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Subject: Re: Want Gay ,Bi ,straight Buddhist Penpals
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: Hello, I am looking for all lifestyles Buddhist penpals from all ovet the
: world to talk to about anything.  I am 22 5'9 brown hair,eyes weigh 142
: and my hobbies are gardening,art,studying nature,bowling. I am student at
: the moment. If you like you may e-mail me at the below address.

Now where's Namdrol when you need him to tell you this is off topic? :-)

"The bodhisattva does not approach the five kinds of unmanly men in order
to be friendly with or close to them."

                        Buddhism.  Lotus Sutra 14

Lotus Sutra 14: The 'five kinds of unmanly men' includes homosexuals,
hermaphrodites, eunuchs, and those suffering from various kinds of
impotence. The Sangha did not want anyone to join the order as an escape;
it likewise barred from membership debtors who wanted to renege on their
debts and young novices who did not have their parents' permission.

: Peace..........-
: ..............................
: Lee Allen
: Internet:
: Florida  USA

Blessings, ITPN,

Damian Anderson         +1-301-921-0082              
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Subject: Re: marrying foreigners a recommendation in baha'i?
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Anand Venkt Raman ( wrote:
: Dear friends,

: I was told that the baha'i faith encourages or recommends marriages
: between people of different nationalities and races. I haven't read all
: bahai literature, but I was sure that since the bahai faith recognises
: no racial boundaries, this cannot be true. Or is this an explicit
: religious recommendation in view of a larger good like future racial
: integration and harmony?

: Many thanks for clarifying this over email.

The Unification faith encourages marriages across racial, religious
and ethnic boundaries in order to promote world peace. Some governments,
such as those of Sudan and Taiwan, believe in this too, are involved in the
arrangement of marriages to be conducted by Rev. Sun Myung Moon
in the 360,000 couples wedding on August 25, 1995. I don't know
whether there are Bah'ai participants, but I would not be surprised.

: - Anand

Blessings, ITPN,

Damian Anderson         +1-301-921-0082              
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On Tue, 11 Jul 1995, S. Indiogine wrote:

> Hi! Just one question regarding a passage in this posting:
> >                     REVEREND SUN MYUNG MOON
> >                            SPEAKS AT
> >
> >                     THE LEADERS' CONFERENCE
> >
> >                        February 7, 1995
> >                         Washington, DC
> >                    Translator -- Hideo Oyamada
> >
> >                           Part 2 of 4
> [snip]
> >                            Resolving Conflicts
> >
> >      On the national level, Jesus Christ came. He was crucified between
> > the right-hand thief and the left-hand thief. Because of Jesus, they
> > fought each other; Judaism and Israel fought each other. However, this did
> > not fit into the formula course.
> I do not understand what is meant by Judaism and Israel fighting with
> each other and what that has to do with Jesus?

I believe that he is referring to Judaism as the religion, representing
the archetypal position of Abel, and Israel as the nation, the political
entity in the position of Cain. Also, the right-hand thief who supported
Jesus represented Abel and the left-hand thief who mocked Jesus
represented Cain. It says in other places in the Divine Principle that a
necessary condition for the Messiah to appear on the national level is
that the representatives of religion and politics must unite to exhalt the
will of God.  This was the same with the Popes and Kings in the middle
ages. If they had united to do the will of God, the Messiah could have
come earlier.

The Fall of Man took place involving three beings, Adam, Eve and Lucifer
(the archangel). In the restoration of the Fall, three beings are also
represented. Also after the fall, the children of Adam and Eve, Cain and
Abel fought, and Cain killed Abel. The Fall was the root of sin which came
to fruition in the murder of Abel.

The fundamental pattern of restoration is that God divides good and evil
and has them represented by two figures, such as Jacob and Esau. Jacob
represented Abel and was the younger son, Esau represented Cain and was
the older son. Then the person in the position of Abel must establish
himself on God's side by making an offering acceptable to God. This is
called the foundation of faith. The pattern of how this is accomplished
can be seen clearly in the Divine Principle's explanation of the Bible.
Then the foundation of substance must be made, in which the person in the
position of Abel serves the person in the position of Cain and wins him
over to God's side, and restores the birthright, the position of elder
son. We see this in Jacob's 21 year course in Haran, the fight with the
archangel and then the final reconciliation of Jacob and Esau.

