God's Will and the World

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The Ideal Spouse

February 4, 1969
Tokyo, Japan

T he search for the ideal spouse has been a problem throughout history, Not only in today's world, but also in future history, it is and will be important. To begin with, let's think of what the absolute standard of an ideal spouse is.

Is it natural for a beautiful woman to be linked with a handsome man? Actually, it isn't. According to the Principle, marriage should be a vital part of the process of restoration. Since the true spouse, or husband and wife relationship that God intended, was lost, the world has become such a troublesome one. How can we restore it?

A man would welcome having a woman with whom he could be happy. Likewise, a woman would like to have a man with whom she could rejoice. In addition, their relationship should be one in which God and all things could find happiness. All the environment, all the existing things, would become excited to see such a couple, and would naturally respond to them, Birds would sing to the couple and butterflies would fly joyfully around them. In this phenomenal world, God rejoices, man rejoices, and all things rejoice — down to the smallest insects. If our ancestry had started from this position, we would have had an ideal world.

A girl has an image of a boy whom God loves, and a boy has the image of a girl who is also beloved of God. When they praise or uplift each other. God also rejoices and all things rejoice. The standard of joyfulness depends upon whether they can embrace each other in heart and have the kind of value in which heaven and each together can rejoice. A man and woman who embrace each other are themselves the place where the universe can unite, and are God's ideal image. This was God's hope for the original world of creation.

However, because of the fall, the first man and woman cut their relationship with God and with all things. They came to have a self- centered attitude about love, to embrace each other and have a relationship as they wished without the blessing of God. Anyone who thinks this way, even today, is actually trapped in Satan's territory and is controlled by the power of Satan. You must understand this.

This problem is especially noticeable in Japan, which has now become more Westernized. There are many young people among the members here, so you must understand the reality of restoration through life in our group, where we live as brothers and sisters. You must hang on firmly to your purity.

The reason why God's will was not accomplished was because of the fall between man and woman, Therefore, a man by himself cannot correct or restore history to follow God's will. A man and a woman must cooperate and work together for God's will, and from that point we can deal with social and national problems as an issue of restoration. Without this cooperation, we cannot restore either the nation world or cosmos, This is our conclusion. Only a man and woman who take responsibility for true cooperation and accomplish it faithfully can form a relationship with each other through God's love. Until now, this has only been a hope in God's mind.

The fall took place in the intermediate stage of growth. The beginning of the fallen world is the result of Adam and Eve embracing each other under the control of the archangel's love. The history of the world, which has been passing through a long process of restoration, has become the history of agony. We must restore it.

The absolute standard of love

W ho is the owner of love? Who is the host of love? Speaking from a man's position, there is no love without a woman. And a woman would say love isn't possible without a man. But this is a reciprocal relationship that cannot by itself be an absolute standard of love. Without God a reciprocal relationship cannot be ideal.

The owner of love, the host of love who is standing in the absolute position, is God. Anyone who steals this Godly love without following God's will is a thief. Such a person is a criminal like those who violated the Garden of Eden. You must understand this.

The human race, which has inherited the blood lineage of ancestors who fell, has entered into the period when it must reap the fruits of the seeds that it once sowed. Look at the way young people have come to be promiscuous without hesitation. In Japan, as well, there are many young people who behave this way; some of them are not even 20 years old, This symbolizes that the time of autumn is coming, when we have to harvest on the world level the seeds that were sown, When this time comes, God will be declared non-existent unless there emerges someone who can establish a new man-woman relationship, an ideal reciprocal relationship, It is an incredible gospel for the world that someone who can establish the foundation for ideal spouses has appeared at one corner of the earth and has become a sensation. This is the good news over which God rejoices.

You women of the Unification Church should not let just some man off the street grab your heart, which you have been cultivating so carefully. Don't be misled. Truly speaking, if your faith has deepened, and if you have had some spiritual experiences, you cannot act carelessly. Love comes from God, and to build unprincipled relationships without God's approval is satanic. To push God aside and to love each other — this is the satanic world.

