Earthly Life and Spirit World (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. Understanding Death (Part 1)

1. The Meaning Of The Words "To Die"

Without question, the spirit world exists. We human beings are born from the spirit world; therefore we cannot help but return to the spirit world.

There is an interesting word in the Korean language, Toh Ra Ganda (to return, to die). Where do they return to? They do not return to the public cemetery. They return to the original place of departure, the original place. The place of departure is not the public cemetery. What it means is that we return beyond the origin of history, which is boundlessly far away.

To return (to die) as a human being does not mean to be born and to return (to die) as a Korean. Although one can die as a Korean, one does not return as a Korean. The path is not designed that way. We return to the world of the origin -- the origin of the ancestors of mankind. What is it? If there is a Creator, we will return to the place where that Creator is. Since we started from there, we will return there.

The universe has circular actions. When the snow covering the mountains melts, it flows down through many small valleys and into the ocean through many streams and rivers. Once it enters the ocean, it is transformed into vapor and returns again.

There are circular movements. When one returns, where does one return to? One wishes to return to a higher, better place, a place that is in a higher dimension. Nobody wants to get smaller through circular movement. But according to the laws of motion of the natural world, things get smaller and smaller through actions. When we roll something, it does not roll eternally. First it rolls rapidly, then it gets weaker and weaker and finally stops. (114:269)

2. The Place We Are Supposed To Go

Although we live in this world, we know that there is a spirit world as well as this world. This world and spirit world are not two worlds. They must be linked as one world. We know this.

Then where is the place we are supposed to go and live? Certainly we live a physical life on the earth, but we are going toward the eternal world. Once people are born into the world, through the course of their life they go through the teens, twenties, thirties, middle age, and senior years. Once one leaves his youth and enters middle age, he goes over a peak and goes into senior age after that. Just like the sunset, they end their life.

But those who know the fact of the existence of the spirit world know that a life is a moment and the world we are going to encounter after death is eternal. Therefore, life is a period of preparation for the eternal world. The world works just like that, doesn't it?

Lets take the example of a student. There is a standard of credits that students have to take in one semester or in one grade year. Students have to take credits in subjects according to the standard the school sets. If we take that standard as a hundred points, the student is recognized by the school according to the degree of accomplishment in reference to the standard. But the higher the percentage of unaccomplished credits, the further the student stands from the standard of values the school sets. It works this way. Therefore, all are measured centering on certain standards.

To live a life in the physical world is just like going through the preparation period of earning one credit at school. We are preparing to gain credits for a life. Through the process of life, we meet responsibilities that we must fulfill whether we like it or not. In other words, there is a standard that demands the fulfillment of the responsibility. You are living an everyday life centering on the standard that measures how much you are in accord with the standard.

We are not certain about the path in this world we must take once we are born. If we are born in the original world, where are we supposed to go? We are not certain about this. Therefore, people in general are not sure about the existence of the spirit world and of God. (140:121)

All of you must go to the spirit world. Everybody must go to the spirit world. Is it one realm or two? It is a single realm, one world. Then, what are the contents of life in that world? Have you thought about it? Fish living in the world of water cannot live outside that world. Water is absolutely vital for their life. Fish living in a river do not live in the river waters alone. They live coming and going to saltwater as well. Why should they live that way? Freshwater fish cannot multiply without tasting water connected with saltwater. You should know this. Do you understand it? Fish living in the ocean come to freshwater and multiply after tasting it. You must know the two worlds. just like mind and body, you must be acquainted with the two worlds. (210:128)

3. The Day You Die Is A Precious Day

If there had been a world-level unified world in which Adam's birthday, his wedding day, and the day of his death were commemorated, the human race who commemorated these days would have become a unified set of brothers and one people. That is to say, they would have become a people who live in one world. If that had happened, all the customs of Adam's life would have been adopted in human history, and the culture formed at that time would have been inherited eternally. (31:231)

4. Ignorance About Death

Man does not know when he dies. Do you know when a traffic accident happens and you die? You will discover after death, "Oh!" What Father said is right," Such a time will come. You must know you will go down such a serious path.

You must shorten the time of preparing for the world of eternity. You cannot waste one hour in which very important things are spoken. All of you must know that you are standing on such a fateful path. Do you understand? (Yes.) (107:60)

5. Two Ways Of Death

Even if you don't want to die, you will die when the time of death comes. Just before President Eu went to the spirit world many spiritual mediums testified about it. I had known it to a certain extent. Everyone has to go to the spirit world when the time comes.

There are several ways to go into the spirit world: those who go there after living their own life span and those who go there without living their own life span. Among those who went to the spirit world without having lived their own life span are those who die early due to punishment and those who go to the spirit world to indemnify the sins of the tribe and the world.

If the three best-known youths around their thirties in town have died, good fortune will come to the town. If three of the most distinguished youth in a clan died, good fortune will come to the clan. In other words, indemnity must be paid. It is the same everywhere. The principle of causality is working everywhere. If God sets one person in a central position who has a value of a thousand men and lets him go the path of death instead Of another, and if these one thousand men are impressed and grieve, learn, and follow his way of life, their tribe enters the realm of his blessing. The reason why people try to learn and follow the thoughts of loyal subjects and sages is to enter into the realm of the same blessing.

Last year, several members went to the spirit world. This year, several more members will go to the spirit world. Although I have not talked about it, I knew it. Why does this happen? When we go one step farther, we always have to pay indemnity. Now there is an indemnity to be paid by a tribe. We, the Unification Church, must pay it. (33: 10)

Among those who are born on the earth, there are two kinds of people: those who live with hope and those who live without hope. But there are two kinds of hope, that centering on man and that centering on heaven.

From the day we are born, we grow up thinking that our mother's bosom is better than anything else. But when we grow up, we eventually leave our mother's bosom. Next we come to have friends and to think that friends are the best thing, and we live our life that way. But eventually we leave our friends. As human beings grow up, they come to know that loving parents cannot be the whole of their hopes, that a loving husband or wife cannot be the whole of their hopes, and loving children cannot be the whole of their hopes.

Although human beings hope for many things, we know that their hopefulness eventually diminishes. Although they have hopes about their family, the nation, and the world, the hopeful mind is gradually weakened as they age. This is reality.

Among those who live on the earth, not many have the firm conviction of having been proud of their hope and living in that hope, even risking their lives. We know this fact. Human beings live in such a manner and eventually face their destiny: that they have to fight and win over death at last.

Throughout his life, a human being lives holding all kinds of hope. But at the last stage he faces death and will go, leaving all the hopes he had been carrying. We desire to live today and tomorrow and seek a new hope. When we encounter death, however, we go down the last path in despair, leaving all hopes behind. We all know this fact very well.

Looking at human life centering upon the self, we seem to have a hope. But we cannot have a hope by which we can go over the summit of death. Without having that kind of hope, we disappear. Do we die taking death as a model of life? Or do we live while enjoying a kind of hope by which we can conquer and laugh about death? Can we find a single hope of this kind? This is a very important problem that people who live on the earth have to think about today.

All things of this world will be gone. Families will pass away, nations, the world, and thoughts. What will remain at last is one hope with which we can fight with death and win over it. If we do not have that kind of hope, we will be doomed as a loser.

On the one hand, there are people who live life as they are. On the other hand are those who reject all secular hopes that people desire, reject humanistic things, and hold a new heavenly hope, an eternal hope that is clearly distinguished from hopes in the secular world.

Heaven has an infinite number of initiatives to make a change in those who are living centering upon secular, humanistic hopes on the earth, so that they can live with a new hope to overcome the peak of death and live a life longing for the eternal world. Therefore, those who live a life of faith should have a dream of the eternal world of hope by which they can even conquer death. (6:44)

Even I will die. And you! While you were in your 40s, you never thought about death. But now you may be seriously thinking about death. Maybe it's tomorrow? Or the day after tomorrow? Looking at your head, hands, and body, you see they are going toward death, so you become serious. Death is the gate of destiny. You cannot help but go over it.

What is going to happen to you after death? You don't know, do you? Most people don't know about it, but how about you, members of the Unification Church? Do you know it? Or do you not know it? (We know.) What do you know about it? Is what you know a descending destiny or an ascending destiny? (Ascending destiny.) You are so greedy. (Laughter.) All of you say ascending destiny. But fate will say, "What? Ascending destiny alone? You scoundrels!" She will say, "Oh! You! It doesn't work that way!" (120:231)

6. The Meaning Of Death

Do you know the purpose of using the word "death"? It is for the purpose of knowing the meaning of death. Who knows the value of life very well? Those who just live do not understand it. You don't know it unless you enter into the crucial circumstance of death, asking the value of human life at the turning point of life and death, while grasping heaven. (74:243)

Today, in this world there are many people who commit suicide by taking sleeping pills and such. Do more women commit suicide or more men? (Women.) Why do more women commit suicide? Women tend to think in only a one-sided way. No matter how awkward it may be, men know how to see and think about things from many perspectives. Women focus on only one commitment. Men avoid the way to death by seeing things from this way or that. Therefore, men have a lower suicide rate than women. We must make things clear.

Why do such people die? Because they don't know why they were born, the purpose of their lives. They don't know why they are born of why they die. Is that true, or not? In the introduction to philosophy, the first issue to raise is what human life is, and the second is why human beings are born. That is right, isn't it? (222:70)

7. Death Is A Process To Connect Three Worlds

When a baby lies down and poos and crawls, does God enjoy seeing that sight? Even crawling? God enjoys it, doesn't He? (Yes. Laughter.) Peeing and pooing over and over again, babies grows up. They lie down and keep eating again and again. They grow gradually, and after a few months they learn to crawl with their stomachs toward the ground. God enjoys all that the baby does. Why does God enjoy these things? With the power of growing up, the rhythm of God's love inside God's mind also grows up, doesn't it? Or does it go down? When God moves around, children move around with God. When God laughs, they laugh together. When God grieves, they grieve together, They come to resemble God step by step.

The children grow up and do whatever their parents do. They can talk and act. When we look at these situations, we can say that they can be equipped with God's deeper, broader love. Now, human beings live on this earth. God lives with them on this earth, and when God flies over, man says to God, "I will follow!" And God replies, "Who are your' Should He take them with Him? Or should He abandon them? (He should take them.)

It is okay if God says He can't take them now but He can take them later. He says, "I will take you when you grow up and become more perfect," Then man can say, "Oh, I see. I can go to that world only when the time comes," In this case alone, although man cannot go there now, he can wait. But if God has gone by Himself, what can man wait for? If God left man and is gone, that is the end of the story. Do you understand? (Yes.) Can human beings who wear a physical body go around following God on the earth? (They can't.)

Then, what is the problem? Man wants to resemble God, and if he is a son or daughter of God, it is inevitable for God to have an idea to let man resemble Him. I want to resemble God, and God wants to take me with Him. Therefore, we will seek the way to make it possible. Therefore, man is born wearing a body by which he can resemble God. God waits for the day of birth and human beings wait for this day as well. Do we need a day of birth when we are born as a being resembling God? Or do we not need it? (We need it.) What is it? It is death. Well, then, should human beings welcome death, or shouldn't they? (We should welcome it.) What is the purpose of our death? We should say, "We die for the sake of God's true love," The reason we take off our physical body is to participate in the realm of God's infinite love.

