October 3rd 1988:

    Official Declaration of WON HWA DO, a new and powerful MARTIAL ART.
    The main difference between WON HWA DO and other styles is the use of CIRCULAR MOTION.
    CIRCULAR MOTION is endless, not tiring, energy making, and has self-healing powers. Come join us, discover
    a new  Martial Art, discover "the WAY OF HARMONY".

    M.A.F.W.P. WON HWA DO Alain Le Roy

    March 27th to March 30th 1997: Inauguration of the MARTIAL ARTS FEDERATION FOR WORLD PEACE. More than 300 masters came from around the world, invited by the Washington Times Institute.

    The title of the conference:

    Martial Arts: Paving a Path of Unity and Peace for the 21st Century.


    The Academic Potential of Martial Arts as a College Curriculum

    Martial Arts is an important area of science, involving not only physical action, but the study of theoretical systems. The principles that underlie each martial arts area may be identified, taught, tested, developed and applied as a bona fide academic discipline and related to other research in biology, physics, athletics, art and philosophy. Institutions of higher learning such as the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut have already incorporated the study of martial arts into their curriculum with equal status to traditional academic courses.


    Martial Arts as an Education Tool for Building Human Character

    In their study of the essence, purpose and ideals of a particular martial arts discipline, people come to appreciate the fact the martial arts, combined with the development of an honorable character, creates an important foundation for all aspects of life. Thus, fulfillment of human potential as responsible members of society can be facilitated through martial arts education and practice. Taken as a whole, each martial arts discipline lends itself to strengthening individual character, which is essential in constructing a moral society. Through dialogue and practice, we are able to cross the barriers of race, cultures, language, age, gender and social status. In fact, martial arts is an important means of bringing us together and building true world peace.


    Common Ground Among the Various Martial Arts

    Through study and research of the diverse techniques, we can discover the areas of common ground that bind us together. By comparing the strengths and uniqueness of each form of martial arts, we learn to develop and harmonize the disciplines, regardless of their diverse roots and practices. By respecting these distinct approaches and practices, we can learn how to unify our efforts and be more effective as healthy individuals and positive contributors to society.

    GREETINGS from the founders: Rev. and Mrs Sun Myung Moon,

    Founders of the Martial Arts Federation for World Peace

    Distinguished Martial Arts Leaders:

    We extend to you our most heartfelt welcome to Washington D.C. for the Inaugural World Convention of the Martial Arts Federation for World Peace. This gathering is a unique and historical event. Your participation is deeply appreciated.

    The tradition of martial arts has much in common with the path of the spiritual warrior to which we have dedicated ourselves. The purpose of religion, after all, is to inspire and discipline body to obey the mind, centering on God. Is this not strikingly similar to the tradition of martial arts, to train its students in the physical and spiritual principles of self-defense based on the highest moral standards?

    We stand together at the threshold of a new millennium, a critical time in history. The choices we make today will determine the character of the 21st century. Will the human spirit, under the parenthood of God, rise to new heights, establishing a global culture of harmony and peace? Or will the conflicts and challenges that have appeared like brush fires in the post-Cold War era pull us down into a new Dark Age?

    The Martial Arts Federation for World Peace represents an important part of the answer to these questions. It is our earnest hope that this Inaugural World Convention will mark the beginning of a new spirit of cooperation among the various martial arts disciplines to inspire a moral and spiritual renewal among the world's young people.

    Let us join together here and chart a course that future generations will look back on as the starting point of the martial arts'contribution to achieving true world peace. In the spirit of unity and with the help of God, we shall surely succeed.

    Rev. Sun Myung Moon Mrs Hak Ja Han Moon




    The Martial Arts Federation for World Peace is devoted to developing the potential of the martial arts as a moral and cultural force for the attainment of world peace and harmony.

    The world is at the threshold of a new millennium. While technological progress has created the possibility of a global village, moral crisis threatens advanced societies with spiritual destruction. Family values continue to deteriorate, respect for teachers is diminishing and discipline is becoming an outmoded value for our young people.

    Martial arts instructors and organizations are in a unique position to offer a constructive alternative to the hedonism and self-centered values of today. Martial arts traditionally emphasize a strong vertical connection of respect between master and student, in which the teacher is not only a technical skills instructor but also a role model and personal example.

    The basic tradition of martial arts involves disciplining the body to follow the mind, based on the principles of a particular martial arts style.

    True martial arts are committed to guide the power which they develop in their students only for the purpose of righteousness. The Federation seeks to create a dialog on this basic principle and to encourage martial artists to use their positions as teachers and examples for the uplifting of moral standards in every area.

    To achieve this, the Federation will:

    * support programs which highlight martial arts as a way of spiritual development.

    * engage in educational programs to expand the personal moral awareness which is inherent in martial arts to the level of the family, society, and larger world.

    * organize and support activities of both an athletic and educational nature to expose young people to the benefits of martial arts.

    * facilitate communication and cooperation among existing martial arts organizations and leaders to empower the moral force of the martial arts.

    (for more information, unless someone does make a MAFWP home page in the U.S. or Korea, people can contact:

    MAFWP France / France WON HWA DO Federation: mowgli@club-internet.fr

    Tel/Fax: 33 1 69 31 37 44)

    Alain & Siew Lian LEE - LE ROY