Guidelines for Group Leaders

           (This text is excerpted from the book by Rev. In Hoi Lee, PRAYER: Training for Opening Up To God)

Each session consists of Reading and Discussion Questions.  You can complete the session in 60 to 90 minutes.

Reading: This portion of each session includes True Parentsí words and some explanations that help group members see how the topic of the session is based on True Parentsí life and teachings.  Here are three different ways you can approach the Reading:

  1. As the group leader, read the Reading aloud for the whole group and then move to the Discussion Questions.
  2. Ask a group member to volunteer to read the Reading for the group.  It is best to ask someone in advance to give them time to read over the material before the group starts.  After someone has read it out loud, move to the Discussion Questions.
  3. Allow time at the beginning of the session for each person to read the Reading silently.  If you use this option, be sure to give everyone enough time to finish the Reading.

Discussion Questions: The first question is designed to help group members begin discussing the topic in an open and honest manner.  Most of the discussion questions are to help group members apply True Parentsí teachings to their daily lives.  The last discussion question at the end of each session is very practical and action-oriented.  Through this question, please review the action goals and challenge group members to work on one or more of them in the coming week.

Preparing to Lead Your Group

  1. As you study each session ahead of time, ask God to help you understand and apply it in your own life.  Unless this happens, you will not be prepared to lead others.
  2. Carefully work through each discussion question in the session.  Spend time in meditation and reflection on both the reading and discussion questions as you formulate your answers.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the Group Leaderís Notes for the session.  You may want to read the Group Leaderís Notes to your group when you think it would be helpful.
  4. Pray for the various members of your group.
  5. Consider what the session means for your life, what changes you may need to make in your lifestyle and/or what actions you can take in the church or with people you know.

Leading the Group Discussion

  1. Begin the session with prayer and on time.
  2. Guide group members to understand the Reading clearly before moving to the Discussion Questions.
  3. Donít be afraid of silence.
  4. Avoid answering your own questions.  Be a facilitator.
  5. Donít expect an exact answer.  Expect their opinion.  Never reject an answer.
  6. Encourage more than one answer to each question.
  7. Avoid going off track.
  8. Conclude your time together with prayer.
  9. End on time.
  10. Encourage fellowship time together after the session is over, with or without snacks.