God's Warning to the World
Reverend Moon's Message from Prison

4. Christianity In Crisis

From Jesus Christ a new world of salvation could be established. That is the history of Christianity. It went through the same course as Jesus. Whenever Christianity went to a strange country for the first time, the men and women who went with it had to undergo difficulties and shed their blood. Those who died undertook such suffering in order to be separated from the world and from Satan. They stood in the position where they could receive God's love and make themselves a sacrifice for others. If they had wanted to curse those who killed them, there could have been no providence for restoration. They had to pray for those who killed them. Without that kind of mind Christianity couldn't proceed in the manner it did. Those things occurred because God had the intention to forgive Adam and Eve after they fell, if only an unfallen brother and sister would have come out to console God's painful mind, think of the pain of their fallen brother and sister, and sacrifice themselves for the sake of the other.

All through human history, offerings have been sustaining the providence of God. In the Old Testament Age they made the offering of animals, but in the New Testament Age, Jesus Christ himself was in the place of the offering. Jesus was the "substantial offering," who labored hard in utter obedience to God and sacrificed himself. So, in that situation, all humankind had to be united into one with Jesus and, by placing themselves in the position of Jesus, had to go through the offering. If, in his career in God's providence, Jesus had succeeded in saving all humankind both spiritually and physically, then we could have been saved on both levels too; but he left salvation in the physical realm unaccomplished and accomplished salvation only in the spiritual realm. Since we are with him, it means we have realized salvation only in the spiritual realm.

By the crucifixion Jesus lost his base in the physical world -- his physical body. So the purpose of Christianity is also to restore that lost physical body of Jesus. But Christianity cannot realize this goal without restoring the land, the people and the sovereignty. Christians have to stand in the position where they can fulfill the providence of sacrifice on the levels of society, nation and world. In other words, Christians have to resolve to offer themselves as sacrifices.

After Jesus' crucifixion and glorious resurrection, the Christian church spread throughout Asia Minor. The principal thrust was toward Rome. Rome was the target because at that time Rome was "the world." For the world to be saved Rome had to be conquered by the army of Jesus Christ. But this was an impossible battle, an inconceivable goal. The Roman Empire appeared as an impregnable fortress not subject to conquest. Jesus' army was barehanded. They used no weapons, neither swords nor spears. They were armed only with their love of God and Jesus Christ. They marched fearlessly onward, in conviction and strength. They paid the price in blood and sacrifice.

There can be no stronger army than the one which does not fear death. No enemy is invincible against an army of faith. History is witness to the deeds of that army of Jesus. The Roman Empire fell at last, and Jesus conquered Rome. Roman Catholicism became the center of God's dispensation for world salvation. The Pope was in the position to become God's champion.

However, in the Middle Ages, corruption appeared in the church, and Christianity declined in spirit. Medieval church officials often were interested in their own power, their own authority, and their own welfare. The church enjoyed formidable power both politically and economically. The hierarchy preserved this power, abused this power, and forgot about God's purpose. Church leaders clung tenaciously to their positions and ruthlessly persecuted their opponents. The hierarchy claimed lineage from Jesus' disciples, yet they could not rise above their own sins. The Christian spirit in many of these men was absolutely dead.

But God had to continue forward. He is never satisfied with less than a total response. In medieval times when there was much corruption in society, people like St. Francis denied everything and retreated from the world. Instead of pursuing worldly goals he was loyal to a vision that he must revitalize the spirit of the church. He started a movement to enable Christians to give up those things which enslaved them, and gave everything toward that goal. By overcoming worldly things he could greatly advance and also lead everyone who understood his goal. However, even the Franciscan Order became a dissent-ridden organization. The church needed more profound reform, so religious revolution came. Martin Luther sparked the Protestant Reformation, and significant reformers emerged within the Catholic ranks as well. Throughout Europe, righteous people determined to win liberation from the confinement of outmoded and abusive doctrines and practices. They wanted to worship God and Jesus, not the church as a worldly institution. The priesthood of all believers was the Protestant proclamation. Direct communication with God was their true desire. They helped God bring the world step by step closer to the ultimate goal.

Later in England, many people objected to and resisted the autocratic practices of the state church. There was an outcry for extensive reform of the Church of England. The Puritan movement began, and it quickly spread even amid persecution. These new seekers were a threat to the established church leaders, who used almost any means to suppress the new movement. Those who truly wanted freedom of worship soon had either to flee or to be imprisoned. Their spirit was strong, but they did not have enough power to resist the government at that time. They fled to Holland. And still they longed for some new world, some new heaven and new earth where they could find freedom to worship God.

America must have seemed attractive to those who were dreaming of a new world. Even though America was unknown territory, it promised them the freedom of worship they craved. The Pilgrims strongly desired to create a community of their own. America seemed an ideal place, so they made the courageous decision to venture there. They committed themselves to the treacherous journey across the Atlantic. They risked their very lives, finding strength in their faith, which was stronger than their desire for life itself.

Think of it: They had to give up their families, their relatives, their surroundings, and their country, and head toward an unknown land. Their only hope was in God. Every step they took they depended upon God. Their journey was long, and there were many storms. They prayed unceasingly to God. They had but one way to turn. They turned to God. When they were sick and dying on the voyage, they had no medicine to take, no doctor to care for them; they turned to God. Those Pilgrim men and women were one with God. And that is how they survived.