To be born in God's love is the meaning of death. But in human words, we make a big noise, saying, "Oh, we are dying!" Well, does God merrily laugh or does He say "Oh, no!" ? When God looks at people crying at this in the human world, does He laugh, or what will He do? Does He feel sorrow, or is He joyful? (He is joyful.) Leaving the realm of limited love, man enters the realm of infinite love. Isn't death the moment to welcome this joyfulness? Isn't this the moment of going through the path of death as a second birth?

If this is the case, isn't God joyful about the day your physical body is gone? Is God more joyful when man is born as a son who can act for the sake of love in the second, infinitely expanded, world? (The latter.) Why do I talk about such things? You cannot establish a relationship with God without liberating yourself from the fear of death. I am speaking of this because you must understand this fact. (Applause.)

Among the infinite stars, do you think there is a world of diamond stars? Or isn't there? Think about it. You want to have diamonds, don't you? (Yes.) You can't say there isn't a star made of gold alone. It is possible. How rich God, our Father, is! Have you thought about it? We can travel this infinite universe in a moment. Are you interested in it? (Yes.) Are you truly interested in it? (Yes!) Are you? (Yes!) What should we do to be able to do so? We must observe the normative laws in accordance with God's commands: "Don't do this or do that!" It is possible only when you observe what God says to do or not to do. It is not possible if you live according to your selfish desires. That is logical and theoretical. Can you observe what God says not to do or to do? (Yes.) Since human beings have duality, they consist of mind and body. The mind is the subject, and the body is the object. Unify mind and body! Is that right or wrong? (That's right.)

Man goes through three worlds: the formation stage, the growth stage, and the perfection stage. Man lives in the water world inside the mother's womb, on the earth, and in the world of space in heaven. In other words, man goes through three stages: the water world in the womb, the next hundred years when man lives on the earth, and the world of space where he flies.

While man is inside the womb, does he try to get out to the outside world, or does he want to stay there? If he has to go out through such a small hole, does he say, "oh, no" or, "oh, that's great"? (Laughter.) Suppose you are told, "The house you live in is all destroyed, and the value and source of nourishment where you are is all destroyed. Your head and body have to swell. All this happens when you go out. Is that okay?" Do you say no, or do you say yes? (We say no.) just before the time of delivery, the mother desperately pushes and the baby and says "oh, no!" until the time of childbirth. But at last (laughter) the mother pushes him out. When this happens, one world completely disappears and man begins to breathe in another world.

When man is born, he is born from the deepest place in water. The age of the womb is the age of water. Do you understand this? Isn't that so? When the baby is inside the mother's womb, he is floating in water, isn't he? Looking at this, we may say, "Oh, how can a baby live when he can't breathe?" Is that so? Or not? While a baby lives in water, he lives by a hose connected with the stomach. Through this hose, the baby sends and receives water. You know what I am talking about.

Then how does a baby receive nutrition? From the bellybutton. That is it, isn't it? What is the bellybutton of the tummy? It is an entrance. So don't make fun of it. You should pat your stomach and say, "Bellybutton, you worked so hard in the past," (Laughter.) If you pat your bellybutton many times, you will get healthy. Don't just laugh at it. Do that exercise. If you do a lot of exercise around the bellybutton, you will get healthy. When you sleep in a cold room, if you cover your bellybutton, you won't get diarrhea. Do you understand?

This is the earth. Do you understand? Wind comes in this way. (Father expresses by action.) Therefore, don't forget the contributions of the past. Pat it and love it. (Father is laughing.)

When you say, "Where is your past mouth?" some may say, "You fool, what do you mean, where is your past mouth?" The past mouth is the bellybutton. The breathing organ goes up. It goes up while stepping on the bellybutton. What is the next mouth? It is this mouth. The location of the mouth keeps going up. In Unification Church terminology, this is the formation stage, and this is the growth stage. And the perfection is this. (Father expresses by action.)

Should we use the umbilical cord again, or should we cut it? (We should cut it.) We must cut it. You may say, "It is a rope we cling on to in order to live, so why should we cut this vital rope that connects one human being to another? Why should we cut it?" (Laughter.) The baby cries, saying that he is about to die. But when God looks at this, does He laugh or cry? (Smile.) Smile! (Laughter.)

The situation is exactly the same. In the world of air, the spirit self is attached to the physical self like the embryo in the womb. When the physical body grows old and the spirit self tries to free itself by kicking the physical body out, the physical body may say, "Oh no, I'm not dying! I'm not dying!" When God looks at this, does He smile and sympathize, or does He say, "You fool"? When the embryo is born, he becomes the object of love to the mother and father. Likewise, this physical body must be reborn again as a spiritual person who is the reciprocal object of the eternal God, who is its spiritual Father. This is the conclusion in accordance with the Principle.

After the embryo is born, he can become friends with his father and mother. This, place is the earthly world. Man is born in the earthly world where he can share love with his mother and father. Likewise, man must be born in the spirit world, where he can share love with God as the replacement of parents, by whom he can connect with the spiritually infinite world.

What kind of world is the spirit world? There won't be any mistake if we say that we breathe through the fontanel [the soft area in the skull of a baby] in the spirit world. You call this "fontanel," don't you? There is a word "fontanel," but have you ever breathed with this part? You call this part "fontanel," right? This part of an infant is soft, but how do you call it? Why do we call it "fontanel"? This is all quite revelational. That's why I truly like Korean. There won't be any mistake if we say that we breathe with the top of our heads in the spirit world. Those who exist above the top of the head? Because there is God, we want to whisper looking at God. This is exactly what the word expresses, right? (Father is talking based upon the Korean word for "fontanel," ) (Laughter.) Isn't that so? (Father laughs.) Therefore, when we go to the spirit world, we breathe with the top of our heads.

Look! We have the stage of water and then the stage of land. What's next? We must fly. Is it better if we have the stage of flying or don't have it? How long have we waited to see a man who flies? The people of the world were all united when we saw the man who flew on Apollo 11, right? We were all united when we saw it. We had never seen something in unity.

Those who breathe love on the earth are not dead but are alive. When man is breathing through the bellybutton, he is preparing for the world of air to come. He is living through the umbilical cord, but when he destroys the placenta and comes out into the new, higher-dimensional world, how much does this change? Air is supplied on a higher dimension. He comes out receiving a supply of air.

After you leave this earth, what do you develop? It is not air but love that you breathe. You receive elements of love. Do you understand? You must not just eat meals alone! (Yes.) The bodily part of the self, which eats meals, will die. The place you drank water becomes a water bag. It all dies. After birth, you have a second existence. What should you fulfill during the period on the earth? During the period on the earth, you must form the new character of love! (Yes.)

What you need on the earth is love, isn't it? (Yes.) What is an orphan? Why do you call a child who cannot receive parents' love an orphan? Because there is no love for him that can be eternally connected to the spirit world. Therefore, those who live alone, unmarried single people, are pitiful.

Because your new self has been designed in this way, you must destroy the old self sooner or later. Death means to inherit the elements of love after the destruction of the physical organ through which the body has been breathing. Love is invisible. Your internal structure is growing, centering on children's love, conjugal love, parental love, and all other kinds of love.

Just like an embryo grows well in the womb, when he lives in accordance to God's principles, should he also grow properly on the earth or should he grow without a proper direction? (He should grow properly.)

Look! Insects know how to fly and seeds know how to fly away when the wind blows. I am talking about the seeds of dandelions. They are designed to fly away naturally. In this way, birds fly, insects fly, and the seeds of plants fly. Can't a human being, who is the lord of all creation, fly?

Everybody, do you want to see God and just sit silently? Don't you want to protest and say, "Oh, God, everything else can fly; why couldn't you make me fly?" (Laughter.) When God says, "Whoa, wait a minute. After several decades, you too will become like that, so just wait," we can say, "Oh! I see, that's the way,"

Until that time, what shall we do? We must be trained so that we can fit in that world at that time. Only when we see and enjoy our mother and father can we come to like God. Only when we like our spouse can we come to like God when we go to the next world. The training ground is the world on earth, now. Those who wish it, raise your hands!

Can we receive what we desire without dying? Is it possible without dying? Is it possible without taking off this physical body?

You know what baby cicadas are, right? Before a cicada begins to fly, it is a larva. Even if the larva says, "I want to live as a larva. Oh, I don't want to take off my skin!" it will fly after it takes off its skin. I'm not talking about a bird, but a cicada! Yes, cicada. Cicada, cicada. No, I'm not talking about a mosquito, a cicada! Yes, cicada! When the larva becomes a cicada, does he want to take off his skin, or will he say, "Oh no! What is land? What is air? Oh, I don't want them all," or will he say, "It's good for me. Please, let me take off my skin"? The larva does not think about flying. Dragonflies are the same. A dragonfly starts out as a nymph. It swims around in the water, then comes onto the land and moves around for awhile. After that, the dragonfly flies around; it gets and eats insects that it never imagined eating while it was living on land. It flies around the world as if the world were its own stage. Isn't that so?

Among insects, there are many that go through three stages. Some insects don't have wings, right? But most of them have wings, don't they? Even insects live in water, on land, and in air. Can't human beings, who are the lords of all creation, have wings? Is it sufficient for human beings to live only on the earth? Human beings have higher-dimensional wings.

Although you may not like this, when you take off your physical body, you whiz out. You don't like it? Or you wish for it? Do you want it, or not? (We wish it.) It is factual. You should know that it is not a lie but the truth. You must know that things in the world are designed in the same way. You must know that death is a happy, joyful gate for the second birth. (Applause.)

You once lived in a world of water and once lived in the world of land, didn't you? Now then, do you want to have the experience of living in the world of space? Or don't you want to live there? When you were about to be born from the womb, did you think such things as, "I go out to the world of land, eat honey, rice cakes, rice, beef, and everything with this mouth?" Do you think you gave a thought about that? While you were breathing through the umbilical cord, you might have thought that you would die if you went out. If we think of life in that situation, how irritating must it be? If we think about it now, you may feel like you are choking. Isn't that right?

When a baby comes out from the womb, he might say, "Oh, I don't want to go out," Do you think he said, " I want to go out" or "I don't want to go out"? He would have said, "Oh no, I will die if I go out," He would have said, "Oh no, I can't go out," Although he might have said that he cannot go out, when the time comes, he bursts out. He will come out safely along with the gush of the amniotic fluid. With this method, the baby can be born safely.

We feel sympathy when we look at mothers giving birth. Do they put in a lot of energy, or don't they? You mothers who have gone through childbirth would understand this experience. No matter how nice-looking you are, you make a face. Even the face of an old grandmother is more beautiful than that face. (Laughter.) Even the husband cannot bear to look at that face. If you can took at that face, you can look at almost anything. A wonderful world is presented there at that moment. The mother screams, "Ouch!" and the people surrounding her might wonder if anyone had died.

In the hospital, medical personnel watch over the birth because they know about it from past experience. If it were their first time to experiencing such an event, surely they would all run away, especially when the mother starts to scream. Knowing all this, they can just keep quiet and watch patiently.