If there are some who have been longing for each other, they must repent from the time they heard this speech, Our ancestors sinned and brought terrible consequences upon the world. Therefore, if you marry someone of your own choice, apart from God, you will, far from bring regarded as good ancestors later on, bring about further damage. It is never permissible to love each other in such a situation, You must put everything into God's hands. If you enter a marriage, you must be able to make love with God at the center and seeing His smiling face, Such a relationship is truly the joy of God. Originally, the act of love would not have been a shameful thing at ail, but the most precious and sacred experience. But man violated God's Principle, and history has viewed this relationship as an evil and sinful act that we should be ashamed of.

We must welcome True Parents on the earth in order to create a new history and become new ancestors; the original standard must start from True Parents. So the young people of the Unification Church, both in Japan and in the United States, are longing to see me. Are you the same?

I don't feel so good. Some of you new members have been doing many things, haven't you? You don't care whether you are writing love letters or dating. And you wink without any hesitation, just as if you were buying a pencil or something on the street. Should such a person receive the Blessing? I don't like that. According to the original standard of the Blessing, there could be no such terrible circumstances at all. Viewed from the Principle, you have no qualifications to be blessed. Therefore, as the descendants of fallen man, you must restore the original standard.

Because of the fall, God lost His children, His son and daughter who had received God's abundant love. Also, the relationship between man and woman (the husband and wife relationship centered upon God) was lost, and from the children's point of view, they lost the chance to experience having True Parents. By one action of the fall, three relationships were destroyed, Therefore, the point is how to indemnify these three types of heart at one time according to the principle of restoration through indemnity, and how to set a standard that God can accept. First of all, we must restore the standard that we love God as His true son and true daughter. Then at a certain age, after having passed through this process, we can become husband and wife centered upon God's love. Furthermore, we must have children of pure goodness, thus fulfilling the four position foundation that brings joy to God,

Consciousness as God's child

W hen you first join the Unification movement and begin a life of faith, the first point is to restore the consciousness that you are truly the son or daughter of God, as well as restoring the children's position centered upon God's love, Unless you feel in your heart that you are loved by God, and unless you re so proud of these great words of God as to be eager to declare so throughout the universe, you cannot stand tall as God's son or daughter, You must have an absolute confidence that comes by trusting completely in God's authority.

Do you have such a standard that you can charge forward to Satan's base with full confidence and authority as a heavenly son despite many obstacles? Do you have this standard or not? You must pass through the process by which you can subjugate Satan, who violated Adam and Eve. Otherwise, you cannot set the standard to be blessed. What's more, you cannot become heavenly children unless you have such a standard as to seek after Satan on the world level, or at least you are able to take responsibility on the national level for three countries. If we think about that point, it's not an easy task.

Fortunately, the ideal couple that mankind has sought has been established. God and all creation are now rejoicing over the advent of the True Parents of eternal value. However, countless people were sacrificed throughout the ages to lay the foundation for them to come. How precious is their value! When you become husband and wife, a wife must regard her husband as an embodiment of God. In this case, the wife would stand in the position of her husband's daughter. The husband should then raise her up, thus restoring the daughter's position, which God lost.

Through the fall, God lost three things. Therefore, the husband must restore one of them, namely, the position of God's daughter. From the wife's point of view, her husband is like her father. She must believe in him more than she does her own father, Through him she should find much greater value than she has ever experienced in her life. She cannot restore the ideal reciprocal standard that Satan destroyed unless she restores such a standard of heart. Secondly, a husband facing his wife must feel as if he were his wife's son. He should have a bubbling heart toward his wife, as if he were a child facing his own mother. And from his wife's side, she should find within herself a mother's heart toward her husband, loving him completely as if he were her own child,

Thirdly, you cannot set conditions for restoration unless you become totally one as husband and wife, having such a heart that you absolutely need each other day and night, and you cannot bear to spend even a day without your spouse.

The fall began with a woman. How old was she? Sixteen. She was underage. A woman forfeited the standard of parents whom God should trust. Strictly speaking, therefore, following the principle of restoration, a person who is supposed to become a true mother should not be older than 20. This is the Principle. Because of this reason, I welcomed my wife as a young person and loved her as if she were my daughter. From my side, my Holy Wedding had to be held before I passed the age of 40.

Then what period was the first seven years? It was the period when I raised Mother. I was supposed to educate Mother about heavenly family tradition and law. I did not do this in a careless way, but prayed about it so much every night before sleeping. Mother did not know it. In this way, I restored three things substantially: the daughter who was lost as a result of the fall, her reciprocal standards, and the standard of True Parents in front of God. This is the path that everyone should go as a fallen person.

