Birthdays and Blessing Anniversaries
of True Family

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Full 1997 Church Calendar
Holy Days and Blessing Anniversaries


7 Hyo Jin Nim and Nan Sook Nim's Blessing (‘82)
11 Hyo Jin Nim's 35th Birthday
19 Ye Jin Nim's 36th Birthday
20 Kook Jin Nim and Soon Ju Nim's Blessing (‘89)


1 Jun Sook Nim's 29th Birthday
3 Shin Gil Nim's 9th Birthday
7 Shin Yul Nim's 3rd Birthday
8 Hoon Sook Nim's 34th Birthday
10 Yeon Jin Nim's 16th Birthday
14 Choongmo-nim's (Father's mother) Ascension (‘68)
20 In Jin Nim and Jin Sung Nim's Blessing (‘84)
20 Heung Jin Nim and Hoon Sook Nim's Blessing (‘84)
23Shin Jung Nim's 13th Birthday
27Kwon Jin Nim's 21st Birthday


18 Shin Won Nim's 9th Birthday
26 Jin Sung Nim's 35th Birthday
31 Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim's Blessing (‘87)


4 Shin Chul Nim's 5th Birthday
7 Sung Jin Nim's 51th Birthday
11 Un Jin Nim and Jin Hun Nim's Blessing (‘86)
16 Kook Jin Nim & Hwa Yun Nim's Blessing (‘95)
Sun Jin Nim & In Sup Nim's Blessing (‘95)
17 Shin Hwa Nim's 9th Birthday
22True Parents' Blessing (‘60)
27Nan Sook Nim's 30th Birthday


1 Jin Hun Nim's 34th Birthday
9 Shin Bok Nim's 14th Birthday
16 Ye Jin Nim and Jin Whi Nim's Blessing (‘81)
16 Hyun Jin Nim's 28th Birthday
29 Shin Yeon Nim's 6th Birthday


14 Jeung Jin Nim's 15th Birthday
21 Young Jin Nim's 19th Birthday


18 Kook Jin Nim's 27th Birthday
19 Sun Jin Nim's 21th Birthday


14 Shin Goon Nim's 14th Birthday
14 Shin Kwon Nim's 7th Birthday
20 In Jin Nim's 32st Birthday


1 Shin Ji Nim's 3rd Birthday
3 Shin Joong Nim's 4th Birthday
7 Hyung Jin Nim's 18th Birthday
16 Soon Ju Nim's 25th Birthday


9 Shin Myung Nim's 11th Birthday
12 In Sup Nim's 25th Birthday
19 Shin Ok Nim's 8th Birthday
21 Hwa Yun Nim's 20th Birthday
27 Shin Eh Nim's 8th Birthday


3 Daemo-Nim's Ascension (‘89)
3 Shin Sun Nim's 7th Birthday
5 Shin Hoon Nim's 3rd Birthday
17 Jin Whi Nim's 34th Birthday
17 Shin Young Nim's 11th Birthday
22 Heung Jin Nim's 30th Birthday


10 Shin Choon Nim's 8th Birthday
22 Un Jin Nim's 30th Birthday