God's Will and the World

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

What We Should Do in Our Lifetime

September 27, 1970
Seoul, Korea

T here are many people among those of you gathered here today who are different in age — some are in their 30's and 40's and others in their 60's. You should not be reluctant to grow old. You should not lose your hope even if the life you have been living up until now has not reached the level of your ideal. Instead, you should reflect on your entire life in order to make more effort and preparation to offer yourself for the sake of the race, nation and world.

Young people who are 20 or 30 may have great hope for the future of the nation and for the sake of the history of the human race However, to have hope itself is not enough; the point is that you should not be controlled by the environment, but rather you should control it. You should give influence to the environment, console lonely people, give power to the powerless, and present the hope for the future. Therefore, you should think deeply about what kind of life you should lead.

If the members of the Unification Church are given such a heavenly mission to offer themselves for the sake of the world, what kind of life should we live? This is a serious problem.

At this point, you should become a person who can resurrect history. Let's think about our ancestors who lived their life in this country and passed away. Do you suppose they desired their country to be a weak country? No, they certainly hoped for this nation to be much stronger and more prosperous. If that is the case, then when can we realize the ideal on earth that our ancestors have been longing for? We must create conditions on the earth by which we can realize their hope.

Accordingly, we must give hopeful stimulation to the nation and hold firm subjectivity. But whether we have already become such a person or not is a serious problem.

You must think, "I must succeed. I must be a success at least in my field." We need to stand confidently, harmonizing with our surroundings. Looking at the present situation from this viewpoint, what kind of strategy should we develop? This is another problem. Should we take a conventional strategy? Should we begin this spiritual battle by declaring "We have enough numbers and power so let's have a fight"? Can we have such an attitude at this time? We haven't reached that level yet.

Then what strategy should we take? There is only one strategy to accomplish our goal. That is the surprise attack.

Then when should we do it? Should we attack in broad daylight? Nobody would do that. Actually, it is natural to do it at midnight. There are several kinds of midnight. If there are quiet midnights and stormy midnights, then we should carry out our operation at a stormy midnight-one that everyone hates and when nobody wants to move. Such a path is not a simple path. Rather, it is a path that requires us to climb up to the summit of a steep mountain. This is a thorny path. It is in climbing the steepest path that we determine our life and death. Nobody except a commando could succeed on such a path. Then who can become such a special attack corps in this country today? There is no one except members of the Unification Church.

Conviction to die for the cause

W hat kind of spiritual attitude should we have in order to dash forward on this path? We can die in the course of attacking the enemy camp. This conviction is good. Then we will certainly be resurrected if we die. We must face the situation with such a confident attitude.

We cannot fulfill a perilous mission without such a firm attitude. Absolute faith is imperative. We must persevere, having faith to the end. We must march forward along this path with hope no matter how long it takes. In case we cannot fulfill this mission in our generation, we must leave a will and have our descendants accomplish it. Our mission is to fulfill the mandate of heaven, which has been left unaccomplished.

From this viewpoint, the path the Unification member should walk is never a simple one. You must be aware of our destiny, which is to win a victory through incredible miracles that nobody can imagine. So we should reflect upon our life and critique ourselves.

Either you are leading the Unification Church or you are following its leaders. We must live for this noble cause and die for it. We must concentrate all our efforts. We know very well that many sacrifices have to be made walking this path, but we must fight to the last person.

Let's say all of us become a sacrifice and the last person is about to die. What should he do at that time? He should not die with the enemy, but with Heavenly Father This kind of person is a wise man. Jesus lived such a life. Jesus walked his life with Heavenly Father in all circumstances.

This kind of path is the only one by which we can deeply implant the heavenly tradition in the satanic world and thereby allow them to inherit our historical accomplishments. Everything is contained in the attitude of Jesus when he died saying, "Not my will be done, but Your Will." Therefore, we must walk a path to match his standard. This must be the most correct path.

Because Jesus walked such a path, his ideal has been pursued through- out history and has profoundly influenced today's world. Because Jesus did so, then Christianity could not help but develop as a world religion. Such a religion would never perish. We must clearly understand that such a religious path is the only path that creates the foundation for victory and firmly holds the ties of-tradition. Our church was established for the sake of the world. It was established for the purpose of bearing the problems of the world, which are a heavy burden indeed.

The 38th Parallel divides this country. But if there is a bigger problem than the 38th Parallel, we must be determined to solve it. The most serious issue is not the 38th Parallel in our country; you should never forget that the problem of the 38th Parallel between us and both China and the Soviet Union still remains. The Korean 38th Parallel has been created as a kind of preparatory training in order to remove the 38th Parallels with China and the Soviet Union in the future. If we can solve the 38th Parallel in this country, and if we can solve the second and third 38th Parallels on the worldwide level, we will be able to have subjectivity over the new world and will be able to offer a clear direction for it. In this way we can muster the power to completely break through communism on the worldwide level.

Communism has been invading other nations on the worldwide level up until now by using camouflage tactics. We must clearly know that behind this force is Satan. Communism has been forming its system of activities centering upon evil. This is certainly the work of Satan. Are we able to gain the victory against such a Satan? This is the question.

We must clearly know how important it is to contribute toward the world, history and cosmos, rather than to the success of ourselves as an individual or nation. All people are the same in the sense that they live their lives by eating food, but the problem lies in what kind of life we are living. The important thing to consider is what we are going to leave behind us at the end of our life. And if we leave something, it should not be for the sake of just one nation. We must leave something based on the Unification tradition, and it must be on the worldwide level. It must be something that the entire human race of 30 billion people would welcome with open arms.

Communists have begun to worry

T oday, even communists are very much aware of our determination. They are beginning to harbor anxiety. According to the degree of their anxiety, they plan their second and third strategy. However, we should never be defeated. In order to win, we must be superior in all points from the first to the last drawing our power from God. If we can do so, the solution will be pretty simple.

Because things are-not accomplished so simply in reality, it means our strategy must be that we can win even if we are defeated. How is it possible to win when we are defeated? This is the strategy of Heavenly Father.

Seen from the historical point of view, good people have always been beaten. Look at the saints. If we see only that point, they appear as defeated people. However, saints have never been defeated; they always win the final victory. This is the strategy of heaven. Jesus used the same strategy. Accordingly, the path we are going to walk can never be a simple one. We walk a path that is full of pain and suffering. A person who tries to walk an easy path is certainly a traitor to heaven.

In our Unification Church, those who worked for the sake of their own benefit all disappeared. If people work silently for the sake of nation and world, whether other people are looking at them or not, they become bound deeply to each other without the need for promises in words. Therefore, in prayer, also, it is most important to pray in a place that nobody knows, and to do your sincere best. This kind of person is the one who stays until the end. Such a person becomes a treasure in the heart of God.

The Unification Church is making a desperate effort to create such people. We are making such an effort in order to create a quality of faith that can represent tens of millions of people. We can liberate heaven only when we practice this kind of life.

A person who climbs up to the top of the mountain to shed tears and cry out for the sake of heaven is a more serious person than one who prays for the peace of the world. In this sense Jesus' prayer at Gethsemane was a most serious one, more so than any other prayer. If there is such a person, then heaven cannot but embrace him and have deep concern for that person. We must know that this kind of person is the object of hope for the entire human race. Heaven works centering upon this kind of person. Someone who lives for the sake of himself cannot leave a light for others. But a person who lives for the sake of the nation, the sake of the world, and the sake of heaven is able to enter into the sphere of resurrection.

Only one thing remains to the last and that is heaven. Those who live for the sake of heaven are able to live to the last.