You may decide to set some reciprocal standard by yourself, but you alone can never determine the heavenly, earthly and cosmic standard. The person who is qualified to set the standard of heaven is the Lord of the Second Advent, the Messiah. That standard is the very final point of liberation that all people have longed for throughout history. Therefore, when the person with that standard appears, those who are in touch with their original mind and have a pure spirit will be naturally attracted to him without explanation from the moment they meet him.

Three stages in the restoration of heart

L et me repeat, unless we restore these three positions heartistically, the standard of the Blessing is not achieved. Centering upon God there is the heart of parents looking down to the children, the heart of children looking up to their parents, and the reciprocal heart of husband and wife, who are confident to initiate these three points of heart, To just expect the Blessing itself violates God's Principle. Those of you who think you have achieved the heavenly standard, please raise your hand. In Japan, there is nobody qualified to be blessed.

In any situation, there is one thing to consider in your life of faith-indemnity. That is your opportunity to make an offering for the sake of your resurrection. Therefore, we must be grateful for any chance to make conditions of indemnity.

How can we set indemnity conditions? You will not understand unless you learn from me, If in the past Japan had had a person who wanted to understand the meaning of indemnity conditions and had bought that understanding in exchange for all of Japan, then he might already have unified the world. There could be no greater business deal than that in the whole world, Whether Japan will buy it now or not — this is the problem. We can see the same story in the Bible, Even if you gain the entire world, but lose your life, what good is it? You cannot buy your life back at any price. Therefore, we seek the answer, because we desire life, Love affairs are not permitted in our movement between men and women. Do you miss such an affair? [No!] Tell the truth! Do you miss it? [No!] You understand this point without being taught in detail because your original mind has been sharpened,

When you clearly understand these internal values, you feel tremendous regret for certain actions in your past, such as writing love letters with your own hands, because in doing so, your hands were moving according to Satan's desire to entice someone further from God, However many times you may cry, your tears will have no end. At the time, you never imagined the consequences of what you were doing with your body. It was stained by the dirty blood of Satan. In order to clean that out, you feel like cutting yourself open to let that impurity drain away. However, you cannot let yourself die in that way. Therefore, you need to make certain conditions to cleanse it. Hands and bodies used by Satan should be thrown out, How can you become recreated by God's love? Certainly, trying to maintain a dirty relationship is out of the question. Have you acquired this kind of heart yet?

In a sense, Eve would have become the future wife of God. This is because once Adam became one with God, and God's spirit dwelled within him, then Adam would be the embodiment of God Himself. Therefore, for God, his wife was violated by Satan. We have not subdued the one who hurt God. So God has been persevering with a hope to restore His ideal of creation in the midst of deep sorrow. When you think about that, you cannot just steal God's wife for your own sake and have children who do not care about Heavenly Father at all, But this is the reality of the fallen world today, and the current relationship between Satan and God. Viewed from that perspective, Satan is both our enemy and God's enemy. You are from the fallen world. Therefore, if you decide to go the path of restoration, it's better to finish it quickly, "whatever it takes, I want to reach the top." With such a burning desire you must be determined to find your original self.

Seek after God's heart

T hose who have fasted for one week, raise your hand. Anyone who has never experienced fasting cannot understand the feeling at three minutes to midnight on the seventh day, even if somebody explains it to him by writing hundreds of books. To write and explain the taste of honey is not the same as tasting it, therefore, if a person wants to believe in the path of the cross, it's better to so the path of the cross substantially, One who does not understand God's heart must put himself in a position to discover it. One should persevere through any hardship to seek after God's heart. The fact that we are the descendants of fallen man, whose heart is separated from God's heart, is intolerable to God. Furthermore, to create some theory centered upon man or to speak about some self-centered reciprocal standard, etc., is out of the question.

What we are taught in the Principle is the realm of the heart. Our standard of heart is beyond that of our ancestors in the fallen world. Therefore, if You commit the fall again after you understand it, your situation will be more dreadful than that of Satan, who fell at the perfection level of the growth stage. Even Satan will curse those who do so. Then how can they find salvation? You must understand that is a fearful fate. Committing the fall after understanding the Principle results in repeating fallen love in the presence of True Parents and Heavenly Father.

