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Small Group
Wants To Start!

Proposed Topic: __Kids Study Group in Bowie__

Initiating Person(s)               Phone                 Email:
 _Mary Holden  ___301-352-7975  _maryjholden@yahoo.com_

Suggested Purpose of the Group:
__I started it before the small groups concept came to our movement. This year is my 4th year.  I have 10 children who attend (the ages are 8 to 12 years old)  We meet the first and third Fridays of the month for 2 hours on a Friday night.  We study Father's words, Divine Principle and other educational materials related to learning higher moral values.  We do service projects in the community and also some arts and crafts projects. It is an excellent Kids Club and the children are always excited to attend and do the service work.  I have a lot more children who would like to be a part of this but I would need more help, an actual assistant that feels the same passion that I do in the importance of educating our blessed children.  It would be great if you could give some information about this so we can spread this in other areas.  I am also willing to train and share all the resources, lessons, etc. I have gathered all these years.  I would like to talk to everyone more about this and give them more details.  God Bless, Mary Holden - 301-352-7975 Home Number_

Suggested meeting time and place:
__Friday evenings______

Proposed Start Date: __ongoing already___________

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