Put yourself in their position of total reliance on God. What a wonderful faith! I am sure that the faith of the Pilgrims touched the heart of God. And when God is moved He offers promises; and when He makes promises, He will fulfill them. God determined to give these faithful people the ultimate thing they wanted -- freedom of worship. He then determined to give them even more.

I am sure you know, as I have learned, that the Mayflower arrived at Plymouth Rock in New England almost in the dead of winter. November in New England is rather cold. The destiny of the newcomers could have been only starvation because there was so little food to eat. Given this fact, it really inspires me to learn about the store of grain in the hold of the Mayflower which they would not touch, even though they were starving to death. They preserved this grain for planting the next spring. This was truly a supreme example of sacrifice. They preferred to die hoping in tomorrow rather than to act in desperation for only a few more days of life.

The Pilgrims came to this land full of purpose and hope. They knew that this purpose of theirs was more important than preserving their own lives. Nothing could have given them this courage, this dedication, this sacrificial spirit except their faith in God. When they arrived at Plymouth Rock, the forty one men who had survived the voyage got together and organized their ideas for government. The resulting Mayflower Compact was signed, "In the Name of God, Amen." This is really a wonderful story. This little group of people left Europe with their hope set in God. They grew sick and died in God; they survived in God. They formed their first government and signed their official papers, "In the Name of God."

The story of the Pilgrims is a classic in God's history. It fits into the pattern of the righteous people of history, such as Abraham, Isaac, and Moses. These Pilgrims were the Abrahams of modern history. They therefore had to brave many hardships even after the Mayflower Compact was signed.

During the first winter in America, the population of the hardy Mayflower survivors was cut in half. Each day that winter brought a heartbreaking separation from loved ones. One by one these courageous pioneers died. Yet their life from morning to night, from dusk to dawn, was centered upon the will of God. God was their only comfort, their only hope and their only security. God was the principal Partner for them. Here was an example of such a rare and pure group of God's people. They demonstrated untiring faith, and God gave them power and courage. They never lost their trust in God and their vision of the future. Their purpose in coming to America was to build a commonwealth centered on God, to establish the land where God could dwell, where they could really share fellowship with each other and rejoice in fellowship with God. This was all in God's providence, because He needed a Christian nation to serve as His champion for the ultimate and permanent salvation of the world.

So another miracle came to the Pilgrims. When they were just barely surviving and their population had been halved, the native Americans could easily have wiped them out with one stroke. But again, God was a shield for them. The first group the Mayflower survivors encountered was not hostile. They in fact welcomed the settlers. How are we to interpret this? God intervened to save His people here in America. This is my belief. God wanted them to settle, and He gave the Pilgrims a chance.

As the population of the settlement grew, they ultimately pushed native peoples away to enlarge their own colony. Of course, this land did not belong to the new American people originally. The land already possessed inhabitants, and the Pilgrim settlers were invaders from that point of view. Why then did God give these settlers their great chance? Here is my interpretation: God sided with the settlers because it was in His plan. In addition, these Pilgrims met God's requirements and truly demonstrated an unwavering faith in God. God could not help but give them His promise and fulfill that promise.

America's existence was according to God's providence. God needed to build one powerful Christian nation on earth for His future work. After all, America belonged to God first, and only after that to the people who lived here. This is the only interpretation that can justify at all the position of the Pilgrim settlers. And it implies that if the American nation which came from the Pilgrims does not fulfill God's hope, great judgement will fall on behalf of the native Americans.

This continent was hidden away for a special purpose and was not discovered by European Christians until the appropriate hour. The people of God came at the appointed hour. They came to mold the new way of life. Their principal partner was God. At home, in caring for their children, in farming or cooking or building, they let God share their work. He was the only security they had. A farmer might dedicate his family and his farm to God, sealed with prayer around the hearth and in the fields. Their everyday life was lived in the name of God.

After the first spring visited them, they cleared the fields, planted, cultivated, and harvested the crop. And they attributed all their harvest to the grace of God. The beautiful tradition of Thanksgiving thus originated. Following the next severe winter, the first thing they built was a church. The first road they built was the road to the church. At night, at dawn, in the morning and at noontime, they prayed to God. I am sure they prayed, "God, we want to build a place for You which must be better than the Old World. We want to build a place where You can dwell and be master."

And they also had a vision that in the future this Christian nation would do more good for the rest of the world than any other country upon the face of the earth. I am sure that after their church they built a school. They wanted outstanding schools for their children, better than any schools existing in the Old World. And their homes came last. After they built these homes, they dedicated them to God. This is the legacy of your ancestors, I know. I can visualize early America as a beautiful America, because God was dwelling everywhere. In the school, in the church, in the kitchen, in the street -- in any assembly or market place, God was. dwelling.

I understand that in America you are approaching your nation's 200th birthday. Let us examine the people who led the independence movement in this country in 1776. Those freedom fighters were traitors in the eyes of the British Crown. But God could use these traitors as His instruments, as His people, and through them He conceived and built the best nation upon the face of the earth.

