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What are BC's supposed to be doing in the church now?

by Damian Anderson
Friday 26 April 2002

On Monday, 15 April 2002, JT wrote:

> hi,  
> i am confused somewhat as to what BC's in the church are supposed to be
> doing at the moment?  i mean, do we need to be out there witnessing, or
> is our mission simply to live for the sake of others and get blessed?
> please send the answer back to my email address at
> ZZZ because this email address is not mine thanks
> very much mr. anderson

Note for non-Unificationists: a BC is a Blessed Child, a child born of a marriage blessed by True Parents

Hi JT,

What is your purpose in life? It is to fulfill the three great blessings, according to the Divine Principle. What does that mean? It means that we need to develop in three areas:

  1. Become one with God.
  2. Form a God-centered true family
  3. Take dominion over our environment.
Divine Principle, Part 1, Chapter 1, Section 3.1
The Purpose of the Creation of the Universe

Let's approach these one at a time.

  1. Becoming one with God.

    We need to develop a moment to moment awareness of God's presence, and His heart, His love, and His nature in our lives. We need to inherit God's point of view, His heart, His essence. We need to become like God, and act on His behalf to fulfill His ideal, which has thus far been frustrated by sinful human beings. We need to empathize with God who feels the suffering of every human being who lives and who ever lived. He feels the pain of all the conflicts in the world today. He feels the pain of the Israelis whose family members and friends are killed by suicide bombers, and he also feels the desperation and despair of the people whose misery pushes them to the extremes of becoming terrorists. He feels the pain of the child abandoned by an adulterous parent who left their spouse, and he feels the pain of his children who are mired in sin. The best way to show love to God is to heal the heartaches of humanity.

    How many true human beings do you know? Not many right? Why not? Because among religious people, dare I say it, even among the disciples of Rev. Moon, and I mean from the very beginning, we missed one essential point. And that was, separating ourselves from Satan and dividing good and evil in ourselves. It is easy to say, but very hard to do. We have to realize to the core of our being that we are from Satan's blood lineage, and that unless we deny ourselves and our evil desires, our evil habits, our evil nature and essence, then we cannot return to God. We have to cry out in agony to God, and find the determination and power to overcome our evil self and master our sinful flesh with the power of the spirit infused with God's divine power, which can only come through prayer.

    What does the Divine Principle teach? The section "Restoration through Indemnity" says the following:

    How does God separate Satan from fallen people who stand in the midway position? Satan relates with them on the basis of his connection with them through lineage. Therefore, until people make a condition through which God can claim them as His own, there is no way God can restore them to the heavenly side. On the other hand, Satan acknowledges that God is the Creator of human beings. Unless Satan finds some condition through which he can attack a fallen person, he also cannot arbitrarily claim him for his side. Therefore, a fallen person will go to God's side if he makes good conditions and to Satan's side if he makes evil conditions.

    Divine Principle Part 2, Introduction to Restoration, Section 1.1

    We need to make conditions to separate from Satan and come onto the side of goodness. We need to become true people who can become champions for Heaven. Only such a true person is really ready for marriage.

    What is a religious life? It involves dividing good and evil within ourselves on a daily basis. Please refer to my previous answer on the question of mind and body unity:

    What is the fastest way to unite our mind and body?

  2. Secondly, we need to form a true family. You have a way to go before you have to deal with that, but you need to be preparing yourself for the day when you will meet your eternal spouse. For now though, make sure you maintain absolute sexual purity. Don't daydream about whether such and such a boy is "the one", dress modestly so as not to arouse lust in boys, and believe me, they have a big problem with their EYES. Even grown men find teenaged girls distracting when they dress in too revealing a way. Believe me, I know. You don't want to invite the wrong kind of attention. Girls have more of a problem with their mouths, saying provocative things, or chattering about unimportant things. Learn to control your tongue, and what you say. Don't date. If you want to spend time with the opposite sex, do so only in groups and don't pair off or be alone with the opposite sex. It is inviting temptation, which may overwhelm you. I recommend the following book:

    "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" by Josh Harris

    I spoke with the author last weekend, and heard him preach and read his book. He has a lot of good things to say about a principled way to conduct oneself as a single in preparation for marriage.

  3. Take dominion over our environment. Become a genius in your field.

    This is all about becoming master of your world. Learn skills that will be useful to you in future. Study hard. If you go to college, be very careful to steer clear of drugs and alcohol. Drinking leads to loss of inhibitions, loss of control, and it can lead to accidents and death. It also frequently leads to rape. Be sure to maintain your sexual purity.

    Learn to do one thing really well, or many things. Find out what your God-given talents are and develop them to the full, keeping in mind all the time that you want to use those talents to fulfill a Godly purpose in your life, to help build God's Kingdom.

    You need a solid economic foundation so that you will be free to answer the call of Heaven when it comes in whatever way it comes. Be prepared.

In summary, True Father teaches us that a leader has three qualities:

  1. A strong vibrant spiritual life and relationship with God.
  2. A loving family with children and the ability to make spiritual children, disciples.
  3. An INDEPENDENT financial foundation.

These three correspond to the three blessings that the Divine Principle talks about.

Read God's word and pray every day, pray without ceasing. Make every thought be an interaction with God.

Good luck,

Damian Anderson