The fall of our ancestors took place at a time when the new history under True Parents and Heavenly Father had not begun yet. But to fall now when we are beyond the limited understanding of past history is far more serious; therefore, if you do so, you are worse than Satan. I'm sure this is the first time you have understood this issue clearly, isn't it? Therefore, women, especially women, must be very careful. Faithful women in the Unification Church are standing in the position of Eve before the fall. The purer your faith is, the more the men around you will come after you. These men want to see you so badly they cannot sleep — such will be their yearning. In the case of men, as well, if they have pure faith, then women in the secular world become attracted to them. This is exactly the same situation as when Satan came to have a burning desire for Eve, and when fallen Eve tried to tempt Adam.

When you experience these things, you come to substantially understand that this Principle is the eternal truth. Otherwise, the Principle has no value. You must overcome all temptations to the very end. Once you hear this truth, you can understand what kind of standard you have. You may think, "Now that Father has come, we can be blessed. Let's get ready. Because Father is a person who can understand human situations very well, I'm sure he will ignore my mistakes." You might think this way, but I am not obligated to.

The Bible says that a woman who has a baby is unfortunate. How do those who have an inseparable relationship with their husband, children, or parents get out of their situation? In order to free people from such confinement, God allows the spread of democracy and liberalism, It is common practice for people to divorce these days; children do not hesitate to oppose their parents; neither do they oftentimes appreciate their parents' hard work. Of course, God does not like to see these things happen, but if they allow for people to more freely respond to the greater purpose of God's will without restrictions, then these actions can be justified.

Confessing everything

T o be blessed, you must pay indemnity. If you have something stained in the past, you must wash it away. But you cannot do so by your own power. You need assistance. In order to get help from a lawyer, you have to confess the whole situation, in detail, including whatever you have at the bottom of your heart. If you do so, a lawyer will defend you standing in the position of yourself. Otherwise, you cannot be saved, Likewise, I can become a lawyer who intercedes for you. Therefore, even if you may not want to speak out, you must confess to me every secret, even the things that nobody else knows.

Do you say you have many things inside that you don't like? I don't like them any more than you do. Strictly speaking, my mission is not to deal with this kind of matter. But I must accept this position in order to give the Blessing. You are the stained one; however, you can be blessed only when such a condition is made that your stains are erased and you become clean. Otherwise, since you are totally in chaos, you are not qualified to receive anything like the Blessing. Isn't that true? Blue-eyed Americans or dark-skinned Africans — all people are the same. If they do not go through such a process, I will not recognize them.

I am aware of many things — the spiritual world comes to me and tells me to listen to them. Listening to them reveals troublesome things , all of them are about abuses of either money or the relationship between men and women. I understand everything, I don't want to listen to those kinds of things, but they want me to solve these problems by all means. So things that were hidden in the darkness are now exposed in the sunlight. This means that Satan's camp is being broken into pieces. Therefore, the standard of departure for the new world can be established. In Japan as well, problems between men and women are coming out little by little as a result of rumors about the Blessing. If they make selfish promises, I know it. Even if they do not want to be exposed, anyway, they have to confess to me. Those who look at each other as more than just a brother and sister are in the same position as Satan. You are never allowed to do this kind of thing. If you have even a little of this tendency, you must cut it off.

Until now, I have taken responsibility and carried your burden so that you could set conditions of indemnity for your Blessing, to build a true family. Although I fulfilled this responsibility, if you violate Heavenly Law, it is a dreadful thing that will burden tens of generations of your descendants. If any of you who understand the heart of the Principle concerning the fall decide to get married on your own anyway and have children, who can take responsibility for you breaking the standard of the Principle? Even God does not take this responsibility.

In the Old Testament, they killed those who committed the sin of fornication and adultery by stoning them. Is there anything we can do for those who are worse than that? Who pays the indemnity after all? You yourself must, absolutely, Man lost the ability to have dominion because of the fall. Therefore, no matter how much others give advice, you must decide what is true and do it. Whatever the path others may go, you should be busy going on your own path. You have no time to be distracted by what they are chattering about beside you. In this way, you should always feel pressed by the urgency of restoration work, You have no time to sleep at night. You have no time to eat meals sitting in a chair. You should be people who have such an intense heart of restoration,

Since God has been persevering until now, longing to reverse the history of 6,000 years, you have no qualification to stand in front of God unless you pay indemnity in the first seven-year period. How can you reduce the history of 6,000 years into seven years and indemnify it, and how can you inherit it heartistically? Do you think it's an easy job? Restoration is a long, long course, which you cannot finish even if you do your best from your youthful days. So you must study hard and do everything in your power to accomplish your responsibility.

