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Small Group:
Technology for God

Proposed Topic: ____Using Technology to Help God___

Initiating Person(s)               Phone                 Email:
 _Jim Stephens            410-997-6450   jimstephens5@home.com_

Suggested Purpose of the Group:
_Discuss the vision of technology use in Divine Principle and Father's words. Share experience and knowledge to help each other grow spiritually and contribute more to help God. Build a network of resource people to help others with technology related problems. Develop a bridge to the Second Generation by getting them involved with us. Have FUN.__    (see comments below)

Status:  ONGOING______

Comments    (added March 18, 2001)

Here are some thoughts from Arthur Herstein:

I'd like to start discussing what aspects of 
technology are applicable to the providential work. 
For example, a master database of ministers nationwide 
was sorely needed for this tour, but did not exist, at 
least that I know of. We would need to organize such 
an effort, get it funded etc., but if the vision were 
there it could go a long way to making inroads, and 
preventing redundancy of efforts.

We have email, etc, but how can we effectively connect 
all families to this form of communication, and can we 
rely on it as our basic disseminator of info, much as 
companies do. And are there emerging technologies that 
we should be aware of?

What about developing new forms of technology to meet 
our own particular needs, such as counseling 
(individual and family), hoon dok hae (online search 
engines to find texts relating to queries), 
witnessing, fundraising, spiritual guidance, 
administration, blessings and matchings.

What about media events? Online magazines and 
discussions regarding important issues - political, 
religious, etc.

These comments are from Heikki Rissanen

I'd be interested to get to know the group and to hear 
what kind of vision and ideas everyone has on how to 
use technology for God. And I hope the group can 
support everyone to go for it. At some point, I would 
like to talk about dangers of this field, and how we 
can avoid doing bad PR for God and True Parents.

Comments from Jim Stephens

I see a couple important and/or urgent topics to
discuss. (1) Possible ways that technology can help
with matching the Second Generation. (2) Teaching
a class on how to use the internet for beginners.