Many examples of this exist in the Bible. Jesus was in the position of
Abel and the Jewish people was in the position of Cain. When the people
could surrender to Jesus' love and service and listen to him, then they
would have stood in the position to receive God's blessing, and Jesus
could have revealed that he was the Messiah. Since the people did not
accept him, he could only reveal himself to that small band of followers
who did believe in him.

Once the position of Cain and Abel is restored, then the positions of Adam
and Eve can be restored. The position of Adam is that of the Messiah, and
the position of Eve is that of his bride. At each level, from individual,
family, tribe, nation, world, and so on, these positions must be restored.

In another example, God divided the world in the latter 20th century into
two opposing camps, communist (Cain) and democratic (Abel). If the
democratic camp were to practice God's teachings through the numerous
religions, then it could win over the Cain side to God. Unfortunately, the
democratic side has lost its position as God's elect due to corruption. If
it does not repent, it will perish, just as Solomon's dynasty did, though
it was great and blessed.

> [snip]
> >      Who was the father of Jesus Christ? [Zechariah.] Zechariah. This
> > followed the same formula of legal wife and mistress. The mistress was
> > Mary, and the legal wife was Elizabeth. The relationship between Elizabeth
> > and Mary was just like that between Leah and Rachel. Zechariah's family
> > should have restored Jacob's family; they had exactly the same course.
> > Elizabeth should have restored Leah's position and then introduced Mary to
> > Zechariah. The result of the relationship between Zechariah and Mary was
> > the birth of Jesus Christ. With Mary and Jesus united as plus and minus,
> > and Elizabeth and John the Baptist united as plus and minus, a greater
> > plus and minus would have been created by the unity between the two wives
> > and two sons. If this process of unity had taken place, all of history
> > would have been completely restored.
> Is Rev. Moon saying that the father of Jesus was Zechariah, the father of
> John the Baptist?  If yes, on what grounds?  How does Rev. Moon deal with
> the Gospels of Matthew and luke that claim that Jesus did not have a
> human father?

Yes, he is. Mary was visited by an angel which told her that she must
conceive and bear a son. She asked how that could be since she was a
virgin. Then the angel said that the Holy Spirit would come over her.
This did not mean that she would conceive without a man, but that she
would know what to do. She immediately set off for Zechariah and
Elizabeth's house. You see this in Luke 1:39. Mary stayed there three
months and then went home says Luke 1:56. It was during this time that
Jesus was conceived, by Zechariah.

In the fall of man, the archangel took Eve away from Adam and defiled her
sexually. In the restoration process, a person in the position of Adam
takes a woman, Eve, away from some other man, in the position of
Archangel. There are MANY examples of this in the Bible:

                  Adam            Eve              Archangel

Gen 12:10-20      Abram           Sarai            Pharaoh
Gen 20:1:18       Abraham         Sarah            Abimelech
Gen 26:1-14       Isaac           Rebekah          Abimelech
Gen 38:1:30       Judah           Tamar            Shelah
2 Sam 11:1-27     David           Bathshebah       Uriah
Ruth 1-4          Boaz            Ruth             Chilion
Luke 1:26-56      Zechariah       Mary             Joseph

Note how ALL these people ( well, the men in the position of Adam and the
women in the position of Eve, but not the men in the position of
Archangel) are direct ancestors of Jesus. God was working to separate
Satan from his lineage and prepare a holy lineage from which sinless
people could be born for all eternity.

> > archangelic position. All these historical events led up to John the
> > Baptist's younger sister being in the position to become Jesus' wife. With
> > Jesus destined to be in the elder son's position, John the Baptist's
> > younger sister would have become Jesus' wife and all of history would have
> > been restored.
> How does Rev. Moon even know that John had a jounger sister?
> Is it not against the Bible to marry your sister?

Adam married his sister, and so did Abraham. Abraham's wife was his
half-sister (Gen 20:12). There were times when God allowed this.

> >      When Jesus Christ was seventeen years old, he told Mary whom he
> > should marry. Jesus Christ spoke strongly about the necessity for this
> > marriage, no matter what sacrifices might need to be made, but Mary could
> > not accept it. Mary went through such a severe course after her
> > relationship with Zechariah. She experienced much persecution from the
> > environment. If this sexual relationship had been publicized, people would
> > have stoned her to death. If Joseph had not declared that her baby was his
> > son, Jesus and Mary would have been stoned to death. Joseph was the savior
> > of Mary and Jesus Christ. If Mary had confessed who her child's father
> > was, there would have been a problem. Thus Jesus and John the Baptist's
> > sister had the same father, but different mothers. They were
> > half-brother/sister. John the Baptist knew very well that Jesus Christ was
> > an illegitimate child. When John the Baptist received the revelation that
> > Jesus was God's beloved son, he could not accept that an illegitimate
> > person was the messiah. Under these circumstances, for Jesus to marry John
> > the Baptist's younger sister was unacceptable. Although they had different
> > mothers, they were both children of Zechariah. How could people accept
> > such an incestuous relationship?
> ????????

