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    b1.jpg (7407 bytes) Diving with the fishes.
    b3.jpg (6435 bytes) Miranda river, passing through the farm .
    b4.jpg (6155 bytes) Milk cows getting out their corral .
    b5.jpg (7934 bytes) Miranda river again, from an other bridge .
    b6.jpg (6152 bytes) Small crocodiles lake, at the entrance of the New Hope Farm .
    b7.jpg (6714 bytes) Small lake neer Bonito town .
    b8.jpg (7533 bytes) Few pictures on the bridge .
    b23.jpg (6262 bytes)  
    b2.jpg (7828 bytes) Last day, on the road to the bus station .
    b10.jpg (4257 bytes) Emus training for the next soccer game.
    b11.jpg (5308 bytes) Killing cow every two days... more than 400 workers to feed .
    b12.jpg (4846 bytes) No comment.
    b13.jpg (6277 bytes) Take care, this wild pig can be very dangerous .
    b14.jpg (5807 bytes) One of the free parrots of the farm .
    b15.jpg (7821 bytes) Same one on the tree .
    b16.jpg (4860 bytes) Milking cows every morning .
    b17.jpg (5087 bytes) Riding horse almost every day .
    b18.jpg (5344 bytes) One of the two toukanos of the farm .
    b19.jpg (4990 bytes) Small water-falls on the Prata river, also passing threw the NHP .
    b20.jpg (5627 bytes) Prata river again .
    b22.jpg (5932 bytes) Friendship on the New Hope Farm .

Rémi TCHOU, New Hope Farm member from february to july 1997. Email