The All-Time
10 Best Tips on Prayer
for Beginners That I Have Ever Heard
by Rev. Jim Stephens
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Copyright December, 1999


Thank you for your interest in prayer. I'm going to introduce you to the
10 Best Tips that I have ever run across which have helped me immensely
in my prayer life. My hope is that you'll relax, have some fun with this,
and find one or two new ideas that will really be a benefit to you.
If that's successful, I encourage you to pass this along to friends and family
that could also gain from it. If just one person gets closer to God,
then, I believe, the whole world has been improved.

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1. Schedule a Prayer Time.
        Make an appointment with God.
        Make it a priority.

2. Just Get Started.
        Night time prayer or morning prayer
        Start small and work up.

3.  Think of Godís Point of View.
         Ask for insights.
         Understand repentance and confession.

4.   Be specific.
        Making a prayer list.

5.  Pray out loud.
        Three hints.
        Be creative.

6.  Pray with other people.

7.  Pray for others.
        Both of you will benefit.

8.  Ask Questions.
        Listen for Answers.
        Review the Answers.

9.  Create a holy environment for prayer.
        Gather inspirational reading materials.
        Prepare your surroundings with pictures, etc.

10. Build your foundation step by step.
        Have patience.
        Prayers that God cannot answer.
        Take irreversible steps.
        It's all worth it. Never give up.


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