What is the meaning of death? Living on earth, which is to be living in air, is the same as swimming around in the womb. Do you understand? Man is living in a blanket of air. Isn't that so? What is death? Death itself is not unique but only the rebirth into the third life. That moment of transition is what we call death. If you look at it in this way, you may feel better. (16:172, 49:285, 139:214)

Section 2. Understanding Death (Part 2)

8. Things That Must Be Done Before Death

1) Go Over the Last Border Line

We will all without a doubt die once. Therefore, no matter how strong a storm may come, you must overcome the peak. No matter how well we get to the line, you must not collapse before crossing it. Once we get to the border line, what will we do? When you joined this church, you all came in well. When I look at all of you, you are all mixed up in your appearances. But nonetheless, you joined very well. In the beginning, you all ran in, but no one knows for sure if you will all reach the finish line. Some charged in but gave up in the middle. Unless you reach the very last finish line, you cannot be called a winner.

Being born as a human being and working your way to the finish line is very important. No matter how much the people behind you oppose and persecute you, you must keep going on the right path. Dealing with all the opposition is only a waste of time. The person who works hard to take the few steps in the path of fate more quickly is the person who will pass the finish line. This is how we must advance. (24:77)

2) Warning and Following God's Hyung Sang, Heart, and Divine Character

We will all someday have to throw off our physical bodies and move on to the spirit world. So we, as human beings living on earth, must face death. You must work hard to make your good self, your second self, which will be the one living in the eternal world. While inside the womb, you receive a good education from your mother, and then you are born as a good and healthy baby. Your life on earth is similar to your life in the womb. Therefore, we must grow by seeing and learning God's hyung sang, heart, and divine character. While you are growing, you must work hard to overcome obstacles, even if it means risking your life. (14:17)

3) Don't Commit Sins

You talk about such things as the mind being straight, don't you? Is your mind standing perpendicularly? When the tree is leaning, do you call it straight? Or do you call a thing straight that is standing perpendicularly? When we say the electric pole is standing straight, is it falling? The same thing can be said when we say the mind is straight. Likewise, man walks while standing vertically. He must stand perpendicularly straight.

You must make your mind perfectly perpendicular. Your body is horizontal. Things can move only when the centrifugal force and the centripetal force are balanced. The force drawing it from perpendicular direction and the rotating force must be balanced. In the same manner, you must find yourself.

When you assure yourself, God should agree with you and the True Parents should agree, too. Next is the environment, such as relatives, the clan, and the nation. All of them must agree that what you say is right. The one who is accused by them is the problem. Such people must be separated from others.

From now on, centering on the continent, we divide it into the warm and cold regions. Those who commit many crimes are gradually sent to the North Pole. Such a time will come. Why do we have to feed such people? They should live by eating bear cubs. We will send them to the borderline for several years. They can capture and eat whatever they want and live there. If they are still alive, they can come back several years later.

Such an age of separation will come. If they die in that world, they can die, and if they don't, they don't. They can do as they like. If they want to capture and eat tigers, they can go ahead. If they want to capture and eat wolves, let them. If they want to capture and eat bears, let them. They can capture and eat as many as ten animals a day. If they want to build a house of ice and live in it, they can do as they wish. If they don't want to do it, they won't do it. Such an era of separation will come.

We separate patients with contagious diseases, don't we? We completely separate them in this way. Therefore, we emphasize not committing sins as the preventive medicine. (202:280)

4) Live and Die for the Sake of the World

There is one thing that I always think with pain. Since I am carrying the responsibility of God's Will, I must bring the stage of fulfillment of God's Will to the designated level while I am alive. To carry out this mission, I cannot die, no matter what happens. Therefore, even if I enter into the situation of death, God gives guidance to me. Whether I eat, sleep, or stay awake, I think and work for the sake of the world. My prayers are also directed to that goal. I did not work hard centering on Asian situations or the Korean people. I always thought about how to fulfill my responsibility on the worldwide scale. For this reason, I could not even die.

Thinking about all these things, I must say that you must live and die for the sake of the world. As I have already told you, you must stand on the level of the world. Then, on what position do you have to die? You must stand on the world level, and die for it, while embracing your loving wife, your family, your clan, and your tribe. The Unification Church has formed clans and is now forming tribes.

How will the Father of the Unification Church die when he dies? I will die for the sake of the world, while holding the tribe and the entire Korean nation. If the Korean people are united and try to die for the sake of the world, they can find the way to live with the world. For this reason, I take the path to find the way. (34:1933)

5) Work as Hard as You Can

I think you are doing your work in a certain range now. You must make a leap and jump there. If you need money, make money. If you need manpower, get it. You must work hard without eating and sleeping. (Laughter.) Never ask someone to help you. Never rely on me and church headquarters. You must help yourselves. You must work three times harder, more than three times harder, than ordinary people. Because I work so hard that, if I live 70 years, it is equivalent to 210 years. Likewise, you should not think to live one hundred years or so but think to work three times harder than others. If you live that way, even if you live 70 years, it is equivalent to 210 years. Think in this way: If you work ten times harder than ordinary people, you live 700 years. If you work twenty times harder, you live 1,400 years. Your life is equivalent to that, isn't that so? (Yes.) Until what age do you think you live? Right, you work 24 hours for your whole life. Only when you live that way, you can bear fruit and abundant love in the spirit world. You will possess a large amount of treasure of love. When you have a large amount of love, you can work in the larger stage of activities. (102:38)

6) Work for the Public

What are the norms of heaven? They are to give priority to public matters. Private matters belong to Satan, and public matters belong to God. You must work for public matters. While you are on this course, you may receive opposition. But if you do not get damaged from the opposition and go over the difficult path with vitality and prowess, you will become a heavenly person and welcome the spring. (47:272)

In the marketplace, if you are greedy, you don't have customers. People don't come and buy things from you. If you are greedy, nobody likes you. All of us know this. There is no one who does not know the secret of how to manage one's life concerning the distinction between private and public matters. Therefore, if you are unable to go to the Heavenly Kingdom, you cannot use the excuse that you did not know how to manage your life. Do you come to know the distinction between public matters and private matters only when someone else teaches you about it? You know it yourself, without being taught.

Suppose your mother divided a delicious rice cake evenly between you and your sister. You ate yours and your sister kept hers without eating it. Suppose you woke up at night and secretly ate your sister's cake, which she had set her heart on. When you tried to eat it, wouldn't your mind say, "You fool!" Doesn't your mind tell you so? Do you feet what your mind is telling you, or not? If you don't feel it, you are not a human being. You should feel it. Why? Because your mind pursues public matters. If you follow private desires, you will perish.

For those who follow the norms of heaven, there is a mind that protects them from destruction. Because there originally existed such a mind in God, human beings come to have the same mind with its original characteristics. It is not an artificial, man-made law. Can you say, "Conscience! Be that way, because I want you to be so for my sake," Suppose you gave a command, "You conscience! You should be this way because I think so," Does your conscience act in the way you desired? We don't know where the command of the conscience comes from, but we receive it from somewhere other than ourselves. When we see how such a feeling in fact controls us, we can see it does so centering on the issue of the public and the private. (31:241)

Today, we stand on the turning point between good and evil and the public and private, centering on one's own everyday life. There are many cases when we mix up the priority between these two and finally fall into a self-centered, private lifestyle. But if one lives that way, one will perish. Therefore, one must repent for one's past self-centered, private life and push oneself into the public-centered life, no matter how hard it is. Meanwhile, one cannot tolerate the public-centered life and returns to the old private-centered life again. In this way, one goes back and forth between these two lifestyles. When one remains in the private-centered lifestyle more often, one lives a lifestyle that keeps a distance from the public good. This is the life of faith until today. Therefore, you must realize that all private-centered people must repent for their lifestyle. (31:241)

Everyone, do you wish to receive good fortune? Do you wish to live an eternal life? To do so, you must become a public person. When you educate children, don't love your sons and daughters alone. You must become parents who love their children as offerings for the sake of the people of the world. When you hold your babies to your breast and feed them with milk, you must think of yourself as if you are a mother who represents all the human race on the earth, and your baby is a representative of all the human race. You must feed the baby milk with this kind of heart. When you feed your baby with milk, don't cherish your child alone. Please become a mother who can cherish others' children with a loving heart as if they were yours. A baby who grows up with the milk of such a mother will certainly become a great person. You may not get an immediate result, but after the first and second generations, you will have a great heir who can lead the world. This is the formula. This will surely happen that way. (31:168)

Now, do you want to devote entire your life to indemnifying private matters? Or do you want to devote your life for the purpose of indemnifying public matters? These two kinds of life are both devoted to some purpose. What do you want to do? The one who stands up at the risk of his life to devote his entire life for public matters and public indemnity must be a great person. A new history will be created by a group of people like this.

Now we stand before the question of how to control one's life. Facing this question, how shall we spend the rest of our lives? This is the challenge of the course of your life. When you manage your life, the issue is whether you live an individualistic life or a public life. This is the question. In your everyday life, when you eat, buy, sell, and do other things, the issue is for what you do all these activities, that is, for whom do you do them. Do you do all these activities for the sake of yourself or for the sake of God? This is the problem. And another issue is whether you have a private feeling or a public feeling in doing all these activities. Your feeling is another issue.

Shouldn't we pursue the position in which we can pledge to go the public path? Anyone who has the mission to indemnify history must advance to the stage that everyone hopes and wishes for. Therefore, in the course of everyday life, how to transcend private feelings and embody public feelings is the important issue that all people of faith must concern themselves with. You should know this and keep it in mind.

What is sin? Sin arises from the private place. Perishing also takes place on the private level. Evil is the same. When private matters are pursued beyond a certain standard, this situation appears evil. Private matters have a certain limit. When they go beyond the limit, they appear evil. The one who pursues them comes to commit sins and perish.

Now, then, what is the position that can be eternally good and eternally prosperous, that can receive blessing and good fortune eternally?

Where is the position that can avoid peril, avoid sins, and avoid becoming evil? It is the public position. When you eat, you must eat in the public position. When you work, you must manage with the public position. When you speak, you must digest the situation with public words. In this way, you must live your life connecting all aspects of your life with public matters. The person who lives this way cannot go to hell even if he tries to. (31:164)

7) Embody Love

You must not think about yourself as just "my private self alone," Is yourself limited to "my own private self'? If we removed from you all the elements of your mother and father, all elements supplied to you from all things, wouldn't you disappear? (Laughter.) Then, what is the being called 'the self'? One goes through the age of the womb, inheriting the blood and flesh of mother and father and living from supplies given by them.

In the age of the earth, you have mother earth, the mother of all things. This is the earth. This planet earth is the mother. She supplies you with elements, doesn't she? (Yes.) The earth is the mother that supplies you with elements on a level different from that of your own mother. When you grow in the mother's womb, how do you breathe in the womb? You breathe through an umbilical cord, don't you? This is your hose linked to your mother's body. You must know it very well.

However, when you leave your mother's womb, you are connected to the second world, the world of air. After you lived in the womb, when you came out the old environment was destroyed. What are you connected to at the moment of your first cry? You come to breathe air by the nostril and the fontanel. You come to be connected with the world of air. When you are connected to the world of air, this [points to nostril] is the absolute supply line. Can you live if your nostril is stuffed? Can you? [Father covers his nostril with his hand and talks.] If you did so, can the heart pump? [Father takes his hand off his nose and talks. (Laughter)] It pumps. It is alive.

You could live for the sake of the world of air while you were living in the womb. When you came out from the womb to connect to the world of air, all the supplies for your life in the womb, such as the umbilical cord or the amniotic sac, were destroyed. All these organs such as the umbilical code and the placenta are destroyed and die. Do you understand? (Yes.) What appears at the same moment of the death of these organs? You come out to the universe, to the mother planet earth. In this way, you live by the supply of elements through your mouth. Do you understand what I am talking about? (Yes.)

