Questions and Answers about Unificationism


What does it mean to take responsibility for others?

by Damian Anderson
Friday 4 March 2005

This is a letter to Gordon Muir who is an ex-member of the Unification Church, and who is asking what it means to take responsibility for others.

"Gordon Muir" wrote:

What exactly do you mean by taking responsibility?

I see myself as taking responsibility by pointing out the criminal lying
that lots of followers of Rev.Moon are doing constantly to hundreds of
people all around the world and by pointing this out i see myself as being
a responsible person.

Now what i expect in return is for the leaders following Rev.Moon to thank me
and apologies to me and to the hundreds of others who were lied to and not
to let this lying and decieving of people happen again,then these leaders
would be taking responsibility in return.

I dont see this happening which means the followers of Rev.Moon build up a
worse and worse reputation for in the eyes of society which means they get
persecuted and cause setbacks and failures in there organisation.

By me writing this i see myself as taking responsibility by pointing out a
ignored insted of thanked,so now i am very confused why im not getting a
natural reaction but insted i get a negative reaction.

fixed and not to start a negative energy.

Gordon Muir.


Why are so many ex-members accusing the Unification Church? It is because we could not love as God loves! Why? Because we still have not removed our fallen nature. Love does not come from man but from God. To experience God's love, we must become the right object to God. What does that mean? It means that we can have no common base with evil, in other words, nothing in common with Satan, NO SELFISHNESS, and then God will automatically seek us out looking to have a relationship with us. When I have the heart towards you to love you and save your life, and I have no evil motivation, then God will surely see that and want to be part of that, and his love will come to you through me. But I am not like that yet. I have not yet removed my fallen nature. So Gordon, on behalf of all Unificationists, I apologize to you. We are a very poor example of the teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. I can do nothing but hang my head in shame over the fact that I have not accomplished the lofty goals of Unificationism. I have not accomplished mind-body unity. I have not made an ideal family. I have not accomplished true lordship and dominion over heaven and earth. I am still a work in progress.

So what does taking responsibility mean? It means that I have removed my fallen nature, and that God is now able to use me to save the world. I absolutely cannot fulfill my responsibility as a son of God or in any way create the Kingdom of Heaven as long as I have anything to do with Satan or evil. So while you are right that UC members have not done it, you have not done it either. So, for you to take responsibility would be to do what Unificationists could not do, and remove your fallen nature, and show by example how it is done. Then you have to build a foundation of winning the hearts of others, and remove Satan's accusation over yourself, then your family, then your clan, tribe, and so on to the world. You need to find an Abel, who is someone between your level and the Messiah, who can assist you in bridging the gap. You may have to go through several Abels in order to reach the goal. In order to find the right Abel, you must pray for God's guidance. Good luck!

Damian Anderson