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Small Group:
Group Coaching

Topic: __Group Coaching_______________________

Initiating Person(s)               Phone                 Email:
 _Hilde Wiemann            301-809-0989____IHF2000@aol.com__

Suggested Purpose of the Group:

Hilde Wiemann will be doing group coaching from June on. 
She is a student of CoachU University and does groups in 
order to gain experience and gain clients.

There are three types of groups:

a) Loving Life, Living your Dream

The goal of this group is to search for and find our God-given talents and how to use them best. Through this process people begin to do the things they are called for and find more and more balance and happiness. This is a free group at a doctor's office in Crofton every Thursday evening from 7-9:30pm
b) The Gift of a Week
A little more advanced inner work (was meant to be for women only, but is now open for both genders). The question is: What would you do, if you had only one week left on earth? Participants create an absolute Yes-list, absolute No-list, and identify what is important.
Remove your mask, live authentically, with integrity, learn to listen to your inner voices, discover your Secret Selves and integrate them for a balanced life. 
c) Monday Evenings at Year of the Rabbit Coffee Shop
Also beginning in June, every Monday evening at the Year of the Rabbit Coffee Shop in Bowie from 7-9:30pm , Pam Stein and myself are the group leaders. We charge $ 20 each session, members who have difficulty to pay may ask for discounts. Registration: call Hilde Wiemann at 301-809-0989
These groups are NOT only for UC members, they are held for the public. Call me if you have any questions,  Hilde Wiemann