Guidance for Heavenly Tradition
Volume 3
by Young Hwi Kim


  1. Tradition and Our Way of Life
  2. Let Us Become "Chuin"
  3. Preparing for 1988
  4. Requirements for Victory
  5. Education Through Witnessing
  6. Our Pledge
  7. Our Responsibility As Children
  8. Father's Ministry: Past and Present
  9. The Day of the Victory of Heaven
  10. Restoration of Eden
  11. The New Israel
  12. The Heart of Spring
  13. Training in Heart
  14. Let Us Make God a Happy God
  15. Your Mission as IWs
  16. Inheriting True Parents' Nature
  17. Perfected Man's Life Style
  18. Trust: The Base of Parental Heart
  19. Heavenly Diplomats
  20. The Battle Between God and Satan
  21. 20 Years of European Unificationism
  22. What Is Valuable In Life?
  23. Our Faults: Obstacle or Opportunity?
  24. Preparing for the New Year
  25. Eight Steps to True Love
  26. The Victory of Love
  27. The Source of Our Happiness
  28. Harmony of the Dual Purposes
  29. The Necessity of Ideal Relationships
  30. The Physical Aspect of Perfection
  31. Heart and Intellect
  32. Can Communism Establish the Ideal?
  33. The Value of Being Active
  34. Our Mission As Leaders
  35. Business and the Ideal World
  36. Our Attitude and Our Fortune
  37. The True Way of Filial Piety
  38. Our Life and Our Mission
  39. Blessed Life
  40. Restoration of All Things