While we live in this way, what should our body do now? While you were breathing through the umbilical cord in the womb, at the same time you were preparing the nostril which is the air pipe. Then, when you dash out from the womb, you switch the use of the organ and begin to breathe. Likewise, what should you do in this world now? What you must do after your birth is embody love. You must breathe the air of love. You must inhale the air of love from your mother and father. You must go through all processes by the supply of the air of love. Then you become a father, a grandfather. . . Once you are born as a baby in a family, you go along a sine curve and then vanish. After you are born as a baby, you grow, and then you are dissolved. You are born as a baby and return to the stage of being a baby again.

What is going to happen when you die? You kick off the second world and are connected to the third breathing organ of love. Do you understand? (Yes.) You kick off parental love and brothers' love and enter the world of love, which is in total harmony with the original Being of the great cosmos, God. The spirit world is filled with the air of love. The air of love! Therefore, you must prepare now, while you are in the earthly world, pipe equipment to breathe love. So you need experiences of the spirit world. You can be immortal only when you become a person who can feel spiritual love and breathe the air of love.

When you kick off the womb of the mother planet earth and stand up, how do you breathe? It is right to say that you breathe straight with this part, the fontanel. You can gain an eternal life only when you inherit the third love. Where do you return after you are connected with love? You go back to God. When you are connected to the breathing organ of love, you go back to the spirit world. But there remains the way to return to the original being of God. Isn't that so? (Yes.) Once the seed came out from the origin, since it originated from the original Being, it must return to the origin to bear the result.

The course of life you are on now is the journey of a traveler. What do you have to be equipped with here? You must go this path by embodying love. The Fall of Man means that you could not receive the love of mother and father. Therefore, you must form the vertical family centering on the love of True Parents, true brothers, true husband and wife, and true sons and daughters. You also have to create the horizontal environment by placing many families on the north, South, east, and west. When these families become true families that are connected in both vertical and horizontal directions with all other families, they are expanded to the realm of clan, tribe, nation, and the world. The world where all of them are connected by love is what we mean by the Heavenly Kingdom! Do you understand? (Yes.) (139:212)

So, the experiences in the spirit world are necessary, and when you become a person who can feel spiritual love and breathe, you will not die. With what are you going to breathe when you kick off and rise up from mother earth's womb? You need respiratory organs of love. It is correct to say you breathe in a straight line. Only when you inherit the third love can you obtain eternal life. Then, where do you go back to with love? You go back to God. You go back to the spirit world with love respiratory organs, but you still have to go back to God Himself. Isn't it true? When a seed comes from the original body, it should go back to it with a fruit.

Our path of life is that of a traveler, but what should we prepare? We have to experience love. Since the human Fall brought the result of not being able to receive the love of mother and father fully, we have to establish a vertical family centering on true parents' love, love of true brothers and sisters, love of true husband and wife, and love of true son and daughter. Then we have to establish a horizontal environment by connecting with many families on east, west, south, and north. When they achieve a true family that can connect the vertical and horizontal and then be connected to the realms of the tribe, people, nation, and world, that world connected in love is called the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you understand? (Yes.) (139:212)

Section 2. Understanding Death (Part 3)

9. Things We Should Leave Behind Before Going To The Spirit World

1) We Should Leave a Tomb of Love Behind

When man thinks about history in general, he tends to think of not only ten or a hundred years but of thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of millions of years centering on his eternal life. When man dies, it is like an animal dying, but what does he do? Nowadays, even people who do not believe in and know God say, "Er, I have to leave honor behind," But, what do they do to leave honor behind? Even if one became a patriot and was honored with a monument, that monument would totally collapse when America perishes. Only the American people will know of you. It does not mean much to leave one's name behind, Even if one's name remains in an age of history that prospers and declines, a good name can turn into a bad one.

All rulers will die in less than a hundred years, and nations will perish in less than several hundred or a thousand years. What would you do if there is someone who will neither die nor perish for eternity? If there is such a person, you would want to bring all the name and honor left behind to him and leave them with him. Have you ever thought about it? (103:116)

What did God create? God's purpose is to leave living sons and daughters of God on earth. So, if one leaves living sons and daughters on earth, when one goes to the spirit world one will stand in the same position as God. That is the meaning behind the blessings in the Bible: to be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth. What do you want to leave behind? There is nothing that can remain other than living interestingly with your spouse and giving birth to sons and daughters. (146:223)

What will you do in your life? You should leave a tomb of love behind. This is the conclusion. Let us leave a tomb of love behind! (Laughter, applause.). If you live inside the tomb of love, you have no resentment. Even if you live quietly in a place like a tomb, you have no resentment if you live in love. Do you understand? Let us live and leave a tomb of love behind! Then, your life will be a success for eternity. If you live like that and die, God will bless you and welcome you in the spirit world as sons and daughters. God will put a diamond of the Heavenly Kingdom on your hand if your hand never wore a ring. He will put the best clothes of the royalty of the Kingdom of Heaven on you if you never wore a good clothes.

What will you leave behind in your whole life? A tomb of love. Please know that and never forget that. Raise your hands, those who are determined to live like that. (Everyone raised hands.) God's blessing will be upon you. (97:69)

2) The Property Right in the Spirit World Is Decided by Witnessing

What have you done since you joined the Unification Church? It is a serious question, isn't it? How many years have you worked in the Unification Church until you became over 50 years old? (33 years.) If it is 33 years, you joined the church at the age of 17 and worked ever since. How many people have you witnessed to in that time? How many a year? (I cannot say how many each year, but a little more than 80 blessed couples.) All of "more than 80 couples" still are in the church? (They are.) Are more than 80 couples too many or too few? (Too few. If I had done according to Father's word, I should have witnessed to at least 120 couples.)

That is a serious question. Your property rights in the spirit world will be how many heavenly citizens you have brought. That is your property-eternal property. The time has come to inquire into that. Soon the time will come when millions of people will be witnessed to in one day. The Unification Church has such tremendous contents. Look at the outside world. How many people are restlessly wandering around like mad people, agonizing over whether to live or die and questioning about life? (218:227)

Once you go into the spirit world, the bigger your bosom is, the more people will line up to enter that bosom. Such a person will be respected in the spirit world. If thousands and tens of thousands of people surround that person, saying, "Oh, I'd like to live with this person," the person will be richer, with bigger territory. If someone passes by such a person's house, he has to stop. He says he cannot just pass by and needs to stop. The standard of personality in the other world is how much love one planted. That foundation of relationships centering on love becomes a property right in the other world.

Richness in the other world is not complicated. Those who invested much love are rich. Twelve million people are waiting to receive blessing from you just in Seoul. Why can't you relate to them? You have to visit them all to pray for their Blessing.

When dogs bark at you, you should say, "You are dogs who do not know how to receive blessing. I carry all the bags of blessing of your house. I am a magnet. I can attract all the blessing. I am a perfect plus. I will cut out all the elements of minus and leave only the elements of plus of Satan. These plus elements are only from the satanic sphere, they can only occupy hell," You should look in this way. You visit to collect blessings. Do you understand?

Do you understand the meaning of witnessing? It is to collect blessings of love. With love, you become a master and look for the things the satanic world's thieves took from heaven. You can bring in all the blessings connected with love by visiting people with a heart of love.

Even if you are mistreated, you will not perish. Numerous saints and holy all-things follow you without your knowledge. Since they follow you, you will naturally get rich. (205:347)

When you enter the spirit world, you do not carry money with you. If you gave birth to many sons and daughters of Satan and failed to educate them, and if they remain connected with evil, you will be in trouble in the other world. You will all be stacked in the same way a tree pushed in upside down gets stacked.

One person has to take care of more than 120 people. All the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven were lost. We have to engraft them, set up the condition that they were not lost, and restore them.

You have to go through 12 gates in the spirit world. It is a question of how many heavenly citizens you find and bring back from Satan. You have to shed tears, sweat, and blood to do that. You have to invest more heart than parents, husband, wife, sons, and daughters of the satanic world, centering on true love of re-creation, and go through the process with tears, sweat, and blood. Without going through this process, you cannot own your people in the Kingdom of Heaven. This number determines how much glory you receive and how close you come to God in the spirit world. That sets all the necessary conditions, and you should know that. Do you understand? (Yes.) (211:352)

What you bring into the spirit world is not money. You do not bring the name of the Unification Church either. Even if you say you were a regional director, it does not matter. What you should do from now is create many sons and daughters whom God can love. The babies a person can give birth to are limited in number. Everyone can do that.

What do we have to accomplish in the process of restoration? If you create many sons and daughters in the satanic world whom God can love, that accomplishment is connected with ancestors and opens the way to liberate ancestors. This is the greatest gift you can obtain in the process of restoration. Do you understand what I am telling you? A gift. Even if you were a regional director and did many things, if you do not have spiritual sons and daughters, you go into the spirit world with an empty can. It will be so because no one hangs on you.

The Kingdom of Heaven is an infinite world, and there have to be bridges connected with the heart of love. The more that people you witnessed to spread to the comers of the world, the broader areas you can visit in the spirit world. All will try to connect with you to establish a relationship. A network will be connected in the spirit world centered on you, as if people are armed with ideology and connected. Isn't it true?

If you educate many disciples and solve their problems, you can solve them in the spirit world because of the two worlds' reciprocal relationship. So it will create a vast foundation of activities. All husbands and wives who can relate to your spiritual level will become your properties once you go into the spirit world. So, centered on that standard, your arena of action can reach the entire spirit world. Without that, you will be pushed to a comer and have a difficult time to act. Do you follow? (Yes.) So you do not have time to rest, not even to sleep at night.

It does not amount to much to eat and live and nurture sons and daughters once you go to the spirit world. Therefore, we have to visit people of heaven. They will become your property in the heavenly king, dom. Do you understand?

We have to digest the five billion people of this world quickly. If we can digest them quickly, all the spirit people in spirit world will be resurrected through returning resurrection. If the birthright on the satanic foundation gets reversed and Adam comes to have the birthright, the Archangel will listen to Adam and follow him. Isn't that right? If the Archangel stands in the position to absolutely obey, he will come into the realm of God's love and Adam's love. He will then enter the Kingdom of Heaven, following Adam naturally. It is the Principle.

Human beings did not fulfill responsibility on the earth and things got reversed. It is human responsibility to reverse it again. We have to restore through indemnity and open the way. You should know how tremendous a work witnessing is. What matters is how many people you bring to the realm of eternal life. Do you follow? (Yes.) The Unification Church sign alone does not serve for anything. We have to have contents.

When Jesus went to Jerusalem, he was hungry and found a fig tree without fruit. He cursed the tree, and the tree withered and died. I will become like that. It does not mean anything if only appearances look nice. Your harvest is how many blessed families you created. Do you follow? (Yes.)

We have to witness to 120 people, hundreds of people. You cannot love your own sons and daughters without doing that. According to the Principle, we have to witness to 120 people: 36 couples and 72 couples. 120 couples represent Jesus' world-level country. 430 couples are the same as all the family names in one nation. 430 couples represent 4,300 years of Korean history. Through that I opened the gate for the people who are represented by these family names to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Although I opened the gate, it does not mean they actually entered. The Unification Church opened that gate in Korea, but it is members' responsibility to chase people into the Kingdom of Heaven. So, the Korean Unification Church should take responsibility.