George Washington, Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, tasted the bitterness of defeat in many, many battles. When he finally faced the last heartbreaking winter at Valley Forge, he was serious. I am sure George Washington prayed like this: "God, it is You who led our people out of Europe and brought us over here to the New World; You don't want us to repeat the history of Europe. You liberated us and gave us freedom. You don't want to see the mistakes in Europe repeated in this land. Let me give you my pledge. I will build one nation under God." Thus George Washington made his battle God's battle, and therefore the victory won was a victory for God.

I know that this victory and the independence of America came because God accepted George Washington's prayer, along with the prayers of many other Americans. God knew that His champions would work for His new nation. But George Washington had nothing to work with, and the British army had everything -- power, authority, tradition, and equipment. They were proud of their military strength. The American Continental Army had no ammunition and few soldiers. George Washington finally had one weapon only: Faith in God. I believe that George Washington's position paralleled David's in his fight against the giant Goliath. David won his battle in the name of the Lord. George Washington won his battle in the name of God. They both let God vanquish their foe. Each of them put his whole heart, his whole being, his whole sacrificial spirit into the battle, and won.

It is a significant fact that throughout history, God's people could never be blessed on their own homeland. God moves them out of their homeland and settles them on foreign soil, and there they can become a people and a nation of God. True to this pattern, the American people journeyed in faith out of their homelands, came across the ocean to the New World, and here received God's blessing. God had a definite plan for America. He needed to have this nation prosper as one nation under God. With God, nothing is impossible. So out of the realm of impossibility the independence of America became a fact, and upon its foundation, great prosperity came.

The British army fought for their king. For them, the British Crown was supreme. The American army fought for their King. God was their only King, and He alone was supreme. The New World was pioneered in the name of God. America is called "the land of opportunity." Here is the soil on which people find opportunity in God.

The Christian tradition in America is a most beautiful thing for foreigners to behold when they come to this country. I learned that every day your Congress is convened in prayer. Your President is sworn into office by putting his hand on the Bible. One day I visited a small prayer room in your Capitol building. When your leaders have grave decisions to make, they come to this place, kneel humbly before God and ask His help. There is a stained glass window depicting George Washington on his knees in prayer. Here I saw the true greatness of America. From the highest echelons of Congress way down to the rustic customs of the countryside, evidence of dependence upon God can be seen everywhere in America.

In this respect America is a unique nation. Even your money, the bills and coins, are impressed with such a beautiful inscription, "in God We Trust." No other nation does such a thing. Then whose money is it, your money? Is it American money? No, it is God's money. Every bill or coin says so. You are the stewards, and God has deposited His wealth in your hands. Yes, this nation is not the American nation, it is God's nation. And such a nation exists for the entire world, not just for America herself Yes, America was formed as a new nation, a new Christian nation under a new tradition. The shackles of old traditions fell away in America. You must want to build upon this foundation a new nation under God.

God's purpose is the salvation of the world and all humankind. Today in America, therefore, you must not think that you have such wealth because you yourselves are great. We must humbly realize that the blessing of God came to America with the purpose of making it possible for God to use this nation as His instrument in saving the world. If America betrays God, where can God go? If America rejects God, where can God go to fulfill His aim? Do you want to let him try to go to the Communist world? To underdeveloped countries? God wants to have America as His base, America as His champion. And America was begun in the sacrificial spirit pursuing God's purpose. America must consummate her history in the same sacrificial spirit for God's purpose. Then America will endure forever!

Let me compare two striking examples. The people who came to America -- to North America -- came seeking God and freedom of worship. The dominant motive of the first settlers was God. When they came for God, they not only found God, but they also found freedom and wealth. At the same time many people went to South America. Their dominant motivation was to find gold. South America is a fertile land, no less than the North American continent. But when the colonists' motivation was gold, they could find neither gold, nor God, nor freedom. And the South American countries remain relatively underdeveloped nations.

The United States of America is the miracle of modern history. You have built the most powerful nation in history in a short time. Was this miracle possible only because you worked hard? Certainly you did work hard. However, hard work is not explanation enough. If God had not been the principal Partner, creating today's America would have been impossible. God played a prime role in American history, and this He wants America to know.

Then what has made America prosperous like this? What made it so? That was the Christian ideology. Without the Christian ideology you could not have united, transcending European national origins, and even the fifty states, you know, could not have accepted the federal government.

Then without Christian ideology there would have been rupture and you would have created the second Europe. Like the old world, there would have been disharmony. Before your ancestors came to this continent, there had been, in Europe, international disharmony, religious rupture, and persecution of Christian people. That's what made your ancestors flee from their own countries to settle on this continent. And their way of life was to worship God in freedom.

The time has come for the American people to be awakened. Because of the noble beginning of this country, God sent His blessing and promise. The sacrificial devotion of your ancestors was the foundation for God's blessing. If you betray your ancestors, if you betray God, there is only one way for America to go. It will go to destruction. Since America was built on the pillars of faith in God, if God is moved out of American life, your nation will be without support. Your decline will be rapid.

