God's Will and the World


T he Reverend Sun Myung Moon is a man with a burning desire to communicate the word of God. Thus, throughout his life he has spoken at every opportunity, like an overflowing spring, about God — His heart, His will, His history of anguish — and about what men and women must do to help their Heavenly Father inaugurate a world of love. He has given deep talks not just at formal public gatherings but in virtually every conceivable situation — over the breakfast table, while traveling in an automobile, at the gunwale of a fishing boat.

During his 40 years of public ministry, in fact, Reverend Moon has shared so much that by this time he has probably set a historical record worldwide for volume of information communicated. The Unification Church in Korea, for example, is planning to publish a set of 200 volumes of his recorded speeches.

The 38 discourses in this book were carefully chosen by Reverend Moon — while serving a grossly unjust sentence in federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut — to convey the quintessence of the Unification movement's teaching on God's will and heart. They also are particularly relevant to understanding the present providential era and the mission, significance and heart of Reverend Moon himself.

How does Reverend Moon view God? Unlike many people today, he does not see God as merely a human concept or phenomenon. God is a living God who is actively a part of our lives, and the affairs of the world cannot be considered without taking His presence into account.

Through study of the Bible and through his personal prayer and revelation, Reverend Moon came to realize that not only is God a real Father, but his heart is filled with intense pain because we have often not understood His situation and have acted in ways that brought suffering to ourselves and others. In other words, God is truly our Parent who loves all human beings as His children. He suffers with our hardships, rejoices with our deeds of goodness, and unceasingly guides our growth toward the full potential of the divine image. Since the day he discovered that God's heart grieves over the miserable situation of this world, Reverend Moon has prayed in tears. If you ever have a chance to hear him pray, though you may not understand the Korean words, you would surely perceive the depth of his communication with God.

Today, Christianity is divided into countless sects and denominations, each with its distinctive doctrines and rites. But how many Christians are fervently seeking after the will of God at this critical time? Jesus was desperate to accomplish God's will, because he knew God's suffering and His seriousness to rescue His lost children from the satanic realm. Motivated by love and compassion, Christ devoted himself completely to the task of building the Kingdom of Heaven.

With a heart still burdened with sorrow over the suffering of God's children, Jesus appeared to Reverend Moon many years ago while he was deep in prayer and asked him to take responsibility for God's will in the present age. Knowing that the ways of God are not the ways of the world, Reverend Moon accepted this call feeling that he could expect to meet with misunderstanding and persecution. Therefore, he is not motivated by a desire to please society, but only to proclaim God's will and heart.

Reverend Moon is an exuberant speaker. Whether addressing members at formal religious services, church administrative meetings, birthday celebrations, or even around a campfire, his speaking has a great flowing power, ranging over the broadest scope of human and divine experience. It is not uncommon for his sermons to begin early in the morning and last throughout the day. His talks are always characterized by a great deal of give and take with his audience, sometimes sharing delightful humor, other times a profound seriousness and repentance, always a great vision and ideal.

In talking to members, he seeks to inspire deep faith and religious dedication and help them persevere in the midst of trials. The speeches in this collection were given in a variety of contexts, as will be evident from the text. Some were spoken during evangelistic campaigns, others on anniversaries o f significant church accomplishments. Still others were addressed to newly engaged couples. These messages were all given in Korean or Japanese. For those delivered in the United States and Europe, Reverend Moon spoke in Korean with an interpreter at his side translating his words into English.

Beyond the challenge his message presents to conventional thought, proper comprehension of these words, removed from their source as they are by interpreter, translator, two or three editors, and probably a lot of atmosphere, requires something special. Throughout the talks printed here, Reverend Moon often refers to that special element: a pure and open heart and a discerning mind, both guided and protected by sincere prayer.

Please bear in mind that there may be some error due to the difficulties of translating spiritual concepts. However, I would like to express my appreciation to the translating and editing team that prepared these speeches for inclusion in this volume and to all who assisted in the considerable task of its rapid production.

May God grant you the inspiration in reading and reflecting upon this book that He has granted us in its preparation.

New York, New York

July 1985,
Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak
Director of International Education
Unification Church