for Small Group Leaders

 Called to Equip                                                                                           $6.99
      A Training and Resource Manual for Pastors

 Cell Leader Intern Guidebook                                                                     $10.95

 Discipleship Journal's 101 Best Small Group Ideas                                      $11.00

 Fresh Wind Fresh Fire                                                                               $17.99

 Fun Friend-Making Activities for Adult Groups                                             $15.99

 How to Build a Small Groups Ministry                                                         $20.00

 How to Have Great Small-Group Meetings                                                     $9.35
      Dozens of Ideas You Can Use Right Now

 How to Lead Small Groups                                                                         $5.60

 Is Jesus the Only Way?                                                                             $3.99

 Mastering Money in Your Marriage, Study Guide, by Ron Blue                     $10.84

 New Testament LessonMaker                                                                     $26.00
      Create Your Own Customized Bible Study on
      Any Passage in the New Testament-In Minutes!

 Nine Keys to Effective Small Group Leadership                                           $12.97
      How Lay Leaders Can Establish Dynamic &
      Healthy Cells, Classes or Teams

 One Anothering                                                                                         $10.36
      Biblical Building Blocks For Small Groups

 Prepare Your Church for the Future                                                                 $8.79

 Radical Renewal: The Problem of Wineskins Today by Howard Snyder             $12.95

 Serendipity Bible for Small Groups NIV                                                         $37.99

 Serenity New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs                                        $7.99
      A Companion for Twelve Step Recovery

 Seven Traits of a Successful Leader                                                             $9.35

 Small Group Body Builders                                                                         $14.99
      Great Ideas for Strengthening Relationships in Youth Ministry

 Small Group Idea Book                                                                                $9.84

 Small Group Outreach                                                                                  $9.84
      Turning Groups Inside Out

 Starting Small Groups                                                                                 $15.00
      Buiding Communities That Matter

 Supper Club                                                                                                $7.99
      Creative Ideas for Small-Group Fellowship

 The Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ Leader's Resource                                 $14.00

 The Navigator Bible Studies Handbook                                                             $9.35

 The Second Reformation by William Beckham                                                 $12.95

 The Small Group Book                                                                                     $8.79
      The Practical Guide for Nurturing Christians and Building Churches

 The Small Group Fitness Kit                                                                             $8.85
      How to Keep Your Group Healthy and Growing

 The WILLOW CREEK Guide to Leading Life-Changing Small Groups                  $11.99
       The Comprehensive, Ready-Reference Guide for Small Group Leaders

 You Can Lead a Bible Discussion Group                                                         $12.99