You cannot imagine how much indemnity I have paid to reach this point, I have been so serious. Prison is not the problem, torture is not the problem, being beheaded is not the problem. I have been working silently for many years at the risk of my life, longing for the time to come when I could clarify everything at once. My seriousness inspired God, and God could not but sympathize with me. Therefore, even if I keep silent, mediums in the world are beginning to work for my sake, They are mobilizing the spiritual world for success in every corner of the world.

Our mass weddings

N ow, let's think about the wedding ceremony. We have been dealing with the history of indemnity. why do we hold mass weddings? Don't you want to know?

If the Blessing had taken place in the Garden of Eden, that would have been the biggest event in the cosmos. In the case of Jesus, as well, he should have had a wedding celebrated by the entire nation of Israel. we have mass weddings in order to indemnify according to the Principle what could not be achieved on the cosmic level in the Garden of Eden. Therefore, at the time of the 430 Couples Blessing, the wedding was sensational news around the world. It caused a controversy everywhere. Therefore, it was the same as if we had held the wedding ceremony on the world level. God's wedding ceremonies must be this way. If we let all the people of Seoul see our Blessing, it is the same as if we invite tens of millions of people.

The wedding ceremony of the Unification Church has certain conditions. Wedding ceremonies until now have been self-centered, but we must indemnify this through public ceremonies that bring joy to God. Also, within our wedding rites, each part of the ceremony is a specific indemnity condition for the sake of restoration, This is necessary because of the Principle. The Principle clearly explains that our Blessing has surpassed the standard of bride and bridegroom which Jesus could not accomplish, and our Blessing eases Heaven's resentment over the fall. Do you know one condition of indemnity that I discovered? It is the indemnity donation. It is a condition to give a donation that you earn by pouring out your sweat, and it is not given at one time but over four years. You may wonder how I could determine such a condition, My understanding must be a mystery to you.

If God gave the solution, it could not become an indemnity condition. The history of 6,000 years has been prolonged because Adam did not know what he was supposed to know, and what he was supposed to solve by himself. Therefore, I had to think it out by myself, It is a cosmic and historical success that I solved the issue of indemnity within my lifetime, set the standard of history, and carried it out, Therefore, I am the victor, Saints who passed into the spiritual world, and Jesus, Confucius and many others — all of them came to admire me. Because of this, the spiritual world will become unified.

Hell, will also be liberated. Truly, this will all take place. If you cannot believe it, go to the most famous medium in Japan and ask about Reverend Moon; you, will clearly understand. The organization in the spiritual world supporting us is connected to the earth, Accordingly, when one, two, three nations come to stand up for God, the world will be restored on their foundation, Having this kind of hope, we march forward.

Also, when you are blessed in marriage, you have the period of separation for 40 days as an indemnity condition, You must do this as indemnity not on the level of only Jesus' spiritual resurrection, but for the purpose of entering into the sphere of resurrection in substantial life while still on the earth.

You must pass through a certain course of restoration before being able to love each other in the position of husband and wife. In order to win the victory for such a difficult path of indemnity, from now on you must never think about having a selfish relationship with someone of the opposite sex, nor should you arouse such thoughts or initiate such a conversation. The Blessing always involves a certain indemnity. There is no question about it, concerning indemnity, there is no room for clemency. Therefore, the Unification Church is a fearful place. This is not a threat, but the conclusion of the Principle.

Within the realm of the Principle, there cannot be one iota of tolerance for sin. God's plan cannot be fulfilled unless we overcome sin. And if we overcome it, Satan cannot accuse us, Therefore, I would have the right, if I so chose, to strike Satan by the same means that Satan used against goodness. If I chose to apply the same strategy by which Stalin purged his country of religion, and if I decided to curse one-third of the universe — well, I have the qualifications to do so, but it is not our way. Nevertheless, the key point is that each person is responsible for his own restoration through indemnity. This is the Unification Church.