This is not an empty talk. It is logical. Do not spend months and years aimlessly. Only when you give birth to sons and daughters and bring them up during their youth can you leave to your descendants a foundation you can be proud of. It is the same way. If you do not have such accomplishment to be proud of before history, you may be allowed to join the group of your family and town, but not of the nation. For you to enter the nation, you have to have an accomplishment to leave in the tradition of history.

That is why everyone desires to leave something in the nation, in the world, and in heaven and earth. It is the same. So you have to have the concept clearly that it is your lifelong purpose to establish your territory of ownership. You cannot give up in the way of God's Will even if you do not like it.

Aren't we the people who are like that? For what do we suffer alone even in a prison and take responsibility? It is for saving the people suffering in such circumstances. Isn't is right? If it can benefit them to carry the cross in the circumstances of suffering on behalf of others, they will follow. By following, it becomes the harvest. When that person goes to the spirit world, all his harvest will be welcomed as a public harvest, and he will be elevated to the highest position of the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you follow?

You all have to think about it. You must not be proud of how many years you have been in the church. What matters is how many regional directors you made, how many blessed families you created, how many people you connected to my tribe's lineage. This is a serious question. Do you follow me? (Yes.) It is so with everyone.

Bo Hi Pak, Chung Hwan Kwak, and President Eu, who are my relatives, are here, but that is not enough for them. They have to quickly establish a tribal messiah realm that is thousands of times greater and organize heavenly citizens who are not shameful in the historical age.

If education of its citizens is done well, that nation will prosper. It is the same with you. Centering on the Kingdom of Heaven, how much can you have people understand, straighten their spirit, and leave an achievement better than yours, that is the question. If that is done, the world will be restored quickly. That is why you have to bring them up with sincerity. Isn't it true?

It is the same with me. When I gave sermons, I spoke for five or six hours each time. I do not do that because I like to. The gist of a sermon is simple. I can say it in less than 15 minutes. I do that because I try to connect the various people who are present by explaining many examples centering on that, and trying to let them participate in that sphere. The purpose is to sow as many seeds as possible in the spring season. Do you follow? If I sow many seeds, many plants will grow. Do you understand what I am talking about?

Where do you have to sow the seeds, then? You should sow seeds in the place that is not dirty. What is the place that is not dirty? The young people. Do you follow? Once you sow seeds in the young people, they will last for a whole life. Once you plant seeds in the youth, they can, not be pulled out.

Isn't it the same with you? Among students, those who have the keenest senses are those in elementary school. Their senses get dull after they advance to middle and high schools. Is it true, or not? (True.) Once they start going to the university, they go through the next town. After they travel, they start doing something. The most difficult time is during elementary school. Next is during middle school. As time goes by, their sensitivity become dull. (Yes.) So, we have to sow seeds at the right time.

If you start looking after children in a town, organize a Sunday School and invite your children. Play with them, teach them children's songs, tell tales to them. Then, that accumulates your future eternal properties. Whenever you meet elderly people, testify to God's words. Unification Church leaders are not doing these things well.

If you are in a streetcar, talk to one or two people, asking where they are going. You can tell them to meet you again. You can witness to them as much as you want. There are enough materials. If you want to witness to people, it is better to ride on the bus or subway than to drive your own car. Why? Because you meet the same people almost every day, don't you? You take only one route during the commuting hours. If you take the same route 12 months a year for a few years, you will know people by their faces. If you start greeting them, you can establish a human network through which you can have give and take with people. Such opportunities are around you, but why do you just waste months and years?

What is more important than eating meals is to harvest the heavenly citizens. We are not doing that well. Think about it. That is our principal profession. That is the principal work of us who live on the earth. Among the works you should do in your lifetime, there is nothing more important than that. All your achievement of joining a company and advancing in your position, or collecting money in this world, will pass away. No matter how much money you collect, it will be of no use in the other world. Materials are not necessary in the next world. Even if you do not learn, you understand in your heart immediately. You will know everything within one week.

Power is not necessary in the other world either. Spirit world is the harmonizing power centering on love. It is the power of influence centering on love. That world is such a world. So, if one could not acquire power or influence centering on love, that person cannot be harmonized and is repelled once he enters the original world of the influence of love. That person will go to hell. This is a serious question.

You say you have lived and worked since you joined the Unification Church, but you have to think in what position you have worked. Were you living your own life or were you mixed up with this world centering on heaven? You have to always think about your direction and position. With prayer, you should know that God is working with you. If you close your eyes, you know that. Even without prayer, you know that. If you try to give a speech somewhere, words come out of your mouth smoothly. If you go to a person with conscience, you are attracted and enter such a person's place. Isn't it so?

Everything is reciprocal. Flowers have the power to attract something that can have a reciprocal relationship with them. Even if they see someone for the first time, they do not decline. Isn't a magnet like that? Does iron decline to stick with metal, saying it is their first meeting? That essence does not change forever. By the same token, if you go to such a place, you feel joy in your heart and feel like speaking. Once you enter that state, your mouth opens even if you try not to speak. Those people are sure people. We have to harvest. Do you follow? (Yes.)

So, we have to connect them with eternal life. It's a question of eternal life. This is a serious matter. Isn't it so wherever you go? Spring comes, and people go and took for mountain vegetables. In the same way, you have to live your whole life looking for what you desire. And if such a person appears before you, you have to have a heart of conveying the Principle to him throughout the night. In order to inspire him at first meeting, you have to convey the deep contents of God's words and serve him sincerely to the extent that he no longer has a question.

How many sons and daughters did you create whom you can take to the Kingdom of Heaven? There is nothing else you should do. Even if you have hundreds of millions of dollars and live richly, all that will pass away. You have to invest all materials, knowledge, and your very lives for the lives of fallen selves. You have to do this. You do not invest them separately, but all at once, and create heavenly citizens. The more you invest, the more the value of that total investment increases.

The leaders of the Unification Church here, you might feel proud with power on your shoulders. But that is a shameful thing. How many lives did you save centered on yourself? All of you should leave records of how many. Do you follow? (Yes.)

How much you are going to be praised eternally before heaven for your achievements depends on how many heavenly citizens you harvested. We did not have a spade to harvest them. There was no spade until now. You could not do it because you did not know. But you have children on your back. You can gain an explosive amount of harvest once you start spreading God's words passionately. But you are spending time aimlessly even with that kind of internal ability. So, doesn't God want to drop lightning, or not?

Midnight is not a problem. Dawn is not a problem. Night or daytime is not a problem. Heaven desires to accept it, but can you say to Him, "Oh, I am sleepy"? Does God rest? His position is to go straight.

You have to know clearly. Do you understand? We have to teach about the question of eternal life. I am telling you, "This Word of God is such. . ." so can you eat meals and sleep? From now on, you have to take responsibility. Therefore, I have not been able to curse those who oppose the Unification Church. Heaven desires to establish a relationship with them and connect with them. If they fall away, it is our church's responsibility. I have to take responsibility for that. This world came to oppose us because of Satan. It is our responsibility to overcome that opposition quickly. How miserable the circumstances will be to be damaged by our inability to overcome it.

It is the same as feeding a baby with milk. If you give birth to a baby, you have to feed milk to the baby. That is why, when someone visits you, you should never treat the person coldly. Haven't I been living such a life all the time? If someone comes here at midnight, unless he wants to go away, I continue sitting with him and never tell him to go away. That person does not want to go away because he has something he needs. Then, I have to tell God's words to him. Didn't I live my whole life in that way? I will never be businesslike. The spirit world is always awake. Do people sleep in the spirit world? Does God sleep? This is a serious question. Do you follow? You, do you follow me? (Yes.)

Say you brothers fight among yourselves. You fight because you feel disturbed. If that one life falls away, do you know how much damage it will cause? That person might come to understand all the Will of God and fulfill his responsibility before Heaven; then he can save thousands and tens of thousands of people. He might be greater than you. So if you make a wrong personnel decision, all will be in trouble. If you stay in the low position and try to put everyone else in a higher place, there will be no troubles. Do you understand? That is the meaning of modesty.

But if you make a mistake, you will go down. If you enter the room where your wife and children are at night, you have to take responsibility as a father and husband. If the husband does well, his wife will follow him in the other world. Of course, there is a process of training in order to enter the father's house. It is quick if they can go directly. The other world is the world where there is no forgiveness. You prepare now to be fit for that world. Do you understand?

(Pointing at one person) How old are you? (40 years old.) You became 50. How about you? (43 years old.) The next person? (37.) And you? (38 years old.) All of you are around 40 years old.

I turned the sun upside down at the age of 27. How do you set it on fire? It is set on fire. That was my dimension. "How many people are here whom Heaven can pull away? God, you said you would not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah if there are five righteous men. How many righteous men are here? If there are none, please wait for several months. I will create them," I said. How busy was I? You have to have pain in your bosom with such heart. You have to do anything and everything for that. You must not say you will do something after eating. The fuse of dynamite is lit and is about to explode. Do you still go and eat meals? It is serious. You have to know this clearly. Do you understand? (Yes.) The question is how to connect people to eternal life.

A light is on only when electricity is transmitted through a terminal to electric circuit devices. Isn't that so? The electricity generated at a power plant is being transmitted here. Isn't it? Only when there is a connection will it remain.

Spiritual parents should love spiritual sons and daughters more than their own children, and spiritual sons and daughters should do more for their spiritual parents than for their own mother. The parents who gave birth to you are parents of the satanic world, but your other parents are parents of the heavenly world. You have to serve them more than your own mother. And spiritual sons and daughters have the responsibility to nurture the children of the persons who saved them and marry them. That is God's Will. So they have to bring all those children up. It is the same as Adam bringing them up. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Unless it is connected with eternal life, everything is in vain. It is not the end after they listened to God's Words. You have to encourage and encourage them to bring them to the Blessing. They have to receive the Blessing. If they receive the Blessing and start pioneer witnessing, a connection will be made naturally. If they can overcome persecution in the difficult circumstances of the satanic world, they are already on the path of life. In this way, if you nurture them until they receive the Blessing, your responsibility is finished. This is a serious question.

Even if you give a sermon, "I" should not be there. You have to speak shedding blood and sweat. You have to go through the pain of giving birth. You have to do it shedding tears. If tears dry up in your eyes, that is fake. (1992.4-155)

3) Reasons Why One Should Give Birth to Many Sons and Daughters

Members of the Unification Church understand the spirit world, don't they? There is no member who does not know God. They believe in the spirit world. It is a path to start from love, divide from God, and eventually go back to God.

If a husband and wife are truly united in one heart and go to the spirit world, the man can become woman and the woman can become man anytime. We say love is oneness, don't we? If you look into a woman, a man is inside. Her husband is inside of her. It is exactly the same as God's dual characteristics. Since internal character and external form came into being divided from God, they have to be on the ladder of love to go back to the origin. Because the standard of creation started from love, one has to be on this ladder to enter. After all, the final destination is being together with God. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Does one give birth to a baby in the spirit world, or not? (One does not.) Why not? The spirit world is a vertical world. It is the world in the shape of a circle centered on God. Therefore, it is not necessary to give birth to babies. God created human beings as His body because He needs a horizontal foundation. Do you understand? It is a field to multiply. All the people in the spirit world come from the earth. If we think in this way, why do people engage in birth control? It is by the order of Heaven. He is ordering not to multiply evil lineage anymore. Think about it.