In the Bible it says that it is more difficult for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to go to Heaven. In the same way, it is as difficult for a rich nation to go to Heaven. To realize the Kingdom of Heaven on earth through American people is just that difficult. It will be easier for a poor nation, such as in South America or Africa. The only way to overcome this problem would be for you Americans to throw off the effects of all your education and sophistication and give yourself up in sacrifice for the sake of others. With that, we can have hope for North Americans; but if you want to keep everything you have and try to follow God, it won't work. If you voluntarily take on a miserable situation, maybe there is hope for you. In fact, if you did that, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth could emerge very quickly.

When we look back through history we see that God used religion to teach people to be humble and forgiving. Christianity is distinguished from other religions in that the practice of Christian love is more advanced than any seen in history because it emphasizes forgiveness and sacrifice. Without this ideal of forgiveness and love, God could never save humankind.

When we look around the world, what religion is practicing forgiveness and love? Is Christianity now persevering, accepting and loving everything? No, most Christians have built walls around themselves, being concerned only for their own salvation. Many of today's Christians are forsaking the world and wanting to be isolated. What about God? Is He isolated from the misery of the world? Is He only concerned about a certain group of people? No, He is everywhere. Islam may be the second greatest religion in the world today but Muslims are acting the same as Christians in this matter. Many cherish their own believers and country, but do not care so much about other people and nations. Many Buddhists are the same; they never think about embracing Christians; they don't know how and they don't care. They don't go out to society and try to solve the problems of the world.

We reap as we sow. Today the world is divided into two major camps and a global struggle faces us. Why has this phenomenon occurred? History was sown in the time of Jesus. Jesus was the seed of history. His crucifixion was the sowing. There were two thieves crucified with Jesus, one on the right-hand side, and one on the left-hand side.

Since Jesus went into heaven through the cross, at the time of reaping he will return through the cross. The circumstances at the time of the crucifixion of Jesus form the pattern which will be repeated on the global scale at the time of his return. And that time is now.

Today, we are aware that Communism is a strong force in this world. The Communists say, "There is no God." And the democratic world or free world says, "God exists." Why do we call the democratic faction in politics "right," and the Communist faction "left"? Where did this terminology come from? There is an ultimate reason seen from the providential perspective we have been pursuing. This terminology was determined at the time of Jesus' crucifixion. The thief crucified on Jesus' right side foreshadowed the democratic world, and the thief crucified on Jesus' left side represented the Communist world.

The thief on the left side condemned Jesus even on the cross, saying, "Are you not the Christ? Save yourself and us!" (Luke 23:39) He was saying: If you really were the Son of God, you would come down and save yourself and save me. Jesus was silent. He did not answer the man. There was also a defender of Jesus, the thief on the right. He said to the thief on the left, "Do you not fear God, since you are under the same sentence of condemnation? And we indeed justly; for we are receiving the due reward of our deeds; but this man has done nothing wrong." (Luke 23:40-41)

What faith was shown by this man on the right-hand side of the cross! He forgot his own death and defended Jesus. What a noble deed. And Jesus responded: "Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise." (Luke 23:43)

At that moment the seed was sown by the left-hand side thief that the God-denying world would come into being: the Communist world of today is such a world. And the seed for the existence of a God-fearing world was sown by the thief on the right-hand side. The free world is in the position of the right-hand side thief. And America is the center of those God-fearing free world nations. America has been chosen as the defender of God, whereas Communism says to the world, "There is no God."

The Renaissance began the trend of human thinking which in effect kicked God out of the universe; human beings wanted to feel that they didn't need God. Now five hundred years later we can see that from Satan's point of view that trend was very successful in chasing God out of the world. Today people are trying to oust religion altogether. Those people who believed in God used to have great dignity, but now they are the object of ridicule and derision. Things are totally upside down. Christianity has been backed into a corner by the ungodly ideology of communism, which sneers, "Show me God and then I will believe." But Christians have no way to show God because they are not sure themselves.

Communists are completely confident they can take over churches and use them as their tools. They are distributing money to their members who are to become faithful church attendees. They appear to be absolutely devout Christians and give lots of money to the church and through this they may control the pastor, the church administration and sometimes actually infiltrate as pastors themselves. These young people revealed that many communist priests, pastors and ministers have already infiltrated into various church hierarchies.

Communists are promoting Christianity because one day they want to utilize Christianity to set up a revolution. The churches have the kind of atmosphere that allows them to become instruments for an ultimate communist takeover. This is what is happening today. In Korea there are many Christians who maintain a policy which helps Communists. In the name of Christianity and human rights, they are trying to tear down the anti-Communist posture and discredit such leadership. These priests are proclaiming that Jesus Christ was the first communist because he blessed the poor and chastised the rich. The Communists are wolves in sheep's clothing.

One day Communists will use Christian churches as their bases of operation. This is the reality happening right now in America. A principal Communist tactic is division. They set up division everywhere; when they infiltrate Christianity they will make division between Judaism and Christianity. Communists now are uniting Judaism and Christianity, both Protestant and Catholic, to oppose the Unification Church. When this plan has succeeded they will move to the next step, and after dividing Judaism and Christianity they will pit them against each other.