Apparently, this was another course in the model of the Adam, Eve,
Archangel model. Jesus was Adam, John's sister was Eve, and John was in
the position of the Archangel. It was necessary for Jesus to go this way,
but because his mother did not permit it, he was unable to get married,
even by the age of 30. Most people in that culture were married by the
time they were 20, I believe. Jesus needed to be married to establish the
family level and go on to all the other levels. He needed to establish the
position of Eternal Father which is prophesied in Isaiah 9:5. Through his
family becoming the model, all people would be reborn into his family
through him and his bride as spiritual parents, and become part of a new
lineage completely set apart from Satan and dedicated to God. From this
family, a new history would have begun. This is the meaning of the parable
of the mustard seed. From one man and woman united in absolute love ofr
God and one another, a whole new world would begin.

> Thanks, bye,

It is good to hear from you again. Do you mind if I post my answer to the

> > Blessings, ITPN,
> >
> > Damian Anderson         +1-301-921-0082              
>     Eric Indiogine (, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Blessings, ITPN,

Damian Anderson         +1-301-921-0082              
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Subject: Re: Rév. Sun Myung Moon - Le Conjoint Idéal
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David C. Larkin ( wrote:
: In article
: (Olivier Amberny) writes:

: >In article (David
: C. Larkin) writes:

: >>In article (Olivier
: >>Amberny) writes:
: >>

: >>Excusez moi, mon primiere post -- tres mal!

: >>Alors, qu'est que la raison pour les posts a l'alt.messianic?
: >>Beaucoup des amis moonies de francais pourouse le newsgroup regulairement?
: >>Ou je desire a converter tout le monde?

: >>Je suis tres courieuse.  L'appearance de posts concerne Rev.
: Moon; c'est non
: >>tres intelligent parce que les autre posts d'anglais.

: >>P.S. I have not tried french in 29 years.  Some words above are mere
: >>estimates.

: >It's not me, but Damian J Anderson who crossposted very long texts
: >written by Rev Moon, translated in French, in alt.messianic and
: >in soc.culture.french (among other newsgroups).
: >Since we (readers of soc.culture.french) are not interested with those
: >subjects, I was telling him to stop crossposting in soc.culture.french.

: >I answered in french, because at first, I didn't notice the crossposting,
: >and Mr Anderson had written in french.
: >Sorry, my mistake, next time I will look carefully at the field
: 'newsgroups'
: >before following.

: I am sorry also.  This morning, after a good nights sleep, when
: I took a real look at your post, I realized that I had sent a followup
: to the wrong post (I had meant to followup to Damian)  and I could
: see that you were doing with real French what I was trying to do
: with pigeon French.  I hope you will accept my apology.   Have
: you had any response from him?  Does he actually communicate, or
: is he a Rev.  Moon Robot?

I am happy to respond to questions about the content of the texts
in English or French, but what point is there to respond to mindless
flames such as those which have been the responses thus far? And
even if the respondants from soc.culture.french were not interested,
religion is a valid if not core aspect of culture and if these
particular French speakers do not like the posts, there may be
others who will. The complainers are not appointed as censors or moderators.

Since the public response to Rev. Sun Myung Moon tends to be somewhat
negative, the positive responses to my articles generally come
by private e-mail while the fatuous flames appear on the net.

And since we are on the topic, allow me to make a plug for my French
Language Home Page at
These will be followed by pages in Spanish and Portuguese. There
is also a Unification Home Page in German with a link on my page,
but it is maintained by Paul Ettl in Austria. I may soon also have
Japanese language texts online.

: David C. Larkin

Blessings, ITPN,

Damian Anderson         +1-301-921-0082              
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Subject: Re: Inceste a l'origine de l'Homme ?
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Sylvain Louboutin ( wrote:
: Fabrice Neyret  writes:

: >je rappelle que selon certaines theses, l'inceste est le seul moyen
: >qui explique l'apparition de nouvelles races n'ayant pas
: ....
: j'avais cru comprendre que on obtenait des 'derive' genetique assez
: rapide dans des petites populations assez isolees...  (i.e., beaucoup de
: in-breeding...);  ce qui tendrait a ller dans le meme sens...  des
: experts?