How about the blessed couples of the Unification Church? How many heavenly citizens do you multiply? That becomes your property. Your own sons and daughters are more valuable than spiritual sons and daughters, aren't they? Spiritual sons and daughters do not know the relationship of blessing. Your position in the Heavenly Kingdom will be decided on how many such sons and daughters you leave behind, Because I came to know this, I told Mother to give birth to 14 children, She had four operations, so I interrupted it unwillingly. (205:99)

Perfection has to be achieved on earth, not in the spirit world. It is possible centering on True Parents on earth, not in the spirit world. You have to give birth to sons and daughters. Your sons and daughters become heavenly citizens. Your sons and daughters become ideal citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom. So, you have to give birth to many sons and daughters. It is good to have perfected sons and daughters.

Originally, it is good to have more than 12 directions. That is why I desire more than 12 directions.

I'll tell you how I created more than 12 directions in 21 years. Aren't there 12 months in a year? It is the same as Jesus' 12 disciples and Moses' 12 tribes. If you give birth to many sons and daughters, how do you bring them up? It is not so easy. The twelve months are different. Emotions are different. Children are all different. So parents' hearts are broadened. They come to have good experiences. Do you follow me? (217:130)

Let me ask you one thing. Those who are blessed, raise your hands. Oh, many. If your partner tells you to exchange it for America and the world, what will you do? (I will not exchange.) Really? (Yes.) How about exchanging your sons and daughters? (I will not exchange.) Why? Because, you have to rule with me the people of the Kingdom of Heaven from now. Without sons and daughters, the Kingdom of Heaven does not prosper.

Since the spirit world is the infinite world, we should not engage in birth control on earth. Even if people starve and die, all end up in the spirit world. Even if they starve and die, if they believe in the Unification Church and starve to death in love, they go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you understand what I am talking about? So, the satanic world is now promoting birth control, and the Unification Church is encouraging the opposite way and to be always prosperous. Always. (Laughter, applause.) Even though we go to the place where we starve and die, we can live. We are all trained to do that.

So, what is today's gift? We discovered an amazing, ideal center for which we can sacrifice everything: absolute love. And if we do it, we can control God, control the satanic world, and control heavenly fortune. What are we going to control? God will follow. God follows, this world follows, and heavenly fortune follows. (201:133)

You have to bring up children to be great and leave them behind on the earth. In the future, those children will all go to the spirit world and become citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. How many people do you offer as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven? It was a hardship on the earth, but it becomes a noble, glorious way in the eternal world. Do you understand? You suffer a lot to educate and feed children on the earth. But in the spirit world, food is not a problem. Clothes are not a problem. it is not a problem to live. You will wish to have as many as possible, even ten million children. (218:319)

You should know clearly that there is no multiplication in the spirit world. Do you understand? There will be no multiplication in the spirit world. Because God is in the position of vertical parents, the axis is only one. There is only one point. (221:204).

What does God do to save the world? Once you go to the spirit world, you will find that all the works of all the people of high dimension who entered the spirit world are their works on the earth. What kind of place is the earth? It is the manufacturing plant to produce citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you understand? The Kingdom of Heaven is broad and vast. It is infinite. Too huge. People have been born and died in the last hundred million years, but you do not know where they are. It is that big.

Even if each person gives birth to about 100 children, the Heavenly Kingdom is so huge that there never is overproduction. The other world can accommodate any number of people. So, do we have to control birth, or not? Once you go to the spirit world, the question becomes how many citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom you created and led there. When you lead many true sons and daughters to the Heavenly Kingdom, that becomes the basis for the grade differences to be honored in the heavenly world. You should know this. (202:40)

Section 2. Understanding Death (Part 4)

10. Posture Before Death

Jesus taught me everything. Those who try to die will live and those who try to live will die. Do you understand the meaning of these words? Those who try to live, die, and those who try to die, live. Where can you find such nonsensical words in this world? There are no words as nonsensical as these. But, these words are the fact.

Then, why do they die? What is the purpose of dying? To live? There is some purpose to live for. Is it good to live centering on your own purpose? (No.) A human being's purpose is different according to each person. For what are we asked to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, your mind, and your thought"? ( To become sons of God.) Does that mean to offer your head to love God? How many heads do you have? (One.) You only have one head, but what do you offer? You do not like to offer this, do you? If you are a son of God, should you be the first or the last in the worldwide exhibition of heads offered? (I should be the first.) If there is an exhibition of heads offered in the world, you should get the label of number one. You can get such a label, so you should not die in the deepest place. Where should you go and die? You have to die in the highest position.

Therefore, you should die centering on the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is bigger than any nation on earth, isn't it? You should die in the Kingdom of Heaven, which is only one under heaven and on earth. Where do you die? That is the question. That is the way to die. Let us die! Let's die! Where do we die? You die for a woman living for the world. Do you understand? (Yes.) (Laughter.) Why do you laugh? Do you laugh because you feet good, or because you hate it?

There is a place to die. You should not do it in a trivial, Korean way. With the Korean way, no matter how many times you die, your death has no meaning. You should die in the highest position centered on the nation of God's Heart, which penetrates heaven and earth. You should die in the midst of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is the best place to die. When the entire world opposes you, what will you do? Should you escape? (No.) You should endure and die in the position where everyone in heaven and on earth raises a flag and welcomes you. (34:184).

Today, we yearn for the day of the last resurrection, the day of hope. That time of hope is one that all people can enjoy, but that time does not approach easily. Only those who win over death can own that hope. Only those who fought Satan with God will own that hope. Only those who received persecution with God will own that hope.

When we think that such a time will come before us, we have to have a desperate heart to overcome this living environment and the fear of death. If you do not come to have such a desperate heart, you cannot bring down the day of hope in your realm of daily life. You should know that.

Those who are determined to live a true life should think "How will I die?" You should not say, "How am I going to see my last day?" only when you are about to die, after having lived 70 or 80 years. Jesus said, "Everything is over" and "Father, accept my spirit" at the time of his death. After all, he was the one who gained victory in his life course.

You will meet death one day and will reflect on your past before your death. You have to think about what world you leave and die at that moment.

This path is one without friends. It is the path without beloved parents, beloved brothers, a beloved husband or wife, and beloved children. It is the path you walk all by yourself. It is the path you cannot revisit again or come back to. It is the path to which you can never return for eternity once you go. With what kind of heart do you go on this path? If you do not have hope that can overcome death, when you meet your death it will be the end.

Numerous people who believed and followed God's Will were not those who retreated before the path of death. Rather, they are those who ridiculed death and overcame death in a dignified manner. We know well that, throughout history, such people exalted the way of heaven.

Each one of you has to maintain hope to overcome death even when you come to meet death. You have to have hope that you will stand before heaven in a dignified way if you finish going this path. And you have to be able to run with joy to that original world that you hanker after in your heart. You have to realize that only when your heart of hope for God's ideal world is desperate can you overcome death.

All things in this world will pass away. Your beloved parents, beloved wife, beloved everything will all pass away, and you will eventually meet your death. But only those who have victorious hope that can overcome even death can stand before heaven.

People living on the earth now do not desire the path of suffering and sadness. If they have a moment of joy, they regret its going away. It is human nature to miss a joyous occasion.

This world we live in is one in which sadness and joy are reversed. All the joys we are experiencing are those that will disappear with death and not the joys that overcome death. You know that.

If sadness disappears with death and pleasure disappears with joy, does the human heart's desire to search for joy, wish for better things, and hanker for the eternal world end with death? No. The fact that the human heart moves and emotion moves in that direction is proof that such a world actually exists.

Since a human being is a spiritual being, human life is eternal. The reason people offered loyalty to heaven, trekked on the path of death for heaven, and went with hope on the path that many people disliked is that they felt something ordinary people could not feel and understood the value ordinary people could not understand. We know that is why they could go on the path of death.

Unless your longing becomes stronger than any adversity, hardship, sadness, or death you encounter in your actual life, you become one who regrets before death and retreats before sadness and pain. Since Jesus crossed the ridge of death, went to the eternal world, and built the world of resurrection, we have a destiny to cross the ridge of death today.

What kind of people live with heavenly hope? They are those who can joyfully cross the ridge of death that causes sadness in human beings. Those are people who hold hope of heaven. So, you should not become people who resent and lament all things of this world before death, but you should instead become those who can stand before heaven with joy and be proud of the value of their death. We should know that heaven is looking for those sons and daughters of hope. If there is a person who felt the joy of heaven in such a position, God cannot help loving him. If there is a group of people who cry out to heaven in such a position, heaven cannot help answering that cry. (6:53)

So, whoever loses his life for God's Will will preserve it, and whoever tries to preserve his life will lose it. Are these words correct? What is the meaning of those words? One has to die in the position to die for God's Will.

Then what will happen if one dies? One is his own before death but becomes God's after death. That is because we inherited fallen blood lineage. That is why our entire life we cannot escape the satanic connection before death. But our connection with God is established after death. Which is stronger, life or death? Life is stronger than death? Death is stronger than life? Death is stronger than life in the satanic world. Therefore, after you come to know God's Will, you should not hate death when you are in the position to die.

When Unification Church President Eu was about to leave this world, I asked him, "You have gone this way since you met me, but how are you going to conclude the end?" Then President Eu left with the words that he would not change for eternity. It has to be that way. You have to die eventually in the satanic world. Unless you die, you cannot resurrect. Unless one age is passed, we cannot welcome another age. Do you understand?

Then, what does the death in the Bible mean? It is not to kill eternal life in God. It is to kill life that inherited fallen lineage of the satanic world. Therefore, whoever tries to die for God's Will will live. These words sound paradoxical, but restoration cannot be achieved unless we do that from the point of view of fall and restoration. This is normal logic of restoration.

The biggest question is whether we can offer our lives. Do you understand? How was it when I started this path? I thought about whether I was ready to offer my life. I resolved to die. I also thought about how I would die. I thought about being shot to death. I thought about what kind of words I would leave at my death. I did not think about how I can live.

Since I had to work centered on Korea, I visited the position to die. Where is my position to die? I visited the position to encounter the enemy. I went out to visit the enemy's stronghold. Because the foundation of God's Will centered on Korean Christianity went to the satanic camp, I went to North Korea, which is the den of Satan, to find it.

I had to fight the worldwide Communist Party, so I visited North Korea. I was determined to be handcuffed and imprisoned, and visited the nation of the worst enemy. No matter how atrocious a trial I faced, I never surrendered. I never lost the dignity of God even in the position of extreme starvation. No matter how I was interfered with, I never violated heavenly law.

Even though everything was restricted, I could look for everything in that restricted circumstance. I looked for the motivation for a new start before God and a new meaning of life. I started in that way. I have maintained conviction that I will never be defeated in the position of doing all kinds of heavy labor, and I will never die even if all others die.

The Unification Church did not start from the point of trying to live but from the point of trying to die. But have you made up your mind about death since you came to know God's Will? When Colonel Kyo, the chief suspect in the murder of Mr. Kim, chief of special operations during the rule of the Liberty Party, was executed, he was asked if he had any regret for having planned and ordered the murder. He said he had no regret and died in a dignified way. When such a murder or shooting incident occurs, you should compare those executed with yourselves. You should think how you would die in comparison.