The Christian churches thus have become a stage for some who don't even believe in God. The confusion evidenced by the "God is dead" theology has entered the mainstream of Christianity. Christians who follow such leaders are greatly confused now, and turn to God, asking, "Where are You, God? Answer me. I am helpless." But there seems to be no answer. Meanwhile the God-denying people appear to be showing a great deal of confidence and enthusiasm, talking about utopia and heaven on earth.

The tug of war that started with Cain and Abel has today expanded to the worldwide level. God is pulling His world and Satan is pulling his world; God is pulling Abel and Satan is pulling Cain. The dispensation of Cain and Abel is for the younger to achieve the position of the elder, and the elder to take the position of the younger. This process of restoring the birthright must be fulfilled from the individual scale up by stages to the worldwide scale. God has been winning through heavenly struggle, slowly fitting things back into their original order. Through the process of reversal God started His work at the far end, bringing everything back to its consummation at the center.

The religious world of today is in the position of Abel, the younger brother, while the non-religious world is in Cain's position. Cain will always seek to persecute Abel, and throughout history the religious world has always been persecuted. Cain always claims that Abel must submit to him. Always the satanic world takes the initiative to suppress the religious world, and always there is struggle.

It is America's position to say to the Communists, "What are you talking about? God exists. God dwells right here, with us." Is America taking this position? No! Today's America is quickly turning self-centered and away from God. America doesn't seem to care about the rest of the world. But you must give America to the rest of the world as a champion of God. When America helped others, sent out missionaries and more aid to starving people, she enjoyed her golden age. Confrontation with Communism could be done from a position of strength at that time.

But today America is retreating. It is not just an accident that great tragedy is constantly striking America and the world, such as the assassinations of President Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, and the sudden deaths of Secretary -- General Hammarskjold of the United Nations and Pope John XXIII, all in the same decade. The spirit of America has declined since then. Unless this nation, unless the leadership of this nation, lives up to the mission ordained by God, many troubles will plague you. God is beginning to leave America. This is God's warning.

In our time, all Christians should be world champions, destined to fulfill for God the role of the right-hand side thief. Christians must rise and be willing to struggle for the salvation of the world. But Christians today are too busy perfecting their separate denominations and church interests. We must unite with the coming of the Lord. The end of the world signifies that the time of the arrival of the Lord of the Second Advent is near. He must have a base somewhere, some foundation prepared upon which he can begin to fulfill his mission. God knew that the second Messiah would need a new environment. For that purpose God worked for 2,000 years to set up one landmark achievement, the creation of democracy. Here in America you have a democracy which upholds rights guaranteed by the Constitution, including the rights of free speech, assembly and freedom of religious belief. That was God's most important preparation for the coming of the Messiah. If this nation did not guarantee religious rights, could I freely preach like this? Would I be safe in this country? Even with its democracy there has been some religious martyrdom in America. America is meant to be that base for God's will to progress today, but America is deeply troubled.

Christians today are still a minority in the world. Are they respected by the rest of the population? Christians have become arrogant, feeling that they are especially privileged people of God and the rest of the world is doomed to die. Many Christians believe that when Jesus comes again they will be lifted up to meet the Lord in the air while the rest of the world is consumed in the fire of judgement. How can the rest of the world admire people like that?

When I first came to America, I went to New York and stood on Fifth Avenue during the rush hour. Suddenly tears began pouring down my face. I looked at the wonder of the Empire State Building and the magnificence of the new Trade Center -- the tallest buildings in the world. But I asked myself, "Does God dwell in those buildings?"

New York is becoming more and more a city without God. It is a city of crime. Such a beautiful city is now crumbling. I can see so much immorality and so many signs of godlessness in that city. It was shocking to my eyes as I stood watching during that rush hour. I could see so many things at once that are all intolerable in the sight of God.

I asked God, "Is this the purpose for which you blessed America?" I know God wants to see His spirit prevail in those great buildings. In those beautiful automobiles He wants to see young people strong in their enthusiasm for God and the love of others. It doesn't take the Empire State Building to glorify God; it doesn't take a new automobile to glorify God. Even if you have only a rock as your altar, when you pour out your hope and your tears upon it for the service of God, God is with you. I can really see that God is leaving the great city of New York. New York is instead becoming the city of evil.

America has been known as the "melting pot" where people of all colors, creeds, and nationalities are melted into one new breed. In order to melt anything, heat is required. Do you know who provided the heat for America? God was that heat. Without God, you could never have melted your people together.

America could only achieve true brotherhood through the Christian spirit, but when you begin to lose this foundation, America's moral fiber will deteriorate. Today there are many signs of the decline of America. What about the American young people? What about your drug problems and your juvenile crime problems? In the time of Jesus leprosy was a great problem; drugs are the leprosy of America today. Young people are being corrupted by the use of LSD, heroin, and other drugs. Red China manufactures opium for export to other countries. They smuggled drugs into Vietnam, where American soldiers were fighting against Viet Cong. When the soldiers were discharged, they brought back drugs. Sold in the United States, the heroin earned ten times what they paid for it. In the past, England exported opium to China and India to corrupt their youth. Now, Red China is using the same strategy to corrupt Western youth, and Western youth show no resistance.

