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Comments on Small Groups from Peter Califano, Unificationist, San Francisco

I have been involved with various small groups for many years now.  I am currently ministering to a small group in both the Catholic and Unification churches.  I find the groups very meaningful and a great forum to grow and develop spiritually.  I was very happy to see your articles on small groups in the DC Area.  

Here in the Bay Area, Pastor Thompson has really encouraged the development and I hope you continue with your work in DC and on the national level, with more information and encouragement at the website.  I think lesson materials are especially needed for Principle- centered living.  

Also, let me offer one suggestion.  In the Catholic small groups I work in, we have a resolution that everyone makes at the end of the meeting called an "Action Response".  Based on the readings and discussion, members make a determination to do something that acts out the lesson and/or insight gained during the session.  It helps make the lesson more concrete and connects the sessions together since when we start the next meeting we go around and everyone shares if they accomplished their determination.  Everyone is accountable to follow through although there is no "penalty" for not doing it -- but everyone really tries to do it.

Keep up the good work.

Peter Califano 

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