Questions and Answers about Unificationism


How does one rejoin the Unification Church?

by Damian Anderson
Wednesday 8 May 2002

On Wednesday, 8 May 2002 DD wrote:

> 1. How can I get the Divine Principle?
> 2. If home church still exists is it possible for someone from the church to 
> teach us the Divine Principle?
> 3. How can I locate a Unification Church nearest where I live?
> 4. How does one rejoin the Unification Church?
> DD

Hi DD,

  1. You can buy a copy of the Divine Principle from:

  2. You can ask someone close to you if they are interested in teaching you the Divine Principle, or attend some kind of workshop or seminar at a local church, or join a DP study group.

  3. You can look for UC addresses here:

  4. To join the church, you can attend church and sign membership, although that formality does not mean so much any more. You may want to attend the Blessing, if you are already married, or request matching and blessing if you are single, or bring your own partner to the Blessing.

Rev. Moon instructed us to take down the Unification Church sign and put up the sign of the Family Federation for World Peace. We are a movement to unite all faiths, and not a sectarian faith institution.

God's first and most important institution is the family, and this will endure eternally, even when the mission of churches will have been fulfilled.


Damian Anderson