If you become a drug user, however hard you may struggle you cannot get rid of the habit. You need money for your habit. You'll do anything to get the money. America loses billions of dollars a year through its drug problem. The other day I learned that 92 percent of the American Unification Church members had been drug users before they joined our movement. We can imagine that almost all young people use drugs. In Germany the Nazis killed six million Jewish people. But young people are being killed in larger quantities by drugs. If we let it go on as it is, it will spread out to every person, it will corrupt the whole nation. The Communists working underground in this nation, are they using drugs? No, they forbid their youth to use drugs. It is their weapon to use drugs to corrupt the young people of the free world.

What about the breakdown of your families? I hear that one out of every two marriages in America end in divorce. The California state government is issuing more divorce certificates than marriage licenses. What about the glut of pornography littering your society? Some twenty five thousand children disappear or are abandoned every year in America. Many come to brutal ends to satisfy the appetites of child pornographers, for the sake of lust and money. The tone of your national entertainment media reflects this rapid disappearance of moral sense from America.

American society has degenerated to such an extent that it is making Sodom and Gomorrah look trivial. The "gay liberation" movement is gaining tremendous momentum, but that is virtually a tool of Satan by which he seeks to destroy the most precious, fundamental values of God. The gay movement seeks to justify itself through gaining legal, political and ultimately moral power, but this is disgusting in the sight of God.

The word, "sin," refers to violation of the law of the love of God. God abhors sin, and the misuse of love is the crime God abhors the most. Ultimately the law and love of God will prevail. Therefore, whoever indulges in unprincipled love can only perish. America today is no exception to this rule; it must not violate the law of the love of God or it too will be destroyed. It was because of an unchaste relationship of love that the fall occurred. We can say that the last days predicted by the Bible will be the time when selfish, individualistic love reaches its perfection. In such a world, anything other than individualistic love is scorned. There is no room for the love of country, love of humanity, and certainly no room for the love of God.

Such a trend began in the adult world but it has now come down to the realm of teenagers. That is why we have the so-called "me generation." You can see that this is happening in today's society; thus you know that we have come to the end of this world. There is virtually no way of controlling the promiscuous immorality of many of today's young people. Parents cannot control them; teachers are powerless, and society cannot do anything either. Certainly the nation and world have no power to control them.

Satan's ultimate goal is to destroy any ideal form of love while God is working to lead humankind toward the ideal, wholesome form of love. Those who are the most susceptible to Satan's temptations are Americans. The U.S.A. is the central nation for the Christian culture, yet at the same time this nation has become morally degraded, particularly in love.

What about racial problems? If we really love the world, can there be segregation between white and yellow and black? There is no question but that this is impossible. Thus, in the sight of God America must be ashamed. That there is a problem in this country between white and black shows that Christianity has been a failure in this country, where we find white-oriented churches and black-oriented churches. When the new universal age comes, a nation pursuing a racist course will be a failure. And what about the persistent problems of poverty in the world's wealthiest nation? Why are all these problems occurring? These are signs that God is leaving America. I can read the sign which says, "God is leaving America now!" If this trend continues, in a very short time God will be with you no longer. God is leaving America's homes. God is leaving your culture. God is leaving your schools. God is leaving your churches. God is leaving America. There are many signs of atheism in this once God-centered nation: There have been many laws enacted that only a godless society could accept. There was a time when prayer was America's daily diet. Today you hear prayers in American schools no longer.

The reason why Americanism will never succeed is that the basic attitude here is humanism and pragmatism. Pragmatism is being very destructive because it is interested only in bringing some kind of profit to a situation, and that profit is more often centered upon material than spiritual values. This is the core problem with America today. Neither humanism nor pragmatism can help America find God's will.

I know that if I expected secular America to understand these things, I would be too naive. This culture is saturated with humanism and pragmatism and it has known virtually no other way of thinking. Naturally I will be denounced by this culture. Americans want to hear something nice about their country, but I cannot say it. I don't care whether they hate me or not -- I must tell the truth. If you want to hear good words then you must live up to them.

You may want to ask, "Who are you to say these things to the American people?" Then please tell me who is taking responsibility for this country. The future of America depends upon the young people, and the churches and national institutions are failing to inspire American youth in a righteous way. We need a spiritual revolution in America. A revolution of heart must come to America.

Individualism must be tied into God-centered ideology. Who is going to do this? Who is going to kindle the hearts of American youth? Will the President do this? Will wealthy American businessmen do this? Will American churches do this?

God does not even want to look at Satan's world; Christianity, however, without knowing God's strict standard of love, is for the most part degenerating into an institution for social functions, dancing and drinking, easily accepting the rapidly declining standards of love. America needs to repent. Famous theologians, scholars, ministers, and all Americans must repent together. Recently my wife and I received some philosophers and theologians at East Garden. One Harvard Ph.D. said to me, "I am a Moonie. What can I do for you?" He may have expected me to say he was a scholar and to send him traveling to speak and receive glory, but I told him to be a lightning rod and receive more persecution than Jesus received, for the sake of the young people of this nation, even if he should falter and die. I told him if he did that then people would heap unending honors upon his tomb. Was that a cruel statement or a great blessing?