You might be framed by the enemy's conspiracy and die as a traitor.

Or you might die because of obstruction by your comrades, friends, or loved ones. But when you die, you have to die with a heart that can benefit the world. You have to die without resentment. Do you understand? If you die anyway, you have to die without resentment, planting something. You have to die while loving the enemy as a friend. In that sense, it is a great thing that Jesus prayed for his enemies on the cross. (34:47)

11. Time To Enter The Spirit World

1) When Death Is Near

Victory or failure of human life is not decided in a period of decades. It is decided in a moment.

When we look at our own life, the moment of your birth is not a long time. Of course, there is a period you spend in your mother's womb before birth, but that 10 month period in the mother's womb is preparation for a moment of birth. But no matter how well you prepare for ten months, if the baby cannot go through the decisive moment Successfully, the baby to be born will face a tragic fate.

The purpose of ceaselessly nurturing the life in a safe condition for ten months is to make the moment of birth successful. In other words, the period in the mother's womb exists for the future moment of birth. No matter how great the period in the mother's womb might be, if there is mistake at the moment of birth, tragic consequences will come about. (31:185)

If someone regrets his past at the fateful moment to end his life on earth, all the facts of his past life will pass through his mind as images. Even if no one explains to him what kind of person he is, he will know it by himself. The life he inherited from his ancestors, the circumstances he has been connected with, the situation he leaves behind, and all the past will appear as images in his mind at the last moment of his life.

If someone says, "There was truth. I have left something more precious than my life," he would leave a valuable moment even if he was born and died on this earth. But there are people who say, "My whole life course from birth to death was merely a period I spent as a passerby," If such a person reflects on all his past situations and feels that he does not want to remember the past, he is a miserable person. But if the more someone reflects on his past, the more joy fills his face, then fear of death is only a moment of comfort for him.

If you think about it, if the moment to reflect on one's past is not a moment of fear and something else remains, this past will not die and this reality will not die. The person with such a past is surely a person the whole nation will follow and the people of the whole world will follow.

Let us think about what kind of situation that is. If his nation had faced unsolvable problems and was in a miserable and cruel time, if he had taken responsibility and tackled those problems to solve them with his whole life, it will become an unforgettable moment.

If during one's life course one offered one's life for one's brother, relatives, or other people in the struggle to save them, that fact will appear as an image in one's mind at the last fateful moment. Even though there was a time of happiness centered on himself and a sacred time of being welcomed and glorified by many people, it will not bring effect at that moment.

When we think about whether we were good, became persons of truth, and could stand alone before God, truth and goodness do not begin in ourselves and end in ourselves. Only when they begin in us and bring results in others, or they begin in others and bring results in us, that becomes goodness. It is the same with all existence in heaven and earth. They have to establish a reciprocal relationship of give and take according to the Principle.

If one's past life is all a life of giving, there will be no fear in the path of death. If one leads a life close to truth, gives everything for others, sacrifices for others, sheds tears for others, invests life for others, desires for others, concentrates all the vitality flowing from his pulse and invests it for others, his past will become a shining one.

When one tongs for such a past and thinks about the nation, he will come to the conclusion that the nation of hope is such a nation. When he comes to miss such a past, he sacrifices for others and can make a decision so that the original goodness he hopes for should be in this way. If he goes before God saying, "Since I have a past to fight for it, naturally there has to be a future when it is realized," that content becomes the foundation of his eternal life. You should know this.

The path of saints and the path of ordinary people are different. Saints are those who tried to live for history, the world, and the future. Ordinary people are those who tried to live for themselves and tried to make the world serve themselves.

When ordinary people think about their past it is dark, but when saints think about their past it is bright. What is that brightness? It is not for themselves but something that can bring about the nation of hope. If there is the Heavenly Kingdom of hope, that kingdom has to be started by them.

When you plan your own path in this realm of the Fall with an apparently severe environment, you will draw your own life courses for one year, ten years, and anticipate ups and downs, saying you will go this way one year, that way next year, this way in ten years, and that way in the next ten years. If one experiences ups and downs centered on himself, when he comes to meet his final destiny all his records of sacrificing others for himself will bind him immobile. (31:308)

Have you ever once thought about how you go at the age of 70? Have you ever thought, "I will go this way even when I turn 80 and am about to die"? (Yes.) Even when you die, you have to be able to present proof, saying, "I have revealed the history in this way, and done these things in this age. I can do those things in the future, but I am dying. So) I want you to do this on my behalf,"

You should not say this just with words. It shouldn't be just words. Go ahead and die. (Laughter.) After such a person died, people should cling to him, saying with tears, "That is right. That is right," Can you do that? (Yes.) (73:116)

2) Time to Enter the Spirit World

When we look at our human life, we all repeat the same daily life since we were born. It goes around, but is it getting weaker or stronger?

When you came to know yourself you made a determination, but that determination gradually decreased as time passed in your life course, in ten, twenty years. It decreases as you grow older, 50, 60, 70, and 80 years old. That is a problem. As environments affect us, the determination gets smaller. just as in the natural world, a certain force gets influence and our determination becomes smaller.

In the case of electric power, a power input can rotate a motor, but as it continues functioning the power gets less and less and eventually exhausts itself.

When we think about this, we cannot stay still in our life. We must continue moving throughout our life. We cannot but move on. But when we move, do we move in the right way or wrong way? There can be various ways of moving.

What is the direction human beings should move? Which direction should we go toward? We move on without even knowing it. How dangerous is that? We might be crushed with something like a rock or fall into a drainage ditch. If we move on with these risks, how dangerous that is. How unhappy? How unstable? This is a problem.

Once you enter the spirit world, you cannot establish reciprocal relationships with all the measurements in the spheres of distance and time that we acquired with our human senses. It is a world transcending time and space. (141:270)

Once you enter the spirit world, that is the case. What happens when we enter the spirit world? You have your own spiritual level. Everyone has a certain spiritual level, within certain limitations. Even a blessed couple separates as they enter the other world. At first they separate.

Why? Because each one's spiritual level is different. First a spirit goes to a certain place. If it misses someone too much, it will move on to other place. If you cannot forget someone, you transfer centering on love. Transfer is possible centered on love. Otherwise, once you enter a certain place, you cannot get out. (164:62)

What will you become in the Kingdom of Heaven? Are you going to become an ambassador or a servant at the embassy? (Ambassador.) Is it easy to become an ambassador? (It is not easy.) If there is a situation of death, he has to die first. Isn't that correct? You should know that.

As you enter such a world, are you going to be those who suffocate and need to be given an injection of oxygen to breathe, or those who can act and live freely in the realm of God's love? This is for this, and this is for the world, so this is the path of life you should take. (Explains and points to writings on the blackboard.) You should know that to go for the future is an inevitable path of life you should take.

Do you understand that there is the spirit world? (Yes.) Do you understand or do you believe? (Understand.) How surely? It is a more sure world than this one. What kind of world is that? It is everything that is possible, based on the conception that God approves.

Think about it. So many people are in the spirit world, but it is an ideal world where you can serve feasts for all of them in a moment and still have leftovers. Do you understand? (Yes.) I am going toward that kind of world. We are not going observing this world. We prepare here toward reaching that world.

If I die now and get reborn in that world, who will come out to welcome me there? Where were you born? Where do you go? Do you go to a farming village or fishing village of the Kingdom of Heaven? What country do you go to? In this way, we will be born in the Kingdom of Heaven. We start in the palace. When you look at what I say, do you think there is a possibility that we can do that? What do you think this will become? Think about it. (107:56)

Do you have anything to bring there as a gift when you go to the Kingdom of Heaven? When you go to the spirit world, loyal vassals who were martyred will line up in front of you. Can you open up your gift in front of them?

Think about it. Can you open a dirty gift? What kind of suffering have the Unification Church and you gone through? If you talk about living for the sake of the nation and the world, yet do not actually suffer for them, how can you say you live for the nation and the world? "I have suffered, but I do not think of it as suffering," That is natural. We still have a ways to go. When you enter the spirit world, you have to be able to open the gift wrap and say, "This is the gift I prepared throughout my life, so please accept it," You cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven without any gift, can you? (32:71)

If you do not have independence, you cannot enter the spirit world. The spirit world has its own nations, tribes, families, and individuals. Unless you have independence that enables you to say that you are an absolutely necessary individual there, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (19:45)

No matter what happens to you, you should go where you must go. When you die, you are destined to say, "Teacher, this is now the last moment. Please guide me," calling me instead of your spouse or parents.

Is that your destiny? How about it? (That is right.) I do not like that. (Laughter.) What do you cry? You say, "Help me!" Think about it.

In the spirit world, the earth is like a speck of dust. The spirit world is tremendously vast. If you say, "If there is someone who lived on the earth with such and such heart in a certain age and went to the spirit world, appear directly here!" he will appear in a second. It is the world where direct feeling manifests in reality.

If you say you'd like to hold a banquet for one million people at that moment, that is also possible. If you say, "I'd like to share with everyone such joy of ideal love and hold a banquet, so women and men should wear such clothes and appear now!" then they will appear immediately. Meals and fruits are no problem. They will appear as you wish momentarily. If everyone gets full, what happens to the leftovers? Do they wash them in the kitchen? (Laughter.) They disappear immediately. (Laughter)

There is no kitchen there. You need not worry about anything. There is no food factory or car factory. There are various flowers. You can create as many houses as you want to respond to your level of love. Do you want to go to such a world? Do you want to see it? (Yes.)

Those who want to just took cannot enter there. Only those who want to go and live there can enter there. Those who like to look, first look and then enter, don't they? (Laughter.) It is the place you enter after your death. Those who want to just took and intend to come back without dying cannot enter absolutely. It has to be those who like to go there. (224:105)

3) Certificate Necessary for the Procedure in the Spirit World

When you think about Jesus, who is the center of the world, what should you do in this world? People often say, "When I think about Jesus, who carried the cross and died to redeem my sin, I feel mortified.

What is mortification about.? Show the certificate for that.

Where do you get a certificate that enables you to say, "I have become like this. I have done these things. This is the certificate of victory"? You cannot issue such a certificate yourself. Then who issues the certificate? Satan issues it. God cannot issue it. You have to obtain the certificate of victory from Satan.

Jesus knows that very well. When he started his three year public ministry, he called up Satan and fought him for 40 days to have him write the certificate. That was the three great trials. Satan said, "You are victorious on the national level, so I have no choice but to write the certificate. Otherwise, I have to give up all my territory to heaven's side immediately,"

Therefore, you have to have Satan write the certificate first, and then get the certificate of Jesus. Next, you have to have the certificate of God. You have to know that you need these three certificates. (15:121)

Section 2. Understanding Death (Part 5)

12. It Is Important In What Position You Died

What we should do before the one who has passed away is not be sad about his death, but be sad centered on the way of God's Will. How many sad things like this have there been in the way of God's Will? The question here is not whether the person died at a young age or an old age but in what position he died. The question is not when he died but in what position he died. (32:297)

13. Things You Find Out Clearly Only After You Die

Some people come to know about my name for the first time after their death, and they cling to me, begging me to give them life. It is I who is worried the most in that situation. Once I complete all I have to do and draw the line after praying to God, I never look back. That is why.