: >Le voici donc, le peche originelle a la base de l'espece humaine !

: quant a l'inceste et la religion....    on nous dit:  Adam et Eve...
: ok.  pourquoi pas (avec une histoire louche de clonage, i.e.,   a
: partir d'une cote,  mais passons); Cain, Abel et tout ca; je veux
: bien.  mais d'ou est sortie la troisieme generation?...

: %%
: %% Distributed Systems Group,           (O'Reilly Institute,  room F.35)
: %% Department of Computer Science,               phone: (+353-88) 527790
: %% Trinity College, Dublin 2,  -Ireland-           fax: (+353-1) 6772204

La théologie de l'Église de Unification ensiegne que le péché originelle
était sexuelle. Adam et Eve ont couvertes les parties sexuelles
du corp après d'ayant commis le péché, à cause de la honte. La
raison est que Lucifer a tenté Eve avec le fruit, le moyen de multiplication,
ça veut dire, l'amour sexuelle. Et après cela, Eve a tenté Adam
avec le même fruit, et il a mangé. Le péché des anges étaient
la fornication (Jude 6,7) et le péché d'Adam et Eve étaient aussi
la même chose. À cause de la corruption de l'amour humaine à l'origine
de l'histoire humaine, nos premières ancêtres ont crées un monde
de souffrance pour tous ses déscendents.

Si les premières ancêtres avaient obéis le commandement de Dieu de
ne pas manger du fruit avant de la maturité, ils auraient pu
créer un monde de l'Amour Vrai, sans péché, sans souffrance, un
monde avec l'Amour de Dieu comme le centre de la vie de tout de

Pour cela, le Messie doit venir de recréer le monde de l'amour
de Dieu. Et il donne sa Bénédiction à l'amour humaine, tel que
n'éxistait pas dans le passé. Cet été, le 25 Août le Messie avec
sa Femme va donner la Bénédiction de Mariage sur 360,000 couples
en Séoul, Corée. Vous êtes invités à participer.


Damian Anderson         +1-301-921-0082              
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Subject: Re: No IMMORTAL SOUL QED Re: World Scripture - The Immortal Soul
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ET Chilton ( wrote:

: : : "Damian J. Anderson"  wrote:


: : : 

: : : Every line of your post contradicts a truth in the Bible where it
: : : clearly states in Ezekiel Chapter 18 that the sould can die.
: : : If a soul can die, then it is a lie to say that the soul is immortal.

: : : If it is a lie that the soul is immortal then it must be a teaching
: : : from the devil and it is interesting to note that it was he thru the
: : : serpent in the first book of the Bible that he told EVE, "Thou will
: : : surley not die."

: : : Yes she would be like God who is immortal.

: : : Open your eyes, where is Eve today? Who told the lie?
: : : Yes it is Satan who is still trying to convince her children that she
: : : didn't really die but went somewhere else since she was like God and
: : : had an immortal soul.

: : : QED

: 	Um who told the first lie in the bible? was it satan? No it was
: god. havent got the exact quote but didnt he say 'if you eat that apple
: you will not live another day'? so if you take the bible to be true her
: should must have died when she ate the apple.

God said "Nevertheless of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you are
not to eat, for on the day you eat of it you shall most surely
die." (Gen 2:17)

The common temptation of evil is that there will be no bad consequences,
but we see the whole history of human suffering from Adam's act
of violating God's commandment. The fruit was not a literal fruit
such as an apple. The eating of the fruit is a sexual symbol, and
God was warning Adam and Eve that they were not yet permitted to
have a sexual relationship until the appointed time. What was corrupted
at the fall of man was the love and trust between God and man,
between man and woman, and consequently the love between parents
and children, and between siblings also became corrupt, so all
the primary human loves were corrupted because the first love was
not true love. From the corruption of love flow all the other evils.

The separation from God is spiritual death, so death came to the
world through Adam, but it was not death of the body, but death
of Adam's divine spirit which was in the process of growth towards
maturity. So, God did not lie, but the serpent, the archangel Lucifer,
he lied. He is a liar and has been a liar since the beginning,
and is the father of all lies.

The first human beings were intended by God to create a family
in which God could incarnate fully and His love could dwell on
the Earth. However, the first family became a place of fornication
and murder, so as was sown, so have we reaped the fruits of that.

: 	QED

: Ewan.

Blessings, ITPN,

Damian Anderson         +1-301-921-0082              
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