We must restore God-centered morality or else America is destined to collapse. The Roman Empire collapsed from within, of its own moral corruption, not from outside attack or infiltration. America is in far worse shape than the Roman Empire was because there is no tradition left in this nation. Once the moral center is removed from America it will collapse and no trace of it will be left. America is a predominantly Christian nation yet most people in this nation don't know where they are. They are not sure about democracy or about their religion, and they are not sure about the future. Usually, when the young people within a society are in a state of confusion the older people can guide them from the standpoint of tradition. But this is no longer the case. Older people are equally as confused as the young people.

I know that God sent me here to America. I did not come here for the luxurious life in America. Not at all! I came to America not for my own purposes, but because God sent me. For 6,000 years God has been working to build this nation. The future of the entire world hinges on America. God has a very great stake in America. Somebody must come to America and stop God from leaving.

My followers in Korea bade me farewell in tears. I know there are still many things to do in Korea. But working with only Korea would delay world salvation. America must be God's champion. I know clearly that the will of God is centered upon America. I came from Korea, I gave up my surroundings, just as many people have in the history of God's providence. I did not come to this country to make money. When I came to America, I committed my fortune, my family, and my entire life to America. I came to a new country where I can serve the will of God.

If in the midst of decline in the Christian world there sprouts up one group which thinks dearly of the love relationship between humankind and God and would be ready to sacrifice themselves for the salvation of humankind, that's the religion God would be using as His instrument. Seen from God's point of view, too, God would want a group of Christians who would set the goal of higher dimension where they teach divine love in life. If that kind of group is found, the Christian world will never perish, but there will be reanimation and revitalization, bringing it back to life.

Many Christians always talk about being saved so that they can have their little niche in heaven. Too many of them don't care about the world or about loving people. They don't want to waste their energy on the world. But heaven is not a place. Heaven is love. Unless you perfect your love, and unless you possess God's ideal and practice it on earth, don't talk about heaven. Is there corruption in the Christian world in America? Are people glad over the fact or sad? Most people feel freedom, and they leave the church and then they feel as though they are liberated. It's a sign of peril coming to the United States. Unless there come together people who will do something to change America and the world, there's no hope for the world to be changed or saved. In other words, we need a stronger Christian group with a stronger ideology, because all other ways have been proven to be failures. If, maybe, black people emerge with a stronger leadership than others, we must be able to follow them. You must follow the leadership and you must realize the bitter fact that the desire of the Communist world or the satanic world in general is to destroy this world of religion, the world in which people believe in God. So the first target for the satanic power is Christianity, and their final target within Christianity is the family, which is the core of divine love.

Where do you think Christianity has been ruined? Right here in America. It has become apathetic and compromised itself and you cannot avoid judgement for that. America is the nation that reduced Christianity to a trivial religion. There are hundreds of millions of Christians around the world and millions in America alone. All of those people could easily save America, yet they have allowed this nation to be influenced by communism and become degraded morally, remaining totally selfish. They should feel so ashamed about this that they cannot lift up their faces. Jesus taught that Christians should take up the cross.

The United States has been prepared by God as the foundation for God's will. The rich natural resources of this country, as I see it, do not belong first to American citizens -- they belong first to God, and they are placed here for God's will to be done. Because the founding ideology of this nation is Christianity, and Christianity is the foundation to inherit God's heart, God blessed this nation centering on Christian people. It was not only so the people of the United States could enjoy wealth that God blessed them. It was to unite the people of the world into one in God's love, through exchanging material goods as expressions of love. If this powerful nation should lose God's love, God's abundant material blessing will be taken away and given to the nation whose people are receiving God's love.

As I walk on the streets, I see many churches standing high as the symbols of God's love and Christianity. We must love this nation now more than Christians have in the past, and develop Christian culture into a world culture of higher dimension. This great ideology of democracy should be used for the whole world, but the United States is using it for the scope of Americans alone. We must help the world to be a better place in which to live, and not neglect our responsibility, as Americans are now doing.

The fundamental spirit of Christianity is to live for other people. Christianity is for the sake of the nation, something bigger than Christianity itself. If Christianity centers on itself and works for the prosperity of its own self, then it is doomed to decline. God sees Christianity as existing for the future generations and for the whole. God does not take Christianity as the most important thing, but by using Christianity as the sacrifice, He wants to save the whole world. God set up Christianity in order to save all humanity. But Christians have been living self-centered lives, and this is the sign of the decline of Christianity.

We must be humble. We must initiate from this moment the most crucial movement that could be possible, the movement to bring God back home. All of your pride, your wealth, your cars and your great cities are like dust without God. We must bring God back home. In your homes, your churches, your schools and your national life, our work for God's purpose must begin. Let's bring God back, and make God's presence in America a living reality.

I have initiated a new youth movement for the salvation of America. This is a new Pilgrim movement. Does it seem strange that a man from Korea is initiating an American youth movement for God? When you have a sick member of your family, a doctor comes from outside of your house. When your house is on fire, the fire fighters come from outside. God has a strange way of fulfilling His purpose. If there is no one in America meeting your needs, there is no reason why someone from outside cannot fulfill that role. America belongs to those who love her most.