If their grandchild comes to the church, they start to be proud, saying, "That is good," And if you go against the Will of God and leave, they start accusing you. If you pray and get connected with the spirit world, you will know it. In the spirit world, spirits are working very hard to bring their descendants to heaven. But here, people sometimes speak badly of their ancestors and try to live selfishly.

You can find out only after you die. One grandmother appeared in the spirit world and asked to be taught the Divine Principle. If you wonder whether my words are true, you can die and find out. If you die and can come back to life it is all right, but once you die that is the end. When Rev. Moon of the Unification Church threatens, people say I threaten very nicely in a way no one else can imitate. But try and die. Do you think I have nothing else to talk about but saying these things? (22:338)

Where do you discover the highest love of God? Not in the palace. You can find the way to occupy the highest love of God in the bottom of the hell where you are dying shedding your blood. You should know this. When I was in the Communist dungeon, the spirit world witnessed to people even without my saying a word. I had disciples who were determined to offer their lives and do anything for me. If I were a criminal, there would be many ways to break out of the prison. God works with you in such situation. Do you understand?

For example, my disciples made cakes with wheat powder and hid them under their arm or in their crotch to avoid discovery during the physical examination. They brought the cakes to me during lunch time. We shared them and ate together. A piece of cake I ate at that time is priceless. You cannot even buy it with hundreds of millions of dollars in this world. You should know that. That is more valuable than your life.

Those people say they can never forget the experience at that time. I cannot forget the experience either. How much we were united at that time. I knew them and they also knew who I am. They understood at night and in daytime, and we lived in this way. If it had become necessary for them to die for me, they would have offered their heads many times.

I was the same. I was also risking my life for them. You could not go to that stage. Do you understand what I am talking about? Three years passed, and whatever your situation is, you should know that you still have a long way to go to experience the deep world of love. If you are deprived of your life and lose all you have, only then do you enter the realm of experience that enables you to say, "This is the best in the world,

Did you have that experience? You have to go on. You should know that there is still a way to go remaining. When you voluntarily go on such a path with gratitude and digest it, you can unite your spirit and body and connect with God's love. But, you stopped going and complained, saying, "I know all about the Unification Church, I think," But it is not correct.

If you cannot go on that path, you will be separated from me in the spirit world. I am in a different realm, and you say, "Oh" underneath. You can go there. You go there and see whether I told you a lie. You will know everything once you die.

If you want to know, go ahead and die immediately. You should not die, saying that is right. (Laughter.) If you die, there is no way to come back to life, so you will be in big trouble. If you find out it was true and you are not prepared, what will you do? You cannot come back. So, you have to believe and prepare. (Applause.) Am I a person who tells lies or the truth? If you want to believe, believe, and if you do not want to believe, don't. Do as you want. Do you understand? Do you believe it? Which is it? Raise your hands if you believe.

If you believe, do you have to practice it? Or don't you have to practice it? (We have to practice it.) If you experience my heart and try to digest all the facts, saying, "If you do like this, you will surely become like this," it can be realized. Do so. (91:175)

14. If You Live For Others, You Get Closer To God

If you go to the spirit world, you will find it to be a vast world, and it consists of three stages. Who will go to the top? Those who lived for others more. It is the law there. (Writing on the blackboard.) Starting from here, even if you crash in here, they will say, "OK! Welcome!" You hit here, then "OK! Welcome!" And here, again, "OK! Welcome!"

But to those who live for themselves, the opposite world will unfold. It also consists of three stages. Here, all of them reject, saying "Hub! We don't like someone like you, There are two kinds of reactions. Everyone will reject someone who lived for himself, and everyone will welcome someone who lived for others.

There is no mistake here. If this person starts going this way here, people up there wave their hands. How wonderful it is. But, here, everyone tries not to look. One's deceased wife is the same. If she is in the spirit world, you don't recognize her. It is the same with your parents. There is nothing to do with them.

Where do you do it? After one has lived on the earth, he goes into the spirit world. All those who go to the higher realm are people who lived for others. Those who go to 40 countries in the world, for example, and live for others with a heart of a mother in a family, those who have the heart of a saint to save the people of the world from evil will go to the higher place.

I think in that way. "I am one man, a general who represents sons of filial piety of the historical ages, a general of patriots and of saints.

Although everyone else who had the name of God's son failed, I was born as a victorious son," There is only one thing that will enable you to say that. What is it? It is simple. To live absolutely for others. Only those who give and forget, do for others and forget, can digest that world. That is the conclusion. It is simple. Do you understand what I am talking about? (Yes.)

You should know clearly whether you are someone who goes to the Kingdom of Heaven or to hell. These are not words I just think of and say. I am someone who knows the spirit world clearly. (He writes on the blackboard.) There are two worlds. All kinds of people live here and then go to this place. There is no one who can avoid death. You cannot avoid death. People will go somewhere after they live here. Those who live for themselves go to hell after entering that world, and those who lived for others go to the Kingdom of Heaven. These two worlds get separated at death. (203:100)

What is True Parents? I teach you here, from this foundation, greater and greater things. As you get elevated, I teach you something greater. And then what? I teach you so that you can be compatible with the Kingdom of Heaven, the eternal country. I teach you lest you have difficulty breathing when you go to the country of eternity. Do you understand? Once you enter the spirit world, you have to face away and go to a comer like a wall and stay there. If you look around, you see those who denied themselves and sacrificed. You feel like suffocating. It is a serious matter.

Who created this? Satan did. You are waiting for True Parents to come and liberate you. You wish to be liberated. To liberate you, do I have to solve this straight or in a reverse way? (129:99)

From now on, what will happen? A long line of people will form to offer their properties to heaven. It will be the longest line in the world. Do you understand what I am talking about? (Yes.)

If you come to the Unification Church, you all should become beggars who are completely broke because you offered everything. There are only mucus, tears, and blood to offer. I myself was like that. There was nothing left to offer. I offered all my life and properties. Do you understand? (Yes.) If you have a savings bank book for your sons and daughters, should you use that for them? Or should you use that for the reunification of North and South, or for the world mission? (We should use that for the world mission.) You understand it. Only if you think in that way and act on it can you participate in the Messiah's squads. Do you understand? (Yes.)

You should live for others. Live for the whole and for the bigger cause. Live for the world, for God, and to liberate mankind. You have to cause people to change to the new blood lineage through you.

Because the blood lineage was wrong, God has been powerless until now. Now we have entered the era of conversion. You have to know that a free heaven and earth are near and sow seeds of goodness. You know how you should act, don't you? You know well, don't you? (Yes.) From now on, you should become a group of the Heavenly Kingdom's citizens with eternal life, connected with the eternal Kingdom of Heaven as a tribe of the traditional Messiah! (Amen.) (203:187)

From now on, there will be competition in living for others. Why? Since those who live for others go to a higher position in the Kingdom of Heaven, if you work for that person in the high position, you can jump with him. At Cape Kennedy there is a launching pad for satellites. It is the same as satellites. You get launched from there and fly into the sky. To live for a person is the same as when God created His object. You will stand in the object position of love to that person. Don't you think so? For that purpose, follow someone and live for others.

Aren't you the same? You work for me, don't you? To work for me is to take advantage of me. Aren't you trying to occupy God by becoming my object of love and jumping? Is it true or not?

Satellites should be launched toward an objective, shouldn't they? It is the same. Satellites are a symbol of today's believers trying to jump toward the Kingdom of Heaven, crossing thousands and tens of thousands of miles.

Eventually, human beings are supposed to return to the original homeland. Is there hometown in this world? I am talking about the original homeland. When you return to the eternal homeland, if you could not prepare contents to be welcomed there you will be miserable. You understand how devastating it is not being able to join a group, don't you? I once experienced this, but I do not know when I talked to other people. (213:194)

Is there going to be the individual or not in the other world? Is there the family, or not? Up until now, there was no family. But from now on, the organization of families will start. Everyone got separated until now. Why? Because cultural and emotional backgrounds and customs are all different, everyone got separated.

What is family? Family is the place where we create a new custom and a new culture and make them habits. Since there was no family, was there society? The society of a nation could not exist. All are mixed up. Next, there was no nation and no world.

So, the religion club is now mainstream. People stay in the Buddhist realm or Christian realm. People from different countries cannot stay together, but people in the religious realm can stay together. Religious realms all sought one world and believed in one God, so they can stay together. While all religions belong to the realm of God, all nations do not belong to that realm. Isn't it so?

From the Unification Church, individual, family, tribal messiah, national messiah, and world messiah will come out. The path the individual takes leads to the family, and the path the family takes leads to the path of the tribe.

What kind of world is the spirit world? It is where people live for others centering on true love. People live not for the self but for the whole. Even on this earth, those who live 100 percent for others say, "Step on me and go on!" No matter how big America is, if there is someone who lives for the nation more than the president, everyone will welcome him even if he steps on the president and goes on. But if someone lives only for his own benefit, everyone becomes an enemy.

It is the same as in the spirit world. If someone lives for a bigger cause, he can pass along naturally. If something benefits a bigger cause, it can pass naturally. So, if someone lives for the world, he does not have to live for America. America is included in the world. Korea is the same. All the nations will be included.

What is the contents of the direction everyone can welcome, passing through the family stage? The conclusion is that it is the way of love to live for others centering on true love. This cannot be disturbed even in the satanic world on the earth. Even the satanic world has to absolutely accommodate to this. Is it so? Even evil parents and evil persons welcome someone who tries to give to them with true love. Isn't it so? It is so in the night and in the day. (215:174)

15. Judgment

Have you ever thought about receiving an order to appear before the court of judgment in the spirit world? Someday, the order will be given to appear before the court of judgment.

To manage and control that court, there has to be a judge, a prosecutor, and a defense attorney. Who are they? The judge is God, the prosecutor is Satan, and the defense attorney is Jesus. Only Jesus can become the defense attorney. (17:177)

16. Words Concerning The Epitaph

In order to engraft now, gold plate has to be used for the connection. But are yours copper plates, brass plates, or silver plates? What is your plate? You yourselves know that well. What kind of plates? A plate with patches or a single-colored plate of pure gold? (The color of pure gold.) Who answered that? As I stare at you, I know you had much concern for your family. Well? Even though you had much concern for your mother and father, was it for tribal restoration? Don't you ask your mother and father? I am telling you to restore your tribe now, but did I tell you to do that before? In my eyes, there are many things that bother me.

Although I buried those 36 couple blessed families who passed away through Seung Hwa ceremonies in Paju, some people brought tombstones and erected them without approval. I gave a strict order, "Don't create an epitaph for Heung Jin," Someone inquired, so I explained. I visited my hometown and could not erect an epitaph for my parents. Which is correct? Are my words correct, or not? We have to first solve the resentment of ancestors, and then you have the responsibility to make sons and daughters live.

Is there an epitaph for Heung Jin at his won jon, or not? (No) There is a responsibility to find the nation, and with the title of loyal vassal centered on the nation to liberate ancestors from resentment for their parents. It is principled to erase all bad epitaphs and in the same way as the declaration of victorious heaven's eternal blessing to leave the epitaph, "Our parents are ancestors of goodness," and then to take care of sons and daughters.

I go and took at the tombstones. I did not teach to do that. These people erect tombstones for deceased wives with an epitaph praising, "She went out witnessing here and there." How much is that going to be a cross once they go to the spirit world? People will point fingers at them and say, "This fellow did this without fulfilling his responsibility?" (220:149)

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