Survey Results: "Where Are Your Interests?"
Last update: May 22, 2001

These are the latest totals for each category with 23 surveys recorded. A list of names is not published for privacy reasons but if you send me an email, I'll reply to you with the complete list. Email to

_3_Social Service
___Food bank
_2_Project Volunteer
_1_   Buying and Selling
_1_   Repair
_1_   Car washes
_1_   Model Cars
_6_   Software
_1_   Support Services
_1_   Repair
_1_   Programming
_3_   Web Design
_5_Computer technology group
_2_Video Productions
_1_VCR Repair
_4_Personal Counseling
_1_Marriage Counseling
_2_Public Relations
_6_Christian Outreach
_4_Jewish Outreach
_3_Moslem Outreach
_1_Neighborhood Beautification
_2_   Theater, Drama
_4_   Choir
_2_   Piano
_3_Bible Study
_6_D. P. Study
_3_Lecture practice
___Educational Resources
_3_Mentoring boys
___   High School
___   Middle School
___   Younger boys
_2_Mentoring girls
_1_   High School
_1_   Middle School
_1_   Younger girls
_1_Day Care
_2_Matching BC's
_5_Marriage Preparation
_3_Blessed Family Dept.
_2_Young Marriages
_3_   Basketball
_ 2_   Volleyball
_4_   Football
_3_   Soccer
_3_   Baseball
_5_   Swimming
_2_   Tennis
_2_   Golf
_1_     Track
_1_    Martial Arts
_2_   Paintball
_2_   Camping
_2_   Backpacking
_3_   Ping Pong
_1_   Dance Club
_4_   Fishing
_1_   Mini Golf
_1_   Equestrian
_2_Home Improvement
_1_Garage Sales
_1_Clothes for the needy
_4_Business, Finances
_1_Business, Marketing
_2_Fund raising
_1_Grant writing
_5_Men's groups
_6_Women's groups
_1_Civil Rights
_3_Singles groups
_3_Youth ministry
_3_Prayer team
_2_Grounds-keeping team
_1_Tools/Maintenance team
_2_Overseas mission work
_6_Korean study
_1_Japanese study
_2_Advanced English
_2_Field trips
_1_House painting
_2_Homeless outreach
_2_Reconciliation outreach
_1_Inter-racial group
_2_Church Financial committee
_1_Church greeters
___Cookies committee
_2_Adopt a grandparent
___Making posters
___Cleanup after events
_2_Exercise group
_5_DP Teaching
_2_Conference staff
_2_Political leader outreach
_3_Family Group outreach
_2_Disabilities and Supports
_1_Home Church
_1_Abstinence Education
_1_Principled Life Education
_1_Improving Sunday Service