The mere number of the Christian population in America is not impressive. You cannot impress God with numbers, but only with fervent faith. The standard is the quality of Abraham's faith. How many Christians in America are really crying out with fervor for God? How many American Christians feel that God's work is their own work? How many people put God first? How many are ready to die for God?

Somebody must begin, and begin now. Even under persecution somebody must begin. Someone must give him or herself up for the purpose of God and bring God back home. America is a Christian nation, but present-day Christianity cannot eradicate all the evil, so the established Christianity cannot finally overcome the problems; it is powerless. Indeed, it has been within Christian culture that the problems have spread so virulently. A new power, growing up within Christianity, must emerge to do the job. We must have our churches filled with fiery faith; we must create new homes where our families can be really happy, and we must finally create a new society, a new spiritual nation where God can dwell. America must go beyond America! This is the only way for this country to survive. Don't ever worry about your own heaven, but worry about bringing down the Kingdom of God to your society and to this world. If you are like that, when you say to God, "I don't want to go to the Kingdom of Heaven," God will chase after you and personally install you in the highest position in His Kingdom.

The true Christians are those who are willing to sacrifice themselves, their own church and their denomination for the fulfillment of the will of God for world salvation.

A true Christian could not pray for God's help and blessing for only his or her family. After knowing the truth of God's situation we can only pray, "God, I am ready to be Your sacrifice. Use me as Your instrument; fulfill Your will for world salvation through me. If necessary please sacrifice my family, church and nation." Such people will create the Kingdom of God.

Those who pray only for their own chunk of God's blessing will end up in hell. If God's concern is world salvation, do you think He would Support the person who was interested only in himself, his family and his church, or would He side with the people who were most involved in world salvation?

Put yourself in God's position for a moment and look at the American churches. Not only are there a great many churches, but they are pursuing very different purposes and goals. White people organize together, black people organize their churches and yellow people organize their churches. Do you think this is a very beautiful thing for God to behold? Absolutely not! If any Christian leader would call for the people to unite with other races then he or she could be considered a true Christian leader among the people.

I know this clearly: This is the will of God. Therefore, I have come to America, where I become one voice crying in the wilderness of the 20th century. After World War II, the United States was supposed to be centered upon God and have an awareness that the world was moving toward the "great and terrible day of the Lord." There should have been a prevalent attitude within this country that the greatest thing was to love the world, to serve God, and to go beyond loving oneself or even one's own nation. People should have felt the inspiration to be pioneers for the great era that was soon to come. That was the vision that the United States was supposed to propagate in the world. If such an awakening had happened after World War II, the current tragic situation in America would never have occurred.

What has happened? The U.S. did not see such a vision.

For forty years, this country has been moving down the path of self-indulgence and fun. Drugs have infiltrated the whole country; young people have been corrupted and turned more and more toward delinquency; free sex has become a way of life. But this has not been contained only within the United States. This country is the leader of the free world, so it has affected the world in a bad way. As Americans try to make light of everything, wanting only to have fun in life, such an attitude has spread around the world.

People commonly say there is much freedom in America, but is there true freedom here? Here in America people talk about peace and freedom and unity, but there is no real peace and freedom here. Freedom is a fashionable word, but when you dig down to the bottom of it, people really are talking about selfishness. Today the Western world is degraded because of the abuse of freedom. True freedom comes under the law of love, with responsibility attached. Unless you as individuals live up to the law of the love of God, your destiny will be destruction. No one can violate that law and still flourish. The Bible says that if your arm or leg hinders you, cut it off. The Bible uses very severe language in matters of sin; there is no way around it. This is exactly what Jesus meant when he said, "If you want to lose your life, you preserve your life; and if you want to gain your life, you will lose it." He wanted to revolutionize the world in which people were so self-centered as to think only of themselves without minding other people. Nobody likes self-centered, arrogant people. If one is so humble as to exalt others, he or she is liked by everybody. We must be able to revolutionize the idea of individualism into altruism. This is the most important thing.

You have all undoubtedly encountered Unification Church people, whether on the streets or in your churches or neighborhoods. They probably seem to be so aggressive and ambitious; you may be tired of them, I am sure. But put yourself in these people's positions. Why are they doing this? Does it bring them any material profit? Eighty-five percent of the young people in our movement are college graduates. They are capable of earning tens of thousands of dollars a year, but instead they are working in church missions and living very sacrificial lives. Their hearts are compassionate. They have one purpose: They want to save America. They want to bring God back to America and they know that by serving the world they can save America.

These young people are working to rekindle America's spirit. America has a great tradition. All you have to do is revive it. We need a new movement of Pilgrims with a new vision. This is inevitable, because God left no alternative for America. You have no other direction to turn. The new Pilgrim movement has come -- not for America alone, but for the world. In other words, the movement for world salvation must begin in this country. America is the base and when America fulfills her mission you will be eternally blessed.

This is God's hope for America. This is God's ardent hope for you. There is nowhere else to turn. When you bring God back into your home, your home will be secure. Your juvenile delinquency problem will be solved. There is no good answer to the racial problem except God. Communism will be no threat when God is made real. God will increase your wealth. This is the one way that America can save herself.

It is my deep desire, from my heart, that America will see the glorious day of renewal.

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